1960Bet- sports betting epitomized

If you are a sports fan, an occasional punter, or both, then you know that it’s definitely possible to earn money online through sports betting. Given that smart mobile devices are a dime a dozen nowadays and access to the internet has never been easier, there are plenty of opportunities to engage in safe gambling- provided you know where to look.

 Luckily for you, you don’t have to look too deep on the internet to find a friendly and reliable platform which hosts plenty of betting prospects. 1960Bet is a bookmaker which is known to be one of the best betting companies in Nigeria. As we take a tour of their platform, their offered features, and promotions, you’ll start to see why it is widely considered as one of the best betting companies in the country. 

Initial thoughts and first impression on 1960Bet

The moment you fire up your web browser and the 1960Bet website loads, you’ll immediately recognize it as a betting platform. It’s dark themed, yet vibrant colors are enticing without being overbearing. The use of structured lines in the portal itself to guide the user into its important features is a refreshing sight, especially when most betting sites out there usually cram all their features and promotions haphazardly in the home page.  In addition to being pleasing to the eyes, 1960Bet’s portal is also designed in such a way that users- even those who are just visiting the website for the first time- can easily navigate to what they’re searching for.

Its major offerings are clearly divided in an organized way. At the top is a rolling slideshow banner with images that give a quick summary of what 1960Bet offers. Immediately below that is a section which showcases live scores and odds of all the big sports games in real-time. Visible on the sides are columns which house the latest news, as well as dedicated tabs which redirect you to the major sports leagues when clicked. At the center of the page, we can see a bet suggestions section that gives a rundown of games where the site recommends a good bet opportunity. Overall, this site proves very functional because it has plenty of features packed in a single page, but because of great design, it never gets strenuous or confusing to navigate.  

Quality, reliability, and speed of service

1960Bet is not a portal which was created and then just left there to rake in customers. Because of how good they provide their service, it feels like 1960Bet genuinely aims for their users to have a great time betting. We’ve detailed below a few areas where they truly shine: 


Registering for a new account in 1960Bet is quick and hassle-free. You only need to provide a few personal details, your physical address, contact information, and your choice of a username and a password. Verification is done in a matter of seconds so you can immediately enjoy betting right away. 

A Hefty Bonus Offering

1960Bet has a very comprehensive bonus program which is sure to attract the regular punter. First off, its welcome bonus matches 100% your down payment. This means that when you register and deposit- let’s say: $200, you get an additional $200 dollars as your bonus. This is a big deal because that bonus provides you with a huge cushion for you to try betting on other sports, matches, or games within their site.  

Live Betting / Streaming

1960Bet provides a vast selection of live betting streams every day. They have done a good job optimizing their websites to relay up-to-date information in the shortest download time possible. For the punter, this means that you can enjoy the thrill of betting real-time without worrying about delays or crashes in the feed. You can just focus on the match itself and how much you’re going to bet. To top this off, the site also shows pertinent odds and stats about the match you are currently watching as it is streamed; pretty handy for studying the next bet you’ll make. 

Customer Support

There are so many betting sites out there that entice punters to register with them but do not place systems which guide the player once he registers. 1960Bet is a stark contrast to these kinds of bookmakers. Its support staff is readily available through the website’s chat, contact form, or through their social media accounts. Out of all these, the chat function is extremely helpful as you simply chat your concern, and the feedback arrives almost instantly. 

Some thoughts to close out

In a market as competitive as online betting, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a quality bookie which suits all your needs perfectly. 1960Bet proves that finding that right bookmaker doesn’t have to be intimidating at all. It’s design and functions simply exude accessibility. It has a wide selection of games and matches that you can bet on. Furthermore, their staff are responsive and quite accommodating to your needs. It’s been said that 1960Bet is one of the best betting platforms in Nigeria, and it truly lives up to that hype.