Betfair is one of the leading gambling platforms in Australia, and many Australian gamblers have been utilizing it to place their bets and win big. Betfair follows a new betting style, called ‘exchange betting’, which allows for more flexibility and creativity when betting. But along with the convenience, flexibility, and fun of betting on Betfair, comes the responsibility to keep up with their commission fees, which can be confusing and even daunting for some. Let’s take a look at Betfair commission so you can make the most out of your Betfair betting experience.

What is Betfair Commission?

Betfair Commission is a fee that Betfair charges to use of the platform. It is calculated as a percentage of the net winnings a user makes in a given period. For example, if the user wins £100 in a certain week, they will be charged a certain percentage of that amount as their commission fee. The commission fee varies depending on the type of game and the stake size. This is one of the key differences between regular gambling and Betfair; with regular gambling, there is usually a fixed fee to use the platform, but with Betfair, the commission can be quite varied depending on how much you win.

Types of Commission Fees on Betfair

Betfair typically charges different commission fees depending on the game type and the stake size. Generally the bigger the stake and the more games you bet on, the higher the commission fee will be. Here are some of the most common commission fees on Betfair:

  • Sports: Sports betting typically has a 5% commission fee on winnings.
  • Horse Racing: Horse racing typically has a 6% commission fee.
  • Greyhounds: Greyhounds usually have a 5% commission fee.
  • Casino Games: Casino games usually have a lower commission fee of 2-3%.
  • High Stakes & Multiple Bets: If you place multiple bets or high stakes, then you may incur a higher commission fee of up to 10%.

Benefits of Betfair Commission

One of the main benefits of Betfair Commission is that it encourages users to be smarter with their betting. As the commission fee increases with the size of the stake and the number of wins, the user will be incentivized to think about their betting more carefully, and potentially make more educated bets. This in turn can increase the chances of the user winning, and earning money from betting.

In addition, Betfair Commission is also beneficial for Betfair as platform. The commission fees help them balance their own costs of operation as well as compensate for any losses from large bets. This helps make the platform more sustainable in the long-term.

How to Calculate Betfair Commission

Calculating Betfair Commission is relatively straightforward. The main calculation that needs to be done is the net winnings of the user, which is the total amount won by the user minus the total amount spent on placing their bet.

For example, if a user wins £100, but spent £50 on placing their bet, then their net winnings would be £50. That £50 then gets multiplied by the commission percentage associated with the type of game and stake size, to arrive at the commission fee.


Betfair Commission is an important part of betting on Betfair, as it provides important sustenance for the platform as well as encourages users to make smarter betting decisions. As long as you keep in mind the different commission fees for different types of bets and different stake sizes, you can make the most of your Betfair betting experience.

What other fees do I have to pay when placing bets on Betfair?

When placing bets on Betfair, bettors may be charged a variety of fees, including: exchange commission, betfair points/cashback, and/or payment processing fees. Exchange commission is a charge taken by Betfair to cover their costs of running the website and is typically between 2-5% of a bet’s amount. Furthermore, bettors may be charged a betfair points/cashback fee depending on what type of bet they make and how frequently they make them. Finally, payment processing fees may be charged by third parties when bettors deposit or withdraw funds from their betting account on Betfair.

What are the minimum and maximum bet amounts on Betfair?

The minimum bet amount on Betfair is 20p, while the maximum bet amount is determined by the current market conditions. Generally, the maximum bet amount will range from £200 to £100,000 for most markets.

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