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CF Orr Stakes 2024 Betting, Field, Odds & Tips

Get ready for a heart-pounding showdown at the CF Orr Stakes 2024! As a racing enthusiast, you won’t want to miss this electrifying event. Held at Caulfield, this prestigious Group 1 race has a rich history and attracts the finest stayers and sprinters.

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With unpredictable twists and fierce competition, the stakes are high this year. Will Without A Fight, the Caulfield Cup winner, join the elite group of Melbourne Cup stayers? With $750,000 in prize money, it’s a battle of speed, stamina, and determination.

Mark your calendars for the CF Orr Stakes 2024!

Key Takeaways

  • The CF Orr Stakes is a prestigious Group 1 race that has been held since 1925.
  • The race has been hosted at various locations over the years, including Williamstown, Caulfield, Sandown, and Moonee Valley.
  • The CF Orr Stakes often attracts quality horses first-up in their campaigns and is known for featuring star sprinters and middle-distance horses.
  • The race has a strong record of favorites performing well, and mares have had recent success in the CF Orr Stakes.

CF Orr Stakes Race History and Background

Discover the rich legacy and heritage of the CF Orr Stakes as you delve into its captivating race history and background.

The race, named after Charles F. Orr, a Melbourne businessman and former member of the Williamstown Racing Club, has a storied past. It was first held in 1925 and won by The Night Patrol.

Over the years, the race has been held at various locations, including Moonee Valley and Flemington, before finding a permanent home at Caulfield in 1949.

Notable winners of the CF Orr Stakes include Saintly, Typhoon Tracy, and Redoutes Choice. The race often features quality horses first-up in their campaigns, making it a challenging event to judge.

Resuming horses and horses coming off a last-start win have a good record in the CF Orr Stakes, and favorites have historically performed well.

Stay tuned for the CF Orr Stakes 2024, as it promises to be a thrilling showdown.

CF Orr Stakes Prize Money

As you continue exploring the rich history and background of the CF Orr Stakes, it’s important to note the significant prize money that’s up for grabs in this prestigious race. The CF Orr Stakes offers a total prize pool of $750,000, making it one of the most lucrative races on the Australian racing calendar.

With such a generous amount at stake, top trainers and jockeys from around the country are drawn to compete in this highly anticipated event. The substantial prize money not only adds to the excitement and prestige of the race but also serves as a significant incentive for connections to enter their best horses.

As a result, spectators can expect a thrilling showdown as the contenders vie for a share of the substantial prize pool in the CF Orr Stakes.

Notable Winners of CF Orr Stakes

Take a look at the impressive champions who’ve triumphed in the CF Orr Stakes over the years. Here are four notable winners of the race:

  1. Typhoon Tracy (2010-11): This exceptional mare made history by becoming the first back-to-back winner of the CF Orr Stakes since Vo Rogue in the late 80s. Her dominating performances showcased her versatility and ability to excel over different distances.
  2. Manikato (1979/1980/1981): This legendary sprinter achieved the rare feat of winning three consecutive CF Orr Stakes. Known for his electrifying speed and explosive finishes, Manikato was a force to be reckoned with during his racing career.
  3. Lonhro (2004): A true champion, Lonhro displayed his class and determination by capturing the CF Orr Stakes in 2004. This victory was just one of many highlights in his illustrious career, which included multiple Group 1 wins.
  4. Dissident (2015): This talented gelding showcased his brilliance by storming home to win the CF Orr Stakes in 2015. With his impressive turn of foot and tenacious racing style, Dissident left a lasting impression on racing fans.

These winners, along with many others, have etched their names in CF Orr Stakes history, leaving behind a legacy of greatness.

CF Orr Stakes Race Day Schedule

Check out the race day schedule for the CF Orr Stakes at Caulfield.

The CF Orr Stakes is set to take place on a date yet to be announced for 2024. As of now, the specific race day schedule hasn’t been released. However, racing enthusiasts can expect a thrilling day of high-quality racing action.

The CF Orr Stakes is a prestigious Group 1 race, attracting top-notch horses and jockeys. The race is known for featuring star sprinters going up in distance or middle-distance horses starting their campaigns. Additionally, the CF Orr Stakes often includes three-year-old male horses, although this trend has decreased in recent years.

Stay tuned for updates on the race day schedule, as it promises to be an exciting and highly anticipated event at Caulfield.

How to Watch CF Orr Stakes

To catch all the thrilling action of the CF Orr Stakes, simply tune into the various broadcasting channels or streaming services that provide coverage of the race. Here’s how you can watch the CF Orr Stakes:

  1. Free-to-air: Channel 7 is the broadcaster for Spring Carnival Racing, so you can expect to find coverage of the CF Orr Stakes on this channel.
  2. Pay TV: Sky Racing 1, Sky Racing 2, and Sky Thoroughbred Central are channels that usually broadcast horse racing events, including the CF Orr Stakes.
  3. Streaming services: and KAYO are popular streaming services that provide coverage of horse racing events. You can watch the CF Orr Stakes on these platforms.
  4. Online platforms: TAB and Sportsbet account holders can stream Sky Racing, giving you another option to watch the CF Orr Stakes.

Whether you prefer traditional TV channels or online streaming services, there are plenty of options to ensure you don’t miss a moment of the CF Orr Stakes action.

CF Orr Stakes Betting Options

Explore the various betting options available for the CF Orr Stakes 2024.

When it comes to betting on the CF Orr Stakes, there are several options to consider.

The most popular bet type is the win bet, where you simply pick the horse you think will win the race.

If you’re looking for a bit more excitement, you can try an each-way bet, which consists of two bets: one on the horse to win and one on the horse to place in the top few positions.

For those who prefer more complex bets, there are options like the trifecta, where you must pick the first three horses in the correct order, and the quinella, where you must pick the first two horses in any order.

No matter which betting option you choose, it’s important to do your research and consider factors such as form, track conditions, and jockey performance before placing your bets. The same comprehensive research is critical when Futurity Stakes betting. Looking into the horses’ recent runs, their record at the Caulfield track, and the jockeys’ history in the race can give key insights into potential outcomes.

CF Orr Stakes Free Tips and Current Odds

If you’re looking for some expert advice and the latest odds for the CF Orr Stakes 2024, Racenet has got you covered.

Our expert editorial team will provide free tips closer to the race, helping you make informed decisions when placing your bets. We analyze each horse’s form, wet track performance, and past runs to give you the best insights.

Additionally, we offer current odds for the CF Orr Stakes, so you can stay updated on the market fluctuations and find the best value for your bets.

With Racenet, you can trust that our analysis and tips are based on extensive research and knowledge of the racing industry.

Get ready to enhance your betting experience and boost your chances of success with our free tips and current odds.

Results of Previous CF Orr Stakes

Check out the results of previous CF Orr Stakes races to see which horses and jockeys emerged victorious in this prestigious event.

Over the years, there have been some notable winners of the CF Orr Stakes. Saintly, the Melbourne Cup winner, won the race in 1997, showcasing his talent after a long break. Typhoon Tracy achieved back-to-back victories in 2010 and 2011, a feat not seen since Vo Rogue’s three consecutive wins from 1988 to 1990. Other notable winners include Flight in 1946, Manikato with three consecutive wins from 1979 to 1981, and Dissident in 2015.

Mares have also performed well in recent years, with six winners from 2010 to 2024.

The CF Orr Stakes has a rich history of showcasing the talent of both stayers and sprinters, making it an exciting race to watch.

Star Horses in CF Orr Stakes

Now let’s take a look at the star horses that are expected to compete in the CF Orr Stakes:

  1. Zoustar: The five-year-old stallion is a two-time Group 1 winner and has shown great form in recent races. Trained by Chris Waller, Zoustar is known for his speed and ability to perform well over various distances.
  2. Mystic Journey: This talented mare has been a consistent performer in Group 1 races and is expected to be a strong contender in the CF Orr Stakes. Trained by Adam Trinder, Mystic Journey has a strong finishing kick and has proven herself against top-class competition.
  3. Arcadia Queen: Trained by Grant and Alana Williams, Arcadia Queen is a four-time Group 1 winner and has a strong record at Caulfield. The five-year-old mare has a powerful stride and is known for her ability to maintain a strong pace.
  4. Anamoe: This three-year-old colt has shown immense potential and is expected to make a big impact in the CF Orr Stakes. Trained by James Cummings, Anamoe has a strong turn of foot and has performed well in his previous races.

These star horses are sure to provide an exciting and competitive showdown in the CF Orr Stakes. With their impressive records and abilities, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in this prestigious Group 1 race.

What to Expect at CF Orr Stakes 2024

Get ready for an exhilarating showdown at the 2024 CF Orr Stakes, where top-class horses will go head-to-head for glory. This highly anticipated race is known for its thrilling moments and fierce competition.

As the nominations close, the excitement builds, and fans eagerly await the publication of the full list of entries in the Racenet Form Guide section. The CF Orr Stakes often features quality horses first-up in their campaigns, making it a challenging race to judge. Trainers and connections play a crucial role in providing insights into each horse’s preparation and goals.

Middle-distance horses starting their campaigns and star sprinters going up in distance have historically performed well in the CF Orr Stakes. With a solid record for favorites and recent success for mares in the race, fans can expect an intense battle on the track. The Oakleigh Plate is another key autumn sprint that punters can start analyzing. Horses coming off strong efforts in the Lightning Stakes and Rubiton Stakes often target the Oakleigh Plate next.

Don’t miss out on the action and stay tuned for the CF Orr Stakes in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Group 1 Races Are There in the Melbourne Spring Carnival Apart From the CF Orr Stakes?

Apart from the CF Orr Stakes, there are several other Group 1 races in the Melbourne Spring Carnival.

These prestigious races attract top-class horses and jockeys from around the world.

Some of the notable Group 1 races include the Melbourne Cup, the Caulfield Cup, the Cox Plate, and the Victoria Derby.

Each race has its own unique history and traditions, making them highly anticipated events in the racing calendar.

Can International Horses Participate in the CF Orr Stakes?

Yes, international horses can participate in the CF Orr Stakes. The race is open to both domestic and international entries, allowing for a diverse and competitive field.

Over the years, we’ve seen international contenders make their mark in this prestigious Group 1 event. Their participation adds excitement and brings a global flavor to the race, enhancing the overall experience for fans and punters alike.

It will be interesting to see if any international stars join the lineup for the CF Orr Stakes 2024.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Horses Competing in the CF Orr Stakes?

In the CF Orr Stakes, there are no age restrictions for horses competing. It’s an open race, which means horses of all ages can participate. This adds to the excitement and unpredictability of the event.

Whether they’re young and energetic or experienced and seasoned, the horses will be vying for victory in this prestigious Group 1 race. So, get ready to witness a thrilling display of talent and determination from horses of various ages at the CF Orr Stakes.

What Is the Record Time for the CF Orr Stakes?

The record time for the CF Orr Stakes isn’t yet known. However, it’s an exciting race that has seen some incredible performances over the years. With star sprinters and middle-distance horses competing, the competition is fierce.

The race often features quality horses first-up in their campaigns, adding to the thrill. Resuming horses or those coming off a last-start win have a good record in the CF Orr Stakes.

It will be fascinating to see who’ll set the new record in the upcoming race.

Can Spectators Bring Their Own Food and Drinks to the CF Orr Stakes?

Yes, spectators are allowed to bring their own food and drinks to the CF Orr Stakes. It’s a great opportunity to pack a picnic and enjoy the thrilling races while indulging in your favorite snacks. Just make sure to check the racecourse’s specific guidelines regarding outside food and beverage restrictions.

Bringing your own food and drinks can enhance your experience and keep you fueled up throughout the day. So, grab your picnic blanket and get ready for an exciting day at the CF Orr Stakes!


Just as the thunderous hooves of the racehorses echo through the Caulfield racecourse, the CF Orr Stakes 2024 promises to be a battle of epic proportions.

With the lofty prize money, the finest stayers and sprinters will showcase their speed, stamina, and determination.

As the anticipation builds, the CF Orr Stakes symbolizes not only a test of skill and athleticism but also a celebration of the rich history and tradition of horse racing.

Get ready to witness a thrilling showdown that will leave you breathless.

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