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Kingston Town Classic Betting Guide 2024

The thunder of hooves and the roar of the crowd, this is the Kingston Town Classic at the Perth Summer Racing Carnival. An event where dreams are made or broken in a single race.

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For those looking to try their luck, this article offers insight on where you should place your bets, which horses to watch, tips for winning bets, and other exciting races at the carnival.

Come join us as we explore this thrilling experience!

Key Takeaways

  • The Kingston Town Classic is an annual Group 1 Thoroughbred horse race held at Ascot Racecourse in Western Australia.
  • Bettors have the option to place bets with on-site bookmakers or online betting sites.
  • Spectators should pay attention to horses with strong potential for success by researching their form, evaluating jockeys’ records, and analyzing race conditions.
  • The Perth Summer Carnival offers a variety of races in addition to the Kingston Town Classic, including flat racing, steeplechase events, handicaps, and weight-for-age contests.

Overview of the Kingston Town Classic

The Kingston Town Classic is an exciting race held annually as part of the Perth Summer Racing Carnival. It is a Group 1 Thoroughbred horse race that takes place over 1800 metres at Ascot Racecourse in Western Australia. The event was first run in 1978, and since then it has become an important feature at the Perth Summer Racing Carnival. It has also been included on the Australian Pattern with Group 1 status since 1979.

Betting odds are an integral element of the Kingston Town Classic, providing punters with the opportunity to win significant amounts of prize money if they can accurately predict which horses will triumph in this prestigious event. Traditionally, the favourite for this race comes from either WA-trained runners or interstate rivals with proven form over this distance. In recent years, there have been some huge payouts offered by bookmakers to those who back a winner in this highly competitive race.

The winner of the Kingston Town Classic is awarded $500,000 in prize money, making it one of Australia’s richest races for middle-distance events and ensuring its status as one of the nation’s premier racing fixtures. This amount has been distributed among owners, trainers, and jockeys alike since 2006 when prizemoney for this race was increased significantly from previous years. The generous $500,000 purse for the Kingston Town Classic rivals other elite races like the Winterbottom Stakes, which offers $1 million in prize money. With such substantial payouts on the line, the Kingston Town Classic and Winterbottom Stakes stand out as two of the most lucrative and prestigious events on the Australian racing calendar.

Where to Place Your Bets

Bettors may have the opportunity to choose from a variety of options when placing wagers on the Kingston Town Classic at the Perth Summer Racing Carnival. From traditional on-site bookmakers to online betting sites, there is something for everyone. Understanding betting rules and regulations is essential for successful wagering, while handicapping strategies can be used to increase one’s chances of winning.

Betting OptionProsCons
On-Site BookmakerAccessible & convenient
Easy-to-understand betting system
Personal support available
Limited bet types
Less competitive odds than online sites
Online Betting SitesWide range of bet types
Competitive odds
Accessible from anywhere
Technical issues may occur
Need good understanding of website interface

The Best Horses to Watch

Considering the Kingston Town Classic at the Perth Summer Racing Carnival, spectators should pay close attention to certain horses that possess strong potential for success. Researching form, jockeys’ records and evaluating conditions are key factors in predicting a horse’s chance of success.

For example, a thorough investigation can reveal whether the form of a particular horse has improved over time or if it has declined. Similarly, researching jockeys’ records can provide insight into their skill level when riding different horses.

In addition, analyzing the conditions under which each race is held will give an indication as to how each horse may fare in any given race. All these elements must be carefully considered when selecting horses that have a higher probability of winning at the Kingston Town Classic.

Tips for Winning Bets

In order to increase the chances of success when placing bets, bettors should undertake research in order to identify horses with a strong likelihood of winning. When analyzing the odds and handicapping races for the exciting Kingston Town Classic at the Perth Summer Racing Carnival, it is important to consider a variety of factors. These can include:

  • Historical performance:
  • Past performances in similar races
  • Track history for each horse
  • Current form:
  • Recent race results
  • Injury status and general health

It can also be useful to consult expert opinions on horse racing, such as those offered by jockeys or trainers, as this will help bettors gain an understanding of why certain horses are likely contenders in the Kingston Town Classic. Listening to insights from racing experts when analyzing major events like the Perth Cup can aid punters in determining potential winners and best bets. Their perspectives on key factors like horse pedigree, trainer reputation and racing history can provide valuable context for Perth Cup betting.

Moreover, assessing other variables such as weather conditions and track conditions may provide further insight into potential winners.

Other Exciting Races at the Perth Summer Carnival

The Perth Summer Carnival offers a wide variety of exciting races to bet on, in addition to the Kingston Town Classic. Bettors can find a range of opportunities to pick winning horses and develop race strategies from the various races available. From flat racing to steeplechase events, handicaps and weight-for-age contests, there is something for everyone at the carnival.

Race TypeDescription
Flat RacingRaces run on level ground
SteeplechaseRaces over obstacles
Handicap RacesHorses carrying different weights
Weight-For-AgeHorses given set weight

The Group 1 Railway Stakes and Winterbottom Stakes are among the most popular flat races held at Ascot Racecourse during the carnival. The Group 2 WA Guineas and Karrakatta Plate are two more notable feature races that draw attention from punters keen to make their mark in horse racing betting. For those looking for an adventure, the Scenic Blast Stakes is a thrilling sprint race with jump elements that gives punters an opportunity to find adrenaline filled action in horse racing betting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Prize Money for the Kingston Town Classic?

The Kingston Town Classic offers a total prize money of $1 million, making it the richest race in Australia. For bettors, understanding the odds calculation and selecting the right horse are key elements for successful gambling strategies. Additionally, various betting tips can be applied to increase chances of winning this exciting race.

What Other Exciting Activities Are Available at the Perth Summer Carnival?

From thrilling live music and fun social events, to exciting races and a lively atmosphere, the Perth Summer Racing Carnival offers a wealth of exhilarating activities. Spectacularly indulging in the carnival’s vibrant ambiance, guests can truly immerse themselves in an unforgettable experience of live music, social events and more.

What Is the Minimum Bet Amount for the Kingston Town Classic?

The minimum bet amount for the Kingston Town Classic varies widely, depending on the betting strategies and handicapping tips employed. Generally, there is no set amount; instead, it depends on the individual’s budget and level of risk tolerance.

What Age Do You Have to Be to Place Bets?

In order to place a bet, one must be 18 years of age or older, in accordance with betting laws and responsible gambling regulations. Gloriously, this allows more individuals to experience the thrill of betting on the Kingston Town Classic.

Is There a Dress Code for the Event?

Attendees of a horse racing event are expected to dress in an appropriate manner. Styling tips include wearing smart casual attire, avoiding beachwear and ripped jeans, and refraining from overly revealing clothing. Betting rules also apply, with all participants having to be over the age of 18.


The Perth Summer Racing Carnival is a great opportunity for racegoers to experience the excitement of the Kingston Town Classic. With many horses competing in this classic event, bettors have the chance to pick their winner and take advantage of the high stakes.

Those looking to make winning bets should do their research and pay attention to form, trainers, and jockeys. Coincidence plays a part in any race but it is wise to be informed about each horse’s chances of success before placing any wagers.

With so much on offer at this carnival, there are plenty of thrilling races and betting opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

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