Who are the Lottoland Winners in Australia?

As one of the most popular lottery betting websites in Australia, Lottoland has seen a number of lucky players win big prizes. In this article, we will take a closer look at the biggest Lottoland winners to have come from the land Down Under.

Lynda Flanagan

The biggest Lottoland winner in Australia is Lynda Flanagan, who took home a prize of $50 million AUD in 2019 after placing a bet of less than $10. Lynda bet on the German Lotto via the Lottoland website and was lucky enough to match all six winning numbers. After initially not believing the news, Lynda was overjoyed when she realised that her bet had paid off.

Neil Trotter

Neil Trotter, from London, is the largest Lottoland winner in the world to date. After winning a massive โ‚ฌ90 million (AUD$140 million) in 2014, Neil became an instant millionaire. Neil had placed a bet through Lottoland on the EuroJackpot lottery and happened to match all seven numbers exactly.

Daniel Ross

In 2016, Daniel Ross from rural NSW became one of Australiaโ€™s luckiest lotto players, when he won an incredible โ‚ฌ6.5 million (AUD$10 Million). As opposed to betting on the standard lottery draws, Daniel decided to take a chance on the โ€˜Millionaire Makerโ€™ game on the Lottoland website. Due to his incredible stroke of luck, Daniel became a millionaire overnight.

Other Successful Players of Lottoland

There have been numerous other Lottoland winners from Australia over the years. The list includes:

  • Carolyn Clark, who won $500,000 AUD after placing a bet of less than $20 in 2019.
  • Damon Smith, who won $500,000 AUD in 2018 after betting just $5.
  • Tamus Chesterton from Victoria, who won $200,000 AUD in 2017.
  • Karen Collier, who won $1 million AUD in 2016.


These are some of the biggest and most impressive Lottoland winners in Australia. Thanks to their incredible luck, these players have all become millionaires overnight. Many other players have also had success by playing via Lottoland, which proves that it is possible to win big with this game!

How much money can you win on Lottoland in Australia?

The amount you can win on Lottoland in Australia depends on the lottery game you play and the amount you wager. You can win up to hundreds of millions of dollars on Lottoland in Australia in the form of jackpots, payouts, cash prizes, or even free games. These prizes are drawn randomly and can vary greatly depending on the lottery game youโ€™re playing. Players can also win smaller prizes such as instant wins or draw games, as well as bonus games such as scratch cards and Keno. With this in mind, itโ€™s clear that the amount of money you can win on Lottoland in Australia depends on the type of lottery game you play.

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