Watch Great British Bake Off Australia

Are you ready for some of the best baking in the world? The Great British Bake Off Australia is here, and it’s sure to be a treat. Get ready to watch bakers from all over the country compete against each other with their delicious creations.

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Welcome to the Great British Bake Off Australia!

From cakes and pies to tarts and pastries, there’s something for everyone as these talented contestants put their skills on display. So get your ovens preheated and let’s dive into this baking competition.

All About the Competition

The Great British Bake Off Australia is a television show that follows professional bakers as they battle it out in various challenges. Each week, different categories are presented — such as breads, desserts or even savoury dishes — which require skillful execution from each contestant if they want to make it through to the next round. With an expert judging panel made up of industry professionals, viewers can expect high-quality critiques of every bake produced.

Catch All the Action Live!

Don’t miss out on any of the exciting moments during this season’s Great British Bake Off Australia. Tune in live and follow along as one baker rises above all others from around the nation to take home top prize. Who will have what it takes to come out on top? Find out by joining us for this amazing baking competition!

Overview Of The Show

The Great British Bake Off Australia

This reality competition series, based on the UK version of The Great British Bake Off (also known as ‘GBBO’), debuted in 2017. It gives amateur bakers from across Australia a chance to compete against each other for the title of Star Baker and win an amazing prize! Across eight episodes, contestants take part in challenges that test their baking skills, creativity and nerve.

Rules & Format

Each episode sees three challenges: Signature bake – showcasing the contestant’s own recipes; Technical – testing their ability to follow instructions; and Showstopper – producing something spectacular. At the end of every show, one baker will be declared Star Baker by hosts and judges Mel Buttle and Andy Allen – plus special guest judge Maggie Beer. There’s also some tough criticism along the way…

The finale determines who is crowned champion – with only one winner taking home the $100,000 cash prize! Who will it be? Tune in to find out!

Hosts and Judges

The Great British Bake Off Australia is hosted by Mel Buttle and Claire Hooper. The two are experienced comedians who bring their wit to the show, providing an enjoyable atmosphere for both judges and bakers alike.

The judging panel features three esteemed professionals in the baking world – Maggie Beer, Matt Moran, and Mark Best. These culinary experts offer insight into each bake with a professional eye and provide constructive criticism so that bakers can improve on their skills.

It’s easy to see why these hosts and judges make The Great British Bake Off Australia such a popular show; they complement one another perfectly when it comes to giving feedback, entertaining viewers, and creating a fun learning environment for all involved. With this strong group of personalities at the helm, there’s no doubt that this series will be a hit!

With the hosts and judges set up ready to go, let’s move onto exploring the format and challenges offered on The Great British Bake Off Australia.

Format And Challenges

The second section of the show is all about Format and Challenges. This part of the program sees every baker put their skills to the test as they strive to impress the judges with their delicious creations. With a variety of different challenges, each contestant must demonstrate their baking prowess in order to have a chance at winning.

Here are five exciting elements that make up this portion of Great British Bake Off Australia:

  • Technical Challenge – The contestants will be faced with an unknown challenge from one of the judges that requires precision and accuracy in order for them to succeed.
  • Showstopper Challenge – A more elaborate challenge where bakers must create something spectacular within a set time limit, usually involving multiple components or decorations.
  • Signature Challenge – Each week contestants will present a signature dish showcasing their own unique style and creativity.
  • Free From Round – One round per episode features vegan or gluten free options so everyone can enjoy!
  • Celebration Cake – At least once during the series, there’s also a specialty cake challenge which involves creating something special for a very special occasion such as Christmas or birthdays.

Every baker puts in maximum effort when it comes to these Format and Challenges rounds hoping to stand out among the rest and land themselves on top spot. After intense competition between all participants, it’s finally time for judgement day where only one winner remains! And now let us take you through some of the best moments from Great British Bake Off Australia…

Best Moments

The Great British Bake Off Australia has had some truly memorable moments since its debut in 2017. From the crazy challenges to the intense bakes, there’s been plenty of excitement to keep viewers on their toes. Here are our top picks for best moments from the show:

Bakers’ Signature Challenge

This challenge is always a fan favorite. The signature challenge tests each baker’s skill with classic recipes and techniques, revealing who can create the most delicious cakes, pies, tarts, pastries and more. It also allows us to get an early glimpse at which bakers have what it takes to make it far in the competition.

Showstopper Challenges

These challenges take baking to another level! Showstoppers test each baker’s ability to think outside of the box when creating impressive desserts that wow even experienced judges. With towering cakes, artistic plating and original flavour combinations, these challenges showcase just how talented this group of amateur bakers really is.

We’ve seen huge successes as well as epic fails. Even when things don’t go according to plan though, we still love watching everyone battle through such tough tasks – it reminds us all that failure is part of life but doesn’t define you. As we move onto looking over some of our favourite recipes from the show, let’s not forget these inspiring stories.

Recipes From The Show

The Great British Bake Off Australia has some delicious recipes that will have you baking up a storm. From classic cakes like the Mary Berry Chocolate Cake to more modern creations such as the Sticky Toffee Cupcakes, there is something for everyone! Here’s a breakdown of some of the show’s most popular recipes:

RecipeDescriptionDifficulty Level
Mary Berry Chocolate CakeA rich and decadent chocolate cake with a light cream cheese icing. It’s easy enough for beginners but still looks impressive!Easy-Medium
Sticky Toffee CupcakesSoft and fluffy cupcakes topped with a creamy caramel frosting – perfect for any occasion.Medium
Passionfruit Meringue TartThis tart combines sweet pastry base, tangy passionfruit curd and crunchy meringue topping. It’s sure to impress your guests!Hard

Whether you’re an experienced baker or just starting out, these recipes are sure to tantalise your taste buds and provide plenty of entertainment in the kitchen. Plus, they all look extremely professional – no one will ever guess you didn’t make them from scratch! All it takes is a little bit of practice and patience, so get ready to whip up some stunning desserts today!

Behind-The-Scenes Insight

The Great British Bake Off Australia gives viewers an exclusive look at the world of baking and cooking. Behind the scenes, contestants are put through a rigorous process to prepare for their challenge each week. From prepping ingredients, to constructing elaborate creations under pressure, it’s no wonder that only the best bakers in Australia make it onto this show.

Preparation & Planning

Contestants on GBBOA must do extensive planning and preparation before they even step foot into the tent. Each one is given precise instructions about what recipes they will be making throughout the series and how much time they have to complete them. The recipes also must adhere to certain nutritional guidelines set by judges. This means careful consideration of all ingredients used as well as any special techniques or methods needed for success.

Creating Under Pressure

Once inside the tent, contestants have limited amounts of time to craft their creations – often with just minutes left on the clock! In addition to forming beautiful cakes, breads, pies and more, these bakers have to contend with cranky ovens and unforgiving judges who won’t hesitate to send someone home if their dish isn’t up to par. It takes skill and confidence in order for a contestant to make it through this grueling competition but thankfully there are plenty of helpful tips from previous champions along the way too!
This intense behind-the-scenes action creates an exciting atmosphere that keeps viewers coming back week after week. Without giving away too much information though, let’s move onto audience reviews…

Audience Reviews

Transitioning from Behind-the-Scenes Insight, Audience Reviews of the Great British Bake Off Australia have been overwhelmingly positive.


The show has attracted a wide range of viewers and fans from all over the world, who love watching and admiring all the bakers’ skills as they battle it out in each episode. The judges are well respected within the culinary community and their knowledge on baking is both helpful and entertaining to watch. Furthermore, there are plenty of recipes shared throughout each season that will make you want to try them at home – so much fun! The production quality is also top notch.


Some people feel that it can be too intense for younger audiences with some episodes going past 10pm – making sure your kids don’t stay up late could be worth considering if they’re watching along with you! Otherwise, this series doesn’t really have any major cons.

In summary, GBBOA has been a hit with most viewers and critics alike. With its unique format, talented cast and delicious food encounters, what’s not to like? Now we’ll move onto where one can watch the show online…

Where To Watch Online

You can watch the Great British Bake Off Australia online on streaming services like Netflix, Foxtel Now and Amazon Prime Video. All these platforms offer a range of different subscription packages that allow you to stream content from multiple devices at once. You can also buy or rent episodes individually through iTunes and Google Play Movies & TV.

Live Broadcasts

The show is also broadcast live in select countries via free-to-air networks such as SBS in Australia and BBC Scotland in the UK. If you’re located outside of these regions, you’ll need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the service.

Catch Up Services

If you miss an episode or want to watch it again, most of the major streaming services have catch up services available so that you can view previous episodes at any time. Some even offer entire series bundles for purchase which is great if you’re keen to binge-watch all the seasons! With so many ways to watch, there’s no excuse not to check out this amazing baking competition. Ready for more? Let’s take a look at what merchandise is available…

Merchandise Available

Are you a fan of the Great British Bake Off Australia? Show your love for the show with official merchandise from our store. Whether it’s an apron, tea towel or oven mitts – we’ve got all the essentials to help make baking easier and more fun:

  • Aprons – protect yourself from floury messes in style!
  • Tea Towels – keep your kitchen clean and spotless while cooking up delicious treats!
  • Oven Mitts – stay safe when taking hot items out of the oven!
  • Baking Utensils – have all the tools you need on hand to get perfect results every time!

We also offer exclusive products such as recipe books, t-shirts and accessories that can only be found in our store – so what are you waiting for? Shop now and show off your favourite hobby with pride!
With all these great options for merchandise available, there’s no doubt that fans of the show won’t want to miss out on their chance to own something special from The Great British Bake Off Australia Store!
It’s worth checking back often too; our shop is constantly updating its selection with new seasonal additions throughout the year.

Seasonal Updates

The Great British Bake Off Australia is back for another season, and the new contestants are ready to take on the challenge. The show keeps viewers updated with each episode’s highlights and behind-the-scenes info through its social media channels. So whether you’re a fan of the show or just curious about what goes on in the competition kitchen, here’s your chance to stay up to date with all the latest news!

Winter Series 2021

It’s time to heat things up as we enter into winter down under – and so does the excitement around this year’s judging panel! Expect some fiery challenges as 12 bakers compete over eight weeks for their chance at baking glory. Who will rise to the top? You’ll have to tune in every Tuesday night from 8:30pm AEST to find out!

Spring Series 2022

The sunny days of spring bring more than warmer weather – it also brings an all-new series of GBBOAU! This next round promises even bigger prizes, tougher challenges, and plenty of drama. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements and follow us on socials for updates leading up to our broadcast premiere later in 2022.

Get ready for intense culinary competitions full of surprises and suspense – no matter which way you slice it, there’s something delicious coming your way soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Sign Up To Compete In The Show?

Are you ready to join the ranks of baking champions on a popular competitive baking show? If so, then signing up for Great British Bake Off Australia could be just the challenge you’re looking for. Here we’ll discuss what it takes to get into this exciting competition and how you can sign up!


To become an official contestant on Great British Bake Off Australia, there are certain requirements that must be met. Primarily, contestants must be 18 years or older and located in Australia. While anyone can apply, only successful applicants will make it onto the show. To stand out from other potential competitors, aspiring bakers should have experience in creating excellent baked goods and know how to work with all types of ingredients.

How to Sign Up

Signing up is relatively straightforward – simply complete the application form online which requires details such as contact information, personal history and qualifications related to baking. You may also need to provide some samples of your best creations as part of your application process. After submitting your application, you may need to attend an audition and/or interview before being selected as a finalist for the show’s cast.

Once accepted, contestants will compete against each other in a variety of challenges designed by professional bakers who judge their performance throughout the season. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to bake like a pro, why not give it a go? Good luck!

What Are The Qualifications For Becoming A Judge?

Are you interested in becoming a judge on the Great British Bake Off Australia? It’s no easy feat, and there are certain qualifications one must meet before they can consider themselves an official judge. In this article, we’ll take a look at what it takes to be a GBBOA judge.

Qualifications to Become a Judge

Becoming a judge on the show requires having extensive knowledge of baking techniques and trends. You should also have experience judging competitions or events related to baking, such as food festivals or culinary contests. Judges must also possess excellent communication skills for interacting with contestants and providing constructive feedback during challenges. Finally, judges need to be able to provide impartial assessments based on their professional opinion and expertise.

Additional Qualities

In addition to these basic requirements, judges should demonstrate good sportsmanship when working with competitors. They should remain level-headed even in the face of difficult decisions, while remaining fair and unbiased throughout all stages of the competition. Furthermore, GBBOA judges need to maintain confidentiality about the results until after the final episode has aired.

Ultimately, being chosen as a judge is an honor that comes with great responsibility. If you think you have what it takes to join the team of esteemed experts on GBBOA then go ahead and apply!

How Often Does The Show Air?

When it comes to finding out how often a show airs, there’s no better way than checking its schedule. The Great British Bake Off Australia is airing on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm AEST. So if you’re looking to get your baking fix each week, that’s when you should tune in! You can stream the episodes live through various streaming services like Tenplay or catch up later with recordings available online.

Watch It Live Or On Demand

Whether you prefer watching shows as they air or catching up later, this show has got you covered. Watching it live allows you to be part of the conversation and join other bakers who are also tuning in. But if life gets busy or an episode slips by unnoticed, don’t worry –you can always watch it on demand whenever suits you best.

Don’t Miss Out

No need to miss any of the fun from The Great British Bake Off Australia – just add it to your calendar and make sure not to miss another episode! With more exciting challenges for amateur bakers every week, now’s the time to find out what all the fuss is about!

Are There Any Additional Fees For Watching The Show Online?

Are you wondering if there are any additional fees for watching the Great British Bake Off Australia online? If so, then this article is for you! We’ll break it down and explain what to expect.

What Kind of Fees Could You Encounter?

When streaming the show online, certain services may charge a fee. For example, some platforms could require you to pay an initial subscription fee or have extra costs for premium content. That said, make sure to read through each platform’s terms and conditions before signing up. Additionally, keep in mind that local taxes may be applied depending on where you live.

Are There Free Alternatives?

If you’re looking for free options, consider checking out public broadcasting sites like ABC Australia or SBS On Demand. These services typically offer their content at no cost but can only provide access within their respective countries or territories. It’s worth noting that most providers have geo-restrictions in place. As such, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) might be necessary to gain access from other locations outside of Australia.

The Bottom Line

In summary: Depending on which service you use to watch The Great British Bake Off Australia, there could be various fees involved – ranging from subscription payments to local taxes – as well as geo-restrictions based on your location. So if you plan on tuning into the show online, take these factors into consideration first!

Is There A Way To Donate To The Show’s Charities?

Are you looking for a way to show your support for the Great British Bake Off Australia? You might be wondering if there’s a way you can donate to the charities associated with the show. Let’s take a look at what options are available.

The answer is yes – there are several ways in which you can donate to the charitable causes supported by this popular baking competition. Many of these organizations have their own websites, so it’s quite easy to make donations directly to them. Additionally, some of the organizations may also accept donations through third-party platforms such as JustGiving or GoFundMe.

What Are Some Of The Organizations Supported By GBBOA?

There are a number of organizations that receive funds from the Great British Bake Off Australia (GBBOA). These include well-known names such as Cancer Council Australia, Diabetes Australia and Heart Foundation Australia, as well as smaller local charities like Cerebral Palsy Alliance and Brain Injury Network WA Inc. All of these causes benefit greatly from any donations made in connection with GBBOA.

With so many worthy causes benefiting from any donation connected to GBBOA, why not consider making a contribution today? Every little bit helps! It doesn’t matter how big or small your donation is – every single penny goes towards helping those in need and supporting important research into diseases and conditions that affect us all.


The Great British Bake Off Australia is an exciting and unique baking competition that provides some of the country’s best bakers with a platform to showcase their talents. I highly recommend signing up for this show, as it offers a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. Not only will you be able to test your skills in the kitchen, but you’ll also have the opportunity to make valuable connections throughout the industry.

In addition, anyone interested can easily sign-up online and find all the information they need about qualifications and air dates. There are no additional fees required to watch on most platforms, while those who wish to donate can do so through various charities linked with the program.

So if you’re looking for a great way to improve your baking skills or just want to get involved in something new, then why not give The Great British Bake Off Australia a try? You won’t regret it!

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