Ima Celebrity Australia 2022 Celebrities

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the potential celebrities that could appear on Ima Celebrity Australia in 2022. We’ll also discuss how you can bet on your favourite celebrity, so stay tuned!

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Who Will Appear on Ima Celebrity Australia?

It’s difficult to predict exactly which celebrities will show up on Ima Celebrity Australia in 2022 but there are a few names being thrown into the mix. Rumoured contenders include reality TV stars such as Sophie Monk, personal trainer Kayla Itsines, and former Australian cricketer Shane Warne.Ima Celebrity Australia 2022 is just around the corner and it’s time to start getting excited about who the next batch of celebrities will be.

How You Can Bet On Your Favourite Celebrities

If you’re looking to get involved with betting on Ima Celebrity Australia, don’t worry – it’s easy! All you need to do is find an online sportsbook that offers odds for the event and create an account. Then simply choose your preferred celebrity contestant and place a wager!

Overview Of The Show

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! is set to make its return in 2022, with the show’s iconic celebrity contestants entering an Australian jungle for a drama-filled experience. This year, the focus will be on survival of the fittest and who can handle whatever challenges come their way. There’ll no doubt be plenty of screaming, tears and surprises along the way – all from some of our most beloved celebrities.

The Format

This spinoff version of the international hit reality series follows similar guidelines as previous seasons, where viewers have been kept guessing throughout each episode. The format sees 10 different celebrities enter a camp environment full of trials and tribulations that push their physical and mental limits every week. One by one they’ll get eliminated until there’s only one left standing at the end – taking home a hefty cash prize.

Additionally, just like past seasons, viewers at home can play along with voting opportunities during each show which could potentially sway how things pan out inside the jungle walls. All this means we’re sure to see lots of entertainment over the course of this season. With that said let’s move onto discussing the judging panel and hosts…

Judging Panel And Hosts

Ima Celebrity Australia 2022 is all set to bring the best in entertainment, and this show will be nothing short of spectacular. To ensure that the show is a hit, we’ve got an amazing judging panel and hosts on board!

The Ima Celebrity Australia 2022 judging panel consists of four judges: John Taylor, Katie Cole, Jackie O’Connor, and Richard Wilkins. All four have extensive experience in the music industry and know what it takes to make great performances. They’ll be critiquing each performance with their expertise and knowledge of the Australian music scene.

John Taylor

John is a well-known producer who has worked with many big names in the Australian music scene such as Kylie Minogue, Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian, among others. His keen ear for talent makes him one of the most sought after producers around today. He’s had his work featured on numerous albums throughout his career.

Katie Cole

Katie is an accomplished singer/songwriter from Sydney who has toured extensively throughout Australia and Europe. Her songs are regularly featured on radio playlists across multiple genres including pop, rock, folk, country, blues, jazz etc. She also writes for film soundtracks and TV shows which gives her a unique perspective when it comes to judging other performers.

Jackie O’Connor

Jackie is an experienced musician from Melbourne who plays several instruments including guitar, bass, drums & keys. She was part of two successful touring bands before deciding to focus solely on producing records for her own label ‘Black Dog Records’. Her passion for creating new sounds makes her a perfect judge for Ima Celebrity Australia 2022!

Richard Wilkins

Richard is an iconic figure within the Australian music scene having been involved in more than 200 recording projects over his long career spanning decades. He’s known for his ability to spot up-and-coming stars early on so he can help them achieve success quickly while they’re still relatively unknowns. With his vast experience in promoting artists both locally and internationally he’ll certainly add something special to our judging panel!

The anticipation builds as we await these renowned judges’ verdicts – let’s see who will come out victorious at Ima Celebrity Australia 2022! With such knowledgeable judges providing valuable insight into each performer’s style and technique, audiences are sure to get a truly entertaining experience watching this competition unfold! As we move onto the next section about auditions process – let’s find out how contestants apply for this coveted title!

Auditions Process

The audition process for I’m a Celebrity Australia 2022 has begun. Auditions are open to all Australian citizens 18 years and over. To be eligible, contestants must have an active driver’s license and valid passport.

What Happens at the Auditions?

At auditions, applicants will meet with producers and casting directors of the show in order to showcase their personalities, skills and interests. Applicants may also need to participate in physical challenges or group activities to demonstrate their ability to compete on the show.

After the initial selection phase is complete, chosen applicants will then advance through the next round of interviews with executive producers and talent scouts. The selected cast members will receive further details about filming schedules, wardrobe requirements and other important information prior to beginning production on the show.

From there, viewers can look forward to seeing each contestant’s unique background story unfold as they battle it out for the title of 2021 I’m a Celebrity Australia champion! Moving onto the next section about getting to know our contestants better through profiles of each one…

Contestant Profiles

The Twelve Celebrities Competing in 2022
This season of I’m A Celebrity Australia will be the most competitive yet, with twelve celebrities from all walks of life vying for the title. From renowned singers and actors to reality TV stars and athletes, this diverse cast is sure to make watching I’m A Celebrity a thrilling experience.

Meet The Contestants
First up is singer-songwriter, actor and former rugby league player Ray Hadley. Next is model and television presenter Katie Price who has made headlines around the world as one of Britain’s most successful businesswomen. Then there’s sportsman Nathan Hindmarsh, known for his NRL career as well as his role on Dancing With The Stars Australia. Also competing are comedian Dave Hughes, actress Asher Keddie, radio host Meshel Laurie, surfer Layne Beachley, journalist Tracey Grimshaw, AFL great Matthew Richardson, singer Shannon Noll, media mogul Sam Newman and finally musician Guy Sebastian.

Who Will Win?
It’s anyone’s guess who will come out victorious this season but one thing is certain – viewers are in for an exciting ride! With such a diverse group of celebrities competing against each other under extreme conditions it’ll definitely be entertaining viewing. All that’s left now is to see how these contestants fare when confronted with their next set of challenges and tasks…

Challenges And Tasks

The contestants of I’m A Celebrity Australia 2022 have a grueling schedule ahead. As the competition progresses, they’ll face new and more difficult challenges each week. From physical tests to mental endurance tasks, these celebrities will be pushed to their limits!

Physical Challenges

Contestants will have to prove themselves in various physical activities such as running races, obstacle courses, swimming competitions and even ziplining. All designed to test their strength and agility.

Mental Endurance Tasks

I’m A Celebrity Australia isn’t just about physical feats; it’s also about mental stamina too. The show includes puzzles, quizzes and brainteasers that challenge both logic and memory skills – all with the aim of testing the celebrities’ problem-solving abilities under pressure.

At the end of every task or challenge, points are awarded based on how well each contestant performed. With those points come rewards for the winning team…and punishments for the losers – making them even tougher competitors in future rounds!

Voting System

The voting system for I’m a Celebrity Australia 2022 will be open to the public. Each week, viewers can cast their votes online or via SMS, and the contestants with the most votes will remain in the competition. There is no limit to how many times you can vote per contestant each week.

Online Voting

Viewers can cast their votes online by visiting and selecting their favorite contestants from the list of available choices. Votes must be submitted before midnight on the day of the show’s airing.

SMS Voting

Viewers can also vote for their chosen celebrities through texting “CELEBRITY” plus the celebrity’s name to a designated shortcode number. Once again, all SMS votes must be received before midnight on viewing night in order to count towards that week’s tally.
To ensure fairness and accuracy, both systems are supervised by an independent third-party monitoring service. This ensures that any potential fraudulent activity is quickly identified and addressed accordingly.
With voting underway, fans eagerly await who will take home top honors as Australia’s next Celebrity Champion! The excitement continues into determining what prizes and benefits come with such an esteemed title…

Prizes And Benefits

The voting system for I’m a Celebrity Australia 2022 is designed to reward the celebrities who have gone above and beyond. The winner of the competition will receive an all-expenses paid vacation package worth up to $50,000 AUD. This includes flights, accommodation, meals and entertainment in some of the most beautiful locations around Australia.

In addition to this incredible prize, there are also other rewards available for those who make it into the top 10 finalists. These include monetary prizes ranging from $10,000-$30,000 AUD as well as exclusive deals with leading product brands and endorsements with major media outlets.

Finally, each celebrity contestant will be provided with VIP treatment throughout their time on the show which will include access to private events such as movie premieres and red carpet galas. They’ll also get special gifts from sponsors that they can take home and enjoy long after filming has wrapped up. All these benefits serve to create an even more exciting experience for viewers and contestants alike! With so much at stake, fans are sure to be excited about the upcoming season of I’m a Celebrity Australia 2022!

Reactions From Fans

Fans of the show have been eagerly awaiting news about who this year’s celebrity contestants will be. As soon as word broke out, social media was abuzz with speculation and excitement!

Positive Response from Fans

Overall, fans seem to be very pleased with the lineup for Celebrity Australia 2022. Many people are saying that this season is going to be one of the best yet, with some incredible talent on display. Some particular highlights include Neil Patrick Harris, Rebel Wilson, and Jessica Mauboy.

Negative Feedback from Critics

However, not everyone is pleased with the selection of celebrities this season. Critics have pointed out that many of them lack star power or don’t fit in with the ‘Australian’ theme of the show. Despite all this, however, it looks like viewers are still going to get a great show!

With these initial fan reactions out in the open now we can move onto looking at what goes on behind-the-scenes…

Behind-The-Scenes Insights

Despite the excitement and energy of their fans, there’s a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes to make sure each celebrity contestant is ready for their big moment. To get an even better sense of what it takes to prepare for the competition, let’s take a look at some of the insights from this year’s IM Australia 2022 contestants:

  • Preparation
  • Mental Preparation – Contestants put in long hours studying the history of Australian celebrities, learning about current trends and brushing up on their public speaking skills.
  • Physical Preparation – From rehearsing choreographed dance moves to perfecting vocal techniques, contestants train hard before taking the stage.
  • Teamwork
  • Mentors & Coaches – Each contestant has access to professional mentors who provide guidance and support as they strive for victory.
  • Support Network – The show also brings together family members and friends so everyone can be part of the experience and cheer them on from backstage.

The journey doesn’t end here though – the next step is all about performing live in front of millions of viewers during the finale event! With everything they’ve invested into preparing for this challenge, we’re certain these talented individuals will deliver amazing performances that keep us glued to our screens until the very end.

Live Performance Finale

The I’m A Celebrity Australia 2022 finale is set to be an exciting and star-studded evening. There will be a live performance from some of the biggest celebrities in the country, including musicians, comedians and actors.

Musical Performances:

Music fans are sure to be thrilled by the lineup, with renowned artists such as Kylie Minogue, Keith Urban and Delta Goodrem taking centre stage. The night will feature a variety of genres, ranging from pop to hip hop and everything in between. We can also expect special collaborations between some of these stars!

Betting Odds

The betting odds for this event have been released – who will come out on top? Will it be Kylie Minogue or Delta Goodrem? Or perhaps one of the lesser known acts? All bets are off at this point, so make sure you stay tuned for updates on who’s favourite to win.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Format Of The Show?

Are you wondering what the format of I’m A Celebrity Australia 2022 Celebrities is? From its compelling audience participation segments and exciting elimination twist, this show promises a unique viewing experience.

This reality TV series offers viewers an interactive platform that allows them to decide who will stay in the competition. Each week, three contestants compete for two spots on the show’s leaderboard. The public votes determine which two celebrities are going to remain in the game.

The stakes get higher as each contestant puts their celebrity status on the line! With each round comes more intense challenges and eliminations based solely on viewer voting. So make sure you tune in to see how your favorite celebrities fare against one another. Who will come out on top? Only time will tell…

Who Are The Sponsors Of ‘I’m A Celebrity Australia 2022’?

I’m a Celebrity Australia 2022 is right around the corner and sponsors are key to its success. Let’s take a look at who’s backing this exciting event.

Sponsors of I’m a Celebrity Australia 2022

The show has some big names on board as sponsors, including:

•Coca-Cola Amatil

As one of the leading beverage companies in Australia and New Zealand, Coca-Cola Amatil will be providing their support for the upcoming season of I’m A Celebrity Australia 2022.

•GHD Haircare

GHD Haircare is also lending its support to the show by offering its products for use during filming. GHD provides professional hair care products that allow contestants to look their best throughout the competition.

•Sony Pictures Television (SPT)

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) have come onboard as well, bringing with them a wealth of experience in producing quality television content across multiple platforms. SPT will provide production expertise and guidance for the series’ crew and cast members alike.

These sponsors represent just some of those contributing to making I’m A Celebrity Australia 2022 an unforgettable experience! With such high calibre brands involved, we can expect nothing but top notch entertainment from start to finish. So don’t miss out – tune into I’m A Celebrity Australia 2022 when it airs later this year!

How Are The Contestants Chosen?

How are the contestants chosen for ‘I’m a Celebrity Australia 2022’? Selection processes vary from one reality show to another, but in most cases, potential candidates must submit an application that includes personal information and why they should be selected.

The production team then reviews the applications and narrows down their choices based on factors such as personality, background story, physical appearance, and entertainment value. They may also conduct interviews with finalists or hold auditions. After all this is done, the final group of participants can be picked by producers or voted on by viewers.

It’s worth noting that not everyone who applies will make it onto the show – so those interested in taking part need to make sure their applications stand out if they want to get noticed! With some hard work and luck though, anyone could find themselves competing on ‘I’m A Celebrity Australia 2022’!

How Is The Voting System Structured?

When it comes to voting, understanding how the system is structured is key. In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the structure of a typical voting system, so you can get a better feel for what goes into determining who will make it through each round.

How Does The Voting System Work?

Voting systems come in many shapes and sizes, but there are some common elements that all have in common. Generally speaking, most modern voting systems involve three distinct steps: nomination, elimination and determination of winners.


The first step in any voting process is nominations. This involves nominating individuals or teams to compete against one another based on certain criteria such as talent or skillset. Once nominees have been chosen, they then move onto the next stage – elimination.


During this phase, voters determine which contestants should stay and which ones should go by casting their votes either online or via paper ballots depending on the setup being used. Each vote counts towards eliminating a contestant from the competition until only two remain – these two contestants become known as finalists and begin competing for the grand prize.

Determining Winners

The final stage of the voting process is when a winner is determined by counting up all of the votes cast throughout the duration of the competition and announcing which contestant has received more votes than their opponent(s). It’s important to note that sometimes ties may occur if both finalists receive equal amounts of votes – in these cases additional rounds may be necessary before a clear victor emerges as champion!

What Is The Timeline Of The Show From Start To Finish?

I’m Celebrity Australia 2022 is a highly-anticipated reality tv show, where celebrities from all over the country compete for a chance to be crowned king or queen of the jungle. From start to finish, there’s an exciting timeline that offers plenty of thrills and spills along the way.

Here are four key points in the I’m A Celebrity Australia 2022 Timeline:

  • Auditions – The auditions take place at various locations throughout Australia, giving potential contestants their first taste of life in the spotlight.
  • The Live Show – After being selected by judges, the live show takes viewers on a journey as they watch each celebrity battle it out in grueling physical and mental challenges.
  • Voting System – As votes come in from around the country, audience members will have their say on who should win each week’s challenge and ultimately become King or Queen of the Jungle.
  • Crowning Ceremony – Finally, after weeks of intense competition, one lucky celeb wins it all during an exhilarating crowning ceremony!

To ensure everything runs smoothly from beginning to end, I’m A Celebrity Australia 2022 has put together detailed rules and regulations for both contestants and viewers alike. This ensures everyone involved can enjoy a fair and entertaining experience with no surprises along the way. Additionally, production staff keep track of every vote cast so results remain accurate and unbiased until the very last moment.

It’s clear that I’m A Celebrity Australia 2022 promises drama right up until its grand finale! With such high stakes at play, this season looks set to be one of the most thrilling yet – make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action!


I’m a Celebrity Australia 2022 is an exciting new show that promises to bring the best of celebrity culture, adventure and fun. With its unique format and voting system, viewers will have the chance to get involved in deciding who comes out on top. The sponsors are all major players in the industry which adds credibility to the show and ensures it has the resources necessary for success. Contestants are chosen through careful consideration by casting directors so we can expect some incredible talent taking part. This year’s series looks set to be one of the most talked about shows, with fans eagerly awaiting each episode! So don’t miss out – tune into I’m a Celebrity Australia 2022 when it airs later this year!

Where To Watch?

The show will air on multiple platforms including TV networks, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as well as on social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook Live. So no matter where you are or what device you’re using, you’ll be able to follow all of your favorite celebrities’ adventures from start to finish!

What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t wait any longer – join us in celebrating our Aussie celebs and support them every step of their journey with I’m a Celebrity Australia 2022! It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience and we look forward to seeing who takes home the crown at the end.

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