Two Up: Australia’s Favourite Gambling Game

With its spiritual home down under in Australia, Two up is an iconic game of chance which is exceptionally popular in pubs and clubs around the country. But what are the rules of this gambling game and how do you play? Let’s find out.

Understanding The Basics

Two up is a game of chance that is played with coins which can be thrown into the air and caught. Typically, two coins known as pennies are used, however any coins can be used. Traditionally, players or punters gather around a designated area in which two players, known as the ‘spinner’ and the ‘kip’ (or dealer), are involved. The Kip places the coins on a flat surface, known as the kip, where they are then allowed to spin their own coins.

Rules Of The Game

Though there are some variations, the two up rules are relatively straightforward. The two coins are placed heads up on the kip, then the spinner throws the coins in the air. Players can then place bets on the outcome of the coins:

  • If both coins show heads, the spinner wins
  • If both coins show tails, the spinner loses
  • If either one of the coins show heads and the other tails, the bet is declared a ‘cove’, and the bet is once more thrown

Mind the Rules

Players must adhere to a few rules to ensure the game runs smoothly. The spinner should throw the coins at eye level both on the left side of their body in an arc. If they fail to do this, the throw is known as a ‘foul shot’, and the spinner must not collect the stakes or winnings.

Strategies To Win

There’s no foolproof strategy to winning at two up, however there are some helpful hints to increase your odds:

  • Observe Each Throw: analyse the coin spinners ability as they throw the coins, as each person has a unique throwing style. This could give an insight into the trajectory of the coins, potentially increasing the chances of guessing the winning toss.
  • Bet Smartly: when it comes to placing bets, it’s best to diversify the amounts wagered on each different outcome.

Try Your Luck with Two Up

Two up can be an absorbing and exciting game of chance. As long as the game is conducted responsibly, it can be a great way to test your luck and win big. Try out Two Up at your closest pub or club today!

What are the rules for playing Two-Up?

1. Two players are needed to start a game of Two-Up.

2. A third person, the spinner, is needed to toss the coins.

3. The players put their money on either heads or tails.

4. The opening bet is $1.

5. The spinner throws the coins three times. If all three tosses are the same, the result is a ‘dead’ Two-Up game, and there is no win.

6. If two heads or two tails are thrown, the player who bet on “odds” wins, and the player who bet on “evens” loses.

7. If there is a mixture of heads and tails, the game restarts from the beginning.

8. The winner keeps the pot, plus will take an extra $2 from the loser if the two coins landed with the same face up.

9. If the players wish, they may continue to bet for as long as they wish.

10. The minimum bet must increase after each round, up to the point when the limit is reached.

11. No more than $50 can be bet on any one spin.

12. If both sides are ready to conclude the game, the spinner will toss the coins one last time. However, if the game continues, then the minimum bet increases at the beginning of each round.

13. The game is over when both players agree to stop betting.

14. Any disputes must be approved by both the players and spinner.

This is a brief overview of the rules for playing Two-Up. This game has been around for a long time, and it’s important to remember these tips to have a good time and ensure everyone involved abides by the rules. Remember to always have fun and play responsibly.

What is the minimum number of players for a game of Two-Up?

Two players are required for a game of Two-Up.

What is the maximum number of players for a game of Two-Up?

The maximum number of players for a game of Two-Up is two, since one person must throw the coins and the other person must call heads or tails.

What are the rules for a game of Two-Up?

1. Two coins are thrown into the air.

2. Players guess whether the coins will land on heads or tails.

3. A “spinner” throws the coins into the air and calls out which side the coins will land on.

4. If the coins land on the side chosen by the spinner, then all players who bet on that side are winners; if the coins land on the opposite side, all players who bet on that side are losers.

5. The spinner is the only person who can touch the coins, and they must be thrown in the air according to an accepted Two-Up “style”.

6. If the coins do not reach a reasonable height when thrown, the spinner must throw again.

7. A “kip” is used to hold the coins.

8. Betting can be offered on the outcome of each toss, or on a cumulative total of several tosses.

9. Bets can be placed with money, or with a physical item such as a hat or bottle.

10. No bets may be altered or removed once the game has begun.

11. Winnings from each round should be paid out and collected at the end of the round.

12. If the game continues, then the minimum bet increases at the beginning of each round.

13. The game is over when both players agree to stop betting.

14. Any disputes must be approved by both players and the spinner.

What items are needed to play a game of Two-Up?

The items needed to play a game of Two-Up are: two coins (often pennies), a kip (a small wooden block with a handle), and a spinner (a player who tosses the coins). Players also place bets on whether the coins will fall heads or tails.

What is the traditional shaving method for playing Two-Up?

In the traditional game of Two-Up, players throw two coins in the air and bet on either heads or tails. The traditional shaving method involves each player throwing their coins and landing them flat on the ground. The coins should be projected so they spin around their own axis and land simultaneously, with the two facing surfaces parallel to each other. A successful shave typically results in two ‘head’ coins or two ‘black’ coins on the ground.

What supplies are needed for playing Two-Up?

The game of Two-Up is traditionally played with pennies or “kip”, which is a coin made specifically for use in the game, although other coins may be used. Additionally, a flat wooden board, called a “kip board,” may be needed to keep the coins in place while they are tossed in the air. A ring keeper is also needed to supervise the game and ensure all the rules are followed. Lastly, all players must place bets on the outcome of each toss, whether it be heads or tails.

What are the rules of Two-Up?

1. The game of Two-Up must take place in a licensed gambling establishment.

2. Two coins, preferably pennies or coins of equal size and weight, are placed tails up on the “kip” (a flat wooden or plastic spinner).

3. The spinner provides the coins to the ringkeeper (a person in charge of the game).

4. The spinner then calls “come in spinner!” and spins the coins.

5. Players can bet on either heads or tails.

6. If the coins land with both heads up or both tails up, the spinner gets another spin.

7. If the coins land with one heads and tails up the result is known as ‘odds’ in favour of the bettor betting on that outcome.

8. If a players bets on the result and wins, they receive their winnings.

9. If a players bets on the result and loses, they pay their losses to the house.

10. The game ends when the players decide there will be no more bets.

What are the traditional Two-Up callouts?

The traditional callouts for Two-Up are:

“Come in spinner”

“Five, four, three, two, one, none”

“Heads” and “Tails”

“Odds” and “Evens”

“Turning up spinning”

“Turn again”

“Eyes up”

“Good luck” Or “Good luck to all sides”

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