Ufc Fight Night 147 Betting Odds Tips Till Vs Masvidal

Are you ready for an exciting night of MMA action? UFC Fight Night 147 is just around the corner and it promises to be a thrilling one. This event pits two top-notch fighters, Darren Till and Jorge Masvidal, against each other in a welterweight matchup.

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UFC Fight Night 147 Betting Tips: Till vs Masvidal

If you’re looking to get involved with some betting on this fight, then we’ve got you covered! Here are our betting tips for Till vs Masvidal so that you can make an informed decision when placing your wager.

Why You Should Consider Betting On Till

Darren “the Gorilla” Till has been making waves in the UFC since his debut in 2015. He’s now 17-0-1 as a professional fighter, and he’ll surely be looking to extend his winning streak at UFC Fight Night 147. With impressive wins over Stephen Thompson and Donald Cerrone already under his belt, there’s no doubt that he brings plenty of experience into this fight. He also holds a three inch height advantage over Masvidal which could prove crucial come fight day.

Why You Should Consider Betting On Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal may not have the same level of experience as Till but don’t let that fool you; he is still one of the best welterweights out there right now. His record stands at 33 wins, 13 losses and 0 draws – testament to how dominant he can be in the octagon whenever he steps up to compete. Furthermore, despite being shorter than his opponent, he packs plenty of power behind those punches which makes him a formidable foe indeed.

Background Of The Fighters

The UFC Fight Night 147 will take place on March 16th and feature a welterweight bout between Darren Till and Jorge Masvidal. Both fighters have solid backgrounds in martial arts, with Till being an experienced Muay Thai fighter from Liverpool, England and Masvidal being a former street-fighter turned professional MMA competitor out of Miami, Florida.

Till has a career record of 17 wins (7 by knockout) and 1 loss. He is currently ranked #6 in the world for his weight class with notable victories over Donald Cerrone and Stephen Thompson. His only loss came to Tyron Woodley via submission at UFC 228 last year.

Masvidal’s career stats include 34 wins (16 knockouts) 8 losses, with 11 fights ending before they went to the judges’ scorecards. He’s currently ranked #3 in the world for his weight class and boasts impressive victories over Demian Maia, Ben Askren, and most recently Nate Diaz at UFC 244 last November. Looking forward to this fight, it promises to be an intense matchup that could go either way depending on who can capitalize on their strengths early on.

Both Till and Masvidal are tough competitors looking for big victories as they climb up the rankings towards title contention; but which one has the edge? Let’s look into their track records next to see how each man stacks up against each other heading into UFC Fight Night 147.

Fight History And Track Records

Till and Masvidal have both had impressive careers in the UFC. Till has an overall record of 17-2-1, with 11 wins by knockout or submission. He is known for his aggressive striking style and has been able to put away many opponents within the first two rounds due to his heavy punches. On the other hand, Masvidal has a professional MMA record of 34-13, with 21 of those victories coming by way of knockout or technical knockout. He is well rounded in all areas including wrestling, submissions, and strikes as he can fight inside or outside the pocket comfortably.

Masvidal’s Strengths vs Till’s Weaknesses

When looking at their previous fights against each other it becomes clear that Masvidal holds some advantages over Till. Till struggles when defending takedown attempts from his opponent; this could be exploited if Masvidal chooses to use his wrestling base more often than not during this bout which could lead him to victory. Additionally, Masvidal’s experience may also play a factor here considering he has fought longer then Till so far in his career, having competed professionally since 2003 compared to 2017 for Till.

What Does This All Mean?

In summary, although there are some definite strengths on either side heading into this matchup between Darren Till and Jorge Masvidal all signs point towards a highly competitive bout that should be entertaining regardless of who emerges victorious in the end. As such, bettors should take note of these trends before placing any wagers on either fighter as they will likely be crucial factors come fight night . Betting on either fighter could result in a profitable outcome as both fighters have the potential to win the fight.

Breakdown Of The Betting Lines

The UFC Fight Night 147 features a welterweight bout between Darren Till and Jorge Masvidal. The betting lines are open, with Odds Shark listing an average of -210 for Till while Masvidal is listed at +170. This means that the expected return on investment (ROI) if you bet $100 on Till would be approximately $48, while betting $100 on Masvidal would result in an ROI of around $270. These odds reflect each fighter’s chances of winning this match-up.

Breaking Down the ODDS

At first glance, it seems like a one-sided affair as far as the betting lines go. However, there are some key factors to consider before placing your bets. First off, both fighters have very different fighting styles and skill sets which could prove decisive when they face off against each other inside the octagon. Secondly, Till has been active recently while Masvidal has had some time away from competition due to injury so his performance may suffer as a result of ring rust or lack of preparation. Finally, Till is young and hungry for success whereas Masvidal already achieved greatness in the sport and will likely fight with less urgency than his opponent.

Analyzing Both Fighters

All things considered, we cannot make any definitive predictions about who will win this match up until we analyze both fighters’ strengths and weaknesses in greater detail. We must look at their history in previous fights as well as their current form leading up to this event in order to get an idea of how they might perform on Saturday night. With all these variables taken into account, it will give us a better chance to accurately assess our bets for this matchup and hopefully help guide us towards bigger profits come fight night!

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Each Fighter

The upcoming UFC Fight Night 147 bout between Darren Till and Jorge Masvidal is sure to be an epic matchup of two top-level fighters. It’s important to consider the strengths and weaknesses they possess heading into the fight, which can give us insight on how this battle may play out. Let’s take a look at what each fighter brings to the octagon:

Darren Till

Till has been knocking down opponents in style since he joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He possesses excellent striking technique and power that allows him to land devastating blows from long distances. His chin is also remarkable as it has proven resilient against powerful heavy hitters like Donald Cerrone and Stephen Thompson. On the downside, Till tends to struggle with grappling defense due to his lack of experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He will need to rely heavily on his takedown defense if he wants to keep this one standing where he excels most.


  • Excellent Striking Technique & Power
  • Resilient Chin Against Heavy Hitters
  • Lacks Grappling Experience

Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal comes into this fight with a wealth of combat sports experience under his belt after competing for over 20 years professionally. His striking skills are sharpened by training Muay Thai alongside renowned coaches such as Duke Roufus, whereas his ground game is well-rounded thanks in part to famous MMA coach Greg Jackson. However, despite being incredibly crafty both on their feet or on the mat, Masvidal sometimes struggles against relentless pressure from aggressive strikers who don’t give him space or time to think during fights. That could prove troublesome if Till decides to stay busy throughout all five rounds.


  • Extensive Combat Sports Experience
  • 20+ Years Professionally
  • Sharp Muay Thai Skills Under Coach Duke Roufus
  • Excellent Counter Puncher
  • Proficient at Countering Combinations

Strategies To Consider

When it comes to UFC Fight Night 147 betting odds, there are a few strategies to consider. First and foremost, research both fighters’ strengths and weaknesses in order to make an informed decision when placing wagers on the fight. Take into account each fighter’s record, recent form, previous fights against similar opponents, weight class, style of fighting and any other factors that may influence the outcome.

Additionally, keep up with current news regarding two fighters leading up to the match as this can give you valuable insight into who will win or lose the bout. Look for changes in their training camp or campsite location as well as any new strategies they might be implementing for this particular contest. Knowing how each fighter is preparing can also help you decide which side of the bet has better value.

It’s important not to forget about your own personal strategy when betting on MMA matches too. Make sure you understand what kind of bets best suit your needs and budget before placing money down on any fight night event. By doing so, you’ll have a much higher chance of making accurate predictions and turning a profit over time.

The next section discusses possible outcomes and predictions related to Till vs Masvidal at UFC Fight Night 147.

Possible Outcomes And Predictions

The matchup between Till and Masvidal has a lot of potential for an exciting fight. Both fighters have the power to finish fights in spectacular fashion, making it difficult to predict who will come out on top. However, there are several factors that could play into determining which fighter is more likely to win.

Till vs Masvidal: Style Matchup

Masvidal’s style relies heavily on his boxing skills, while Till prefers to use his reach as an advantage by keeping opponents at bay with kicks and jabs. This kind of style matchup can be very tricky because each fighter presents different challenges for their opponent. While both men possess great striking techniques, Till’s height and length may give him the edge over Masvidal in terms of range control. Additionally, Masvidal’s aggressive pressure-fighting style could prove problematic should he get too close to Till, leaving him vulnerable to counter strikes or takedown attempts from the long-limbed Briton.

Betting Odds

Currently, most online sportsbooks list Till as the slight favorite with odds ranging anywhere from -160 up to -220 depending on where you look. These odds suggest that bettors believe Till has a good chance of winning this fight but not enough faith in him that they would make him a huge favorite over Masvidal. As such, betting on either man would be considered a relatively safe choice due to how evenly matched this fight appears on paper.

With two experienced strikers capable of putting together highlight reel performances inside the octagon, predicting who will take home the victory here is no easy task. Despite this uncertainty however, one thing remains clear; fans are sure to witness an entertaining fight when these two warriors step into the cage! The next section will explore keys to victory for each fighter heading into UFC Fight Night 147.

Keys To Victory For Each Fighter

The upcoming UFC Fight Night 147 between Leon Edwards and Darren Till, taking on Jorge Masvidal presents a matchup of two fighters with different styles. In order to determine who will come out victorious in this fight, let’s take a look at how each fighter can get the job done.

Leon Edwards

FootworkStriking Defense
Ground GameTakedown Offense

Leon Edwards is a strong grappler whose footwork allows him to close the distance quickly and set up takedowns or transitions into submission attempts. His ability to mix strikes with his grappling makes it difficult for opponents to defend against both equally well. However, he has been known to struggle defensively when it comes to striking, so if Masvidal is able to pressure him heavily it could be the difference maker in this fight.

Jorge Masvidal

Powerful StrikingStruggles Against Top Grapplers
Great Chin & CardioAggression Can Lead To Mental Mistakes

Masvidal has some serious power in his hands which he often uses as an effective counter punch strategy against aggressive opponents. He also possesses great cardio that allows him to push a pace throughout the whole fight without fading late. On the flip side, he does have difficulty defending against high level grapplers, particularly those adept at using their top control effectively. Additionally, while aggression plays a big role in helping him win fights, it also leads to mental mistakes such as leaving himself open to counters or getting taken down due inadequate defense preparation.

Both fighters posses advantages over one another making this an interesting matchup indeed! It will likely come down which style of fighting dictates terms during the fight – Edwards’ ground game or Masvidal’s powerful striking? With all these factors considered, let’s move onto tips for placing bets on UFC Fight Night 147.

Tips For Placing Bets On Ufc Fight Night 147

When placing bets on UFC Fight Night 147, there are a few key tips to keep in mind. First of all, it’s important to do your research and understand the history between the fighters – particularly if they have already fought before. It’s also helpful to check out statistics such as current form, win/loss records, and other relevant information that can give you an indication of who is likely to be victorious. Additionally, checking out recent news stories about both fighters can provide valuable insight into their mental state leading up to the fight.

Another tip when betting on this fight night is to pay attention to external factors like weather conditions or time zones which could affect performance. Also make sure to consider any specific weight class rules or regulations that may impact how fights are scored. Finally, staying updated with official announcements closer to the event date will help you stay informed and adjust your predictions accordingly.

By following these tips and doing your due diligence ahead of time, you’ll be well-equipped to place successful bets on UFC Fight Night 147 and cash in big!

Impact Of External Factors On Fight Odds

External factors can play a huge role in determining the odds for an upcoming fight. Prior to Till vs Masvidal, there were several external factors that had an impact on the betting lines. One of these was the history between the two fighters. The pair have faced off before with Till winning via decision and this could be seen as a major factor when it comes to predicting who will come out victorious in their rematch.

Another important factor is each fighter’s current form. In recent fights, both men had impressive performances and this led many fans and bettors to believe they could go either way at UFC Fight Night 147. Furthermore, media attention surrounding the bout also played its part in influencing public opinion, resulting in more people placing bets on what would happen in London.

The final key element was how well-matched the two competitors were going into battle. With neither man having any clear advantage over the other, it helped keep things interesting and made for an exciting matchup regardless of who won or lost. Ultimately all these external influences played a part in setting up one of 2019’s most anticipated events – Till vs Masvidal!

Aftermath And Implications Of The Fight

The aftermath of UFC Fight Night 147 saw Darren Till and Jorge Masvidal go head-to-head in a thrilling welterweight bout. The fight ended with Masvidal claiming victory via TKO, leaving fans wondering what implications this would have for the sport. Here are three key takeaways from their match:

1 – Bigger Opportunities Ahead For Both Fighters
With his win over Till, Masvidal is now poised to face tougher competition in the future – potentially even a title shot! He has already earned himself some recognition among hardcore MMA fans as one of the best in his division. Meanwhile, Till’s loss has not diminished his star power or skill; he will still likely be offered some big fights ahead.

2 – Betting Odds Were Right On Point
Before the fight began, betting odds had favored Masvidal by a wide margin due to his greater experience and skill set. Ultimately, these predictions proved true when Masvidal took home the victory after dominating most of the fight. This shows that it pays off to do your homework before placing any bets on upcoming matches!

3 – Respect Was Earned By Both Fighters
No matter who won or lost, both fighters displayed great respect towards each other throughout this contest. Furthermore, they showed incredible heart and determination which made for an exciting match between two top contenders at 170 pounds weight class. It was clear that both men were giving it their all and that’s why people tuned into watch them battle it out – making this one of the more memorable nights for UFC Fight Night 147 viewers.

Overall, spectators witnessed another great performance from both fighters during tonight’s event which will surely leave lasting impressions for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time And Date Is Ufc Fight Night 147?

UFC Fight Night 147 takes place on Saturday, March 16th. The card will begin at 6 PM GMT (1 PM EST) with the first preliminary fight starting shortly after that time. This event marks the first ever UFC show to take place in London, England inside of The O2 Arena.

The main event features a welterweight bout between former title challenger Darren Till and fan-favorite Jorge Masvidal. Both fighters have been very active as of late, competing several times over the past year or so. Fans are expecting an all out war between these two seasoned veterans who are looking to make their mark on the divisional rankings.

When it comes to betting on this match up, there’s plenty of value for both sides depending on how you break down each fighter’s respective skill set. While Till has some big wins under his belt, Masvidal brings more experience and a veteran presence into the cage which could be a major factor in deciding who walks away victorious come fight night. Be sure to keep an eye out for any updates surrounding injury status or weigh-in results as those can also play a large part when placing wagers around this contest.

How Many Rounds Is The Fight?

The main question when it comes to UFC Fight Night 147 is how many rounds the fight will have. Depending on the rules of the match, each bout can last anywhere from three to five five-minute rounds for non-title bouts and five to five five-minute rounds for title fights. While this may seem like a small difference, it could make all the difference in determining which fighter has an advantage coming into a match.

When considering round length for a fight, it’s important to take into account not only the fighters’ respective styles but also their cardio levels. If one fighter has better cardio than his opponent, he may be able to use that extra energy during longer rounds and outlast them – something that shorter-round matches won’t necessarily afford him. Likewise, if two fighters are evenly matched in terms of skill level and cardio endurance, then they might benefit more from a longer round so they can really show off their skillset without worrying about conserving energy or getting tired too quickly.

No matter what kind of matchup you’re looking at, knowing the length of each round is essential for understanding how long a match might go and who might have an edge over whom. So before making any bets related to UFC Fight Night 147, be sure to do your research on both fighters and get an idea of what kind of strategies they’ll employ based on the amount of time given per round. This way you’ll be well informed as you place your wagers and increase your chances of betting success!

What Are The Rules For Betting On Ufc Fight Night 147?

Betting on UFC Fight Night 147 can be a great way to make some extra money, but it is important to understand the rules and regulations of betting before you dive in. This article will provide an overview of the basic rules for betting on UFC events, so that you can get started with confidence.

First, what types of bets are allowed? Generally speaking, bettors may bet on fights based on win/loss outcomes or round-by-round decisions made by judges. Additionally, there are other wagers available including prop bets (e.g., who will land the most strikes during a fight) and total rounds bets (e.g., how many rounds a fight will last).

When placing your bets, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different odds associated with each type of bet. Odds can vary from one sportsbook to another and should always be taken into consideration when making your selections. Additionally, it’s critical to do research prior to making any kind of wager — this includes researching fighters’ records and studying past performances as well as looking at current trends in the sport. Doing so can help increase your chances of success significantly!

Additionally, it is highly recommended that beginners start small until they gain more experience in understanding how various factors affect betting outcomes. Starting off slowly allows newbies to build up their bankroll while getting comfortable with the nuances of sports gambling without taking too much risk upfront. With enough practice and discipline, anyone has the potential to become successful at predicting winning picks over time!

Where Can I Watch Ufc Fight Night 147?

If you’re looking to watch UFC Fight Night 147, you won’t want to miss the action! This fight pits two of the world’s top welterweights against each other in what is sure to be an explosive match. The event will take place on March 16th at London’s O2 Arena, and it promises to deliver a thrilling night of mixed martial arts entertainment.

The best way to catch all the action from UFC Fight Night 147 is by streaming it live online. There are several options for watching the event, including streaming services like ESPN+, DAZN, Sling TV, and more. You can also purchase pay-per-view access through your cable or satellite provider if they offer it. If none of these options work for you, there are always free streams available online as well.

Tips For Streaming Online

When streaming online, make sure that you have a reliable internet connection and adequate bandwidth so that you don’t experience any buffering issues during the broadcast. It’s also important to keep up with any updates or changes to the schedule since some providers may require additional fees or subscriptions for certain events such as this one. Finally, be wary of unofficial streamers who may not provide a legal service – only use trustworthy sources when viewing MMA bouts like this one!

No matter how you choose to watch UFC Fight Night 147, ensure that your setup is good enough to get maximum enjoyment out of the show! With two elite fighters battling it out in front of an electric crowd in London’s 02 Arena – this event promises nonstop excitement from start to finish! Don’t miss your chance to see history being made – tune in today and enjoy every second of this classic matchup between Till vs Masvidal!

Are There Any Special Offers For Betting On Ufc Fight Night 147?

If you’re looking to make a bet on the upcoming UFC Fight Night 147, there are several special offers available that could maximize your chances of winning. From deposit bonuses to free bets and more, here are four great options that might be worth considering:

  1. Deposit Bonuses – Many online betting sites offer deposit bonuses when you make a first-time or new account deposit. This can range from 10% up to 100%, depending upon what site you use.
  2. Free Bets – Some sportsbooks also offer free bets which allow customers to place wagers without risking their own money. Free bets may have certain restrictions such as expiration dates, so it’s important to read through the terms and conditions before using them.
  3. Money Back Guarantees – If you don’t win your bet, some sites will offer a refund or provide other forms of compensation for your loss. It’s always wise to check the specific rules associated with any money back guarantee before placing your wager.
  4. Special Offers – Lastly, many online sportsbooks run exclusive promotions throughout the year which give customers additional value by providing enhanced odds or extra rewards for placing a bet on a particular event or market type. These deals often come with expiry limits and other restrictions, so it’s best practice to research these carefully in advance of making any decisions about where to place your money!

It pays off to shop around and compare different betting sites’ offers prior to deciding where and how much money to put down on UFc Fight Night 147 – especially if you’re serious about making an informed decision when it comes time to pick winners! Take advantage of all the specials available out there; they could help you boost profits significantly over time!


It’s time for UFC Fight Night 147, and with that comes the opportunity to capitalize on some great betting odds. The fight between Till vs Masvidal is set to take place on March 16th at 3 PM GMT in London, England. It will consist of five rounds, so there are plenty of chances for you to get your bets down.

Rules For Betting On UFC FN 147

Before getting into the specifics of this match-up, let’s go over a few basic rules when it comes to betting on MMA fights: 1) Always do your research; 2) never bet more than you can afford to lose; 3) don’t chase losses; 4) always look out for special offers.

Special Offers & Tips For UFC FN 147

Make Sure To Check Out Special Offers!

When it comes to finding special offers and tips for wagering on UFC Fight Night 147, make sure you keep an eye out for any promotional deals or bonuses available from online bookmakers. This could be something like free bets or enhanced odds – whatever helps boost your bankroll!

Look Into Both Fighters’ Records And Stats

To give yourself the best chance at making money through sports betting, it pays off to put in the extra effort when researching both fighters’ records and statistics before placing any bets. Knowing how each fighter performs under pressure and their tendencies during certain scenarios can help you make informed decisions when selecting which side you’re backing.

In conclusion, if you want success when wagering on UFC Fight Night 147, then do your homework first by checking out all relevant information about the matchup and taking advantage of any special offers that may be offered. Good luck!