The key to winning is at the palm of our hands

The gambling market has seen a tremendous upsurge in popularity, thanks to the rise of the technology. What was previously an industry that is secluded from the rest of the world has now opened its gates to a sea of new gamers. This trend can largely be credited to the convenience, availability, and flexibility that technology has afforded gamers and developers which traditional gambling failed to deliver.

Nowadays, gambling can be done virtually anywhere and anytime through online platforms and mobile applications, and in this arena, Nigeria’s gaming site of choice- BETWAZOBIA- is a true powerhouse.  

Nigeria: The hotbed for online gaming activities

The sight of a person without a computer or smartphone at hand is a rare occasion these days. This is especially true for Nigerians who landed a spot in the list of top mobile users in the world. Armed with this statistic, gambling sites in the country quickly took advantage of the Nigerian’s obsession by flocking the market with hundreds of online betting sites compatible with mobile applications. Although a multitude of options is available for punters, none has a reputation more reveled for convenience and security than Betwazobia. 

Betwazobia: a force to be reckoned with in the online gambling community

Here are some of the reasons why Betwazobia is the right fit for any gambler. 

1. You will never run out of options.

Betwazobia is an online sportsbook and casino operated by SET Plc, formerly National Sports Lottery in Nigeria. This one-stop gambling site boasts of a wide array of games from sports betting, slots, live casino, to the lottery.  At Betwazobia, there will always something for every gambler.

To illustrate just how extensive Betwazobia’s menu is, here are some of the games under its arsenal: 

  • Casino

To name a few, Betwazobia has online slots that drew inspiration from famous Hollywood franchises such as Jurrasic Park and Terminator. Its selection of table & card games is aplenty too. Poker, blackjack, and roulette dressed in varying styles will surely catch attention. The site also has scratch cards, video poker, keno, and bingo.  

  • Sports

Betwazobia allows players to place their bet on just about every sport known to Man. The NBA playoffs, Premier League and Major League Soccer are just some of the more popular leagues’ punters can place wagers on.

  • Lotto

Aside from casino games and sportsbook services, Betwazobia also connects its users to several international lottery games. It categorizes the games as Single Tickets, European and Great Odds so players are properly guided on which game to place their stakes on.

2. You can play using its mobile app

Mobile applications are said to be the ‘next big thing’ which is no surprise considering the number of ways in which it can be useful. Betwazobia saw its potential and quickly brought their service available for download. Here are some of the advantages of having a gambling mobile application:

a.     Mobile apps work perfectly with smartphones and tablets so punters who don’t have access to laptops/computers can still join in on the fun.

b.     Computers are not as portable as tablets and smartphones so having a mobile app is the perfect answer to playing on the go.

3. Your winnings are in good hands 

Betwazobia prides itself for creating a gaming environment that is fair and safe. The site works closely with independent authorities that monitor the fairness of the gaming products offered. Moreover, it has its dedicated investigation and online monitoring teams tasked to deter acts of fraud and manipulation. The site is also subject to strict regulatory oversight and is compliant with laws, rules, standards and regulations throughout various jurisdictions. 

These tight protocols ensure that all deposits are kept in segregated accounts, personal data is protected and that every user can play within their financial means and receive the best servce possible. 

4. You have plenty of bonuses waiting

It is no secret that losing a bet is never a pretty sight nor feeling. Bonuses cushion this blow by allowing players who ‘lost’ a chance for redemption. Betwazobia built a reputation for generously providing bonuses to new and old patrons.  

Some of the bonuses Betwazobia give away are

(1) Refund Bonus which permits players to get their bets back if they have one losing selection in sports betting;

and (2) Boost Bonus which when played gets punters a boosted winning up to 40% each time a bet is placed on any sport.  

Betting comes in several forms but enjoying the myriad of available options does not need to come from multiple sites. From sports betting, slots, live casino to the lottery- Betwazobia’s got you all covered. Sign up now and enjoy the convenience Betwazobia has in store for you.  Baby steps: Beginning your journey to good fortune

Signing up with Betwazopia couldn’t get easier! Just head to and follow the instructions. In no time, you will be part of the most exciting online sportsbook and casino today!