Can You Still Find $5 Blackjack?

Blackjack players have very little money to lose. They prefer to play lower stakes.

$5 Blackjack tables are the gold standard in land-based casinos. These tables allow low-stakes players, even those with little money, to play for quite a while.

$5 blackjack is becoming less popular. You may wonder if $5 blackjack is even possible in brick and mortar casinos.

This post will discuss how $5 tables were the norm in decades past. This post also discusses where and how you can find these games today.

$5 Blackjack was once quite common

You might think that this is how it’s always been, with all the $25 and $10 blackjack tables you see today. But $5 games used to be the norm.

Blackjack became very popular in Las Vegas during the 1950s and 1960s. Anything other than a $5 table was considered unusual in those days.

For the next several decades, things remained as they were. In casinos, $10 and $25 were not popular until the 2000s.

You may wish the days of $5 blackjack were back if you are a low-roller. These days are over.

For a variety of reasons, casinos raise blackjack stakes

The minimum blackjack stakes at land-based casinos weren’t raised out of greed. They have instead increased stakes for multiple reasons which you can see below.


Inflation means that a dollar today will not be as valuable 10 years later. Hence, the average blackjack table does not have $5 stakes.

In the 1960s, $5 bets were quite significant. Today, that same wager is worth $45 because of inflation (800 %+).).

25 cent stakes seem reasonable when you look back at the past. Blackjack tables will require $50 minimum wagers daily, so enjoy average wagers for $10-25 while they last.

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Lavish Resorts

Over the last few decades, casinos have become more elaborate and larger. Casinos are no longer the downtown Vegas spots that used to offer $5 blackjack and cheap buffets as a way to attract gamblers.

Large corporations now own most of the gambling establishments. These resorts are some of the most luxurious in the world.

As an example, take the Venetian Las Vegas. It has 4,050 hotel rooms and an indoor canal that simulates Venice’s canals. There are also Grand Canal Shoppes.

Casino resorts have to pay for this extravagance. Mega resorts don’t need $5 blackjack.

The majority of casinos don’t rely on gambling alone

Low-stakes players are not something that casinos care about. The gaming industry is not dependent on attracting large numbers of gamblers.

They can also make money in many ways. Casino resorts make a living by providing fine dining, shopping, nightclubs and hotels as well as other entertainment.

Gaming is still a major source of revenue for these resorts. Most casinos do not see the need to accept gamblers of any stakes.

Low-stakes Table Games can Lose the Casino Money

Gaming establishments don’t just have random slots and tables set up on their floors. They calculate which stakes and games will be most profitable.

If you have the right conditions, low-stakes blackjack can still yield profits. For example, Downtown Vegas casinos offer cheap blackjack because they are thrifty.

However, high-profile resorts that have large expenses will often lose money if they use $5 tables. To cover their large expenses, they need to generate significant revenue from table games.


Are $5 tables still available?

Yes, some casinos still offer $5 Blackjack games. These super-cheap stakes are offered at several tables by some casinos.

You won’t find many $5 tables in Las Vegas. Sin City is the best place to play blackjack.

If you are willing to travel to different Vegas casinos, $5 blackjack is not a problem. Some gaming venues outside Sin City, such as Atlantic City or Reno, offer these tables.

You can find the $2 games in some Vegas casinos. They have different rules than the average game.

Where can you find $5 tables?

According to a recent blackjack survey, these are the top Vegas casinos that have $5 minimum bets.

  • 4 Queens
  • Aliante Casino
  • Arizona Charlie’s Decatur
  • Bally’s
  • Bighorn
  • Boulder Station
  • California
  • Cannery
  • Club Fortune
  • Eastside Cannery
  • El Cortez
  • Fiesta Henderson
  • Fiesta Rancho
  • Gold Coast
  • Main Street Station
  • Santa Fe Station
  • Sunset Station

These games are also available in Las Vegas. You can also find these games in Atlantic City, Biloxi and Pennsylvania.

Are $5 Games Going to Make a Comeback?

If the dollar experiences a massive deflation, it will not be. Minimum bets of $10 and $25 are here to stay. $5 stakes will remain more obscure.

$5 isn’t as valuable now than it was in the early days of blackjack. These small bets are not enough to make casinos rich.

Gaming has seen a lot of changes. Gaming is no longer the main attraction to casinos resorts. It’s now just one way that casinos make their money.

Online Blackjack is a great fallback plan

As you can see, $5 tables are not easy to find in places other than Sin City. For the following reasons, the online version of blackjack is a great option if you are looking for a cheap way to play.

To play, you only need to wager $1

Only $1 is required to play real money blackjack at an online casino. This is a lower minimum wager than you would find at a casino in person.

You can get plenty of entertainment from even the smallest bankroll by placing a $1 minimum bet. This is how long you can theoretically last with only $20

  • One dollar is a hand.
  • You are playing a game that has a 0.5% house edge (99.5% RTP).
  • You can log 500 hands per hour.
  • 500 x 1x 0.005 = $2.50 theoretical hourly loss
  • 20 / 2.5 = 8
  • The theoretical maximum time your bankroll can last is eight hours.

You can even play for free

Mobile casinos don’t force you to deposit. They allow you to play free online blackjack. They only require you to complete registration before you can play.

Some online gambling sites allow you to play even without creating an account. You can choose a blackjack game that will load in no time.

You can practice your skills online before you play for real money. The free version might be so enjoyable that you won’t need to deposit.

The RTP is usually high

Mobile blackjack has a higher average return to player (RTP), than land-based casinos. Online casinos offer the best chance of winning if you are looking for the highest possible chances to win.

High RTP can be offered by land-based casinos. However, the trade-off is that the stakes can be higher than a dollar.

Blackjack Bonuses Increase Your Bottom Line

Online and Las Vegas casinos both offer VIP rewards for blackjack players. Only gambling sites offer deposit bonuses in addition to loyalty rewards.

A deposit bonus is a bonus that offers a match percentage for your deposit. An example of this is an online casino that offers a 100% match bonus up to $200. You’ll get a matching bonus if you deposit $200.

Online casinos often offer live dealer blackjack bets free of charge. For instance, you might receive a $25 bet for live blackjack after depositing.


Blackjack tables usually require minimum stakes of $10 or $25. The $5 games are concentrated in Las Vegas and other major gambling destinations. They still make up a small portion of the Vegas blackjack tables.

Gaming has evolved beyond $5 blackjack being a standard. Low stakes are becoming less popular due to inflation and resort-oriented business models.

You can still play at $5 tables in certain cases. These games allow you to play cheaply and increase your bankroll.

Online blackjack is available even if $5 blackjack is not your cup of tea. Mobile blackjack lets you play hands for as low as $1.

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100 %Match Bonus
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