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About Us

Hey there – welcome to Ibebet!

There’s more in gambling than you might be aware of.

We’ve come up with the best gambling information you can get in the market. Ibebet is all about helping bettors and gamblers in South Africa make the right decisions when it comes to selecting the best sites to bet with.

But wait, who am I – and why should you trust me?

My name is Nzema and I’ve been throwing my money off the box for the past 7 years.

As with most gamblers, I’ve had some bad days…but I’ve used them take the opportunity to learn so that I turn my losses into wins…and now that I’ve got a few cards up my sleeve, it’s time to share that information with other punters.

I’ve spent most of my time in Ghana but I like to try out other gambling sites too. Although it can be hard to access many popular betting sites here in South Africa.

I help Jack, whom I met in Gauteng run this site and the three regions including Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya region.

At this point, with my experience, I can easily discover, rate and review the best websites when it comes to betting, gambling and casino.

There’s a lot of things to know about how the gambling operators and websites operate which is why you’ll find plenty of information in the review part of the betting sites.

What does this mean?

It means you’re in safe hands. I have given more than a decade in this industry and now I’m making sure this experience can reach other people who might be still starting out or don’t have time to do all the research.

I like to write as you might have witnessed through the guides on the site.

And I don’t go at it alone.

This site is managed by a ton of people including Jack from various parts of the world. Surprisingly, Jack was able to put a team and a manager for every region.

Being a social addict, I’ve made a lot of friends too in my gambling adventure. I hope we can connect too on some level and share the same understanding for gambling.

Cheers and hope you enjoy your gambling as much as we do!