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Sports betting on the internet continues to gain in popularity. The ease of making deposits and withdrawals has been a driving factor in the growth of online betting. On average, online bookies accept at least five different payment methods for making deposits.

Trendiness of Alfa-click

Online gambling in Russia is heavily promoted by bookies who are quick to capitalise on the country’s technological advantages. You must be an Alfa-Bank customer in order to use this deposit option. You may send money, pay bills, and buy things with the Alfa-click service, all without ever having to pull out cash. Although Alfa-click is not accepted by all online bookmakers, players can fund their accounts with it at those who do.

How to Sign Up for Alfa-click

You need to be an Alfa-Bank customer, with a card issued by or an account at the bank, to use the Alfa-Click service. You may sign up for the system using the bank’s main website, whether you’re using a computer, a mobile device, or the bank’s own app. Required items for registration include:
  • The digits of your card;
  • The date your card will be expired;
  • contact information for a mobile phone.
Once you’ve signed up for the service, the system will provide a login name and password that will give you access to your account.

Funding of Accounts

A credit or debit card is required to open an Alfa-click account. All the standard deposit options are available to you:
  • Move money using your cell phone;
  • Move money using an electronic wallet service like WebMoney, QIWI, or Yandex Money;
  • Make cash deposits at their business location, branded ATMs, or mobile phone retail outlets;
  • Move money from a different bank’s card;
  • Send money by using the Card2Card system;
  • Move money from one of your existing Alfa-Bank accounts.
The deposit method you use will determine the fees, the maximum allowed amount, and the processing time.

Money Movements at Bookmakers

The Alfa-click payment option can be found on most bookmakers deposit and withdrawal sections, where you can fund your account by entering the desired amount and your login details. The second step is to confirm the payment in your own Alfa-Click account under “pending payments.”

Advantages of Alfa-Click

You shouldn’t rely on the Alfa-click service as your main way to put money into your account. It’s not offered by legitimate or even unregulated sportsbooks. Those who are already Alfa-Bank customers will find that the use of Alfa-Click for deposits is highly recommended. Billpaying, budgeting, and investing are just some of the perks, and they have nothing to do with gambling.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Deposit processing time:

Instantaneous depositing is a perk, but legitimate bookies won’t let you cash out using this method.

2. Transaction fees:

Deposits at legal bookmakers are free of charge.

3. Minimum deposit amount:

The bookmaker’s minimum deposit requirement is usually stated on the site.

4. The minimum withdrawal amount:

Only legitimate betting sites accept deposits via Alfa-click.

5. The funds have not arrived:

If a payment fails, double-check your personal information and then get in touch with the bookmaker’s customer support, who may ask for additional documentation. If everything looks good from their end, you can try contacting Alfa-Bank’s customer support to get the problem fixed.