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Hello and thank you for checking out the Ibebet article about using the ubiquitous American Express (AmEx) credit card at online sportsbooks. If you could use any credit card to bet on sports, why would you choose American Express? There are a number of advantages to using this card for online gambling, including a mobile app, round-the-clock customer service, and encryption that prevents the theft of sensitive information.

Furthermore, this card comes with a plethora of perks, incentives, and awards, including zero annual fees (for the regular card) and a matched deposit at the top American Express-accepting betting sites. The benefits don’t stop there, either. With American Express, you may earn real-world rewards like airfare, car rental, and hotel savings when gambling online. Cool, that’ll come in handy.

An Overview of American Express Why is this a good option?

So, why is using your American Express card to wager on sports online a good idea?

It is widely accepted around the world, making it a safe and reliable option no matter where you are (or where the betting site you’re using is located). Protection and assistance are provided around the clock, and security measures are among the best in the industry.

You might be able to avoid paying any fees at all if you make your overseas purchase on the internet with your credit card. It is important to note that a greater general fee is charged.

How Does AmEx work?

As we were reviewing this card, we learned that it is against the law in the United Kingdom to use it to finance a gambling account there. What a huge letdown.

Depending on the American Express card you have, using an online e-wallet like PayPal or Skrill to engage in online sports betting may result in a cost. However, as of the year 2020, this choice will no longer be available to people in the United Kingdom.

When used outside of the United Kingdom, we discovered that American Express’s potential fees for funding an e-wallet were comparable to those of other credit cards, averaging around 1.9%. Some betting sites won’t let you use American Express to fund your e-wallet, so it’s important to double-check before you bet. Verify all information before placing a wager.

American Express App; use it on the go!

You can use your new AmEx card right away by visiting the appropriate app store and downloading the card’s companion mobile app for iOS or Android.

Even beyond the most fundamental features, like account tracking and streamlined financial transactions, it provides a wealth of useful extras.

You may log in safely with a fingerprint or face recognition, so your password is safe from prying eyes. You may earn rewards points and peruse current AmEx deals within the app.

Costs and Fees – does it pay to use AmEx?

Our pricing analysis will center on the regular American Express card.

As was mentioned before, there are costs associated with using this card. Fees are assessed for cash withdrawals and vary according to the cardholder’s withdrawal limit and the amount of money taken out.

The cost of the currency exchange, expressed in British pounds, is subject to a charge. As with every credit card, there is a cost for paying late as well as an extra fee for each monthly statement.

Fees for incentives, features, and advantages may also be assessed on an annual basis, depending on the type of card you have.

How to use American Express for betting

Many European countries have banned the use of credit cards for betting and gambling as of 2020. Really mature!

American Express can be used for sports betting in the United States, provided the card is either linked to the bettor’s sportsbook account or the bettor’s e-wallet accepts American Express. Check beforehand to see whether any bookmakers in your state take American Express. What are the steps for adding a sportsbook to an American Express card?

Opening an American Express Account

You may easily sign up for American Express online sports betting once you receive your card and verify your account details including your account number and maximum wager amount. If the site you want to use for sports betting doesn’t accept American Express, you can always use a third-party e-wallet like PayPal.

To use American Express at a sportsbook, go to the cashier section of the main menu and input the card number (which is 16 digits long) and expiration date. To add money to your account, just type in the amount you wish to deposit.

Depositing to your sportsbook account

It’s not hard to use your American Express to fund your sports betting account at one of the many US-based bookies that accept American Express, but first, you need to make sure the site accepts payment from your card.

To make a deposit with your American Express card, just head to the deposit page and choose “American Express” from the drop-down menu. Just plug in the 16-digit card number and your birthday and hit “Accept.” With the introduction of this new feature, you can use your American Express card to bet on sports or any other available event.

Withdrawing from your sportsbook account

Let’s move on to the more intricate and vexing information!

The vast majority of sportsbooks will not accept or approve withdrawals made from a sportsbook using an American Express card, regardless of the state in which the customer resides. To get your winnings out of your online sportsbook/American Express account, you’ll need to attach an electronic wallet, debit card, or another credit card.

Why? As a result of UIGEA and overexposure, the bulk of US bookies do not advocate for a sportsbook/American Express withdrawal. In order to use your American Express for online sports betting, you will need to add a second card or account that is compatible with the site.

Can You Use American Express To Place Bets In The USA?

As you may have guessed, if you live in the United States, it is much simpler to use American Express to join up for betting sites and place bets. To address the question posed in the heading, yes, American Express cards are accepted at US-based gambling sites.

Using an American Express card at a US-based bookmaker will often get you access to higher deposit limits; some online bookies have even been known to let customers deposit up to $25,000 in a single day.

You can earn American Express points and gain discounts on travel expenses like airfare, vehicle rentals, and hotel stays when you use your American Express card on betting sites.

However, not everything is rosy, and while making purchases with a credit card online, there are a few precautions you should take.

It’s difficult to look past AmEx’s higher fees on cash advances and other services. Keep an eye on the tiny language of your credit card agreement, as the ordinary American Express Card’s lack of an annual fee may not extend to other cards in the AmEx family.

Although most betting sites accept ordinary American Express cards, you should verify that your chosen card is compatible with the site in question before placing any wagers.

The best Online Betting Sites That Accept American Express

When using an American Express card, where can you find the greatest online bookmakers? There are some, but we’ll just be looking at the best-known ones for this overview. Bet 365, one of the most well-known bookies, accepts American Express, as does William Hill and 888 Sport. American Express can be used at a larger variety of online betting sites, but doing so may subject you to additional fees.

American Express Betting Bonuses

Apparently, the top American Express betting sites will reward you with a bonus if you use your card there.

These will vary from site to site, however, we discovered that using American Express on betting sites typically results in at least a matched first bet. It appears that your first credit card deposit at William Hill will be matched (up to $30), while your first deposit at Bet 365 will earn you a welcome bonus of up to $30.

In addition, the card’s issuer will reward you for making online purchases with benefits like more points with American Express or discounted rates on airfare and auto rentals. Always double-check that your specific American Express card offers these perks, as they may differ per product.

Conclusion: Finding good bookmakers that accept American Express

Is making an online wager with an American Express card a good idea? If you live in the United States, this is a card you should absolutely have because it comes with enticing perks and deals that are hard to beat. Not to mention, if you run into any problems while using it, you may contact the company at any time for assistance (they’re open around the clock).

It’s true that there are constraints on the use of credit cards for online betting, but there are ingenious workarounds that can be implemented with the help of electronic wallets.

If you have to resort to this way, you may not receive the same perks as you would if you used your American Express card on a site that takes it without any further work on your part.

The fees are quite simple, but this only applies to a basic American Express card; if you’re using a gold American Express card, for example, you’ll need to check the fees and charges before making a deposit or withdrawal to your sportsbook account.

American Express Betting – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a cost to using American Express at online casinos?

As was previously indicated, this will depend on your location throughout the world while placing a wager and the fees associated with the betting site. The greatest American Express-accepting betting sites will nevertheless charge you a fee if you use your card regularly to place wagers.

What are the most expensive American Express online gambling sites? If you’re interested in learning more about this card and other online payment alternatives, head over to Ibebet.

2. Is an American Express card required to make a deposit if you don’t have an American Express account?

Simply put, the answer is no. A valid American Express account is required for making online deposits with your credit card. When making an online deposit using an American Express account, keep in mind that there may be different fees depending on the type of card used. American Express is a major player in the field of debit, credit, and prepaid cards. Check out the fees and other terms related to this card on Ibebet if you require clarification.

3. Can I trust American Express as a deposit method at online casinos?

Indeed, that’s what we believe. American Express provides its customers with a sense of safety by means of sophisticated verification technologies, and it also provides round-the-clock assistance for any problems that may arise. And because it’s easy to create an account and get to it through the app, you’ll always know what you owe each month for using your American Express card on the web or at betting sites.