AstroPay Card

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Online betting sites accepting the AstroPay card ensure a secure and hassle-free betting experience. Online gamblers already know that AstroPay cards are a convenient way to fund their accounts quickly and anonymously at betting sites without disclosing their primary payment information.

What Is AstroPay Card?

Formed in 2009 as a virtual prepaid payments card company, AstroPay has since grown to become one of the largest gaming payment providers in Asia and Latin America. Unlike physical prepaid cards, AstroPay cards exist only in the digital realm. Bettors can now use their AstroPay cards at a variety of online books without having to reveal any financial data. After signing up and purchasing an AstroPay card online, you will receive a digital card with a 16-digit card number and a CVV number, much like a traditional debit card. Your AstroPay card can be used at any of the authorized betting sites accepting it for up to a year after purchase with minimal required verification.

Is if Safe To Use an AstroPay card?

AstroPay is a global payments solution provider with a safe and reliable payment architecture, 200+ payment options, and a network of over 500 global merchants. The same level of protection is offered as in other countries, and the company is free to operate there without fear of legal repercussions. The platform has over 3.5 million users and is well-known for its efficiency and safety. The AstroPay card is already widely used and is widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy payment methods for betting.

Steps to Obtaining an AstroPay Card

It takes little time and effort to apply for an AstroPay card. AstroPay has both a website and an app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. We have included instructions for both the website and the app below, as their user interfaces are very similar.
  1. Initiate action by selecting the Start button.
  2. The second step is to enter your mobile phone number in order to have a 6-digit One-Time Code sent to your phone (OTC). After inputting your OTP, you will be required to set a password.
  3. Then, enter the number after selecting the appropriate area code for your country.
  4. Enter your full name, date of birth, verification ID, and email address. When you’ve entered all of this information, your account will be activated and you can submit an application for an AstroPay card.
  5. Fund your AstroPay card and verify your payment.
After logging in, select the “New cards” option to add a new payment method and make a deposit. Thereafter, you’ll be given the option of picking a standard-sized card or entering your own custom value. More than 200 different payment methods are supported by AstroPay, such as NETELLER, UPI payments, PhonePe, cryptocurrencies, and Google Pay. To join a betting site that accepts AstroPay cards, all you need to do is apply for a card. Your 16-digit AstroPay virtual card is available immediately via email (if you used the website) or in the AstroPay app. AstroPay cards, unfortunately, cannot be reloaded. After using up the funds on your current card, you’ll need to create a new one.

How to Deposit & Withdraw Money Using an AstroPay Card

The use of AstroPay cards for making deposits and withdrawals is simple.


Start by selecting a betting site that will take your AstroPay card as a deposit option; we’ve included a list of some of the best options for gamblers right here. The next thing to do is what I’ve outlined below:
  • Sign onto your betting account and navigate to your profile or betting wallet. Proceed to the Payments or Deposits tab.
  • Input your AstroPay card information when it asks for it in the payment menu. Your card number and CVV both have 16 digits.
  • Just type in the sum you want to add to your betting account.
  • When you confirm the transaction, the funds will be put straight into your betting account.


To be clear, using your AstroPay login details to withdraw funds from an AstroPay card is possible, but using AstroPay as a payment method for your online betting account is not. Since AstroPay is neither a debit nor credit card, it cannot be used for withdrawals. Now, the question is what to do if you have already used an AstroPay card to fund your betting account. Withdrawing funds from your betting account can be done with the help of an e-wallet (NETELLER/ PhonePe/ Google Pay), UPI, or bank transfer. However, a select number of gambling sites, like 10CRIC, have begun facilitating withdrawals through AstroPay. Typically, this involves ordering a new AstroPay card in the amount you wish to withdraw. If you want to withdraw funds from one of these sites to an AstroPay card, you must use the same mobile number on both AstroPay and the betting site, as the betting site will generate the new card using the mobile number on file with them.

Pros & Cons of AstroPay Card in Online Betting

In a little more than a decade, AstroPay has become a dominant player in the payments industry. Below, we analyze the benefits and drawbacks of this common method of payment.


  • Instantaneous deposits: While there have been significant improvements in the speed at which deposits can be processed, many gamblers still find that this can take several hours. If you have an AstroPay card, however, you can quickly and conveniently load your online betting account with a deposit made directly from your card.
  • Strictly necessary etiquette: You can get your AstroPay card and start using it after registering your account. You should only provide one verification document and confirm your cell phone number. Among online gamblers, AstroPay is one of the most convenient deposit options due to its incredibly quick registration process.
  • Strong protection: AstroPay’s infrastructure network meets or exceeds industry requirements for end-to-end security, making it a safe place for millions of customers to conduct business every day.
  • As a result of not charging any sort of processing fee or usage charges to its retail users, AstroPay is able to provide its services at a low cost.


It isn’t rechargeable, thus. The inability to reload AstroPay cards is a significant downside of using these cards. When the funds on a gift card are depleted, they can no longer be utilized. Despite being accepted by a small number of online casinos, AstroPay is not typically accepted for withdrawals. Consequently, the vast majority of gamblers who make deposits at AstroPay-accepted sites will have to search elsewhere.

AstroPay Mobile App

As was previously indicated, the AstroPay website as well as the AstroPay mobile app can be used to create a virtual AstroPay card. The latter can be obtained through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on your operating system of choice. You may also find the app download link on the main page of the AstroPay website. The app improves usability and offers further advantages, such as:
  • Effortlessly log in with only one tap.
  • Instead of needing to access a desktop and then create the card there, app users may quickly generate the virtual prepaid card from the smartphone itself.

AstroPay Card Betting Sites FAQs

1. Who owns AstroPay?

Sergio Fogel, the current CEO of AstroPay, launched the company in 2009.

2. Are AstroPay card betting sites a different category of sites? Do they need to be certified by AstroPay?

Online bookmakers that accept AstroPay cards are usually referred to as AstroPay card betting sites. The organization does not mandate any sort of certification or additional procedures for them.

3. When does an AstroPay card expire, and how much can I spend on it?

Instant AstroPay card issuance is possible at any time. Each card has a 12-month lifespan beginning on the day it was printed. The virtual prepaid card will also have an expiration date, both in terms of the month and the year.

4. The betting site is asking for my AstroPay ID โ€“ where can I find this?

The betting site will ask for your 16-digit AstroPay card number, which serves as your unique identifier.

5. Which are the best betting sites for cricket?

BollyBet, 10CRIC, and Betway are the top three cricket betting sites, and they all accept deposits via the AstroPay card.

6. Which are the best betting payment methods?

The AstroPay card is only one of many popular payment options for gamblers; other common methods include Paytm, PhonePe, UPI, and bank transfer.

7. Can I make multiple AstroPay cards with the same login details?

I’d say that’s a resounding yes. Using your account information, you can generate an unlimited number of AstroPay cards.

8. What is the annual maintenance fee for AstroPay cards?

Users of AstroPay will never have to pay a monthly or annual fee for service.

The Conclusion of Ibebet

If you have not already, you should give AstroPay cards a try. Online betting companies that accept AstroPay cards are easily available to punters and provide odds on every major sporting event. Always play it cautious, and don’t take unnecessary risks with your money!