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Multibanco was established in Portugal in 1985 by the Sociedade Interbancária de Serviços (SIBS). The company currently works with over 25 different financial institutions and has over 13,000 ATMs in operation. In the year 2000, the payment system moved online. Bettors have a good deal of flexibility with this choice because of its fast processing and widespread acceptance by bookies.

Payments can be made in Euros (€) via this method, making it ideal for Portuguese gamers, and fees are kept to a minimum. Some other major benefits include its plastic card, its superb mobile app, and the fact that, typically, Multibanco betting sites allow players to claim a welcome bonus or any other promotion.

Why should you bet on a Multibanco bookmaker

There are numerous advantages for players to wager with Multibanco. There are a number of advantages to using this method, including quick transfers, inexpensive costs, and player-to-player transfers.

Most Portuguese bookmakers accept deposits made using this method. Customers of Multibanco have access to a number of different sportsbooks.

Transacting with us is safe and sound since we need two-factor authentication and a special payment reference number from you before we process any of your funds.

Any new customer who makes a deposit at one of the Multibanco bookies will be eligible for a welcome bonus. The same goes for any new offer or promotion that may become available to gamers during this time.

A gamer can send money to another player using the MB WAY app developed by Multibanco. All that’s needed is for both of you to have a Multibanco account.

Multibanco bookmakers accept deposits made with a “virtual card,” which is a card that is created at the same time as the actual account is opened. Your card can also be used at any other online store that recognizes virtual cards.

Multibanco’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM): With a widespread network of 13,000 ATMs, the payment enables users to easily deposit funds into their accounts or withdraw funds.

The ability to place bets on the go using a simple mobile app is a major perk for bettors. The Multibanco app (MB WAY), which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and can be used even when users aren’t connected to the internet, makes it easy for users to make instant deposits and wager on in-play events.

Drawbacks of betting with Multibanco

Multibanco has drawbacks similar to those of other forms of electronic payment. There are recurring costs associated with maintaining an active account and making payments through Portuguese banks.

For the avoidance of doubt, when we say “Multibanco,” we imply a payment that is specifically tailored to the Portuguese market. If the gamer doesn’t have a bank account in the country, they can’t utilize it.

A bank account is required for funding: One potential problem of Multibanco is that it can only be funded through an online banking account, although many other online payment systems allow you to fund them in a variety of ways.

Withdrawal restrictions: Bettors may encounter a serious problem when utilizing Multibanco betting sites since some of them do not permit withdrawals. Players will need to figure out another way to get their money out of their accounts.

Withdrawal limit by ATMs: The maximum amount that an account holder can withdraw from an ATM is €400 per day. While several withdrawals are possible, the maximum withdrawal amount is always the same.

Although a virtual card can be generated at account opening, it will no longer be used after 12 months. You can open a new one, but depending on Multibanco’s regulations, you may have to pay a fee.

Multibanco gaming sites’ lack of cryptocurrency support is a negative in the modern era of online betting.

Is betting with Multibanco legal and safe?

For more than 30 years, the Portuguese Banking Association has overseen Multibanco’s operations throughout the country. You can use it to send money to a wide variety of foreign financial institutions and retailers, including those in Portugal. Therefore, wagering with Multibanco is entirely legitimate and safe. For added security, all of your online purchases will be handled by the reliable Portuguese banking system. It is also necessary to submit your virtual card details while making a deposit at Multibanco bookmakers. An individual payment reference number will be sent to you through SMS before you finish the process. Use it to move forward with the deposit.

How to Create a Multibanco Account

It’s natural to have questions regarding Multibanco. To open a Multibanco account, just follow these easy steps:

  1. A bank account in Portugal, either one you already have or one you open, is required.
  2. You must access Multibanco’s site using the credentials associated with your bank account.
  3. Upon logging in, you’ll be able to submit a request for a digital card.
  4. Please link your virtual card to your account.
  5. Make a personal identification number(PIN).

You now have a PIN and can download the Multibanco app to link your new digital card. In addition to your personal information and 6-digit PIN number, you’ll be asked for and given two verification codes. The first will be sent to your online banking account’s primary contact email address, and the second will be sent to your mobile phone via a short message service. Upon entering them, your account will be activated.

How to deposit on Multibanco bookmakers

It takes very little time and effort to fund your Multibanco betting account. As long as you follow these procedures, the process will be a breeze:

  1. Visit the Multibanco gambling site of your choice.
  2. To make a deposit, select the corresponding button.
  3. Make your payment with Multibanco.
  4. To make a deposit, please enter the amount below.
  5. A text message containing your personal identification number will be sent to you.
  6. To continue with the payment, please enter the number below.

Can I withdraw from Multibanco betting sites?

Multibanco needs to improve their withdrawal process if they want to continue to grow in the online gambling market. You can withdraw money from a multibanco bookmaker if you first deposited using the same method. To withdraw funds from their bookie account, punters must log in and select Multibanco as their withdrawal option. When a player is ready to withdraw funds, he can do so by entering the desired amount and clicking the “Confirm” button. A unique payment reference number will be sent to the player through SMS to finalize the process. Some Multibanco betting sites, however, do not allow for cash-outs. Because of this, gamblers may want to consider using a digital wallet service such as Neteller or Skrill.

Fees and limits

The Multibanco sportsbooks don’t charge you anything to fund your account or make a deposit or withdrawal. A minimum deposit of €100 is required to activate your account, although holding an account is free. Your virtual card will stop working after 12 months, and if you want a new one, the corporation may charge you a fee.

The limits vary depending on the Multibanco betting website you use. Specifically, one euro ($1) might be the smallest deposit necessary, while one thousand euros ($1,000) might be the highest. When it comes to online bookmakers, the withdrawal limitations typically mirror the deposit limits. A maximum of €400 may be withdrawn from the company ATM each day.

Multibanco compared to other payment methods

Having multiple deposit and withdrawal options is beneficial, even though Multibanco is the best choice for gamblers. Thus, you may wish to consider alternative options that compensate for some of the drawbacks of Multibanco.

Comparison of Multibanco and Skrill

As of 2015, skrillSkrill has been a part of the Paysafe Group, making it one of the most well-known e-wallets for gamblers. It started off in London in 2001, and as of May 2020, it will be working in tandem with AC Milan. The benefits of using Skrill include its widespread acceptance by bookies, its instant transactions, its low costs, its high-security standards, and its free mobile app. However, unlike Multibanco betting sites, most Skrill bookies don’t provide new customers the chance to cash in on a welcome bonus.

Banks Multibanco and Paysafe

Online gambling using Paysafe is very common. Paysafe betting sites are a great option for every bettor because they have been around since 2000 and are well-accepted. Its main selling points are the availability of a welcome bonus, the option to deposit in numerous currencies, and a user-friendly, cost-free mobile app. Unfortunately, after the seventh month, there are fines based on your account balance to keep the account open.

Which Is Better, Multibanco or Neteller?

As a well-known wallet service, Neteller is a valuable asset to the Paysafe Group. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll come upon a sportsbook that won’t take it. We discuss a method of payment that is both fast and flexible, allowing you to easily deal in a variety of currencies and with a variety of deposit options. Deposit fees can be quite high, ranging from 1.90% to 7%, depending on the method you use to fund your account.

Final word on Multibanco by Book Spy

There are many Portuguese people who partake in internet betting, and Multibanco has been active for 30 years. Instant deposits and withdrawals, transferring funds between accounts, and eligibility for a welcome bonus are among features offered by multibanco bookmakers. This still solely covers services in Portugal. The inability to deposit cryptocurrency into an online gaming account, along with the aforementioned withdrawal constraints, may discourage some gamers from adopting cryptocurrency altogether.

In conclusion, Multibanco betting websites offer a high-quality option for Portuguese bettors. If you have a virtual card, you can use your bank card to make cash withdrawals from the firm’s ATMs, and the company charges very few fees. However, some Multibanco sportsbooks do not permit withdrawals, and you’ll need a bank account at a Portuguese bank to use the service. So, if you want to get the most out of your gambling, I suggest looking into other online payment options, such as Paysafe or Neteller.

Multibanco FAQs

Q: Is Multibanco safe?

When it comes to online gambling in Portugal, Multibanco should be one of your go-to options for secure deposits and withdrawals. Having a unique payment reference number and using two-factor authentication to log in to your account both help keep your transactions secure.

Q: Can I deposit with cryptocurrency on Multibanco?

It is possible to finance your Multibanco with money from your online banking account. There is currently no way to fund your bookie account with Multibanco and any cryptocurrency.

Q: Does Multibanco have customer support?

The answer is yes, as Multibanco offers its customers a service that is available at all hours. If you need assistance, just give the support staff a call or shoot them an email.

Q: Does Multibanco allow withdrawals?

You may or may not be able to make a withdrawal from your Multibanco bookmaker. Withdrawals must be requested using the same method as initial deposits. Though, since Multibanco bookies don’t permit cashouts, players will need to come up with another means of funding their betting accounts.

Q: Is Multibanco available out of Portugal?

A gamer needs a bank account in Portugal in order to use Multibanco’s services. Because Multibanco is accepted by some foreign financial institutions, account holders are able to make international payments.