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When you shop using OnShop vouchers, you don’t have to submit your credit card information or pay with a bank transfer, because the system was created in 2013. More and more online betting and betting sites have adopted this system recently.

Lottomatica has made electronic vouchers the de facto standard for online purchases. As we shall see, the primary advantage of this method of making payments is the added layer of safety afforded by the use of a single-use PIN code.

On Shop may be your best option if you want to fund a live betting account but don’t have access to a bank account. The same holds if you believe that logging in to your Paypal account via a web browser does not provide adequate protection for your personal information.

Security in OnShop betting

All of the betting we include have valid licenses from the Customs and Monopolies Agency, a prerequisite for inclusion in our reports. Consequently, Italian law safeguards your account’s safety. To further ensure your safety while shopping online, let’s see how OnShop can help.

Forget about entering your Mastercard or Visa information with this method that’s ready to go as soon as you make your first deposit. Purchase your voucher at any of the participating Italian retail locations to receive a unique PIN. Simply put, it’s an Italian-only equivalent to Paysafecard.

Advantages of Using On Shop

Among the many benefits of using On Shop is the fact that it is a safe and convenient way to begin playing online slot machines without having to fill out a ton of paperwork or reveal any of your personal information.

This is understandable given the convenience of a coupon as a quick payment option, especially if purchased in advance. Despite the added hassle, this method of transacting money for online gaming and sports betting is great for promoting responsible gambling.

There are two potential drawbacks to this tool, which is a pity. If you make a deposit using a method that does not allow withdrawals, you will lose any money you win. Therefore, you’ll need to devise creative means of recouping any jackpot winnings. The second factor to consider is that not all of the top gambling sites support OnShop as a deposit option for claiming betting bonuses and free spins.

How to Make a Deposit with OnShop

It’s easy to fund your OnShop account, and we’ll walk you through the process below.

1. Purchase the OnShop Voucher

you’ll need to get your hands on a voucher, which you can do at any of Italy’s numerous authorized Lottomatica retailers.

2. Go to the Deposit Section of your betting

Get your voucher and then go to the part where you can fund your gaming account.

3. Select OnShop As Deposit Method

Now, choose On Shop from the many available options for making a deposit.

4. Enter the amount and PIN

Next, enter the two pieces of information required to access your funds. That’s the total due and the receipt’s personal identification number.

5. Confirm the Transaction

In a few moments, the funds will be available after you confirm your transaction by clicking the button below.


When it comes to depositing methods, OnShop is one of the safest options for Italian gambling sites. More and more services are beginning to support this way because it is convenient and simple to use.

However, there are two factors that must be carefully considered. There is no way to add betting earnings to your voucher; you can only make deposits. Furthermore, some sites opt to not give welcome bonuses or deposit promotions for users who utilize this payment method. Make sure that this is the best option by reading the conditions thoroughly.

onshop FAQs

Can I withdraw my winnings with OnShop?

Contrary to popular belief, OnShop is not a payment option in and of itself. Your voucher can be loaded with money at any of the partnering retail locations, however, cash withdrawals from the betting are not an option. Winnings can be withdrawn to a credit card, bank account, or electronic wallet services like PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller.

Do I have to pay the entire amount of my voucher at once?

Instead, you can set the payment amount on the page where you make a deposit. If the amount due to be deposited exceeds the amount shown on the receipt, the difference will be taken from the coupon.

Is OnShop a secure deposit method?

Definitely, sure. Your credit card information and other critical details are safe because this method is not connected to your personal data.