Pago Efectivo

Up to $500 + 50 Free Spins
100% up to โ‚ฌ100
100% up to โ‚ฌ300
100% up to $500
100% up to ยฃ50
100% up to โ‚ฌ100
100% Match + 20 Free Spins
. 100% up to โ‚ฌ300 + 22 Bet Points

We give preference to providers who offer more than one method of making a deposit in online Betting. That’s why we recommend PagoEfectivo Bettings so highly; they accept not one but two distinct payment methods, making them ideal for multi-method players like ourselves.

Players can use a code generated online to make in-person or online bank transfers. If you play at some Latin American online Bettings, you can use any of these methods to make deposits without worrying about your personal information being compromised.

Why Gamble at PagoEfectivo Bettings?

PagoEfectivo’s success in Latin America can be attributed to the fact that it facilitates payments made with cash or without the use of a credit card. Since you don’t have to tell your bank about your gambling and the Betting won’t have access to your financial details, this is a very appealing choice for those who enjoy gambling online.

After selecting this deposit type from the cashier, PagoEfectivo will send you a CIP payment code (cรณdigo de identificaciรณn de pago), which is a unique 8-digit number. You can then take this code to any participating PagoEfectivo payment location and make a cash payment or bank transfer.

Here are some of the things that make PagoEfectivo Bettings stand out in our opinion:

  • You may make deposits with confidence using the CIP system, and if you want to pay at a physical payment station, you won’t even need to enter any information about yourself online.
  • Adding funds to your Betting account requires minimal effort on your part. Everything is processed through the CIP code.
  • Sick and tired of forking out cash to cover transaction costs? Quick and free international money transfers are now possible with PagoEfectivo.

How to Deposit with PagoEfectivo

There are two ways to fund your Betting account with PagoEfectivo. Further explanations of each are provided below:

Step 1

Get on over to your preferred online gambling establishment and sign in.

Step 2

Head to the checkout and select PagoEfectivo as your preferred payment option.

Step 3

Decide how much money you want to deposit and in what currency you want to make the exchange.

Step 4
Once you receive your CIP payment code, you can pay in person at any of the approved payment locations or online using your preferred method of payment. The CIP and the transaction will both have a termination date.

Step 5

Make a cash payment by taking this code to the nearest authorized shop. More than a hundred thousand PagoEfectivo payment locations are available to customers.

Simply access your online or mobile banking platform, and proceed with the deposit as instructed. Your CIP code is required here as well. In addition to Interbank, Scotiabank, and Western Union, there are more banks that meet PagoEfectivo’s standards.

Step 6

Once you’ve made your selection and completed the transaction, the Betting will be alerted and the money will be added to your account.

How to Withdraw at PagoEfectivo Bettings

There is currently no withdrawal option on PagoEfectivo. However, if you stick to the Bettings in our top 10 list, you’ll find a variety of alternative reliable withdrawal options. E-wallets, online bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and more are all available on the sites we recommend; these are all very common in India.

PagoEfectivo Bettings: Pros and Cons

For players in Latin America and the Caribbean, this is a popular deposit option because of how easy it is to use. As a result, you should consider utilizing an alternate payment processor, as PagoEfectivo does not support cash withdrawals.

In order to help you determine if this is the best course of action, we have provided a summary of the benefits and drawbacks.


  1. A PagoEfectivo account is optional.
  2. No bank or credit card information is required to play at online Bettings.
  3. There will be no divulging of private data to the Betting.
  4. PagoEfectivo is free to use for all gambling purposes.
  5. Quick processing times
  6. You can pay in person at a payment kiosk or using your online banking service of choice.


  1. Excluding the rest of the world, this product is only available in Peru and Ecuador.
  2. The PagoEfectivo service does not allow for withdrawals.
  3. The speed with which funds can be deposited will also be a factor if you opt to make a personal payment.

Are PagoEfectivo Bettings Common?

PagoEfectivo is exclusively accepted at Peruvian online Bettings and is therefore limited to the LATAM region. With the introduction of PagoEfectivo Bettings in Ecuador in 2019, however, players in the country now have access to this payment option.

Online Bettings that accept PagoEfectivo hope to grow into Colombia and Chile in the near future.

PagoEfectivo FAQs

Where can I find PagoEfectivo Bettings?

PagoEfectivo was created with the Latin American economy in mind. It’s a go-to method of deposit for many people in Peru, and the business now has a foothold in Ecuador as well. Colombia and Chile are on the list for the future.

Which are the best PagoEfectivo Bettings?

Here you’ll find a shortlist of the best gambling sites that we’ve found to accept PagoEfectivo. We’ve made sure they’re secure for players, offer reasonable bonuses, and have a wide selection of games.

How do I deposit with PagoEfectivo?

You can pay in person at a payment terminal or use an online banking service. A CIP code is required either way. This is what you get when you use the PagoEfectivo option at the Betting cashier.

How long do I have to wait for my PagoEfectivo deposit to go through?

Deposits made through PagoEfectivo are quick but not instant. You may have to wait as long as 15 minutes for your transaction to go through at some Betting sites.

Can I withdraw with PagoEfectivo?

Withdrawals are now unavailable through PagoEfectivo. You’ll have to withdraw your money in some other manner, including with a credit card, a wire transfer, or an electronic wallet.

Do I need to create a PagoEfectivo account?

PagoEfectivo payments can be made without registering an account. Just provide the required CIP payment code to verify the deposit. After selecting PagoEfectivo as your deposit method, this will be automatically generated for you.