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Przelewy24, which began operations in Poznan in 2005 and is a part of the DialCom24 Group, is justifiably widely regarded as Poland’s preferred way of online payment. Bettors can remain anonymous and use their own currency when using Przelewy24, one of the several betting sites that accept it (PLN). Players that utilize this method of payment are also eligible for welcome bonuses and other promotions. It’s tough to say “no” to the possibility to fund your account in a variety of methods at minimal or no cost. The usage of the payment method does not necessitate the creation of an account. One of its advantages is that there are no activation costs. In this comprehensive Przelewy24 review, we’ll look at the site in detail, diving into such topics as:
  • Here is the most up-to-date directory of Przelewy24 bookmakers, from the year 2022:
  • Online Gambling with the P24 Strategy
  • The ups and downs of it

Why should you bet on a Przelewy24 bookmaker

Keep in mind the benefits of using Przelewy24 if you’re considering signing up with an online bookmaker that accepts it. Which include:
  • All transactions between players and Przelewy24 bookies are encrypted to ensure that players’ betting activity remains hidden from local authorities.
  • One perk is that users who wish to make a purchase don’t have to sign up for anything or create an account in order to do so, which is convenient for players who want to use the payment method. The only thing you have to do to use it is chosen it as a payment option on the betting sites you want to use. However, if they so choose, users can always sign up for an account and gain access to the game.
  • Having a variety of options for funding your account is a huge plus for gamblers. Deposits to Przelewy24 can be made using any of more than three hundred and fifty different methods.
  • The fees associated with making a deposit to a bookie through P24 are minimal to nonexistent. P24 does not have a fee, however other betting sites might.
  • A P24 account can be created without paying any sort of activation or membership fee. There is a nominal fee of PLN 1,50 if you opt to make one, but you will get it back once you’ve verified your account. And there are no charges whatsoever to maintain an active account.
  • Players from Poland who make their first deposits using P24 at betting sites that accept the currency are eligible for a welcome bonus. In addition, players that use it to fund their accounts can take advantage of additional bonuses and specials.

Drawbacks of betting with Przelewy24

Like every other form of payment, Przelewy24 has its drawbacks. Read on for a more in-depth look at each of these drawbacks so you can make an informed decision.
  • Despite being the most popular online payment option in Poland, many bookmakers do not accept it. More than 91 percent of Polish internet stores accept payments through it, although punters may have trouble locating Przelewy24 betting sites.
  • Intended solely for the Polish market: Przelewy24, a Pozna-based Polish payment option, caters solely to Polish gamblers.
  • Withdrawal limitations: It’s unfortunate that you can’t get your money out of Przelewy24 if you win. Winners need to figure out a way to get their money out of the betting system.
  • Some gamblers find it inconvenient since they cannot use plastic to withdraw their winnings. Similarly, Przelewy24 solely supports online payments from its customers.
  • The fact that you can’t add funds to your account using bitcoin is a major drawback. Although there are a number of deposit options available to players, bitcoins are not one of them.
  • Players can reach the support staff via email or phone from 8:00 AM to midnight GMT every day. The lack of live chat and round-the-clock customer assistance is a negative for online gamblers.
  • A Przelewy24 app is not required for players to use the payment system; instead, they should simply access the site from their phone or tablet browser. But the lack of a mobile app is a significant drawback.

Is betting with Przelewy24 legal and safe?

The DialCom24 Group, of which Przelewy24 is a part, is known as PayPro S.A. The business is registered in the National Court Register’s Register of Entrepreneurs under the supervision of Poland’s Financial Supervision Authority. When placing an online wager in Poland, using it is completely within the law. The payment system is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant, and it also uses Thawte SSL and McAfee Secure certificates for further security. On the other hand, the payment method is completely private, so all of your transactions may be made with complete peace of mind when using it to gamble.

How to deposit on Przelewy24 bookmakers

Funding your Przelewy24 betting account is quick and simple. As long as you follow the instructions below, it shouldn’t take long at all:
  1. Sign up with your go-to bookmaker.
  2. To make a deposit, select Przelewy24 from the list of available options.
  3. Don’t forget to enter the deposit amount.
  4. The Przelewy24 page will load up for you now.
  5. ick your preferred method of account funding from the options provided.
The process for making a deposit may vary slightly depending on your chosen method, but it’s still very easy to understand and do. You can fund your account in a variety of methods, including via bank transfer, debit/credit cards, mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay, Paysafecard, BLIK, and wallets like PayPal and Skrill. P24 also offers the Masterpass product, which may be used to access a preloaded balance. Once you’ve decided on a payment option, you can proceed through the necessary steps to confirm the deposit amount. Once the verification is complete, the funds will be available in your betting account straight away.

Can I withdraw from Przelewy24 betting sites?

Bettors’ inability to cash out their gains from Przelewy24 wagers is, without a doubt, a major problem. If they have made a deposit through it but have no way to withdraw their funds, they will need to find another option. It is true that gamers have a variety of choices, but these choices vary depending on which Przelewy24 gaming sites they use. Some of these include electronic wallets like Skrill and Neteller, as well as traditional bank wire transfers. The majority of bookmakers, however, will only process withdrawal requests from customers who have deposited at least once using the same method. The primary motivation for this is safety. The lack of a withdrawal option is essential and users may reconsider depositing with Przelewy24, especially professional ones.

Fees and limits

Przelewy24 will not charge you any fees when you utilize the service to deposit your favorite bookie. You may find that some Przelewy24 betting sites include a fee for making a deposit. Before making a deposit, you should get in touch with the bookmaker and inquire about any fees that may be incurred. And there could be costs involved with funding your account, depending on the method you use. Fees for wire transfers from your bank could total up to five percent of your initial deposit. To sign up for P24, you’ll be charged PLN 1.50, however, this will be refunded to you once you validate your account. In addition, if you have an account and wish to move funds to your bank account, the very first transaction of the day will be free of charge. After that, each subsequent transfer will cost you an additional PLN 2. If you transfer a sum to a bank abroad, the cost will be PLN 40. Regarding restrictions in most bookies, the minimum deposit amount is PLN 20, while the maximum amount depends on your selected bookmaker; as P24 doesnโ€™t have one.

Przelewy24 compared to other payments

Every bettor at Przelewy24 has a lot of options when it comes to funding their account, and we’re talking about a lot of them. Nonetheless, below you can find out how it matches up to other payment choices.

Przelewy24 vs ecoPayz

The Polish betting community favors the use of the EcoPayz electronic wallet. The biggest advantage of betting sites that take ecoPayz compared to Przelewy24 bookies is that players can make a withdrawal. EcoPayz bookies offer many benefits, including the ability to deal anonymously, quickly, and between players. However, it has a few drawbacks, including its lack of compatibility with other electronic wallets and the fact that its use is outlawed in many countries.

Przelewy24 vs Trustly

Launched in 2008 out of Sweden, Trustly is an online, open banking payment system. There are more than 525 million customers and 6300+ banking partners worldwide for this payment method. The most significant benefits are the speed of transactions, the availability of many currencies, and the opportunity to send money directly between players. However, there is the chance of being charged with some extra costs, depending on your bank. One of the biggest problems is that Trustly bookmakers don’t accept cryptocurrency payments, and another is that there is no companion app.

Przelewy24 vs Neosurf

Neosurf has been around since 2004 and is used in more than 40 different countries. Vouchers like this one might be found in one of the 150.000 stores nationwide. It features a user-friendly mobile app, facilitates transactions between users, and accepts quick deposits. These are just a few of the many benefits you may expect to reap from using a Neosurf bookmaker. Nonetheless, it has a few major flaws, like low deposit limits, inactivity penalties, and limits on how often you can withdraw funds.

Final word on Przelewy24 by Book Spy

In its 16 years of operation, Przelewy24 has been Poland’s go-to online payment system. Przelewy24 bookmakers enable instantaneous and hassle-free deposits with almost zero chance of rejection, anonymous betting, and the opportunity to collect a welcome bonus. Despite its widespread notoriety in Poland, however, not all bookmakers accept the payment method. There is also no mobile app and no way to add cryptocurrencies to your account balance. As a result, some gamblers might think twice before using it when betting online. In conclusion, Przelewy24 betting sites provide Polish gamblers a significant alternative. It’s difficult to say no to an account that lets you fund it in a variety of ways and conducts transactions for nearly no cost. Unfortunately, players are unable to cash out their winnings and there is a dearth of bookmakers to choose from. Thus, in order to get the most out of their gambling, I think professionals should use other payment methods, such as Neteller or Skrill.

Przelewy24 FAQs

Q: Is registration necessary to use Przelewy24?

The fact that users may make a purchase without having to register an account is a major perk. By simply designating it as a deposit method, people will be able to easily add funds to their accounts.

Q: If I have already made a registration, is verification necessary?

Of course, it is. If you’ve decided to sign up for something, you’ll want to make sure your account is legit before you start using it. A copy of your government-issued photo ID and additional documentation (such as a recent utility bill) verifying your place of residence is required.

Q: Can I withdraw money from Przelewy24 gambling sites?

I’m afraid not. This method of payment can only be used for first deposits. The corporation will need to address this concern before moving forward, but in the meanwhile, winners will have to seek out other means of cashing out.

Q: Can I fund my account through BLIK?

To be perfectly honest, the answer is yes. P24 accepts a wide variety of deposit methods, and BLIK is just one of them. You can make a deposit via a bank transfer, or a digital wallet service like Skrill or Neteller.

Q: Does Przelewy24 charge any fees when depositing on a bookie?

There are no transaction costs associated with making a deposit using the payment method. However, there may be a nominal charge from your Przelewy24 bookmaker.

Q: Can I deposit with cryptocurrencies?

P24 has a number of deposit options available. However, at the present moment, you cannot use your cryptocurrency to make a deposit, which may be a crucial limitation for some gamblers.