Sberbank Online

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Use your Sberbank of Russia EFT to fund your online betting account. Find commentary and details here.

What is Sberbank of Russia?

You can make quick and secure deposits with Sberbank Online, the bank’s online payments platform, at a few different online bettings. Sberbank Online is a fairly standard method of online payment processing, with the notable exception that it protects your privacy by requiring no third parties or the bettings themselves to have access to your financial data. Instead, you may simply log into your online banking account and approve the betting’s request to deposit funds.

Using Sberbank of Russia in Online bettings

Using your Sberbank account at Russian online betting sites that supports Sberbank payments is a straightforward process. To use Sberbank as a payment option, head to the betting’s cashier. To make a deposit to your RUB account, enter the amount you desire to deposit and you will be taken directly to the bank’s online payments page. When you enter your login credentials and go to the payment page, you will be asked to provide your payment details. There will be no delay between making the transaction and seeing the funds in your betting account.

Top Sberbank of Russia bettings

Although it is true that Sberbank Online is not as widely accepted as other deposit methods at online bettings, some of the biggest names in the industry have already integrated Sberbank payments into their systems, and more are doing so as you read this. All online bettings that accept Sberbank deposits can be found here.

Online bettings Using Sberbank of Russia

Sberbank is a major Russian financial institution. Russian customers now have access to the secure online payment platform Sberbank Online, which was initially introduced some time ago. It’s a common way to fund accounts at online bettings and other services that require monetary deposits. Since there are more and more Russian players at online bettings, many of them have started accepting deposits via Sberbank Online.

Sberbank FAQs

What currency do I make my deposit in?

Funds deposited into Sberbank will be held in Russian Rubles. Any necessary currency conversions will be made in the event that the betting does not accept RUB.

Can I use Sberbank Online if I have a Sberbank account outside of Russia?

No! The Sberbank Online service is currently only available to Sberbank account holders based in Russia.

Why is this safer than any other payment method?

All of your financial data will be kept private when you use Sberbank Online. No one outside of Sberbank will ever need to know your credit card details.