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It’s common knowledge that Sports are wildly popular in Russia, both as spectator events and active competitive pursuits. But most gamblers still favor virtual table games. Since the Sports betting scene in Russia is so large, several sportsbooks accept local payment methods like Tele2 and the Russian ruble from gamblers (RUB). With their mobile phones and bank cards, Russia’s more than 44 million Tele2 customers may easily pay bills and shop online. Tele2 is ideal as a deposit option at Sports betting sites because it is mobile-friendly and works with the smartphones and tablets that most Russians use for online gambling.

About Tele2 Sports betting

One of the largest Russian telecom firms owns the Tele2 payment system. It has been around since 2003, when Swedish telecom company Tele2 first introduced it. It was announced in February 2020 that Rostelecom had purchased Tele2. The Tele2 network and MasterCard announced new cooperation in January 2021, and the use of tokenized digital cards began at that time. In the past, this means of payment was only available on devices running the Android operating system, but today, owners of the most recent versions of iOS devices can now take advantage of it. The organization has achieved success in making eCommerce services more accessible by streamlining mobile payment methods. Customers make purchases and deposit money into their Sports betting accounts all from within a safe and convenient mobile app. It has developed into a sizable network through which its customers can now also borrow money.

Is Tele2 popular?

Russian-based Tele2 is also present in other European nations like Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Sweden in addition to its home base in Moscow. Subscribers from different countries can consolidate their finances into a single mobile account. Then, with just a few clicks, consumers can easily make an online transfer of funds from their bank cards to any online retailer, including online Sports betting websites. The program keeps a record of all of a user’s purchases, giving them a paper trail they can use to keep tabs on how much they’ve spent on gambling. One of the app’s features is the ability to save frequently used actions for later recall.

How to make a deposit with Tele2

Tokenization allows users to get a virtual Mastercard that can be used to place wagers on Sports using their mobile devices. Customers using a Tele2 mobile wallet should ensure there is enough money there before making a deposit. Mobile recharge services make topping off the wallet easy. Typically, you’ll need to provide your mobile phone number, your country of residency, and the amount you wish to top up, all online. Inputting a valid credit card number or PayPal email address will result in instant and real-time processing of the transaction. It will soon be usable as an Sports payment option.

Using Tele2 in online esport bookies

Here’s how to fund your Sports betting account with Tele2!
  • Create an account with a reliable Sports betting site.
  • To make a deposit, please go to the cashier page and select the appropriate tab.
  • Select Tele2 from the available options for mobile payment.
  • Just dial the deposit number and key in the amount.
  • Respond with a one-time digital code sent from the Tele2 mobile app.
  • Verify the transaction with an SMS passcode given to the mobile device.
All deposits made through Tele2 are processed instantly, and the maximum deposit amount is capped at 5,000 RUB per transaction. The smallest deposit allowed is 20 Russian Rubles. However, there will be different limits imposed by various online bookmakers.

How to make a withdrawal with Tele2

Tele2’s capacity to process several digital payment requests at once with tokenization sets it apart from competing e-wallets. This means that Sports gamblers can swap out their vulnerable card or bank account numbers with a more secure digital code. When a customer pays with their MasterCard, Tele2 uses tokenization to keep the information safe. NFC technology, which is available on Android phones and other devices, is used to authenticate all withdrawals from online Sports betting platforms. If you want to get your money out of a betting account, do so in this manner.
  • Sign into your betting account and see if your wins are cashable.
  • Check the cashier page for the payouts area.
  • When withdrawing money, use Tele2.
  • Kindly share your Tele2 account’s linked phone number.
  • Input the betting account’s password to verify the transaction.
  • Hit the send button and your money will arrive.
Withdrawing funds from Tele2 shouldn’t take too long. Following the bookmaker’s approval, the player should receive the funds within a few hours. The sportsbook’s terms and conditions will dictate the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts. Before getting started, make sure you read all of the tiny print.

Pros and cons with Tele2

Tele2 offers an integrated wallet with digital cards for contactless and internet payments, but making a withdrawal can be difficult. The digitization of this financial service and the integration of secure technology solutions are its biggest features.


  • A flexible mobile or card payment wallet
  • Protected by Near Field Communication
  • Acquiring funds quickly


  • However, some of Apple’s earlier iOS mobile devices may lack the capability to use NFC.

Tele2 account opening process

To get started with the Tele2 payment service, users must first download the app from the Google Play Store. They can apply for a digital card from a bank that works with Tele2 directly from the app. They can get started with just a mobile number from the Tele2 network and no bank account is required. The applicant needs to be at least 16 years old in order to apply. Creating an account is as simple as following these steps.
  • Fill up a survey with your information.
  • Codeword generation
  • The tokenize button can be accessed by clicking here.
  • A card number will be communicated in the form of a digital card. After the card is issued, it can be used right away.

How to set up an account

Tele2’s official website,ย  Is where customers can add a debit or credit card to their account. The card must be associated with a phone number. The applicant must give the card’s number, CVV2, and expiration date. An SMS message will confirm the event. A credit card can be used to add funds without entering the card number, simplifying the process. Adding money to your Tele2 account is as simple as providing your cell number and the amount.

Tele2 customer support options

Users of Tele2 can get in touch with service staff for help with billing issues via:
  • For calls to Tele2, dial 611; for landlines, dial 8 (495) 97-97-611.
  • Viber support
  • Online chat
  • Tele2 virtual assistant
  • Help and Support center
  • Social media support
There are a wide variety of ways to contact Tele2’s customer service team. You can reach the support staff at any time by live chat, Tele2, or traditional phone lines. There are almost 200 questions answered in the Help and Support section, providing users with invaluable information. Those in need of immediate assistance from experts can post their questions on the messaging app Viber. WhatsApp users can contact Tele2’s support staff via the company’s listed phone numbers. Another choice is to use a bot service that operates in a similar fashion to a virtual assistant. Finally, the Tele2 Telegram channel provides clients with another way to communicate with online agents.