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Due to issues with credit cards at online sportsbooks, Ukash is a relatively new deposit method for me, but it has quickly become my preferred method. Detailed instructions and a video demonstration of a Ukash deposit are provided below, along with a discussion of which sportsbooks accept Ukash.

How Ukash Works:

To find a local retailer that accepts Ukash, simply visit and enter your postal code (Canadians). For me, it was the convenience store/gas station around the block. Then, request a Ukash voucher from them. Once you specify the amount in dollars, a receipt with a unique pin code will be printed for you. Keep the receipt, head to the sportsbook’s website, and input the voucher’s value and code to get started betting.

What Sportsbooks Offer Ukash as ย Deposit Method:

Pinnacle Sports are my go-to recommendations when it comes to sportsbooks that accept Ukash deposits.

When asked for advice, I would give first preference to Pinnacle. When utilizing Ukash, they can deposit as little as $25 CAD and as much as $300 CAD in a single transaction. I’m not sure if there’s a limit to the total amount you may deposit with Ukash, or if you could buy, say, 10 coupons of $300 each and deposit the entire amount at once. Higher-stakes gamblers should inquire with Pinnacle about this.

Areย There Fees Associated With Ukash?

There is, but the website doesn’t give the actual figure. I only know that the fee was $9.95 when I withdrew $250 from my Ukash account. I’m not sure if Ukash establishes the costs or if stores can decide for themselves how much to charge customers. I plan to find out the charge structure of Ukash the next time I make a deposit.

Where Isย Ukash Available?

Ukash can be purchased from Payment Source, Canada Post, and Esso gas stations, according to the website. To find the nearest Ukash ATM, simply enter your zip code. The petrol station I frequented still accepted Ukash even though it had previously been an Esso station. Visiting the website and searching for the nearest store would be the simplest option.

Why Do I Recommend This Deposit Option?

The popularity of Ukash as a payment option for online sportsbooks is easy to understand. In the first place, you can forget about using your regular payment method at any online Betting because your credit or debit card won’t function. If your credit card doesn’t work, you’re left with limited alternatives. Online cash deposits are made simply using Ukash. A cash payment is made at the gas station, and a deposit is made using the corresponding code. This option is not only secure but also offers the added benefit of being incredibly practical. Credit card details are not required for any online transactions. The vast majority of websites are extremely safe, but no one can be certain. Ukash eliminates the need to reveal sensitive financial data.