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Most people are aware of Mastercard and Visa, but have you heard of UnionPay? This payment service, often known as CUP or UPI, is the largest card payment processing system in the world. Read this in-depth tutorial to learn about UnionPay and its many advantages at online bettings.

A Quick Explanation of UnionPay

UnionPay is a well-known financial services provider headquartered in Shanghai, China. Essentially, it connects all of China’s ATMs so that money may be transferred electronically. UnionPay, the world’s largest card payment service, is widely accepted at gambling establishments in China, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, and elsewhere. In addition to all this, the business is present in more than a hundred different nations and accepts payments from a wide variety of other networks such as Discover, JCB, RuPay, Mir, and BC Card.


UnionPay has been around for more than 20 years, having been established in March 2002. UnionPay is a Chinese payment processing firm with headquarters in Shanghai that works with the blessing of the People’s Bank of China. UnionPay’s founding members were the Agricultural Bank of China, the Bank of China, and the China Construction Bank. UnionPay formed strategic alliances with many foreign payment systems in 2005.

UnionPay Outside of China

You can use certain UnionPay credit cards abroad because they have international acceptance partnerships with American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. It’s important to remember that UnionPay debit cards can only be used on UnionPay-affiliated networks. Five million people already use UnionPay cards, and the company has worked with 300+ institutions around the world. Outside of China, South Korea is one of UnionPay’s most important markets. It is anticipated that one in five people living in this area currently possesses a UnionPay card. UnionPay cards are widely used in several countries, including Pakistan and Laos.

UnionPay: How to Use It

UnionPay is a popular payment option for online bettings, but it’s crucial to know how it functions before signing up. The good news is that making a deposit or withdrawal is as simple as using any other credit or debit card. First, visit one of the UnionPay-accepting bettings we’ve suggested and proceed using any of the two methods outlined below.


UnionPay deposits are instantaneous and come with other advantages, such as safety and ease of use. Here is how to make a deposit with UnionPay at online gaming sites:
  1. Join or sign in to your preferred online betting.
  2. To use UnionPay, go to the checkout page.
  3. Complete the fields for your UnionPay card information, verification information, and SMS code.
  4. Put in the deposit amount, keeping in mind any caps you or the betting may have put in place.
  5. Once you verify the transaction, the money will be deposited into your account immediately.


UnionPay, unlike some other payment options, enables both deposits and withdrawals. If you’ve hit it big at a UnionPay online betting and are ready to cash out your winnings, here’s how to do it.
  1. Go back to the cashier and click “Withdraw” this time.
  2. Just subtract the withdrawal amount from your current balance.
  3. To use UnionPay, choose it from the list of available options.
  4. Choose a UnionPay card from your saved cards or enter your card information.
  5. Please verify the money transfer. Please be aware that the typical processing time for withdrawals from UnionPay bettings is between 1 and 5 days.

What You Need to Know About UnionPay

UnionPay, like any other payment option, has its own set of requirements. As such, here are some things to think about before signing up at one of the UnionPay bettings we recommend:


UnionPay bettings have no hidden costs, which is a major selling feature. This means there are no hidden fees associated with using UnionPay to make a deposit, withdraw funds, or play betting games.


UnionPay also has notable advantages in terms of its accessibility and usage. Many people will make regular use of their UnionPay card. Therefore, UnionPay bettings streamline the process of making deposits and withdrawals. Just register your card on the betting’s site and validate each transaction afterward. This holds true for traditional computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Many Currencies Accepted

As was previously noted, UnionPay is now accepted in more than a hundred countries and in a wide variety of currencies. U.S. Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Hungarian Forint (HUF), Japanese Yen (JPY), Mexican Peso (MXN), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Singaporean Dollar (SGD), Thai Baht (THB), and Vietnamese Dong (VND).

Payment Types

UnionPay cards range from credit and debit to prepaid and commercial to theme and premium. How you use your UnionPay card depends on your preferences and needs.

Fastย Transactions

UnionPay bettings offer immediate deposits. While rapid withdrawals are not an option, payouts can often be expected to be completed swiftly at bettings featuring fast withdrawals. UnionPay bettings pay out winnings more quickly than competing sites, usually within a few business days. When exactly this happens is up to the specific UnionPay betting site.

How to Get a UnionPay Bank Card

Selecting a card issuer willing to provide a UnionPay card is the first step toward obtaining one. The most well-known providers are STICPAY, MiFinity, and Allied Wallet; however, this will vary depending on your location. Please proceed to the next step of the application process and provide your personal information. The supplier will decide whether or not to provide you with a UnionPay card after conducting a financial assessment. After such a card is issued, it can be used to make purchases at any betting accepting UnionPay.

UnionPay Bonuses at Online bettings

The incentives offered at online bettings are a big draw for new customers. New and existing players alike can take advantage of deposit, free spin, cashback, and reload bonuses. However, can players who make deposits through UnionPay still participate? In light of the fact that bonus policies vary from one gambling establishment to the next, there is no simple response to this question. Players should read the T&Cs before signing up because there is no clear solution to this question. Certain operators have rigorous payment policies in place. As a result, some forms of payment will not be eligible for rewards. This often includes e-wallets and prepaid cards, but can also include UnionPay. While frustrating, this is something that can be worked around by gamers. Use any major credit or debit card to make the initial deposit, and then switch to UnionPay for all subsequent payments.

Alternative Options to UnionPay

Online bettings that take UnionPay won’t appeal to everyone. Fortunately, there are a number of appealing choices available. The most common ones are listed below and include both older and newer forms of payment:
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Cryptocurrency

UnionPay bettings โ€“ Summary

UnionPay is one of the better payment options we’ve advised here at Top10-bettingsites, and it’s available in a wide variety of countries. It’s no surprise that players are flocking to UnionPay bettings given that they offer quick and easy banking options with minimal fees. Last but not least, you may sign up and enjoy the services of any of the UnionPay bettings on our page with complete confidence because they have all been licensed by reputable gambling authorities.

UnionPay FAQs

Is there a fee to use UnionPay?

Whether or not an online betting will charge a fee for gamers utilizing UnionPay is up to the individual gambling site. Before joining up and making a deposit in this manner, you should read the betting’s terms and conditions.

How quick is a UnionPay transfer?

UnionPay supports instant deposits, as do the vast majority of modern payment options accepted by online bettings. UnionPay bettings have varying withdrawal times depending on the operator, but in general, the process is quick.

Can I use my phone to pay with UnionPay?

Yes. When using a compatible iOS or Android device, accepting payments is a breeze with the UnionPay mobile app. Another option is to use your phone’s web browser to get to the UnionPay mobile site.

Which currencies does UnionPay accept?

The yuan, the US dollar, the euro, and the ruble are only some of the currencies accepted by UnionPay.

Is UnionPay the same as Mastercard or Visa?

UnionPay is comparable to Mastercard and Visa in many ways. Still, UnionPay handles more transactions than either of the other two, making it the preeminent payment processing organization in the world.

Could I use UnionPay for all of my future ATM withdrawals?

Yes! Any amount can be deposited or withdrawn from a UnionPay betting. As was previously indicated, the time it takes for a betting to process a UnionPay withdrawal varies widely amongst individual sites.

Where is UnionPay accepted?

UnionPay is expanding its footprint and is now accepted in more than 100 countries worldwide. However, it operates mostly in China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Russia.