Futbol24 Review

Do you have a favorite football match that you want to see but canโ€™t make it? How about a bet that you need to win by predicting which team gets to take home the bacon? Is your team leading? On the verge of a draw? Can your bet still catch up before the game ends? Will you win the bet?


If you canโ€™t sit still trying to wait up for a forecast of how your favorite football game ended, why not use a service that gets you updated about the happenings on your match in real time? Get quick and reliable updates on your favorite football teams and their games while the game is in action. Be part of the game with Futbol24!

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In this article, get to know more about Futbol24 as a live score app to get more updated on the action happening in the world of football. Also, if you are into sports betting, get to know some tips on how you can get ahead of the game and win your bet.


  • Considered the fastest and most reliable Live Score service
  • Free version on Google Play Store
  • Live score service allows users to get access to over 2000 league matches from European leagues to Polish leagues
  • Quick updates and free push notification for match updates
  • Compatible with any type of Android phones and iPhone


  • Does not display live updates of any other sports in the world aside from football
  • Ads may pop out anytime while the app is open
  • Theme of the site and the app seems plain

Futbol24 Website Features

Futbol24 can be accessed using the PC by keying on the search browser. In the website, you can see a full list of International and National Competitions that you can check out for existing football matches. There is also a full list of leagues per country and different matches that are complete with the statistics of the game. The site is available in English, Bulgarian, Dutch, Greek, German and Polish. The website version is a bit more detailed and easier to use than the app since it is more laid out for easy navigation using links and pages, while the app, on the other hand, is a bit more reduced when it comes to its layout and design.

Futbol24 has a mobile version that is a free version application that can be downloaded via Google PlayStore. This app version is compatible with any Android and iOS mobile and tablet. The displays a list of football competitions, leagues, and matches in which live scores and game statistics are displayed.

In the app, you can choose the games or leagues that you get updates with. In order to do so, all there is to do is to swipe left to right on the screen wherein you will get updates of the games in your favorites. Your chosen games can be found under the star symbol in your favorites. Users can also have an option to somewhat step into the game and be part of it by selecting of what you think will happen in the game. The app also runs a leader board every month to see your game status and all the other users of the app.

Futbol24 Mobile Features

  • App is compatible with any Android and iOS mobile and tablet
  • Displays a list of football competitions, leagues, and matches in with live scores and game statistics
  • Choose the games or leagues that you get updates with In order to do so, all there is to do is to swipe left to right on the screen wherein you will get updates of the games in your favorites
  • Option for further involvement through predictions
  • Runs a leader board every month to display usersโ€™ game statuses

Futbol24 Mobile System Advantages

  • Well-maintained since its release for download in the market
  • App version is audience-focused
  • Aims to bring an excellent and efficient live score service and game updates to football fans
  • Works well with any model of smartphones and tablets that are powered by either Android or iOS

Futbol24 Usability

  • Easy access to live score updates straight after downloading it on the phone or tablet.
  • Users will be able to be updated with the live changes of scores and status while the game is in progress through the push notification features.
  • Users also have the option to create team tables and clubs that can be added to a separate list for quick access.
  • They can also get access to predictions even before actually begins.

Futbol24 Features


Futbol 24 live score service has a lot of features to offer sports enthusiasts especially for football fans. Here are some of the features that Futbol24 has to offer:

  • A full list of leagues per country
  • Live Match Information
  • Free Push Notification for team matches and competition
  • List of favorite matches, competition, and teams
  • Game statistics
  • Match analysis
  • Game table
  • Latest matches played by a team
  • Match forecast / Leaderboard
  • Search Feature
  • Match calendar

Predicting Odds with Futbol 24

Is there any probability that the team you are betting on will win?

  • Futbol24 is a fantastic live scores service that offers a spectacular list of famous football leagues and the fastest updates on football games happening around the world.
  • Futbol24 allows visitors to make predictions about different matches via leader board
  • Futbol24 app provides timely data updates on scores from all significant and less popular leagues around the world
  • Scores are updated in real time and helps assess possible outcomes

Futbol24 Theme and Graphics

Futbol24 Web

  • Live score app features simple and neat theme
  • White and orange color scheme
  • Crisp graphics and organized layout
  • Left section: competition browser lists both international and national competitions
  • Biggest section: list of football leagues
  • Bottom section:  last minute matches

Futbol24 App

  • Reduced version of the app
  • Simple to navigate
  • Equipped with push notification features for league and game updates


Although bringing in live sports match score coverage is the primary goal of Futbol24, it is open for possibilities that there will be some glitch in accuracy since data are from live and future sports events that may change from time to time. Because of this, Futbol 24 has its disclaimer notice on the site:

โ€œAlthough every possible effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our services we accept no responsibility for any kind of use made of any kind of data and information provided by this site.โ€ โ€“ Futbol 24

Futbol24 Customer Support

  • Email support
  • Contact section of the website dedicated for customer support or suggestions
  • Form available on the contact page to reach customer support and expect a reply on the email provided by the users after 24-48 hours

6 Reasons to Join Futbol24

1.Quickest Updates

Futbol24 provides the quickest updates on the real live action of the game. It provides users real game scores of football games of various leagues around the world as they happen.

2.Wide List of Leagues and Matches

Users are provided with a generous list of football leagues from around the world in which they can select to view the previous game and live game scores of each match.

3.Live Standings

Match standings on what team is leading and winning are updated in real-time, this means users can check the scores while the matches are still in progress.

4.Sound Notification

Futbol24 offers to push notification feature that reminds users whenever something new comes on the radar such as a new upcoming game, a game about to start or a new score update.

5.Standings and Draws

Futbol24 displays overall game results, home & away league tables, current form standings, half and full-time rankings, top scorers, the tournament draws and other game results.

6.Mobile Application

Download Futbol24 mobile app at Google PlayStore which are available for iPhone and Android. You can follow your favorite soccer team anytime and anywhere with live scores always at hand.