Sports Betting Review 2022:Bonus, Promotions, Mobile, Customer Support

  • BetLion offers more than 15 sports to punt on

  • Competitive odds on offer, with active sports markets

  • An above-average in-play section with limited options, yet good betting variants

betlion pre-match betting- BetLion Sports Betting Review

At the time of writing, BetLion offers odds on over 15 sports. While Football is the most popular sports market on the betting site, the bookmaker offers excellent odds on several other popular sports, including the likes of Tennis, and Cricket, among others. The betting site offers odds on several unique sports markets as well, including Snooker, Darts, and MMA, among others – This ensures that the betting site has something on offer, for almost everyone.

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The minimum stake that you can place on a sports market is 20 KES, while there is no defined maximum stake. That being said, the maximum pay out for a single placed bet, is 1,000,000 KES. BetLion also charges 20% tax on any placed stake, as per Kenya’s 2019 Finance Bill. While BetLion is among the best betting sites in Kenya, you must perform your due diligence before placing a bet.

It is of common knowledge that bookmakers earn off bookmaker’s margin. Bookmaker’s margin is the margin of profit which a betting site commands over you – This margin exceeds the ideal market threshold of 100%. You must look at the bookmaker’s margin across several betting sites, for a bet that you may want to place.

Closer is this margin to 100%, greater are your chances of winning a bet. You must also look at the odds being offered, and punt on a bookmaker which is offering the best odds, for a bet that you may want to place. It must be kept in mind that a bet with a margin exceeding the 110% mark is not worth punting on, as it may result in a loss.

To determine bookmaker’s margin, you can calculate the Odds Overround for a bet. While this may seem complicated, it is anything but that. To determine the Odds Overround for a betting variant, divide each individual outcome of a bet by 100, after converting fractional odds to the decimal form. Add the resultant numbers together, to obtain the Odds Overround for that particular betting variant.

To determine the quality of the Odds on offer, at BetLion, we calculated the Odds Overround for a match to be contested in the English Premier League. As per our calculation, the Odds Overround were found to be 101.8. This indicates that the bookmaker offers competitive odds, and active sports betting markets, which is a huge plus, when it comes to choosing the betting site.



Unfortunately, at the time of writing, BetLion does not offer odds on Esports. We hope that the bookmaker provides for the same sooner rather than later.

Given the rising popularity of Esports around the world, it is quite surprising that BetLion has not ventured into the markets Esports have to offer in the first place.

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Other Specials

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, BetLion does not offer odds on Specials. We hope that the bookmaker works on this in the near future.


Cash Out and Bet Builder

At the time of writing, BetLion comes with option to Cash Out, and an option to build a bet via Create-A-Bet (Bet Builder).

Cash Out in essence allows you to retrieve partial winnings on a placed bet, which you believe may result in a loss. Cashing out allows you to retrieve partial winnings, and avoid the possibility of potentially losing your entire placed stake.

The amount of money you will receive depends on the odds in favour of your placed bet, and the time of cashing out. You may end up receiving more, or less than your initial stake.

Create-A-Bet (Bet Builder) allows you to combine several different selections of your choice, into a single bet. Once you have created a bet of your choice, the betting site will return odds for the same, and you can go on to place a stake on your created bet.

Create-A-Bet in essence, means that there are an infinite number of possibilities, when it comes to creating a bet on BetLion.

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