Best Cricket Betting Apps

When we think of online betting, cricket is not the first sport that will come to mind of most people. You may be surprised to hear that cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, with over 2.5 billion participants, just behind football.

While this is a sport that, for the most part, flies under the radar for online betting, there is a huge market for it. We have taken the time to create a comprehensive guide on the best cricket betting apps.

In this article, we will take a look at how a cricket betting app works, what makes a good cricket app, what to look out for to get the best value for money,4 and of course, a guide on who we think is leading the line for cricket betting app in India right now.

Top 10 Cricket Betting Apps

There are tons of options when it comes to cricket betting apps. We’ll tell you who we think is the best, but we want to highlight that our list is designed to guide you and doesn’t have to be rigid.

The reason we mention this is because these kinds of applications are rarely a one-size-fits-all operation. For example, some applications may be better for T20 compatibility and others may be better for Test Fit. Some may include great welcome offers, but others are better for existing players.

We try and rank the top 10 cricket betting apps as fairly as possible, but take a moment to read our mini-review in the next section to get a more complete picture of our process.

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Best Cricket Betting App Reviews

From our list of ten above, we’d like to explain a bit more about how our top five work. Below is a mini review of what we consider to be the best cricket betting app in india on the market today.

1 – – Overall Best

Our number one pick as the online cricket betting app in India is To be honest, it wasn’t even that close as they excelled above the competition.

After downloading the app, you will be able to get access to many matches based around the world. It’s this gaming range that stands out right away and at this point, no other brand we’ve included on this list comes close.

What is just as impressive as the range of games they cover is the market they apply to each game. We happened to be testing in the middle of The Hundred’s first UK screening and the game for this competition easily got 50+ markets to choose from.

This includes the team with the top hitter, the team with the highest score, the type of cards out, at most four, at most six, whether there will be a tie, the player market for strokes, the player market for bowling, and more. It’s impressive to see how deep they go in terms of market coverage.

Comparing prices has created another big tick in favor of They are highly competitive in most markets and it is this consistency that makes them a standout choice for parlays and even the future of cricket betting.

This app can be accessed on iPhone and Android, or you can access it via your smartphone browser. It looks amazing. It’s a dark background with white/green text, making it look very futuristic.

Finally, the inclusion of live betting in the cricket section is a big plus. They even have a match center where you can track scores, current batsmen, bowlers, full scorecard, ball-by-ball data for the last three overs, and the number of caps scored.

Overall, has been able to make the best cricket betting app on the market by any means. This is an all-in-one app for cricket betting and is our number one for this exact reason.

2 – BetOnline – Best for Odds

Next on the list is the BetOnline. They have improved massively over the last few years when it comes to cricket betting and while they cannot reach the heights of, they do offer a solid alternative.

Their standout feature is their price. As part of our testing, we looked at odds in the same market across multiple betting sites. BetOnline is the most consistent in this regard and was often found to be the best price in many of our tests.

When you get a site that is strong in terms of pricing, this makes bets like parlays a real point of attraction for the site. Even a small win here makes a big difference to parlay betting, and this is one of the recommendations for BetOnline and cricket betting.

The app is basic, to be honest. We think “no frills” is a little harsh because it’s better than that, but other than placing your bets there’s not much going on.

Prop and futures bets are heavily featured within the app, and they cover many games from around the world. Betting like top batsmen, to win the throw, top bowler, mostly bleak limits and methods, are all markets we see with lots of high profile games.

3 – Bovada – Best for Props/Market

Bovada may be third on the list, but they pushed the top two very close. Their app is the best we have tested and you will enjoy the usefulness that comes with it. It’s easy to use, looks great and jumping between sports and markets is a breeze.

They offer many cricket betting markets. This is a highlight of the cricket betting section for us and they can easily compete with the likes of There’s nothing between the two, which is impressive on Bovada’s part considering how good are.

Coverage is taken from all over the world. We have noticed that they specialize in white ball cricket, with T20 and one day play taking precedence over the longer format. That’s not to say that Test Matches and 4-day play are ignored, but the scope of that short-format game is undoubtedly, greater.

Bovada then came up with all the advantages in terms of market coverage for most of their matches. The game props section is amazing to look at and you will enjoy over 60 different props bets for most high profile matches.

They range between play, over, team and player props. Some of the bets included here are exclusive to Bovada or at least, rarely seen in US-facing sportsbooks. Highlights include total batsmen runs, top batsmen/bowlers, most wickets, total runs in individual overs and wicket falls in individual overs.

The only drawback we found from the whole app is that the price is not as strong as BetOnline, which is why it is in the number three position in our list of the best cricket betting apps. You could argue that Bovada beats BetOnline in almost every other area, but price is a big issue, which is why it lands where it belongs.

4 – BetUS – Nice Design

The BetUS app takes our number four spot and it’s a worthy endeavor of what has grown to be one of the biggest US sportsbooks to come. The BetUS app is one of the best we’ve tested in terms of design, and we love the blue and white corporate colors, giving it a clean and modern feel.

It is fair to say that cricket betting is not the strongest point of this site and there are many other sports which they cover in more detail. Still, it’s a viable platform and we hope it’s a good stepping stone to bigger and better things.

BetUS provides good coverage of many international games. They tend to target big tournaments, like IPL, Big Bash, The Hundred, Pakistan Premier League and Test Match cricket. They’re another app that tends to favor shorter format games, which is fine, but that means less depth.

The market isn’t that great if we’re honest. Most games have money line bets, point spreads and team totals. However, some games only get the money line without including any additional prop bets. Sharp cricket bettors will find this acceptable, but far from exciting.

Lastly, we should add that their prices are very competitive with the limited stakes they offer. BetUS can barely get by with the above three and if you’re just looking for money line bets on the big games, they might not be a bad alternative.

5 – GTBets

GTBets ranks last in our top 5 cricket betting apps and while it’s definitely not the worst app we’ve tested, it falls short compared to the others. The design is a little out of date now and doesn’t have the sharp modern look that many competitors have today.

The in-app cricket betting market is pretty decent, though again, it lacks depth. They have good coverage of white ball games and tournaments, but anything beyond this is almost forgotten.

We were impressed to see the coverage of the women’s game, which, admittedly, all other apps failed to cover. Given the sheer number of followers these games have now, it’s a quality move from GTBets and we’d love to see it.

Market coverage for games is a bit of an issue. You get money line bets for all games, then totals and point spreads for some of them. The prices are good, and when you bet in this app, you get the value it deserves.

Overall, it can’t compete with the depth that other apps have. It’s a little rough around the edges, but there’s potential there to make it one of the better cricket betting apps if they want to pursue that.

What Makes a Great Cricket Betting App?

It doesn’t matter if you bet on cricket, golf, tennis, football, soccer or hockey, if the app is not working properly then you will not enjoy the process of betting on any sport.

Nowadays, most of the best betting app in India for cricket are very good. Betting sites are seeing a big shift from laptops and desktop computers and more to mobile devices. It is now in their interest to ensure that their mobile betting app works flawlessly and creates a place where players want to bet.

There are several areas that we think are most important when assessing what makes a great cricket betting app india.


Starting with the brand and their status in the industry. Players need to know who they are betting with and the most popular are generally apps that are more trusted than others.

For example, brands like Bovada have been around for decades now, which in turn brings an element of trust. If you have to choose between them and an app that’s only been active for a few weeks, then the decision will be easy.

Ease of use

Moving around the app and being able to place bets quickly and accurately are key areas that are all about ease of use. One of the biggest advances in mobile technology over the last few years has been HTML 5. This allows developers to create seamless mobile sites and apps, which translates to increased ease of use.

The best apps are clutter-free, have menus where you need them most, allow you to browse apps without much hassle and work seamlessly without lag.


Functionality is important, but apps need to look good too. No excuses these days, and we’ll flag any app that might seem out of date visually.

We understand that what one person finds visually appealing may not be attractive to another. But we took this into account while testing and we think we can find a pretty good balance for a cricket betting app that many players think will look good.


Apps have to move fast, and you need to be able to move between markets easily. There should be no lag if you have a good connection, but even on a bad connection, we are looking for apps that can still work like when we travel, we don’t always have WIFI, 4G or 5G.

Speed ​​is tied to ease of use and visuals. You usually find apps that look good and are easy to navigate, work fast, with speed being at the forefront of how well this works.


You should be able to get money in and out of your account quickly while using the app. There are two main payouts that we like to see for cricket betting apps, and these are Apple Pay and Google Pay. Any app that accepts this is already at the forefront of being so easy to use.

Most apps will allow the same banking options you get from the desktop site. If there is a discrepancy between the two then they generally lower the in-app payments section, so they will be marked accordingly.

Below we’ve included a table of the best cricket betting apps, ranking each one using the sections above based on what we think are key components of what makes a great cricket betting app.

Cricket Betting ApplicationTrustEase of usevisualSpeedPayment
Online Betting98688

Best iPhone Apps for Cricket Betting –

There will be little argument when we say that the iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the business today. All the cricket betting sites we have mentioned on this page so far will work flawlessly on iPhone.

Choosing the best iPhone app for cricket betting has become a fairly simple process and the award goes to the app.

It’s no surprise to those of you who have read all of these articles so far, but it’s the best to date for iPhone users. Not only will you be able to access it directly from your mobile browser, but you will get an incredible variety of cricket betting markets to choose from. not only looks to play a role on the iPhone, it plays a role brilliantly. You can use features like Face ID to unlock and access the casino side as well.

Best Android Apps for Cricket Betting – Bovada

Android users will also visit, but we will give our highest appreciation to Bovada. We’ve mentioned before how good this app is, but the fact that you can download directly from the Google Play Store without having to use an .APK file, ranks very high for accessibility.

To be honest, Bovada works and looks great on all devices, but on the bigger Android screens, it looks beautiful. That larger screen allows for more market coverage, and it’s useful when you’re browsing the many markets Bovada runs for most of the cricket matches they host.

Cricket Betting App Features

Creating the best cricket app requires a sportsbook to combine several features. You can’t just have one piece that works and then 5 parts that don’t work. This, in turn, will make for a bad cricket betting app.

Below we’ve included some of the features that we think are the main reasons why the best are the best. They don’t need to be number one in every section and in none of the apps we tested, but the best scores were very high in each section and had serious flaws.

We also want to point out that certain aspects will be more important to some players than others. For example, if you are betting on a cricket parlay, you want your cricket app to have the best odds you can find. Even a small price increase will make a big break when it comes to parlay betting.

Read the sections below and then try and find out which ones are most important to you. From there, you can then find the best cricket betting app for yourself, rather than just having us tell you which are our favourites.

Cricket Betting Odds

Price is the easiest and most obvious place to start with this. You need to find a site that has the best prices so you can make a lot of money.

It sounds crazy, but we often see people using sports books at very high prices and they do it for the convenience or laziness of signing up for a new account. Pricing is not only one of the easiest features to target, it’s also the most profitable. In the end, we are here to make money. Everything else is almost irrelevant.

During our testing, we found that the prices and odds between the five sites were strong. There isn’t a huge scope between the best and the worst, but there is a difference.

The cricket betting app with the best pricing structure is BetOnline. Testing of the same play and betting between individual sites saw BetOnline come out on top more often and finish in the top three on each of the 20 or so bets we looked at. and Bovada are not too far behind and if you choose any of the three you are betting on a site that provides good value from the cricket section.

The only downside to BetOnline is that it doesn’t have the market coverage the other two do. Props and futures betting are the main areas they don’t have, so while they are strong at what they are, they are also limited in terms of coverage.

Cricket Betting Line

Not all cricket betting apps we tested offer betting lines. Some are limited to money line betting only, so we’ve increased the ranking of any site offering over/under line in their market.

Betting lines are not something the traditional cricket betting market creates. In the UK where cricket betting is huge, lines are hardly included at all, so it’s good for these US facing sites to embrace what most US bettors like, by creating this market.

Penalty shootouts only take place at two sites: Bovada and Again, there aren’t many games on offer for testing, but both run as they do in Britain’s newest venture, The Hundred.

Honestly, there is nothing between them. Below we include the game between the London Spirit and the Trent Rockets, for the total line of runs before the first goal and as you can see, there is only 0.02 in it. If you’re rambling, then Bovada is just that edge, but there’s nothing in it.

Cricket Futures Betting

Futures betting is where you bet on an event that will usually start some time away. It’s pretty vague, but that’s where you’re betting on the winner of a major cricket event, like The Ashes or the Cricket World Cup and it could be months or even years in advance.

Some cricket betting apps include games for the next day or even today, which are not futures cricket bets. However, the more the more the merrier here and we’ve seen apps that not only offer a good variety of tournaments but go as far as they can go.

The best app we have tested for the future is BetOnline.

We love that they are targeting many big events, like T20 World Cup, The Ashes, The Hundred, Indian Premier League, World Cup and many more. It is one of the few cricket apps that allows you to bet on this event, which is surprising considering how popular they are. has a bigger reach than BetOnline, but they include upcoming games from today, and this reduces it a bit for us as they are not what we classify as true “future” bets. Having said that, almost all of the events we mentioned above are accessible on both, so it’s a tight race here.

Cricket Betting Specials/Props

Special and prop bets are the most attractive bets you can get with cricket. You could argue that they are the most attractive for any sport, but what they do is separate the best from the mediocre. By this, we mean that the best cricket betting apps take the risk to offer as many props and specials as possible.

Cricket betting is a great sport for this type of bet. There are so many variables in the game, that sports books can go wild with what kind of props and bets they want to include.

Props bets can include anything from who will win the throw, first ball result (dot ball/not dot ball), first goal method, most run outs, team to hit the most six, highest first over total, highest opening partnership , running in the first goal and more.

We have two that stand out for prop betting, and those are Bovada and, which are likely to surprise anyone by now. But these guys do prop bets better than anyone. If we had to pick a winner, Bovada would only have the upper hand because they offer more game bets, whereas offers a larger range of player bets.

It’s also worth noting that Bovada has just outperformed when it comes to pricing prop bets. Again, not a huge amount in it, but as we mentioned earlier, all these little “wins” add up and in turn, make for the best cricket betting app.

Live Betting on Cricket

Live betting on cricket is one of the best experiences you can have when betting on sports. There is something about absorbing and then reacting to how the game will try and make as much money as possible.

The best cricket betting apps tend to include dedicated live betting markets. This might be things like which bat will come out next, betting lines on total runs for overs, whether four or six will be hit in the next six balls, and so on.

Shorter format games like T20 markets and One Day International are great for live betting. Games move fast so you need to react, but as games move fast, so do betting apps, so it’s a collection of activities. You can still bet live on longer format games, but the pace is much quieter, which might suit some punters.

Again, it is no big surprise to hear that Bovada and are the best in the business for live cricket betting. BetOnline does liven up most of their games, but they usually only have an in-game money line market, while the other two have a wide variety of props and specials as well.

The only downside that comes with both betting apps is that no match center is included. This would be a great addition to keep track of what’s going on and make better decisions based on numbers. does offer a match center with several sports, so hopefully cricket will be introduced in the not too distant future.

Cricket Betting Promotion

When you are looking for the best cricket betting app, you also need to take a little time to see which promotions they run. You will get access to two types of cricket betting promotions.

The first is a welcome offer that all sites will offer in some form. The second is the existing player promotion where you can claim the offer once you have completed the welcome offer.

When it comes to top bonuses, you’ll want to take a look at any welcome bonuses they offer. This is usually some sort of deposit match. Below we have listed the top three cricket betting promotions for welcome deals in today’s market.

Bovada – 50% Deposit Match up to $250

When you register a new account with Bovada, you will be able to claim a welcome bonus of up to $250. The bonus is 50% of your first deposit and the bonus money will be 

credited to your account within 30 minutes of opening.

To clear the bonus, you must bet 5x before you can withdraw any balance or winnings from the bonus.

BetOnline – Deposit 50% Match up to $1,000

BetOnline has one of the biggest bonuses you can claim, with a deposit of $55 or more eligible for this promo. You will get 50% of your first deposit in bonus money worth up to $1,000.

The bonus must be staked up to 10x before you can withdraw. You get 30 days to remove the bonus in full before it expires.

GTBets – Up to $750 from First Two Deposits

GTBets extends their welcome offer only past the first deposit you make and instead covers the first two deposits you make. With your first deposit, you get a 100% match worth up to $500. The second deposit will get a 50% match worth up to $250.

To trigger each promotion, you need to deposit $35 or more and you must submit each 12x bonus before you can withdraw it.

Sports BookPromotionProvisionClaim offer
Bovada50% Deposit Match up to $250Bonus must be staked 5xClaim Bovada Offers
Online Betting50% Matched Deposit up to $1,000Bonus must be staked 10x in 30 daysClaim BetOnline Offer
GTBetFirst two deposits, up to $500 then $250 ($750 total)Bonus staked 12x before withdrawalClaim the GTBet Offer

Cricket Betting App Comparison

When it comes to the best betting apps, it’s not as simple as a one size fits all job. Certain app features will suit different types of players better than others.

Throughout this article, we’ve talked about the different apps and how they work, but we also wanted to create a table for you to see how each aspect of the app compares to one another.

In the table below we have taken the features we talked about earlier and assessed each part of the top 5 cricket betting apps on the market today. There is a lot more to these apps than just this section and we talk more about a few below, but these are the backbone of every betting app and we wanted to highlight how well each one ranks.

Please note that each section of the table is linked exclusively to the cricket betting section and is not just an overview.

Betting AppPossibilityBetting LineFuturesSpecial/PropLive Betting
Online Betting107978

Best Cricket App Extra Features

To make a “great” cricket betting app, they need to be able to go above and beyond what other competitions have to offer. Below we’ve included some pointers on how a cricket betting app can set itself apart from the rest of the pack.


Cricket blogs are some of our favorite additions to any betting app or site. We love to see the company add a blog section covering cricket and in turn, provide a bit of insight into what might be a good market or match to bet on.

The best ones usually have former gaming professionals or journalists associated with major sports betting publications. This may include newspapers, magazines, or online betting sites.


The statistics section is becoming more popular with online betting sites and most of the larger sites and apps will have some sort of statistics section installed. Here you will find a wealth of information about the game and players that will allow you to make more informed cricket betting choices.

The information you get from this section will vary but expect stats on things like team form, head-to-head records, most runs, most goals, most catches, most common firing methods for each player, running pace, and more. .

Competition (Fantasy/Survivor)

Competitions such as fantasy or survivor games add an element of depth to cricket betting applications. This can be where you pick a fantasy cricket team and then you earn points based on their performance in each match.

Most of these types of bets or games will be monetized at some point. You usually pay an entry fee for each competition and then get paid from the prize pool after the competition is over.

How Cricket Betting Works

If you are new to cricket betting, it seems like there are a lot of moving parts. However, it’s one of those that, as you get more used to it, makes a lot of sense.

One of the main things to consider when betting on cricket is the format of the game. These are generally broken down into three categories:

  • Test Match/4-day game
  • One Day Internationals (ODI)/ white ball cricket
  • Twenty20 (T20)

Each of the formats works very differently from the other, but the only thing that changes is the amount of time the game will last. Test Match is the longest format, and it is played for a maximum of 5 days. One Day Internationals will be played on the same day and played over 50 over, while T20 is also played on the same day and played over 20 over.

Betting on each format will usually come with the same range of betting markets. The constants are the money line, point spread, and handicaps. You then get a variety of player and team markets, before settling with prop and special bets.

Like all sports, you have to do your homework here and cricket is a game that has many variables that can affect the outcome. The beauty of this is that you can bet that may seem wasteful (especially in props/specials) and create great value from these bets.

Finally, the weather plays a huge role in cricket betting, perhaps more so than any other sport. If it rains, play will be halted until it stops, which in turn means that conditions will be different once the player continues onto the field.

Cricket Betting Tips

Here are some of the best cricket betting tips we created with our team.

Live/In-Game Betting

The game of cricket can change in one ball. To some, this may seem like a slow game, but there is always something going on, you just need to know where to look.

Live betting allows you to react to even the smallest changes in the game. One of the main areas to target, especially in longer format games, is pressure. This is usually where a batsman is having trouble scoring and the bowler is on top.

When pressure builds up in cricket, one of two things generally happens. Either the batsmen adjust their game and start playing more aggressively or they get too aggressive and let go of their net.

We’ve always liked the latter here and with it, you can bet on the market like the next wicket falls and the next bowler picks up the wicket. Each goal will adjust the team’s odds of winning – usually against them – so you can also target money line bets here if you have access to cash.

Target Short Format Games

Twenty20 and one-day cricket are, in general, more popular than Test Match and the longer format. The latter is for the pure, but more people are watching and playing shorter format games.

Looking at any sportsbook, you will see better coverage of the games and the market for short format matches. With this, you get more markets to bet on and a better user experience for cricket bettors.

What we like about the shorter format is that there is more competition. This is a huge positive for players as it means the sportsbook is working hard to get you to use it, so they often have a bit of a price war.

This makes it easier to get the best prices for your bets by having access to more sports books.

Pay Attention to the Form

The general strategy for all sports betting is to record the form of each team and we would like to include this for cricket betting as well. Form plays a huge role with cricket and momentum is one of the areas targeted by some of the most successful players in the world.

Try to look a little deeper than just the form of the team and instead look to see if players are performing. Although very much a team game, cricket matches can be won and lost with just a few outstanding individual performances.

Also pay attention to the form of the game they play. For example, a team like India may be unbeaten for two years in test cricket but have won just two of their last ten T20 matches. If this is the case, then backing them for a Test Match win would make sense, but you’ll probably be looking elsewhere when they play the shorter format.

Watch the Weather

As we have suggested, the weather plays a huge role in cricket, and it can be quite annoying when rain is forecast. You want to start checking any weather up to a week in advance. This way, you can see the state of the goal based on how accessible the goalkeeper is.

For example, if there is heavy rain during the week leading up to a match, then the pitch will most likely not be properly prepared. It will have more grass than usual which means it will benefit the bowlers.

However, it’s a dry few weeks leading up to the game and that will be in the batter’s favor. Generally, the field guard will arrange the track to support the hitter as much as possible, but in some places, this is not always possible. Check the weather and as a rule, you can use dry for dough, wet/wet for bowlers.


Finding the best cricket betting app takes a bit of time and you have to choose the one that fits your criteria, as this changes from person to person. If we had to pick one, it would be the betting app

They not only have the most markets to choose from, but also some of the best prices. Their betting app looks great and is accessible on all mobile devices. There are very few boxes that are unchecked by the betting app and this is one of the reasons why it is our number one cricket betting app.

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