Online Horse Race Betting in India

In India, sports bettors who wish to bet on horse races now have access to world-class platforms. There are several options, but it is critical to make the best pick when it comes to Indian horse racing sites.

Horse racing has been a popular sport in India for over two centuries. Madras was the site of one of the first racetracks, and the sport is still quite popular there today. Nine racecourses are overseen by six Indian horse racing authorities in India’s horse racing sector. There are a plethora of online horse race betting markets to choose from at various sportsbooks.

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Satta, or horse racing, is a popular activity in India, where sports bettors stake on their favourite horses at their favourite racetracks. Horse race betting is one of the most popular betting sports in India, including traditional bookies and pool betting.

Horse racing wagers have been placed in the 28 percent GST tax category by state governments across the country. There’s no need to be concerned because there are a number of famous top cricket betting sites where you can quickly place your bets without paying any taxes or fees.

In India, Bet365 is the finest bookmaker for online horse racing betting sites. You may wager on Indian horse races at home with horse betting sites, as well as an international horse race betting in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, and abroad. Horse races are also available to bet on in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Delhi, Mysore, Madras, and other cities. For Indian horse racing bettors, there is a lot of value, so put your bets and watch the races today.

If a race is planned for that day, Indian racing courses will display. Keep an eye on the track schedules, for example, because you can only bet on Mysore race chances when they are scheduled.

Bet365 has horse race betting and equestrian betting markets, as well as convenient deposit and currency alternatives for Indians. You may also use Betway, which is another very reputable betting service for Indian horse racing events, in addition to Bet365. Paripesa also provides a variety of satta possibilities on Indian horse racing.

If you’re looking for the best horse racing betting sites in India then you are in the right place. In this post we are going to mention some of the best horse racing Indian betting sites that are legal with the best odds guaranteed on horse racing. For more information on any of the highlighted live horse race betting events, see our guide.


Betting on horse race betting sites online is simple and enjoyable! It’s incredibly easy to get started betting on horses in under 5 minutes! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Select a horse betting sites.
  2. Create an account and make a deposit using UPI.
  3. The horse racing section may be found here.
  4. Place a wager, profit, and cash out!

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites In India



When it comes to horse racing, Bet365 is the greatest betting site on the market, in our opinion.

The finest betting site you could ever imagine!

Bet365 is a long-standing and well-known name in the world of online gambling, especially when it comes to the best horse racing betting sites.

It’s only natural that Bet365, as a UK-based bookmaker, would place a heavy emphasis on horse racing, and they do. They provide horse racing live streaming, tote betting, and guaranteed best odds on all races!



Betway is one of the world’s smoothest and most user-friendly betting platforms, making it ideal for newcomers to the sport.

Whatever sport you wish to begin betting on, Betway makes it simple to get started. However, they shine when it comes to best horse racing betting sites.

Horse racing is, in fact, one of their specialties. Horse racing betting with Betway is really basic and straightforward.

But Betway isn’t only for newbies; seasoned horse racing bettors will love it as well.

sportbet logo has brought something as ancient as horse racing into the future with their sophisticated betting platform.

The best part is that you can wager LIVE on any race and even watch the event live streamed so you can witness everything unfold right in front of your eyes!

So, if you appreciate LIVE horse racing betting and want to be a part of horse racing’s future, you should join right away!



Our final and arguably most obscure name on the list is 888Sport, a sports betting website.

Because the majority of Indian gamers have never heard of 888Sport, we have made it our mission to enlighten them about this fantastic betting site.

888Sport is a sports betting website, as the name suggests. They provide a variety of sports betting options, but horse racing is particularly popular.

When you first visit the 888Sport website, you will see that it is entirely focused to sports betting.

There are many hundred horse races accessible now or in the following days if you scroll down to the horse racing tap. You’ll be directed to the main horse racing section if you click on “horse racing.”


The best Horse racing betting sites have returned in India after a long break caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. Following the resumption of Indian horse racing, these are some of the finest tracks for best horse racing betting in India:

  1. Bangalore Turf Club
  2. Mysore Race Club
  3. Madras Race Club
  4. Delhi Race Club
  5. Royal Calcutta Turf Club
  6. Hyderabad Race Club
  7. Royal Western India Turf Club


The totalisator, sometimes known as the Tote, is an automated pool betting system. It adds up all of the bets in a particular race or series of races, subtracts taxes and fees, and distributes the money among the winners as a dividend or payout.

The odds supplied are “variable” in this sense. The odds will increase up or down before the wagering closes and the race starts, depending on how many wagers are placed and at what value. A Tote board (computerized display) shows the current price at any given time (odds).

Each Club accepts wagers at the racetracks’ hundreds of computerized Tote booths. You may also bet at a staffed Tote window or at a Tote Service Outlet by purchasing a cash voucher. You can also summon the Tote’s roaming operator, who is equipped with a hand-held computer, to the trackside. Some of the clubs also have off-course viewing areas where they broadcast televised races. You may bet on the Tote there. Regardless of the facility, all Tote bets are placed in the same common pool.

Bookmakers, on the other hand, are more likely to provide “fixed odds,” which payout at a set rate if the gamble is successful. Picking a horse to win at 5/1 odds is an example. If the bet is successful, every Rupee wagered will be multiplied by five. The bettor receives a set price on a wager regardless of whether the odds rise or decline in the future. When it comes to horse race betting, it is one of the most thrilling events to witness.


Either method of best horse racing betting entails some risk. By the time all of the bets are in, a 5/1 pool wager on the Tote could only be worth 4/1 or 3/1. Alternatively, a 5/1 fixed bet will never pay out more than 5/1. Even if the odds rise to 6/1 or 7/1 before the betting finishes, it’s still a good play. As a result, some bookmakers provide “starting price” odds, sometimes known as “SP odds.” The contract specifies the odds at the end of the betting period. It’s not uncommon for this to be quite close to the Tote odds.

Clubs, of course, compete with bookies for the wagers of their patrons. As a result, there are incentives in place to encourage greater Tote betting. “Fixed Tote odds” are at the top of the list. In other words, as a “computerised bookmaker,” the Tote now offers bettors the option of betting at set odds. The winning amount is determined by the odds that were established at the time of the wager and displayed on the ticket.


The so-called “bumper reward” is another type of incentive offered by clubs. This is in addition to the dividend given when a Jackpot or Super Jackpot is won. On Indian Derby Day, for example, the RWITC offered a Mercedes.

When deciding whether to bet with the Tote or the bookies, the cost of placing a wager should be considered. Most Tote bets start at Rs 10 as mentioned in the previous section. They can start at Rs 2 and go up from there. On the other hand, bookmakers usually demand wagers of at least Rs 50. Furthermore, government taxes on Tote bets are sometimes half as high as those on bookmaker tickets.


Finally, the bettor must be aware of the Indian horse racing betting sites payment rules. If a horse withdraws before the race or is disqualified, it can have a significant impact on the outcome and India horse racing betting sites odds. It’s also crucial to understand what safeguards are in place for dead heat payoffs. As a consequence, any unpleasant shocks at the pay window will be avoided.

If you’re a lover of Indian horse racing, the Delhi Race Club and the Madras Race Club are two of the most popular clubs to visit for the finest action.


The Indian Supreme Court determined in 1996 that horse racing betting is a skill-based game rather than a game of chance. Indian horse racing has grown in popularity since this verdict.

There are now six Turf Authorities in India. These racing clubs host Indian horse races at nine different racetracks around the nation, each with its own pari-mutuel wagering station and trackside bookies. In most states, there are also numerous off-course and inter-track betting establishments. All of them broadcast the competitions live on television and allow bets over the counter.

Horse racing betting is a regulated and legal business. Indians may also wager on international horse races such as the Kentucky Derby, Breeders’ Cup, Dubai World Cup, and others through the internet. On the top betting sites in India, you may put your bets on these events.


We cover online horse race betting previews and provide advice to assist you make your bets. India’s Turf Authorities protect their hard-won right to allow pari-mutuel betting at racetracks and off-track betting venues. Sports betting sites are tolerated by them.

Bettors, on the other hand, have more rights. Betting on horses is considered a talent, and hence is exempt from gambling rules. Similarly, to the best of our knowledge, there are no regulations prohibiting customers from placing horse racing wagers with foreign-based online gambling platforms.

There are various events for Indians to gamble on their favourite sport over the web, from Hyderabad to America’s Kentucky Derby to England’s St. Leger Stakes and even the Japan Cup.


Bet India’s team of specialists has compiled an index of the greatest Indian horse racing bookies using all of their expertise of the sport. Our list of legitimate horse racing sites includes the best of the best in terms of online betting.

There are significant tournaments to bet on at all horse racing betting services, and they are all secure and trustworthy. All of the sites have been thoroughly evaluated by our experienced staff, who have given them a grade based on a variety of characteristics.


A bookie that does not offer quick and safe withdrawals does not belong on our list. When it comes to picking a horse racing betting sites, this is one of the most crucial considerations. Sure, the licence is necessary, but getting your money as soon as possible is far more crucial.

Make sure you’re only using the top betting sites in India that offer rapid withdrawals. This will guarantee that you receive your prizes as soon as possible.


Should we even add that the sites in our directory provide the industry’s greatest horse racing odds? In a sea of rogue websites and bookmakers offering the greatest odds, Bet India’s betting partners are your best bet.


It’s always nice to have a little extra cash on hand. Horse racing promos are often run by the bookies in our list, depending on the race.

You may also get a lot of free bets by registering or participating in a promotion. If you’re as passionate about horse racing as we are, you’ll never pass up an opportunity to receive free presents.


It’s a unique experience to gamble on a horse race as it’s taking place. Of course, you’ll have to act quickly, but with our horse racing live betting services, you may do it whenever and wherever you choose.

The majority of the bookmakers on our list allow live betting on horse races, with some even providing live streaming. The latter is a fantastic feature that allows you to watch the race from your computer or mobile device without having to travel to the track.


There are various sorts of horse racing events in India, including the Indian Derby, Indian 1000, and 1000 Guineas, among others, where you may put bets and win great money. To put your finest horse racing bets, you may follow Indian horse racing news, previews, and betting recommendations.


The Indian Derby is the country’s most important horse race betting, having been held for the first time in 1943. It is presently run on the first Sunday in February at Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi Racecourse for four-year-old colts and fillies. The Mahalaxmi racetrack will host the Indian Derby on February 5, 2023.


The Indian 1000 Guineas is a three-year-old filly event held in Mumbai in December. It’s the Indian equivalent of the 1000 Guineas, which you can learn more about further down, but it’s never too early to start looking at Indian 1000 Guineas betting odds.


The Indian 2000 Guineas is India’s counterpart of the English 2000 Guineas, and it is held in Mumbai in December for three-year-olds, although both fillies and colts are allowed to compete.


The 1000 Guineas Stakes was established in 1814 and is held on the Sunday after the 2000 Guineas. It is a sibling event to the 2000 Guineas Stakes and is run at Newmarket Racecourse for three-year-old fillies.


The 2000 Guineas Stakes is an Indian horse race satta event that you should surely attend. This historic British event, which takes place at Newmarket at the end of April or the beginning of May, was first raced in 1809. Furthermore, it is still one of the most popular horse betting events of the year. Three-year-old thoroughbreds and fillies are eligible for this event.


A bettor in India must always place a tangible wager on a horse race. The forms of wagers permitted for Indian horse betting sites are more or less identical, whether they are put on the Tote or through a bookmaker, trackside or off-course.


The following are some of the most frequently used terms in horse racing betting:


A horse racing bet on a certain winner of a single race; only the first horse finishes first and gets a reward. The Tote has a minimum stake of Rs ten.

You can wager on any of the three horses, and the odds will be presented directly next to it. If you wager 100 pounds on Juliette, you will earn 75 pounds if she wins the race, according to the odds. If you believe none of the three horses will win the race, you can choose ‘Rest,’ which includes all of the other horses in the race. You will win the bet if any of those horses manage to win.


Two options are bet jointly to finish first and second in a single race in the order chosen.


In a single race, two options are combined to be the first and second place finishers in either order.


When there are 8-11 horses in a race, this horse betting sites requires the horse to finish among the first, second, or third placed horses. If there are fewer competitors, it only pays to place first or second. A fourth-placed horse will also pay a payout if there are more runners.


This wager, also known as “Second Horse Pool,” selects a horse to finish second (runner-up) in a given race. If the horse wins the race or finishes third or worse, the stake is lost.


This wager challenges you to choose the winners of five separate horse races. A consolation dividend will be paid if you correctly choose the first four winners but not the last leg.


This bet necessitates picking all of the horse betting winners from six distinct races. A consolation dividend will be paid if you correctly choose the first five winners but not the last leg.


You should also be aware of the following sorts of bets:


This is a wager on many races. One horse is chosen to win or place in each of two to six distinct races. If the first option is a winner, the winnings are carried over to the following pick. Rollovers continue as long as selections are successful until all selections pay off. However, if even one of the choices is incorrect, the entire stake is lost.


RWITC has established a new type of horse racing betting wager: a stake that any horse other than the favourite will win. In other words, it’s a wager on the underdog losing. Any other horse that wins the race will receive a payout.


This horse betting bet is a Win bet on a combination of two horses in a single race that is not yet generally accessible. A dividend is paid if any of the two horses wins. The Tote’s minimum bet unit is Rs 10. The winning amount will be printed on the ticket.


This wager asks you to pick the horse betting winners in at least three and up to five races. A dividend will be paid if at least two horses win.


Three picks are bet together to finish first, second, and third in a single race in the order chosen. A consolation payout will be paid if the winner is accurately picked but the second and third selections are reversed.


This wager necessitates picking the winners of three distinct horse races. There will be no consolation prize if just one or two of your choices are right.

Making the choice among these betting sites & reasons for the same

At the end of the day, the art of selecting one of the best Indian horse racing websites is based on a number of factors. Even if certain businesses, such as Melbet and ComeOn, excel at some areas of the job due to their current design and appealing interface, the user must consider the big picture. In terms of incentives, 1xBet is a terrific option, but when it comes to betting options, it lacks the same variety. These are equally crucial as the markets themselves.

As a consequence, Bet365 is regarded as one of India’s best horse racing websites. It manages to have a large range of markets, an appealing UI, and amazing extra services like live streaming, among other things. Bet365 excels in only a few areas, and its consistency is the secret to its success.

This review was last updated in 16th June 2024 and is based on firsthand experience with Bet365 offerings.

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