Download the Aha app on your PC and catch up on these originals

One of the newest OTT apps that gained popularity in both the Telugu states, Aha has captured the pulse of its audience from its production side. The originally Telugu platform has now ventured into Tamil and widened its horizons. With a range of movies and shows released on the platform, it has kept up to its promise of 100 per cent entertainment. Apart from dubbing hundreds of movies into the regional languages the movies produced by the platform are worth a watch. If you are looking for some local entertainment, download the Aha app on your PC or television and catch up on these must-watch originals.

Scroll down for a list of Aha Original movies to catch up on.

#1 Kudi Yedamayithey

The sci-fi mystery series which made its release on Aha tells the story of a food delivery guy who finds a body of a young woman in the middle of the night. In another case, a female officer will be inspecting a missing child’s case and the two collide into each other in a fatal accident. they both get into a never-ending time loop until they figure out a way. Directed by Pawan Kumar, the cast of the 8 episode series includes Amala Paul, Rahul Vijay, Ravi Prakash, and others in lead roles.

#2 Bhama Kalapam

Directed by Abhimanyu Tadimeti, this thriller tells the story of Anupama, a meddlesome mother, a pushy wife, and a nosy neighbour. She suspects that the neighbour killed his wife and tries to investigate it. The cast of the movie includes The Family Man fame Priyamani, John Vijay, Sharanya Pradeep and others in prominent roles. Download the Aha app on your PC or television and enjoy the exciting crime thriller on a bigger screen.

#3 Mail

The 2021 movie directed by Uday Gurrala is a feel-good movie filled with humour and emotion. Starring Priyadarshi and Gouripriya Reddy in lead roles, the movie tells the story of an innocent 18-year-old. Fascinated by the world of computers and the internet, he feels elated when a gaming center opens in his village. An email unfurls a series of unexpected events stirring life-altering experiences.

#4 The American Dream

The romantic drama tells the story of Rahul, a middle-class boy next door. Not so happy with his lifestyle he decides to go to the US and pursue his dreams. Rahul then struggles with reality and has a hard time finding part-time jobs. He, unfortunately, kills a woman with his car. Watch the relatable on the Aha app. Directed by Vignesh Koushik, the cast of the movie includes Prince Cecil and Neha Krishna in lead roles.

#5 Super Over

This 2021 crime thriller directed by Praveen Varma shows how luck favours Kaasi and his friends in cricket betting but how they soon land in trouble. What happens next is a thrilling case with unexpected events and turns. The cast of the movie includes Naveen Chandra, Ajay, Chandini Chowdary and others in lead roles. It is a must-watchvideo in the among the Aha Original movies.

#6 Colour Photo

This super hit periodic drama encapsulates the love story between Jaya Krishna and Deepti which is set in the 1990s. Directed by Sandeep Raj the cast of the movie includes  Suhas, Chandini Chowdary, Sunil, and others in prominent roles. Download the Aha app on your PC or phones and enjoy a good movie to beat your min week blues.

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