Want to learn how to make a deposit on 1xBet in India? It’s incredibly simple, and we’ll demonstrate how to do it in this article!1xBet has grown to become one of the most popular betting sites in India in recent years.There are numerous reasons why Indian players adore 1xBet, not the least of which is their incredible selection of sports betting and casino games.However, more importantly, 1xBet makes it extremely simple for Indian players to deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts.1xBet recognized that many Indian players have difficulty depositing funds at international betting sites and set out to rectify this by offering the best and most convenient deposit options for Indian players.On 1xBet, you can deposit using dozens of different methods, including several of the most popular payment methods in India.In other words, every Indian should be able to deposit quickly and easily on 1xBet.Let’s take a look at some of the most popular deposit methods on 1xBet.



1xbet logoUPI is one of the most convenient and fastest methods of making a deposit at 1xBet!In India, UPI is an instant money transfer service. It works by deducting funds from your bank account (or other electronic wallets) and instantly transferring them to your recipient, in this case, 1xBet.UPI is extremely popular among Indians and is being adopted by an increasing number of businesses in the country, including betting sites.As one of the first betting sites in India, 1xBet has recently begun accepting deposits via UPI.Therefore, if you are one of the 100 million Indians who use UPI, you can open an account with 1xBet and begin betting immediately. It’s quick, inexpensive, and simple to use.


If you’re a Paytm user, you might want to consider making a deposit via Paytm at 1xBet!Paytm is India’s largest and most widely used mobile wallet.Paytm enables convenient and instant payments between users and merchants. They operate on the UPI network, which means that Paytm users can also send money via UPI and have it deducted from their Paytm balance.Paytm has a user base of more than 300 million in India. If you’re one of those 300 million users, you can quickly and easily make a deposit on 1xBet.Making a deposit with Paytm at 1xBet is a breeze!Simply navigate to the 1xBet deposit page and click the Paytm button. This will open a new window with 1xBet’s Paytm details.You’ll deposit funds to this Paytm address and then upload the transfer information to 1xBet. When this is completed, the funds will immediately appear in your 1xBet account!Paytm allows you to deposit a minimum of Rs. 500 and a maximum of Rs. 10,000 on 1xBet.


If you’re a member of India’s younger generation, you’ve probably heard of PhonePe, one of the fastest-growing digital payment companies in the country.PhonePe is an excellent mobile money application that is extremely popular in India, particularly among the younger generation.PhonePe enables users to send and receive money instantly. It utilises the UPI network to enable money transfers between apps and merchants that are UPI-enabled.If you’re a PhonePe user, you might be wondering how to use PhonePe to make a deposit at a betting site such as 1xBet.1xBet accepts deposits via PhonePe, making it easy and convenient for PhonePe users to fund their accounts at 1xBet!Simply navigate to the 1xBet deposit page, select PhonePe, and a new window will open displaying 1xBet’s PhonePe transfer details.Make a deposit to 1xBet using these transfer details, then enter the requested information, such as your PhonePe number, your full name, and your transaction ID.After approving your transaction, 1xBet will credit your betting account with the deposited funds. This usually takes only a brief moment.

Google Pay

Google Pay is quickly establishing itself as one of India’s most trusted and dependable online payment services.Google Pay operates similarly to other online payment services in that it enables instant money transfers between peers and businesses.Google Pay is accepted at 1xBet and an increasing number of Indian betting sites.We will now demonstrate how to make a deposit on 1xBet using Google Pay.To make a deposit using Google Pay on 1xBet, navigate to the deposits page and select Google Pay.This will open a new window displaying 1xBet’s Google Pay transfer information. Your deposit must be sent to this address.After that, simply enter your Google Pay-connected phone number, your name, your email address, and your transaction ID.Within three hours, your 1xBet account will be credited. Typically, it takes only a few moments for the funds to appear in your 1xBet account.


Do you want to make quick and inexpensive deposits while maintaining complete anonymity? Cryptocurrency may be the answer to your prayers!1xBet is one of the numerous betting sites in India that accept cryptocurrency deposits.Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity rapidly in India at the moment. Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular for a variety of reasons, and an increasing number of betting sites are beginning to accept it as a payment method.Although Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, you can purchase a variety of others, and 1xBet accepts a total of 25 different cryptocurrencies.Therefore, if you own cryptocurrency and wish to deposit it at a betting site, 1xBet is the logical choice!

Neteller and Skrill

Skrill and Neteller are two of the most popular electronic wallets in the world. They are accepted by virtually every betting site on the planet.Skrill and Neteller offer nearly identical services. There are no discernible distinctions between Skrill and Neteller. Paysafe Group, the parent company of both services, owns both.They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom and are considered to be extremely secure methods of money transfer.Transferring funds via Neteller or Skrill is instant, which means the funds will be available in your 1xBet account immediately after the transaction is approved.The only real disadvantage of Neteller and Skrill is that their fees are quite high in comparison to some of the other deposit options mentioned.Skrill and Neteller both charge a deposit fee of 2.5 percent. This means that 2.5 percent of each transaction into your Skrill or Neteller account will be deducted.Additionally, they charge 1.45 percent for transfers. Thus, if you deposit money on 1xBet using Neteller or Skrill, you will be charged an additional 1.45 percent on top of your deposit.If you’re willing to pay these fees, we strongly recommend using Neteller or Skrill, as both of these services are extremely secure and reliable.

Bank Transfer

1xBet allows Indian players to deposit via online bank transfer.You may believe that bank transfers are a time-consuming and inconvenient method of depositing, but 1xBet makes bank transfers quick and simple.Simply transfer funds to 1xBet, upload proof of payment, and 1xBet will credit the funds to your betting account once approved. Typically, the funds are available within a few moments.If you’re one of the numerous Indians who prefer to conduct business via online bank transfer, 1xBet is the ideal betting site for you.

Credit Cards

No other betting site in India except 1xBet offers Cash on Delivery as a deposit method!It is a one-of-a-kind service that allows players to contact 1xBet and request that one of their deposit agents personally meet them and deposit the funds.Cash on Delivery is ideal for players who wish to deposit at 1xBet but do not have access to a bank account or an e-wallet.The only significant disadvantage is that Cash on Delivery is only available in a few major cities throughout India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai.

What is the most convenient method of depositing at 1xBet?

As you can see, 1xBet offers a variety of excellent and convenient deposit methods.Each deposit method is beneficial in its own way; it’s up to you to determine which works best for your circumstances.


As mentioned at the start of this article, 1xBet accepts a variety of different deposit methods; however, not all of them are equally beneficial.Some do not accept Indian rupees, others are prohibitively expensive, and others simply do not operate in India. The following is a list of 1xBet deposit methods that we do not recommend.

  • VISA/MasterCard
  • MuchBetter
  • ecoPayz
  • EcoBanq
  • Payeer
  • WebMoney

If you’re unsure which payment method to use, we recommend UPI, which is the most widely available payment system in India and can be used by virtually anyone.

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