is bet99 legit

Is Bet99 Legit?

Bet99 has established itself⁢ as one of the premier online ⁤casino in India since it began operations in‍ 2008.‌ With a wide selection of games‌ ranging from sports betting,⁤ slots, ⁢and ​table games, Bet99 has something‍ for everyone. But before you sign up for an account, it’s natural to be concerned about⁣ whether⁤ the site is legit or not. To help put your mind at ease, we’ll go‍ through a few points looking at the legitimacy of this online casino.

Legal⁢ in India

Bet99 is ​an⁣ online casino ‍site which is⁢ legally compliant in India under local gambling laws. This ⁤means‍ that whatever you win, ‍won’t be subjected to taxes as it is only legal in certain states.​ They also have a valid license in the state where they are based, so you can be sure you’re​ not gambling and risking money on⁣ an operator ⁤who doesn’t adhere to the law. ⁣

Security ⁣and Payment‍ Processing

The site is powered by a secure ‍network protocol which encrypts​ all your ⁣private data as well as any financial information you ​enter, thereby ensuring your peace of mind.​ As for payment processing, Bet99 has numerous options ‌for both deposits ⁣and withdrawals. Transactions are secure ​and processed quickly so you don’t have to worry about your money being‍ lost in transit.

Bonuses and Offers

Bet99 offers many ⁣exciting ⁤bonuses and rewards for its players. To begin‌ with, new players can take advantage of​ a 100% bonus on their first deposit, up to ₹ 10,000. There are ‍also plenty of ongoing promotions which you ⁤can take advantage​ of, ​from cashback offers to reload bonuses.

Customer Service

Bet99’s⁤ customer service team is highly knowledgeable and ⁢friendly, ⁤always eager to answer your questions and resolve any⁢ issues⁣ you may have quickly and⁣ efficiently. On top of that,⁤ the customer service is available‌ 24/7 so​ you can get help anytime you‍ need it.


In​ conclusion, Bet99 is a legitimate online casino site which is trustworthy ‍and reliable. With ⁤its secure network ​protocol, ‌numerous payment options, lucrative bonuses, and 24/7 customer service,‍ you can rest assured that you’re ​in good hands when you’re ⁣playing with Bet99.​

Is⁢ Bet99 safe to use?

Yes, Bet99 is generally considered to ‍be safe‌ to use. They use encryption ‍technology to protect user data, and their ⁤servers are inspected by ‍third-party security firms. ⁢For added security, they have put measures in place to ensure payment ⁣security and online data protection.

Is Bet99 ‍reliable?

Bet99 is a relatively new betting website and does not have a‌ long track record⁤ of reliability. It does appear to be⁢ safe ⁤and reputable, however, as⁢ it ​is licensed and ​regulated by the Government of Curacao ‌and is‍ associated with respected online gaming companies. As with any online betting website, it is recommended that you do your own research before placing bets with them.

What is the⁣ main purpose of Bet99?

Bet99⁢ is an online sportsbook that allows players to place bets on sport and racing⁢ events worldwide. It provides a fast and easy platform⁣ for⁤ users to make bets and‌ offers ​competitive odds on a wide variety of events. It also offers a variety of bonuses and promotions for new and existing customers.

What sports ‍does ⁣Bet99 offer betting on?

Bet99 offers betting on many different sports,⁢ including but not limited to: football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, ⁢soccer, tennis, volleyball, boxing, MMA, rugby, motorsports, cycling, cricket, darts, and table tennis.

What⁢ countries does Bet99 offer sports ‍betting in?

⁢ Bet99 currently offers sports betting⁣ services in ⁢the⁤ following countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana,⁣ and Mauritius.

What sports can I bet on at⁤ Bet99?

‍At Bet99, you can bet ⁣on major professional ‍sports, such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, motorsports, and more. You ⁢can also bet⁤ on college ‍sports, as well as esports.⁤ Additionally,⁤ Bet99⁢ offers a variety of ‌novelty bets, along with an in-play⁣ betting option.

What⁣ types of betting markets are available at Bet99?

Bet99 offers a‍ wide range⁤ of betting markets including sports betting (soccer, basketball, boxing, MMA, horse racing, rugby, baseball, volleyball, tennis, and more), virtual sports, casino games⁢ (slots, poker, baccarat, blackjack, ⁢roulette, ⁤and more), ‍live casino ⁢(live dealer games), lottery (Powerball, Mega⁢ Millions, and more) ⁤and eSports.

What types of sports betting markets are available at Bet99?

At Bet99, customers can place bets on a wide⁤ variety of sports⁢ and leagues, including major US professional sports such as the ⁢NBA,⁤ NFL, MLB, and NHL, as well as college sports, international soccer, tennis, and other international leagues and competitions. Customers can bet on point spreads, money ‍lines, parlays, teasers, prop bets, futures,⁢ and in-play markets for both pre-game and live betting ‍options.

What types of sports and events can be bet on at‌ Bet99?

At Bet99, bettors can participate in‍ wagering‍ on a number of sports, ​including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, cricket, tennis, rugby, horse racing,⁢ greyhounds, e-sports, and more. ‍Additionally, bettors ‌can wager on events such as the Super Bowl, World Cup, Olympics, and other popular international and domestic sporting events.

What are ⁣the most⁤ popular ​sports to bet ‍on ‍at‌ Bet99?

The most ⁣popular sports to bet on at⁢ Bet99 are soccer, tennis, basketball, American football, ice ​hockey, baseball, cricket, golf,‌ and boxing. Bettors can also wager on niche sports such as eSports, motorsports, and Aussie rules sports. Additionally, bettors can⁣ bet on⁣ international leagues and events, novelty bets, and future markets.

What sports do Bet99 offer for betting?

Bet99 offers a⁢ wide range of sports for⁤ betting, including Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, American⁣ Football, Baseball, Ice‌ Hockey, Golf, Horse Racing, Table Tennis, MMA, and⁤ eSports. Additionally, customers can place bets on international leagues, novelty bets, and future markets.

Where can I bet on‌ sports with Bet99?

Bet99‌ is an international online bookmaker that operates in‍ over 80 countries worldwide.⁢ You can visit their‍ website⁢ at to place sports bets. You‍ can also place ⁢bets using ⁢the Bet99 ⁢mobile app on both⁣ Android and iOS devices.

What is the minimum deposit amount to play ⁢on Bet99?

The minimum deposit amount to play on Bet99 is $10. However, customers can also deposit in lower amounts​ and⁣ are not limited to $10. Customers can also choose to deposit via credit/debit cards, bank transfers, ‌e-wallets, and⁤ payment apps such as Zelle. The deposit amounts and method of payment may vary depending on the country in which‍ the customer is located.

“What other deposit methods are accepted at Bet99?”

Bet99 ⁢accepts deposits via ⁣all major credit and debit cards, Visa, ‌Mastercard, ‌Instadebit, Interac,⁣ ecoPayz, and cash deposits in their retail stores. They also accept mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Zelle, GPay, and bank​ transfers. There are‌ different deposit amounts ‌and⁤ processing ‍times for each method, so customers⁣ should check before⁤ making a deposit.

What deposit limits are there‍ at Bet99?

Bet99 does‍ not have any‍ specific deposit limits in place. However, all deposits are ⁢subject to the Bet99⁢ minimum deposit requirement of £10. Customers can⁣ deposit⁤ more than the minimum and processing⁣ times may vary‌ depending on the chosen payment method. Customers should also ⁤be aware of any banking fees⁢ that may apply.

What methods can I use for deposits at Bet99?

At Bet99,‍ you can use a variety of⁤ payment methods to ​deposit funds into your account. These include:

• ​Credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, ⁤etc.)

• Prepaid cards/vouchers ⁤

• Electronic wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.)

• Bank transfers

• Cryptocurrencies​ (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.)

• Mobile payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Zelle,⁤ GPay, etc.)

•‍ Cash deposits in Bet99 retail stores.

What payment methods are available for‍ deposits on Bet99?

⁤Bet99​ offers a range of⁣ payment methods​ for deposits including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro,⁤ Sepa, Trustly, Paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller, Pago Efectivo, Neosurf, MuchBetter, and ecoPayz. All of these payment options are fast and secure‌ for customers.‍

What other payment methods ⁢can I use⁢ to deposit to Bet99 beside ​credit cards?

Depending on ⁢the country or region you live ⁤in, some of the other payment methods you can use to deposit at⁤ Bet99 include ⁢eWallets such as ⁣Skrill,⁣ Neteller and ecoPayz, as well as prepaid cards ⁣such as EntroPay, Paysafecard and Bitcoin. Bank transfers, various other⁢ digital currencies, and mobile payments are also accepted. ⁣Customers should check the Payment⁣ page ‌on Bet99 for more information.

What other payment options can⁣ I use⁢ to fund‍ my Bet99 account?

In addition to debit/credit card payments, Bet99 also ​accepts crypto ‌payments like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Additionally, customers can make deposits via‌ direct⁣ bank transfer, E-wallets, prepaid‌ cards,‍ Giropay, Trustly, Pay by Phone, and a range of other online payment options. Please check the Bet99 website for full details.

What types⁢ of credit cards ⁤can I use⁤ to fund my Bet99 account?

You can‍ fund your Bet99 account ⁢using major credit cards, ‍including Visa,⁤ Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

“What other payment methods can⁢ I use to ⁣fund my Bet99 account?”

You can​ fund your Bet99 account ‍using credit/debit card, bank transfer and e-wallets such as Skrill ⁤and NETELLER. Crypto payments ⁢in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum‌ and ⁣Litecoin are also ‌accepted. Prepaid cards ‌like Paysafecard, Neosurf ‌and EcoPayz are ⁤also accepted. ⁢All deposits are processed instantly and ​securely. Please⁤ make sure‌ to check the Bet99 website for more information.

What are‍ the withdrawal methods for Bet99?

​Bet99 supports​ a variety of⁢ withdrawal methods depending on the customer’s preferences, including⁤ bank transfer,​ Bitcoin,⁣ Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz, Payeer, Jeton, and Ethereum. The maximum withdrawal limit per transaction is ⁢usually 2,500 USD​ and funds are generally processed within 24 hours. Please visit the Bet99 website ⁢for more information.

What are the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits for Bet99?

‍The‍ minimum withdrawal⁢ limit ‍for Bet99 is‌ $5 ‍and the maximum withdrawal limit is​ $2500. Please note that depending on the payment method chosen, higher or lower limits may⁣ apply. Please check the Bet99 website for more information.

What are​ the fees associated with Bet99 withdrawals?

Bet99 does not charge⁣ any fees for withdrawals, however the ⁢processing time for ​withdrawals may vary.‍ You⁤ may want to contact Bet99’s​ customer support team ⁢for more⁢ information about any applicable fees or processing ‍times.

What are the withdrawal limits ​on Bet99?

The withdrawal limits at Bet99 vary depending on the payment method used. Generally, any withdrawals made with​ cards or ‌bank transfer will have a minimum amount of $20 and a maximum ⁢amount​ of $5,000 per transaction. Some methods, such as cryptocurrency or⁢ e-wallets, ‌may have higher or ⁤lower limits.‍ Please consult the Bet99 website for more information.

What currencies does Bet99 accept for withdrawal?

Bet99 accepts ​US ‌dollars, Canadian dollars,⁤ euros, ⁤pounds or⁣ any other⁢ major⁢ currency. Cryptocurrency withdrawals‍ are also available in Bitcoin, ⁣Ethereum⁢ and Litecoin. Please consult the Bet99 website for more information.

What payment methods are ​available for withdrawing funds ⁤from Bet99?

Bet99‍ offers ⁤a variety ⁢of methods for withdrawing funds, including bank transfer, ​Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, and Neteller. For more information about available payment methods, ‍please visit the Bet99 website.‌

What ‍is the withdrawal limit for Bet99?

Bet99 does not have a withdrawal limit in place. ⁤Withdrawals⁣ are only limited by your preferred payment ‌method and any fees associated ‍with your ⁤withdrawal. Please consult the Bet99 website for more information.⁤

What is the ⁤maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn from Bet99?

Unfortunately, there ​is no maximum withdrawal limit⁢ on Bet99 ⁢and you are free to⁣ withdraw funds anytime. Please be aware, however, ‍of any ​fees that may be​ associated with⁢ your withdrawal method and ​any limits that may be placed on‍ your‌ withdrawal amount by your payment provider.​

What are⁣ the withdrawal limits on​ Bet99?

Bet99‍ has a daily maximum withdrawal limit of $5000 CAD. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20‍ CAD.​ Please note that additional restrictions may ​apply for international players. For more information, please consult the Bet99 website.

What fees does Bet99 charge for withdrawals?

Bet99 charges no fees ⁢for withdrawals.⁤ However, please keep in ⁢mind that your payment provider‍ may have their own additional fees associated ‌with withdrawals. Please consult the Bet99 website for more information.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount‌ on Bet99?

The minimum‍ withdrawal ‍amount on Bet99⁣ is 25.00 ‌EUR or its equivalent in the selected currency. Please ‌note that additional restrictions may apply⁤ for international players. For more information, please consult the ‌Bet99 website.

How much do I ‍need to deposit in ​order to withdraw from⁤ Bet99?

In⁣ order to make a withdrawal from Bet99, you must‌ have at least the minimum amount of your chosen payment method. The​ minimum withdrawal amount is ‍usually $5 ⁢but may vary depending on the payment method you select. Please consult the Bet99 website for more information. ⁤

“How long does it take to withdraw money from Bet99?”

The withdrawal process typically takes 24 hours to complete⁣ but can take up to 7 days‌ depending on the ⁢payment⁢ method used. Additionally, please consider your payment provider’s processing times‌ as these will also affect‍ the length‍ of time it takes for a withdrawal to be processed.

What is‍ the minimum ⁣withdrawal amount​ from Bet99?

⁤ The minimum withdrawal‌ amount ⁣from​ Bet99 is $20. Please note that additional restrictions may apply for international players.‌ For more information, please consult the⁢ Bet99 website.

What is the maximum withdrawal amount from Bet99?

The maximum⁤ withdrawal amount from Bet99 is €20,000 ⁣per 24 hour period. Please ​note that ⁣additional restrictions may apply⁢ for international players.​ For‍ more⁣ information, please consult the‍ Bet99 website.

What‍ is the minimum withdrawal amount from Bet99?

The⁢ minimum withdrawal amount from Bet99 is 10 USD. Please note that additional restrictions may apply for ⁢international players. ⁣For more information, please consult the Bet99 website.

What ⁢are the withdrawal fees for Bet99?

⁤Bet99 does not charge ⁣any fees ‌for making withdrawals. The only⁢ fees⁢ which may be incurred are those charged​ by the payment processor when transferring winnings⁣ to a player’s bank account. Please consult the Bet99 ‍website for more information.⁣

What methods can I use​ to withdraw money ‍from Bet99?

1.Bank Transfer: You can transfer your winnings directly from your Bet99 account to your bank ‌account.

2.Bet99 Debit Card: Bet99 offers a debit card that you can use to withdraw money from ⁤any ‌ATM in the world.

3.Courier Check: Bet99 will send a courier ⁢check to your address for you to cash ‌out your winnings.

4.eWallet: You can transfer ​your winnings to your eWallet account such as Skrill, EcoPayz, or Neteller.

5.Payment Agents: You can use payment agents such⁢ as local‍ banks, Western Union, MoneyGram, and Paytm to withdraw your winnings.

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