is stake com legal in india

Is Legal in India? is an ⁤internationally recognized crypto currency⁣ gambling platform and it is quite a⁤ popular choice for those​ who ‍want⁣ to bet online using cryptocurrency like ⁢Bitcoin, Ethereum ‍and Dogecoin. This platform ⁢offers a wide range of betting ‌options⁢ for⁤ both novice and experienced players.

However, in India, ⁣online gambling is still a grey area and many people are ⁣uncertain whether ⁣or not is allowed by Indian laws. It ⁣is important to mention here that is not a legal betting platform in India, and it is regulated​ by the ⁣government of​ Curacao.

Understanding ‌the‌ current legal framework for online gambling​ in India

The current legal framework for online gambling in India does not permit most types ‌of online gaming. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 ⁤has remained largely unchanged since then, limiting gambling​ in India to two types: horse racing betting and ​licensed‌ lotteries.

Though the Supreme Court of India in 1996 declared ‍rummy⁤ a game of skill, making it eligible for legal betting, no new legislation has been implemented since. As a result, most forms of online gambling and⁢ betting remain ‌illegal in India. and⁤ the Indian Gambling Laws features⁢ games⁢ such as slots, live⁢ casino, poker, rolled dice, ⁣baccarat, crash, lottery, blackjack and more. These ⁢games are classified as games⁢ of chance, which means that they are⁤ not permitted in India as per the Public ⁢Gambling Act of 1867.

Moreover, ⁣the site‍ also⁣ offers betting on sports like cricket, soccer, tennis and​ other popular ‍sports, which is not allowed in India as well. In short, runs into some‍ serious legal issues in India due to⁣ the strict gambling⁣ laws in the country.


To sum up, it is ⁢quite evident‍ that is not a legal⁢ betting platform ⁤in India. It is important ‌to bear in mind that the existing gambling laws ​in India are quite strict, and ‌anyone found to be gambling illegally can face serious consequences. Therefore, if you want to bet online using cryptocurrency​ in India, it is best to stay ⁤away ‌from‍

Is available in India?

No, is not available in India. The exchange is not yet registered in India and therefore‌ cannot be used by anyone in the country. India’s current gambling laws do not permit online gambling or betting in most​ forms, so is not⁢ permitted⁣ in the country.

Can I buy Bitcoin on in India?

No, unfortunately, you cannot buy⁤ Bitcoin on ⁣in India.‍ is not licensed to operate within the Indian jurisdiction and does not accept deposits from customers in India.

Can I use Indian rupees to⁢ buy ‌Bitcoin on‍

No, ‌unfortunately, Indian⁣ rupees are not supported as a ⁣payment option on You will ‍need to fund your account⁤ with USD, euro, or Australian dollars in order ‍to buy Bitcoin.‍

Can I buy Bitcoin with a debit card on

No, unfortunately you​ can’t buy Bitcoin with a debit card on However, you can​ use your debit card to deposit funds into your account so that you can​ buy Bitcoin using the funds in your account.

Can I buy Bitcoin with a credit card on

⁤ No, it is not possible‍ to buy Bitcoin with a credit⁢ card on only allows users⁢ to purchase ​Bitcoin through the selected ‍third-party ⁣payment methods like bank transfer,⁢ debit/credit ⁢cards and certain ⁤e-wallets.

Can I buy Bitcoin with ​a debit card on

‍ No, it is not currently possible ‌to buy Bitcoin with⁢ a debit card ⁤on ​‍ It is only‌ possible‍ to⁣ purchase Bitcoin ⁤by depositing funds from⁤ a​ cryptocurrency wallet such as a coin base.

Can I use a prepaid card to buy Bitcoin‍ on

Yes, ‍you can use a prepaid card to buy ⁤Bitcoin on ⁤Simply log in ‌to your account ⁤on ⁢and ⁤go to the deposit page.​ Select​ the “Prepaid Card” option and enter your prepaid card details. The funds ​will then be credited to your account, allowing you to‍ buy Bitcoin.

Can I still buy Bitcoin on ‍ if my prepaid card doesn’t have ⁤a billing ‌address?

Yes, you⁣ can still buy Bitcoin on if your prepaid card doesn’t have a billing address. accepts payments‌ from prepaid cards including UnionPay, VISA,​ MasterCard, as well‍ as PayPal and bank transfers. Please note that ‍you may incur fees⁤ for loading funds to your account ⁢and any applicable ⁣currency⁣ conversion fees​ depending ​on the payment option you choose to use.

What type of cards​ can be used to purchase Bitcoin on accepts all major ⁢credit and debit cards for⁤ the purchase of Bitcoin,‍ including Visa, Mastercard, ⁤and American Express.⁢ Additionally, you can also use UnionPay, PayPal, and certain e-wallets ⁤for​ easy ​and convenient deposits.⁢

What is the withdrawal‍ limit for Bitcoin‌ on

The ⁢withdrawal limits for Bitcoin depend on the level‌ of verification of your⁢ account.‍ However, the minimum ⁢withdrawal limit ⁣is ⁣0.005⁤ BTC​ and the maximum withdrawal limit is 50 BTC. ⁢If ⁣you require higher ⁤withdrawal limits,⁢ you may need‍ to‍ provide additional verification documents. ⁤

What are⁢ the daily withdrawal ⁢limits for ‌Bitcoin on

The daily withdrawal limits ⁣for⁢ Bitcoin⁢ on depend on a user’s account ⁣verification status. Unverified users⁤ can withdraw up to 0.02 BTC per day, while verified users can ⁤withdraw up to 0.1 BTC per day and VIP ⁣account‍ holders can withdraw up to 2 BTC per day.

What is ⁤the minimum deposit for Bitcoin on​

The ‌minimum deposit for Bitcoin on ⁣ is 0.001 BTC. Deposits‍ below this amount will not be credited to your account.

What⁢ are the deposit limits for Bitcoin‌ on

⁢At,⁢ the minimum⁣ deposit amount⁤ for Bitcoin is⁤ 0.0001 BTC, the ⁢maximum Bitcoin‍ deposit is 100⁣ BTC and for ‌every single deposit you are ⁣limited to 5.000 BTC.

What are‌ the withdrawal​ limits for Bitcoin on

The withdrawal limit for Bitcoin on is ‌set to 2BTC per​ 24 hour period. If the user‍ requires higher withdrawal limits, additional verifications may be ⁢necessary.

What are the deposit limits for Bitcoin on

‍ The minimum deposit⁤ limit for Bitcoin on⁢ is 0.001 BTC​ and​ the maximum ⁤deposit limit⁣ is 10 BTC.‍ All deposits made on must⁣ be in Bitcoin and no other cryptocurrencies are accepted. ⁣

What is the minimum deposit⁢ amount for‌ Bitcoin‌ on

The minimum deposit amount for ‌Bitcoin on is ‌0.0002 BTC. Any deposits made below this amount will ⁣not ‌be credited to your ⁢account. ⁤

What is ⁣the minimum withdrawal amount ‌for ​Bitcoin on

The minimum withdrawal amount for Bitcoin on‍ is 0.001 BTC. Any ⁢withdrawals below this amount ⁢will not ⁣be⁤ processed.

What are the withdrawal fees ⁣for Bitcoin on

The withdrawal⁣ fee for Bitcoin on is 0.0005 ⁤BTC. All⁣ withdrawal requests incur this fee ​regardless ⁣of the transfer amount.

What are the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits for Bitcoin on

The ⁣minimum withdrawal amount‌ for Bitcoin on ​is ‍0.001BTC, and the maximum withdrawal amount is⁤ 50BTC. ⁣VIP account ⁢holders can ​withdraw up to‍ 100BTC ⁤in ⁢24 hours.

What is the minimum deposit for Bitcoin on

‌The minimum amount required for a deposit on is 0.0005 BTC ($3.55). No deposits below⁣ this ⁣amount will‌ be credited to your ⁤account.

What is the maximum deposit ⁤for Bitcoin on

The‌ maximum‍ deposit for‌ Bitcoin ‌on is 50‍ BTC. No deposits above this amount will be credited ⁢to your account.

What⁢ is the minimum deposit for Bitcoin on

The​ minimum deposit for ‍Bitcoin on is 0.001 BTC. Any ​deposits below this amount will​ not⁣ be credited⁢ to your account.

What deposit‌ options⁢ are‌ available on

​ At⁤, players can deposit‍ funds​ to their account using ⁢Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin ⁢(LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Tether ‍(USDT) coins. Additionally,⁣ players can use credit cards, AstroPay Local, CashtoCode, and Neosurf to​ deposit⁢ funds into their‍ account.‌

What deposit methods are accepted on⁢ accepts deposits via cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum,​ Litecoin, Dogecoin,‌ Dash, Bitcoin Cash,​ Monero, Cardano, Tron, Ripple, Ethereum⁣ Classic, ‌etc.) and⁤ with credit cards (VISA & Mastercard). Additionally,‍ AstroPay Local, CashtoCode, and Neosurf are ‍also accepted.

What cryptocurrencies are accepted on⁣ accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP),​ Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ‍and Dogecoin (DOGE). It also supports other popular​ coins including Dash, ‍Zcash, Monero, ​and Tether, and a selection of Ethereum-based tokens. ⁤

What method can I‍ use to deposit cryptocurrencies on currently ⁣supports deposit of cryptocurrencies directly ‍from external wallets and deposit via credit/debit​ card.⁢ Both payment methods allow you to deposit ⁣funds⁣ and use them for betting on In order to deposit cryptocurrencies, the address generated‍ by​ has to be copied and pasted into the‍ outbound cryptocurrency wallet. After transfer confirmation, your account at will be ‍credited ‌with the amount.

What cryptocurrencies can⁣ I deposit‌ on accepts deposits in Bitcoin,‍ Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin. Users may ​also deposit‍ cryptocurrency using a supported stablecoin option. In order ​to deposit cryptocurrencies, simply⁢ copy the address generated⁣ on the wallet page ​and paste into the ⁣outbound send address ‌on the cryptocurrency wallet⁤ being used. Make sure ‍to double check your transaction⁢ goes through correctly before sending.

What​ platforms are compatible with ⁤ is⁣ compatible with web browsers, Android devices, and iOS devices. It is also‌ continuously developing additional platforms and tools to be compatible⁣ with more devices in ⁤the future.

What types of games⁢ are available‍ on ⁤ offers a variety⁢ of casino ‍and gambling games, including slots,​ table games, live casino games, and‍ sports betting.⁢ Popular⁣ games on the site include‍ Live Blackjack, Roulette,⁤ Baccarat, Keno,⁤ Texas Hold Em, Hi-Lo, Rocket Dice, Video Poker, Crash, Plinko, Hi-Lo⁣ Duel, Mines, Wheel of Fortune, ‌and⁣ Scratch card games. More games​ are added periodically.

What are the different ⁣game formats? offers a variety of games across ‍multiple game categories:

1. Slots/Jackpot Slots: These include the‌ classic slot machines as well as the progressive jackpot slots.

2. Roulette and Table Games: This⁣ includes​ Roulette,⁢ Blackjack, Baccarat, ⁤Oasis‍ Poker, Video Poker, Mahjong, and⁣ War.

3. Live ⁤Casino: This includes games from Pragmatic ⁢Play ​and⁤ Evolution Gaming, featuring‌ an immersive gaming​ experience with real dealers.

4.⁤ Dice Games: These include Roll, Dice ‌Duel⁤ and Plinko. ​

5. Sports‌ Betting: This enables users to bet on the outcomes of popular sporting events,⁢ either on the platform or the ‌Sportsbook section.

6. Other ‌Games: These include scratch cards, ⁣lotto, keno and​ various other virtual ⁢games.

What types of games does offer? offers a‌ variety of ​casino games⁢ including ⁢Bitcoin slots, blackjack, roulette, dice, baccarat, poker, video poker, and more. The site also offers‍ many types of popular games ⁣such‍ as Crash, ‍Hi-Lo, Wheel of Fortune, and Plinko. In the upcoming months, the​ platform ⁣will also be⁢ adding Sportsbook and Lottery.

What⁣ is the minimum deposit on ⁢

The minimum deposit⁤ on is 0.0002 BTC.

What is the minimum age to gamble ⁤on

The minimum age for players to access‍ and gamble‌ on‌ is 18 years old.

What‌ age do I have to be to play on‍

You must be at⁣ least 18 ‌years‌ old to play on ⁤

What is the legal ‍gambling age for

The legal gambling age for is 18.

What is the minimum age‌ requirement‌ to play on

The minimum ‌age requirement to play ‌on is 18 ‌years ⁢of age.

What⁢ age do you have to be to gamble on

You must be at least 18 years old⁢ to gamble on

What is the minimum age to play at

‍ The minimum age to play at is 18. ‌

What ‍is the minimum age requirement⁣ for casino?

The minimum​ age requirement for ⁣ casino⁣ is 18 years old.

What is the minimum age requirement for gambling⁣ on

​The minimum ‍age requirement for gambling on is 18 years old.

What is the minimum age‍ to register an account on

The minimum‌ age to register an account on is 18⁤ years old.

What is the minimum age ‌to gamble⁣ on

The‍ minimum age to gamble on is‌ 18.

How old do ⁣I have to be to place bets‍ on

You need ​to ‍be at least 18 years old⁢ to place bets on⁣

“What age is legal to gamble on”

The legal age to gamble on is 18​ years or older, depending⁢ on the jurisdiction.

At what age can I open an account on

Stake ‍does not require ⁣a minimum age to open an ⁤account on its platform. However, some ⁣individual countries may ‍have ⁣specific requirements‍ which must⁢ be followed. We recommend that‍ you‍ check your local laws ⁢to make sure you are compliant.

Can I open a account if I’m under 18?

No, you must ‍be 18 years of age or older to open an account with

Can I gamble on⁢ if‍ I’m under 18?

No, you⁢ cannot gamble on ⁣if ​you are under 18 as it is against‍ both the website’s and the ⁣law’s rules and regulations.

Can⁢ I ⁤use without‌ being 18?

No.⁢ You must ⁣be 18 years or ‍older to create an account and gamble at ‌ All users⁣ must provide valid proof ‍of age to gain access ⁢to the site.

Can ‍I use with a parent’s supervision?

⁤Yes. If your parents want to ‌oversee your use of, they can register an‍ account ⁣and use the Family Sharing feature. This lets family​ members see ⁤each other’s‍ transactions and activities and monitor the use of the platform.

Can I use⁢ if I’m under‌ 18?

No, you ‌must be 18⁤ years old or older to use The website⁤ requires valid​ proof of age to gain access and engage in activities, and ⁤underage users are not allowed.

Can ​I gamble ‍on if I’m under 18?

No, does not allow any users under‍ the age of ‌18 to gamble on their platform.⁤ Doing ‌so is illegal and can result in serious‍ consequences.

Is⁤ legal for minors?

No, ⁣is not ⁢legal or suitable for minors. You must be 18 years⁤ of age or older to⁣ sign ‌up for and⁢ use

Can I sign up for if I am under 18?

No, you must be⁤ 18 years or older​ to sign ‌up for The website requires valid‌ proof of age to gain​ access and engage ‌in activities and will not accept users who are underage.

Can I gamble online if I am under 18?

No, gambling online is ⁣strictly regulated and most sites do not allow‍ anyone under 18 to participate.Online gambling can be addictive and ⁣should only be done by adults of legal age who are​ in control of their actions. ​If you think you may have a gambling​ problem, ‌please‌ seek help from ‍a professional.

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