my fortune lotto

It would be difficult to find one word to describe these numbers and the tickets casino. This platform does not provide any information that would make it reliable for lotto lovers of any kind.

  1. Exclusively for lotto options
  2. Simple registration
  1. Only for lotto tickets
  2. Non-existent customer service


Online gamblers will tell you they don’t like to waste time registering. They want something simple so they can quickly access their favorite game. The registration process appears to be simple. The terms and conditions of this site will reveal more. This is why we gave the site 1 star.

Register Now to Get the Information You Need

The following information is required to register an account.

* A unique username

* Email address

* Telephone number

* Password

How easy is it to create an account?

While setting up an account to purchase lotto tickets is easy, there are many steps involved. After you have created an account, you will need a verification process. This can take from a few hours up to several days before you can purchase a ticket for a cash prize.

How My Fortune Lotto verifies your documents

This casino does not provide any information about the verification process used to buy tickets. You will need to email copies of your utility bills and identification to this site if it follows the same process as other sites. Although the language used in the verification process can be confusing, you will need it both when you register an account and when you withdraw funds.

🆓Free Bets

As unclear are the withdrawal and deposit policies, so too is the rest of the site’s terms. This aspect of the site was not easily accessible unless you’re a registered player. Ex-players have complained repeatedly about not being able to collect their winnings on the due date and having money added to their accounts that was not automatically credited.

Deposit Methods

This online casino does not provide any assistance in adding funds to your account. Ex-gamblers reported that the site changes their accepted deposits quickly, making it difficult to keep up. Our experts often create a table explaining the deposit method, processing times, minimum and maximum deposits in other reviews. We were unable, however, to create a table for this site because we do not have the necessary information.

How to Withdraw Earnings

We were unable find information about withdrawals, similar to deposit information. Although the site claims that withdrawals can be requested instantly, the terms and conditions state that players can request withdrawals at any time. However, they will need to contact customer service to discuss the details of the request. It is possible that you won’t see your winnings for a long time due to slow customer service response times.

When it comes to sourcing lottery games, this platform does not use any reputable software companies. While other trusted online platforms offer players a copy to verify that their software generates random number drawings, this site does not provide any such proof.

What Games Can I Play in My Fortune Lotto

This site offers two different lottery games:

  • Weekly Fortune
  • Quick Cash

One redeeming feature of the game options are that players can choose their own numbers to be used in their tickets. This is something that players would prefer, as serious lotto gamblers have their own numbers. The game you choose will determine the number of numbers you can pick. A player can buy more than one ticket to pick multiple numbers. This increases the chances of winning.


🍒 Jackpot Games

🛡️ Security and Regulations – Scams or not?

This site allows players to access lottery tickets by:

  • Logging in to their account from a desktop computer
  • Use the mobile web browser from a smartphone or tablet

This website is standard. It is simple in design and does not stand out from its competitors. We believe that lotto-style gambling is not the best option for many gamblers. There are plenty of other options available that can be used to navigate to this site.

🛎️ Customer Service

Online casinos must provide excellent customer service as players are unable to speak face-to-face with representatives like they would in traditional casinos. This is a serious oversight. When a player registers, they can only reach a member the casino’s customer service team. This is a negative aspect that prevents interested players from contacting customer support regarding general funding or ticket questions.


My Fortune Lotto isn’t for you if you want a safe and enjoyable experience when you place your online lotto bets. Nearly every aspect of the site was disappointing to our experts. We recommend that you avoid this lotto site. We have reviewed many other lotto sites which are exclusively for lottery-style betting. So we urge you to read our reviews to help you find the best platform.

  1. Is My Fortune Lotto Real?
    Our experts doubt that this website is genuine. Numerous complaints have been made about problems with withdrawals and deposits, as well as communication issues with customer service.

  2. Is My Fortune Lotto available in India?
    It is not clear if the prize is localized to India. Each prize is paid in rupees so we can assume it is localized to India.

  3. Can I purchase tickets with INR?
    Yes. Players can only purchase tickets using Indian Rupees.

  4. Can I trust My Fortune Lotto
    We think that lotto gamblers should avoid this site and not spend their hard-earned cash on any of its lotto options.

3.0 Overall Rating