What is 90 11 in cricket betting?

One of the most popular sports for betting is cricket, especially in the Indian Subcontinent and UK. The odds that a certain team or event will occur are how bookies and punters calculate their return. Let’s find out how odds work. What is 90 11 in cricket betting odds? Let’s look at it in context of cricket betting odds.

What’s 90/11 in cricket betting

It is 90 to 11 when a betting sites (for example, 1xBet India), gives you odds of 90/11. If your bet is a winner, it means you will get Rs90 for every Rs11 you bet. The Rs90 is your profit, not your payout. The total payout is Rs90 (profit) + Rs11 = Rs101

Exceptions to the UK, which prefers decimals, fractional odds are common in Europe.

What is the alternative type of odds?

There are two ways to display odds: fractional odds and European odds, as well as decimals and American or moneyline’ odds.

Decimals are the easiest to understand as they indicate the payout for winning bets. If you place a bet that India will win, at odds of 1.70, your total payout is Rs170 per Rs100.

American odds can be more confusing because they indicate the amount of money you have to place to win Rs100 if backing a favorite or Rs100 if backing an underdog. If you place a bet on India to win, you’ll need to wager Rs479 in order to win Rs100. However, if your bet is in Bangladesh to win, you’ll only need Rs100.

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