What is a Matched Bet?

Matched bets are a great way to turn the free betting promotions offered by online bookmakers into real money. 

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Most reputable bookies offer sign-up bonuses designed to encourage you to open an account on their website. Unlike traditional betting, where punters must predict the outcome, matched bets take advantage of this incentive. Simply place a bet with the bookie who offers you a free bet and then bet, or bet against, the same outcome elsewhere. Instead of putting just one bet with the bookie, you place two by ‘matching’ that bet with another on the betting exchange. This allows you to cover every potential outcome and secure profits regardless of the outcome. 

With matched betting, you are not risking your money as this is a technique based on the application of mathematics rather than chance. Typical returns for matched bets where stakes are returned are more than 85% of the amount offered for free bets and more than 70% where bets are not returned. Most free bets do not return your bet. A more advanced version of the matched Canadian betting strategy involves placing bets with multiple bookmakers to avoid the commissions charged for using the exchange.

There are several common strategies for matched betting, including manual and assisted betting. The first is where individuals find their offers, markets, and opportunities and also make relevant calculations. Matching the right odds requires high numbers and in-depth betting knowledge.

Matched betting aids refer to software packages or websites that provide market comparison tables for individuals to bet on. This is known as ‘auto-matching,โ€™ which gives people a match bet calculator to work with along with a comparison table that allows users to choose bet type, bet, bonus, and timeframe.

You can get involved with matched bets for as little as $50.00 and collect your money when you complete the welcome offer. Once you have that done, you can handle refill offers for your existing customers. A monthly profit of $500.00 is achievable, although this depends on your initial bankroll and the amount of time you want to commit. Matched betting is a great way to increase your income from just a few extra hours of work.

How Does Matched Betting Work?

Canada Matched Bet

Understanding matched bets takes a little time, but the process is quite simple. You start by registering with the bookie of your choice, making an initial deposit, and placing an eligible bet. For example, the bookmaker offers ‘Bet $50, Get $50’ in free bets. To get a $50 bet from the bookie, you have to place a $50 bet. Next, you have to choose the event to bet on. Using the Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City as an example, you support the visitors.

Odds for City are 1.53 (back) on your bet and 1.57 (lay) on your chosen exchange. You now place a $50 bet on City to win with the bookmaker.

To calculate your optimal lay bet on the exchange, use this simple equation:

  • Bet bet for even profit = odds back / (odds odds โ€“ exchange commission) * bet back. For this example it is 1.53 / (1.57-0.02) * 50 = $49.35.

To complete a qualifying bet, place City for 1.57 on the exchange and enter your bet as $49.35, which means your liability is $28.13. You need to make sure your account has that amount to cover liability if City wins, but remember you’ve won with the bookmaker if that happens. So if you place this qualifying bet, you will lose $1.63. However, you will receive a free $50 bet and can now place a matched bet.

The process is now similar to the initial qualifying bet โ€“ return the result to the bookmaker and place it on the exchange. In this example, you decide to bet on City of Love to win 7.15 at Woodbine. The odds in the City of Love are 7.00 (back) on your bet and 7.50 (lay) on the exchange. As before, place a $50 back bet on City of Love’s win at odds of 7.00 with the bookmaker, and calculate your lay bet for a consistent profit on the exchange using the calculation below:

  • Bet bet = (return odds โ€“ 1) / (lay odds โ€“ commission) * free bet value. For our example it is (7 โ€“ 1) / (7.50 โ€“ 0.02) * 50 = $40.11.

To complete the matched bet, place City of Love at odds of 7.50 on the exchange and enter your bet as $40.11, so you have a liability of $260.71. You have to make sure your account has $260.71 to cover liabilities if the City of Love wins, but you will win with the bookie if that happens. Whether the City of Love wins or loses, your matched betting strategy will result in a profit of over $39.

Now that you understand how simple matched bets are to profit, you can use them to earn extra income every month.

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