Nairabet mobile

“Nairabet is one of the most trusted online bookmakers by many Nigerians with their services always in favor with their patrons…”


Sports watching nowadays are made even exciting with sports betting. The way sports betting has become a thing in all sports event is so interesting since it started with just plain interest of the spectators who do not just want to be plain spectators. People just couldn’t remain indifferent while witnessing the games of the season and wanted some sort of involvement to the intense competition. This reason alone has started the spread of this betting activity on almost every sports events.

Online bookmakers have definitely changed the face of sports betting forever. Before, sports bettors are required to personally go to the nearest sports betting outlets in their area in order for them to bet and see the live games. Today, this sports-related activity is made even better. With the continuous advancement of technology, from old mobile devices to new mobile and gadget advancements, connection accessibility and stability, and the development of other game platforms, sports betting has become easier and more convenient to sports bettors.

One of those online bookmakers that are making its appeal to the sports bettors community is Nairabet. Nairabet is an African online betting portal and the oldest sportsbook and casino firm that is patronized by most Nigerians since 2009. Players can open an account via any new mobile device, on the actual Nairabet website and on the Nairabet mobile site. Aside from the ease of access on any device, Nairabet is known as one of the most trusted online bookmakers by many Nigerians for their services that are always in favor with their players. With generous bonus and features that they provide on both online website and Nairabet mobile site, players have grown to trust the consistency of Nairabet as an online sportsbook and casino firm.

Nairabet for Mobile Devices

Smart phones, tablets and other types of new mobile device that are coming out today have definitely moved to even uplift the gaming niche in the market. Mobile game sales have now become a huge impact in the video game industry and is predicted to become even bigger. Because of this, a lot of industries are making their move in incorporating and introducing their industry to the new mobile technology era.

Today, new mobile gaming has now become almost as prevalent as the traditional online betting among sports betting fans. The good thing is Nairabet is 100% mobile-friendly so anyone can bet on the go! Although land betting shops and casinos are still available today and can definitely be used on desktop to access the Nairabet official website, the availability of the Nairabet mobile site is still the cream of the crop. No matter where or what new mobile and old mobile type of device you own, as long as you have a connection and an account on Nairabet, you can definitely get access to it anytime and anywhere. So much for convenience, Nigeria has one of the most sophisticated cell phone and internet infrastructure in Africa. With such connectivity, it can generate high percentage of traffic which is perfect for an online sportsbook such as Nairabet.

Theme and Graphics

Nairabet when accessed via the Nairabet mobile site is made skillfully in order to be compatible in any desktop versions and on mobile. The website itself (the computer version) is strategically designed for easy navigation for players. If you are visiting the website via a new mobile device, you are given the option of how you want Nairabet to appear on your browser. You’ll have to choose between the full mobile version, mobile lite version and the computer version. Each version is made to complement with the user’s preferred accessibility of the website.

When you opt to use your new mobile device and use the Nairabet mobile site, the full version will be just similar to what you see on the computer version. On the other hand, if you choose the lite version, the design of the site is just basic with simple graphics and text to improve speed of access on your old mobile.

Opening an Account via Nairabet mobile site

Opening an account on Nairabet is really easy. Whether you are using a new mobile phone, computer or a tablet, accessing the site has no complications as long as a browser and an internet connection is available. Here is a step to step guide to making an account via the Nairabet website using your desktop and Nairabet mobile site:

  1. Visit the official website of Nairabet at
  2. Find and Click on Register which will take you to the Nairabet sign up page.
  3. Fill in the required information on the space provided for. Make sure to check on the details correctly before proceeding with the next procedure. The details that will be taken will include your log in info, name, age, address, email address and other info that will confirm your legitimacy.
  4. After filling in the details, confirm that you are 18+ years of age and read on the Terms and Conditions and tick off the small box provided.
  5. Click Create an Account to complete registration.
  6. Verification Process. Visit your e-mail as Nairabet will send you details on how you can fund your account to make you eligible for betting as well as other FAQs that you need to know.

The Nairabet mobile site version upon signing up may look slightly different from the computer version, however, the signing process is still the same and is totally easy.


Prior to making an account to the Nairabet mobile site, you must first need to confirm that you are at a legal age of 18+ since it is illegal for minors to engage in any forms of betting under Nigerian Law. You are also required to read on the Terms and Conditions before you can be allowed to enter the site and enjoy the benefits of being a member. At the present, Nairabet is only available for players in Nigeria. Therefore, players from other countries are not currently able to create for an account on the official website as well as on the Nairabet mobile site.

Banking and Customer Service

Nairabet offers players a variety of different payment methods that players can use. Depending on the availability of the payment service for the players, they can use Bank Deposit, Pay agents, Credit/Debit card, ATM, Bankit by Tranzact and Quickteller. The currency supported is of course the currency of Nigeria since Nairabet is only exclusive for the country. Payments are sent directly into back accounts so players need to update their banking details on the site in order to claim the winnings.

As for the customer service, Nairabet offers highly professional customer service personnel to answer every inquiry and concerns of the players 24/7 via telephone and email. They also have active social media accounts that players can also use to interact with the Nairabet support agents.


Excellent customer service

Mobile compatibility

Great Market coverage

Multiple betting options

Competitive odds


Available only in Nigeria


Nairabet has indeed made the start in the history of online bookmakers. Platforms like Nairabet have made sports betting easier and more accessible to Nigerians and have made a deep impact in the face of sports betting. With sports betting being a huge market in Nigeria, it is sure to become a useful platform to every sports betting fan as long as sport betting is alive and progressing.