Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys, had a comfortable win over the Philadelphia Eagles last season, covering the spread (-3.5). They also had the best ATS record in NFL betting in 2021.

Which team will have the best ATS record in 2022? The Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons currently have a 6-1 record in the first seven weeks.

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NFL Records Against Spread

Team ATS Cover Rate
Falcons 6-1-0 85.7%
Giants 6-1-0 85.7%
Bills 4-1-1 80.0%
Bengals 5-2-0 71.4%
Cowboys 5-2-0 71.4%
Jets 5-2-0 71.4%
Eagles 4-2-0 66.7%
Titans 4-2-0 66.7%
Texans 3-2-1 60.0%
Cardinals 4-3-0 57.1%
Chargers 4-3-0 57.1%
Seahawks 4-3-0 57.1%
Bears 3-3-1 50.0%
Lions 3-3-0 50.0%
Raiders 3-3-0 50.0%
Patriots 3-3-1 50.0%
Steelers 3-3-1 50.0%
Browns 3-4-0 42.9%
Colts 3-4-0 42.9%
Chiefs 3-4-0 42.9%
Dolphins 3-4-0 42.9%
49ers 3-4-0 42.9%
Commanders 3-4-0 42.9%
Ravens 2-4-1 33.3%
Rams 2-4-0 33.3%
Vikings 2-4-0 33.3%
Panthers 2-5-0 28.6%
Broncos 2-5-0 28.6%
Packers 2-5-0 28.6%
Jaguars 2-5-0 28.6%
Saints 2-5-0 28.6%
Buccaneers 2-5-0 28.6%

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How did the Buffalo Bills overcome the challenges of the pandemic to have a strong ATS record in 2021?

The National Football League, or NFL, is one of the most popular professional sports leagues in America. Each year, teams battle it out on the field in hopes of claiming the Vince Lombardi Trophy. While the fans watch the action, oddsmakers analyze the teams and set point spreads. As the season progresses, the records against the spread (ATS) offer a glimpse into which teams have been the most successful at beating the odds. With the 2021 NFL season coming to a close, fans are looking ahead to next season and the teams with the best ATS records in 2022.

The New England Patriots are always a front-runner when it comes to covering the spread. Before their 2021 season fizzled out, the Patriots had managed to go 9-7 ATS, with odds-makers continually underestimating them. This should come as no surprise to fans who have watched Bill Belichick’s strategies in motion for the past two decades. With a return of legendary quarterback Tom Brady and some fresh defensive talent, the Patriots are expected to have one of the best ATS records in 2022.

Another team with potential to compete for one of the best ATS records is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills went 8-6 ATS in 2021, despite the challenging environment caused by the pandemic. Their strong showing has made them a serious contender and a team that requires attention from sports bettors. Expect the Bills to remain consistent throughout the 2022 season and continue their excellent record against the spread.

The Indianapolis Colts may be the dark-horse of the 2022 season. Having gone 7-9 in 2021, the Colts struggled to keep up with the top teams in the league. However, with a reshuffling of staff, the Colts could be in a better position in 2022 and make a push towards the top of the ATS standings. With a solid offensive lineup and a strong mix of youth and experience, fans can expect the Colts to be strong contenders.

Of course, no conversation about the best ATS records would be complete without mentioning the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs went 11-5 ATS in 2021, proving that there is no underestimating the power of the reigning champions. With quarterback Patrick Mahomes leading the offense and a talented defense, the Chiefs should easily hold on to their place atop the list of contenders for 2022.

As the 2021 season wraps up, NFL fans will begin to look ahead to 2022 and the teams with the best ATS records. While it is too early to make any definitive predictions, it is safe to say the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts, and Kansas City Chiefs will all be in the mix. With these four teams likely setting the bar, the race is sure to be exciting and entertaining.

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