The Highest Earning eSports Players in the World

For many dedicated gamers, getting paid to play video games is a distant fantasy; but, for professional eSports players, this is a reality. Professional gamers can not only make a living out of their hobby, but they can also win large in competitions.

eSports transform video games from the living room into a sports-like arena, challenging gamers to compete face to face in competitive tournaments as individuals or in teams. eSports players are held to a higher standard than those who play FIFA as a hobby. eSports players, like traditional athletes, rely on hard effort, devotion, and polished abilities acquired through practise.

ESports games, like traditional sports, can be bet on. As the stakes and awards for contestants rise, oddsmakers have responded by boosting the chance for punters to profit from electronic sporting events.

We looked into the incomes of some of the world’s most successful eSports players to discover who is the most successful in the industry. We’ve also rated the countries that produce the world’s most successful players by total earnings.

What we’ve learned will inspire you to grab your controllers and start gaming.

The highest-earning eSports player from each country, ranked by total earnings.

N0tail, alias Johan Sundstein, is the current leader in Denmark. This player has amassed a total of $6.96 million in prizes, the majority of which has come from Dota 2 competitions. He’s the list’s most successful eSports player.

Jesse Vainikka, sometimes known as JerAx, is the most successful and wealthy Finnish player on the list. Jesse has amassed over $6.4 million in prizes as a professional gamer.

Anathan Pham rounds out our top three most successful eSports players. Anathan, also known as ana, is the highest-paid Australian eSports player, with prizes totaling $6 million.

Sรฉbastien Debs is the wealthiest player in France, and Kuro Takhasomi is the wealthiest player in Germany. By competing in eSports contests, both players have earned over $5 million.

Kyle Giersdorf is the top-earning player in the United States, and unlike the rest of the top ten, he has made the majority of his money by playing Fortnite. Lu Yao, who makes the highest in China, is right behind him.

Gustav Magnusson, Sweden’s top player, has won over $2.5 million, while Artour Babaev, Canada’s top earner, has won over $2.25 million. Austria’s best earner, David Wang, rounds out the top 10 highest-earning players.

Top 30 eSports Players in the World (By Total Earnings in Dollars)

We analysed the incomes of the world’s most successful eSports stars to develop the final ranking of the world’s most profitable gamers. The top 30 players have won more than $102 million, indicating that the eSports sector is lucrative for the best players.

With winnings of more than $6.9 million, N0tail becomes victorious. Second and third place go to Finland’s Jesse Vainikka and Australia’s Anathan Pham.

Sรฉbastien Debs and Topias Taavitsainen, both with prizes of over $5.2 million, make the top five.

China dominated the rankings, with eight of their eSports athletes making the top 30. Their total prize money is $18.2 million. Four other countries have more than one featured player: the United States has four, Finland has three, Denmark has two, and Canada has two.

If you want to win big, Dota 2 is the game to play. Why? The game has provided the majority of the income for 29 of the top 30 Esports players in the globe. Fortnite provided the majority of the winnings for only one player, Kyle Giersdorf.

Which country is the best place to play esports?

The eSports market is expanding. Between now and 2022, the industry is expected to grow at a rate of approximately 10% each year.

So, where are the finest places to play eSports throughout the world?

The United States of America is the best country in which to play esports.

3S. Korea$81,895,574.02

Which country dominates the eSports market?

The total earnings of eSports players from the top ten nations were computed to determine the greatest country in the world to be an eSports player. The United States takes the top slot, with players winning a total of $110 million. They’re closely followed by Chinese winners who have amassed over $108 million through professional Esports.

South Korea rounds out the top three countries, with 500 players earning about $82 million.

Half of the top ten greatest countries for eSports players are from Europe, with Denmark and Sweden in fourth and fifth place, respectively. France, Finland, and Germany are ranked sixth, ninth, and tenth, respectively.

Russian players have won approximately $28 million, putting them in seventh place overall. Canadian eSports players are ranked eighth on the list, with over $27 million in prize money won.

New Zealand’s Top Five eSports Players

1New Zealand GratisfactionSean Kaiwai$120,465Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2New Zealand ParpyAbdullah Khudeish$89,538Fortnite
3New Zealand LinkEthan –$82,888Fortnite
4New Zealand SlayaReihana Green$72,083Fortnite
5New Zealand KamiiCameron Ingram$70,211Rocket League

Because eSports are still relatively young in New Zealand, there are plenty of opportunities to rise through the ranks. The first eSports competition was held at ILT Stadium Southland in February! Will New Zealand join the ranks of the world’s top esports nations?

Canada’s Top Five Esports Players

1Canada ArteezyArtour Babaev$2,257,053Dota 2
2Canada Aui_2000Kurtis Ling$2,006,311Dota 2
3Canada ZaytWilliams Aubin$1,186,914Fortnite
4Canada NAFKeith Markovic$1,014,265Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
5Canada EternaLEnVyJacky Mao$987,072Dota 2

Canadian eSports players are a safe bet when it comes to not only their gameplay ability, but also their capacity to make money playing video games professionally. As participants take advantage of the billion-dollar market, the eSports industry in Canada is flourishing, increasing faster than many others.

The Top 5 Esports Players in the United States

1United States BughaKyle Giersdorf$3,154,061Fortnite
2United States UNiVeRsESaahil Arora$3,057,237Dota 2
3United States ppdPeter Dager$3,024,331Dota 2
4United States FearClinton Loomis$2,554,013Dota 2
5United States psalmHarrison Chang$1,957,350Fortnite

The United States earns more money from eSports than any other country. Many sports may lose spectators and perhaps players in 2020, but eSports will not be one of them. The ability to compete from afar has kept eSports in the news and trending across North America.

The UK’s Top Five Esports Players

1United Kingdom WolfiezJaden Ashmanยฃ1,331,478Fortnite
2United Kingdom MongraalKyle Jacksonยฃ673,354Fortnite
3United Kingdom BenjyFishyBenjy David Fishยฃ496,729Fortnite
4United Kingdom Zer0Trei Morrisยฃ362,196Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
5United Kingdom RatedRhys Priceยฃ315,697Call of Duty: Warzone

It’s clear that the UK has a different level of interest in eSports, especially since Call of Duty is one of the titles with the highest overall earnings. With in-game eSports team skins and more, UK players are also trend setters.

Australia’s Top Five Esports Players

1Australia anaAnathan Pham$6,000,411Dota 2
2Australia kpiiDamien Chok$1,813,425Dota 2
3Australia jksJustin Savage$232,584Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
4Australia AZRAaron Ward$213,584Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
5Australia DenzDenholm Taylor$165,554Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Is it true that Anathan Pham has earned over $6,000,411 through Dota 2? Esports players from Australia are breaking into the global eSports scene, making Australia a desirable location for eSports investment. Australia is a great place to hunt for up-and-coming eSports stars for both brands and gamers.

China’s Top Five Esports Players

1China SomnusไธถMLu Yao$2,992,486Dota 2
2China fyXu, Linsen$2.902.194Dota 2
3China AmeWang, Chunyu$2.247.911Dota 2
4China y`Zhang Yiping$2,100,994Dota 2
5China Faith_bianZhang Ruida$2,082,433Dota 2

It’s clear to understand how Chinese players may make a lot of money by participating in eSports. China’s eSports scene is expanding, especially since the League of Legends World Championship was held in Shanghai!

Betting on eSports is becoming increasingly profitable, with some of the world’s best betting sites now offering eSports odds.

Several sportsbooks, including Bet365, will offer eSports odds for key tournaments, while forward-thinking bookmakers like Paddy Power and 888 Sport will offer Esports odds on a permanent basis.

For a complete rundown of where and who to bet on in eSports, check out our eSports betting guide!

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