Best American Roulette Online Casinos

Are you a fan of the classic casino game roulette? Do you live in America and want to try out some online casinos that offer this thrilling game? Look no further! Here are our top picks for the best American roulette online casinos currently available. We’ve reviewed each one so you don’t have to, giving you peace of mind as well as great gaming options.

The Best American Roulette Online Casinos for 2021

Whether you’re a first-time player or an experienced veteran looking for something new, we’ve got your back:

  • We’ll tell you which sites provide amazing bonuses.
  • Which ones give the best odds.
  • And which ones will keep your personal data secure.

You can trust us when it comes to finding the right place to play American roulette. Our experts have researched all the sites listed below, taking into account their features, customer support, banking methods and more – so all that’s left is for you to pick one and get spinning!

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Overview of American Roulette

Gambling enthusiasts have long enjoyed the thrilling pastime of spinning the wheel in a game of chance known as roulette. This exciting casino classic has become popular over time, with an American version to suit all types of players.
American Roulette is played on a single-zero wheel and offers great chances of winning big prizes. To get started, let’s take a look at the basics.

The rules are simple: place your bet on the numbers or colours you think will win – red/black, odd/even and 1-18/19-36, plus various other combinations. You can also choose to bet on individual numbers for higher rewards. The croupier then spins the wheel and drops a ball into it. When the ball comes to rest, that’s when you find out if Lady Luck was on your side!
Every spin is independent from each other, so theoretically any number could come up every time – though certain betting systems may give players more control than others. What’s more, this fun variation has one main advantage compared to its European counterpart – there is half the house edge due to having only one zero instead of two! So spin away and enjoy yourself while playing American Roulette today!

Rules of the Game: American Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino table games, and it’s no surprise that playing American roulette has its own set of rules. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these roulette game rules before you start playing.

Table Rules

When playing at a roulette table, there are certain procedures you must follow in order to play correctly. First, place your chips on the designated area of the betting layout. Then, when all bets have been placed, the dealer will spin the wheel and drop the ball into it for each round. Once the ball stops spinning and comes to rest on a number or color combination, losing bets are collected by the dealers while winning bets are paid out according to pre-determined payouts. Finally, players can leave their winnings on their bet spot until they decide what their next move should be.

Wheel Rules

The Roulette wheel consists of 38 pockets numbered 0 – 36 plus 00 which gives American version of this classic game an edge over other versions such as European or French roulette where there are only 37 pockets due to lack of double zero pocket type. The numbers around the wheel alternate between red and black except for 0 which is green in color. Generally speaking ,the lower numbered pockets offer higher chances of winning than those located further away from them like 35/36 .

Betting Rules

American roulette has various types of inside and outside bets with different levels complexity so it’s best if beginner players stick to simpler ones like even money wagers first until they gain enough experience in order understand more complex options like six line wager etc.. Also remember that some casinos may have slightly altered payout tables compared to others so make sure you check specific house rules prior placing any real money wagers online or offline . With these basic understanding about american roulette rules under our belt we can now proceed onto look at how house edge and payout works…

House Edge And Payouts

Pursuing profits with precision, players of American roulette should understand house edge and payouts. Perfecting the game requires knowledge on how to transcend the table’s odds against them.

Understanding House Edge

The house edge is the advantage that online casinos have over players in any given game. With American Roulette, this can be as high as 5.26%, much higher than other variations like European or French roulette which offer a 2.7% house edge. Knowing this information helps players make more informed decisions when playing for real money at an online casino.

Payout Ratios

The payout ratio for most bets in American Roulette are consistent across all versions of the game – from the classic paper-and-pencil style to modern digital renditions featured at top-rated online casinos. The standard outside bet pays out 1:1 (even money) while inside bets such as straight up numbers can return up to 35:1 depending on where the ball lands on the wheel. Understanding these ratios allows playersto calculate their expected winnings before placing any wagers.

By understanding both house edge and payouts,players are better equipped to maximize their potential returns when they play American Roulette online. This knowledge gives them a leg up againstthe house and helps ensure they get maximumvalue from every spin of the wheel! Next we’ll explore some of the most popular variations available at today’s leadingonline casinos so you can choose what best suits your playingstyle.

Popular Variations

American roulette is a popular and exciting game, with different variations available to players. Below are the most commonly found versions at online casinos:

Double Zero Roulette

Double zero roulette is the classic version of American roulette, which has been around for centuries. It includes two zeroes on the wheel as well as 36 other numbers. This variation has higher house edge than single zero roulette due to the extra number in play.

Single Zero Roulette

Also known as European or French roulette, this variation only features one zero on the wheel instead of two – making it more favourable to gamblers. On top of that, some rules can provide even further benefits such as La Partage and En Prison (or Surrender), which reduce the house edge by half when certain outcomes occur.

Las Vegas Roulette

This variant takes place in an actual Las Vegas casino setting where bets are placed against real players rather than just against the bank – adding a social aspect to the game and creating a unique atmosphere. As there’s no fixed payout structure with Las Vegas roulette; payouts depend entirely on what bets have been placed by everyone involved in each round.

Regardless of which variation you choose, playing American roulette online offers plenty of thrills and excitement! To make sure you get off to a great start, it’s important to understand how choosing an appropriate online casino affects your gameplay experience.

Choosing An Online Casino

Finding the right online casino can be like navigating a labyrinth. With so many choices and options, it is easy to get lost in the details when selecting an American roulette casino. As with any decision making process, it is important to take your time and consider all of your options before committing.

There are several things to look for when choosing the best american roulette online casinos. The first thing to consider is the selection of games offered. Roulette online casinos should have a wide variety of American Roulette games available including European Roulette, French Roulette and even Progressive Jackpots as well as a range of other popular table games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker. Additionally, most reputable online casinos provide bonuses or promotions that reward players for their loyalty or playtime which may include free spins on selected slot machines or extra funds added directly into their accounts.

Secondly, you want to make sure you select an American Roulette casino that has been tested by independent third-party regulatory organizations such as eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation & Assurance). This ensures that the site provides fair gaming practices and employs secure banking methods such as SSL encryption technology to protect player’s personal data from hackers or identity thieves.

In order to ensure maximum enjoyment while playing at one of these sites, do some research beforehand about customer service policies and read reviews from other players who have had experience with the online casino you’re considering. If a website does not offer 24/7 customer support or if its review ratings are low then chances are high that they might not be worth your time or money. By doing due diligence before signing up with any gambling site, you can rest assured knowing your experience will be both safe and enjoyable while playing American Roulette at one of the top-rated online casinos out there today.

From ensuring security and fairness issues are addressed properly next comes understanding how deposits and withdrawals work; two essential components in determining whether or not an online casino is suitable for you.

Security And Fairness

When evaluating the best American roulette online casinos, it is important to consider their security measures and fairness assurance. To ensure a safe gambling experience for players, these casinos employ some of the most advanced online security technologies available today.

All reputable US-facing operators have taken steps to protect their customers’ personal data from getting into the wrong hands and are compliant with local regulations regarding fair gaming. The use of high-end encryption technology protects all transactions made on these sites, so you can rest assured that your financial information is secure.

The top American Roulette online casinos also guarantee full transparency when it comes to game results by submitting themselves regularly to third-party audits conducted by independent testing agencies such as eCOGRA or TST Labs. This way, they prove their commitment towards providing honest gaming services while ensuring players get an equal chance at winning prizes in every game they play. Such tests are essential components of any operator’s efforts towards providing a reliable service while complying with legal requirements concerning gaming fairness across America.
With all these safety protocols in place, you can be sure that your hard-earned money will always remain in good hands no matter which casino you choose. Now let’s take a look at banking options available at the best American roulette online casinos.

Banking Options

When it comes to banking options, what are the best american roulette online casinos offering? Offering a variety of dependable deposit and withdrawal options is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience. Here’s a look at some of the features you can expect:

  • Banking Methods: The best American Roulette Online Casinos offer secure payment processing through credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and eWallets like Skrill or Neteller.
  • Deposit Options: Players can make deposits anytime with no transaction fees when using these methods. You may be able to enjoy additional bonuses when making certain types of deposits.
  • Withdrawal Options: Withdrawals from most American Roulette Online Casinos are usually processed within 24 hours and include no hidden costs or extra charges. Depending on the method used, players may need to provide identification information before withdrawals are approved.

Overall, the best American Roulette Online Casinos have reliable banking options that ensure safe transactions without any unexpected surprises for their customers. This allows users to focus more on enjoying the games rather than worrying about security or financial details along the way. Now let’s take a closer look at customer support offered by these top rated sites…

Customer Support

When it comes to finding the best American roulette online casinos, customer support is an essential factor. Having reliable and responsive customer service ensures that players can get assistance when they need help with their gambling experience. Fortunately, most of the best American roulette online casinos offer comprehensive customer-support services.

24/7 Live Chat Support

Most top online casinos provide 24/7 live chat support for customers looking for immediate help with their queries. This type of service typically allows users to connect with friendly customer representatives who are available around-the-clock to answer any questions related to American Roulette or other casino games. Players can easily access this feature through a phone call, email, or even social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook.

Helpful Online Resources

In addition to providing direct contact options like live chat, many of the best American roulette online casinos also have helpful resources on their websites designed to assist customers in resolving common issues without having to wait for an agent’s response. These resources usually include FAQ pages featuring answers to commonly asked questions about playing American Roulette and using different features of the site, as well as detailed tutorials for new players getting started with the game. By taking advantage of these helpful tools, customers can quickly find solutions anytime day or night without waiting for someone from customer support team to respond directly.

These days, quality customer service is one of the key factors that separates great online casinos from average ones – so make sure you check out what kind of american-roulette-help and online-casino-assistance your chosen casino provides before signing up! Reliable customer support will ensure smooth running sessions every time you play , so look for sites offering efficient chat-support systems and knowledgeable agents who can resolve your inquiries in no time at all!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Minimum Amount Of Money I Need To Deposit To Play American Roulette?

If you’re looking to play American roulette at an online casino, then you’ll need to make a minimum deposit. The amount of money required will vary depending on the site and game type. Generally speaking, however, it’s typically between $10-25 in real money gaming funds. While this may not seem like much upfront, bear in mind that some sites offer bonuses or other incentives for depositing more than the minimum requirement.

When playing American roulette online for real money, you should also be aware of any fees associated with your deposits or withdrawals. Some casinos have one flat fee regardless of how much you transfer while others may charge different amounts based on what currency you are using and/or where you live. It pays to do your research ahead of time so that you know exactly what charges apply before making a payment.

Every player has their own unique needs when it comes to gambling – from budgeting preferences to preferred games – but all can benefit from understanding the ins and outs of depositing and withdrawing cash from online casinos. Knowing the minimum deposit requirements for each particular site is important because it allows players to decide if they want to invest more or less into their gaming experience; plus, having knowledge about any associated costs helps them ensure they stay within their budgets and avoid surprises down the line!

Are There Any Bonuses Or Promotions Available For Playing American Roulette?

Gambling can be an expensive pastime, but there is a way to get more bang for your buck. Many online casinos offer bonuses and promotions specifically tailored towards players of American roulette. From welcome packages to loyalty rewards, these incentives are like manna from heaven that could potentially boost your bankroll while you spin the wheel.

Let’s dive deeper into what kind of benefits you could expect when playing American roulette at an online casino. Firstly, most operators will provide some form of enticing sign-up offer such as free spins, deposit matches or even no deposits bonuses. These offers usually come with wagering requirements which must be met before any winnings can be withdrawn – so it pays to read through the terms and conditions carefully before opting in!

Moving on to existing customers; many sites run regular promotions where they reward their loyal players with extra prizes and perks. Examples include reload bonuses, cashback deals, prize draws and leaderboard competitions – all great ways to increase your chances of success when playing American roulette. As always, make sure you check out the details including eligibility criteria and any playthrough requirements attached to each promotion before taking part.

So don’t miss out on those sweet bonus opportunities: use them wisely and enjoy spinning away at the online casino tables!

What Is The Difference Between American Roulette And European Roulette?

American roulette and European roulette are two of the most popular forms of playing roulette. While there are a few similarities between these two variations, there are some distinct differences that players should be aware of when deciding which to play. This article will explore what makes each version unique so you can decide which one best suits your style of play.

The first difference between American and European roulette is in terms of the number of pockets on the wheel. In American roulette, there 38 pockets on the wheel – including 0, 00, and numbers 1-36 – whereas in European roulette, there are just 37 pockets with only numbers 1-36. This means that if you bet on red or black (or any other even money bet) at an American table, you have worse odds than if you were playing at a European table due to the presence of the extra pocket – meaning it’s more difficult to win against ‘the house’.

Another notable difference between these two variations comes down to the layout of their respective wheels and betting tables. The American wheel has alternating red and black pockets arranged randomly around its circumference whilst in contrast; the European wheel has all its reds grouped together followed by all its blacks in another group. As for the betting tables, they look very much alike but with one key exception: because an American table doesn’t have as many pockets available as a Euro table does, inside bets must also include either ‘0’ or ‘00’ depending on how many zeroes appear on the particular type being played.

Ultimately, both versions offer exciting gameplay opportunities no matter what kind of player you are. However, understanding their nuances before diving into them can help maximize your chances of success when gambling online or offline. Whether it’s enjoying yourself while spinning away at an American table or taking advantage of better odds offered by a Euro variant – knowing which fits your preference best will give you every chance to walk away from your next game feeling satisfied!

Are There Any Strategies I Can Use To Increase My Chances Of Winning?

Are you looking to increase your chances of winning at American roulette? If so, then you should know that there are strategies and tips you can use. In this article we’ll discuss the best American Roulette strategy and how it can help you win more often online.

4 Strategies You Can Use To Increase Your Chances Of Winning At American Roulette

  1. Understand The Rules: Before playing any game of chance, it’s important to understand its rules. Knowing when and where to bet will give you an edge over other players.
  2. Utilize Money Management Techniques: Proper money management techniques such as setting limits on betting amounts and using a bankroll budgeting system will ensure that losses don’t get out of hand.
  3. Try Different Betting Systems: There are many different betting systems available for roulette, from low risk flat bets to high risk progressive systems like the Martingale or Fibonacci System. Try them all and find which one works best for you!
  4. Practice Makes Perfect: Nothing beats practice when it comes to mastering a skill or technique – even if it is just gambling! Play free games online first before investing real cash, in order to hone your skills and try out different strategies without risking any money.

By knowing the rules, utilizing effective money management techniques, trying different betting systems, and practicing whenever possible; players can greatly improve their chances of winning at American roulette both offline and online too. With some luck (and maybe a few good strategies) you could be walking away with some big wins soon enough!

How Long Does It Take For Withdrawals To Be Processed?

Gambling requires patience, and when it comes to cashing out winnings from online casinos that feature American roulette this virtue is tested even more. Every player wants their withdrawal process time to be as short as possible – but just how long do you need to wait?

When considering the cashout processing time of a casino, there are several factors at play. The speed of the transaction depends on both the payment method chosen by the user, and also on the internal policies of the gambling site itself. For example, if your chosen withdrawal option is an e-wallet like PayPal or Skrill, then generally speaking withdrawals take no longer than 1-3 days – maybe less! Alternatively, bank transfers can take 3-5 working days, so bear this in mind before settling on any particular financial service provider.

Cashouts should also be affected by other considerations such as whether or not verification procedures have been completed correctly, and whether or not manual reviews have been carried out by staff members. Once everything has gone through without issue though customers will usually receive their funds within 24 hours (or sooner!) meaning they don’t need sit around waiting too long after hitting up big wins playing American Roulette online.

So while there is always room for improvement with regards to cashout wait times at various sites across different regions of the world; overall most players should experience relatively quick turnaround speeds when withdrawing their hard-earned money from an online casino offering American Roulette.


Playing American Roulette at an online casino can be a great way to have fun and potentially win money. Before playing, it’s important to know what the minimum deposit is and if there are any bonuses or promotions available for playing this game. Knowing the difference between American and European Roulette is also essential as each variation has its own rules and strategies that may help you improve your chances of winning. The processing time for withdrawals will vary depending on the casino you choose, but most offer fast payouts so you’ll receive your funds in no time. Playing with confidence can make all the difference, so take advantage of all these tips to maximize your chances of success – just like shooting stars across a night sky!