Ibebet confirms Saudi Pro League’s Accelerated Growth: The Rapid Rise in the Global Football Landscape in 2024

The Saudi Pro League is making a name for itself on the global football stage, showcasing impressive growth and attracting attention from all corners of the sporting world. Over a short period, the league has demonstrated an exceptional growth rate, particularly when juxtaposed with the world’s wealthiest football league, the English Premier League. IbeBet analyzes these growth trends.

The Saudi Pro League’s average club growth rate from July 15th to August 3rd, 2024, reached approximately 74%, a stark contrast to the English Premier League’s average growth rate of around 5% during the same period. This statistic shows the incredible momentum the Saudi Pro League is building in the world of football.

All players market value saudi league

Players NamePositionAgeMarket Value as On August 3rd 2023
Sergej Milinković-SavićCentral Midfield28€50.00m
FabinhoDefensive Midfield29€42.00m
Rúben NevesDefensive Midfield26€40.00m
Allan Saint-MaximinLeft Winger26€32.00m
Seko FofanaCentral Midfield28€32.00m
MalcomRight Winger26€30.00m
Sadio ManéLeft Winger31€25.00m
Karim BenzemaCentre-Forward35€25.00m
Marcelo BrozovicDefensive Midfield30€25.00m
Riyad MahrezRight Winger32€20.00m
Roberto FirminoCentre-Forward31€18.00m
Cristiano RonaldoCentre-Forward38€15.00m
N'Golo KantéDefensive Midfield32€15.00m
TaliscaAttacking Midfield29€15.00m
Kalidou KoulibalyCentre-Back32€15.00m
JotaLeft Winger24€13.00m
Edouard MendyGoalkeeper31€12.00m
Moussa DembéléCentre-Forward27€12.00m
Jordan HendersonCentral Midfield33€10.00m
MichaelLeft Winger27€8.00m
Ghislain KonanLeft-Back27€8.00m
Alex TellesLeft-Back30€7.50m
Pity MartínezAttacking Midfield30€7.00m
Lucas ZelarayánAttacking Midfield31€7.00m
Carlos JúniorRight Winger27€6.50m
Igor CoronadoAttacking Midfield30€6.00m
Gustavo CuéllarDefensive Midfield30€5.00m
Jason DenayerCentre-Back28€5.00m
Grzegorz KrychowiakDefensive Midfield33€5.00m
Robin QuaisonCentre-Forward29€4.50m
TozéAttacking Midfield30€4.50m
Berat ÖzdemirDefensive Midfield25€4.50m
Álvaro MedránCentral Midfield29€4.00m
Ezgjan AlioskiLeft-Back31€4.00m
Moussa MaregaCentre-Forward32€4.00m
Andrei BurcaCentre-Back30€3.70m
Fábio MartinsLeft Winger30€3.00m
David OspinaGoalkeeper34€3.00m
Abderrazak HamdallahCentre-Forward32€3.00m
Jack HendryCentre-Back28€3.00m
Firas Al-BuraikanCentre-Forward23€3.00m
Álex ColladoRight Winger24€3.00m
Adam MaherDefensive Midfield30€3.00m
VitinhoLeft Winger29€3.00m
Virgil MisidjanLeft Winger30€3.00m
Saad BguirAttacking Midfield29€3.00m
Marcel TisserandCentre-Back30€2.80m
Saud AbdulhamidRight-Back24€2.80m
Cristian TelloLeft Winger31€2.70m
Jean-David BeauguelCentre-Forward31€2.50m
Faïz SelemaniLeft Winger29€2.50m
Ahmed HegazyCentre-Back32€2.50m
Abdulrahman GhareebLeft Winger26€2.50m
Bernard MensahAttacking Midfield28€2.40m
Anthony NwakaemeLeft Winger34€2.20m
André CarrilloRight Winger32€2.20m
Sultan Al-GhannamRight-Back29€2.00m
Jaloliddin MasharipovLeft Winger29€2.00m
Darko VelkovskiCentre-Back28€2.00m
Hassan TambaktiCentre-Back24€2.00m
Alfa SemedoDefensive Midfield25€2.00m
Birama TouréDefensive Midfield31€1.80m
Aschraf El MahdiouiDefensive Midfield27€1.80m
Éver BanegaCentral Midfield35€1.80m
Salem Al-DawsariLeft Winger31€1.70m
FlávioCentral Midfield27€1.60m
Bruno VianaCentre-Back28€1.60m
Sofiane BendebkaCentral Midfield30€1.50m
Gojko CimirotDefensive Midfield30€1.50m
Iago SantosCentre-Back31€1.50m
Lisandro LópezCentre-Back33€1.50m
Enzo RocoCentre-Back30€1.50m
Ivo RodriguesRight Winger28€1.50m
Sami Al-NajeiAttacking Midfield26€1.40m
RIyad BoudebouzAttacking Midfield33€1.30m
Yasser Al-ShahraniLeft-Back31€1.30m
Abdulrahman Al-OboudRight Winger28€1.30m
Fayçal FajrCentral Midfield35€1.30m
Abdulelah Al-AmriCentre-Back26€1.30m
VinaAttacking Midfield32€1.20m
Ibrahim SehicGoalkeeper34€1.20m
Sumaihan Al-NabitLeft Winger27€1.20m
Abdulaziz Al-BishiRight Winger29€1.20m
Modou BarrowLeft Winger30€1.20m
Léandre TawambaCentre-Forward33€1.20m
Saleh Jamaan Al-AmriLeft Winger29€1.00m
Milan PavkovCentre-Forward29€1.00m
Mohamed KannoCentral Midfield28€1.00m
Karim El BerkaouiCentre-Forward27€1.00m
André PokoDefensive Midfield30€1.00m
Aymen DahmenGoalkeeper26€1.00m
Hyun-soo JangCentre-Back31€1.00m
Fawaz Al-SagourRight-Back27€1.00m
Seung-gyu KimGoalkeeper32€900k
Mohammed Al-BuraykRight-Back30€900k
Ricardo RyllerDefensive Midfield29€900k
Ahmed BamsaudLeft-Back27€900k

A closer look at the individual clubs within the leagues paints an equally impressive picture. The market values of clubs in the Saudi Pro League have grown substantially between July and August 2024. This rapid increase in market value is an indicator of the potential that the Saudi Pro League holds,

While the English Premier League remains the richest in terms of player market values, with an average value of €53.8 million per player, the Saudi Pro League’s growth trajectory suggests a promising future.Despite the current average market value of players in the Saudi Pro League being around €6.6 million, the gap is closing faster than anyone could have predicted. The top 10 players in the Saudi Pro League have seen a significant increase in their market values.

The Saudi Pro League’s rapid growth, burgeoning club values, and increasing player market values underscore its emerging status in global football. As the league continues to grow and attract talent from around the world, the Saudi Pro League looks set to challenge the established order in world football, making it a league to watch for all football enthusiasts.

All players market value

Player NamePositionAgeHighest Value in CareerLast UpdateCurrent Market Value
NeymarLeft Winger31€180.00mJun 27, 2023€60.00m
Sergej Milinkovic-SavicCentral Midfield28€90.00mJun 15, 2023€50.00m
FabinhoDefensive Midfield29€70.00mJun 20, 2023€42.00m
Rúben NevesDefensive Midfield26€50.00mJun 20, 2023€40.00m
OtávioRight Winger28€35.00mJun 16, 2023€35.00m
Allan Saint-MaximinLeft Winger26€40.00mJun 20, 2023€32.00m
Seko FofanaCentral Midfield28€32.00mJun 27, 2023€32.00m
Gabri VeigaCentral Midfield21€30.00mJun 13, 2023€30.00m
MalcomRight Winger26€45.00mJun 14, 2023€30.00m
Roger IbañezCentre-Back24€30.00mJun 15, 2023€30.00m
Aleksandar MitrovicCentre-Forward28€28.00mJun 20, 2023€28.00m
Marcelo BrozovicDefensive Midfield30€60.00mJun 15, 2023€25.00m
Karim BenzemaCentre-Forward35€60.00mJun 13, 2023€25.00m
Franck KessiéCentral Midfield26€55.00mJun 13, 2023€25.00m
Aymeric LaporteCentre-Back29€75.00mJun 20, 2023€25.00m
Sadio ManéLeft Winger31€150.00mJun 22, 2023€25.00m
Riyad MahrezRight Winger32€60.00mJun 20, 2023€20.00m
Merih DemiralCentre-Back25€30.00mJun 15, 2023€20.00m
Roberto FirminoCentre-Forward31€90.00mJun 20, 2023€18.00m
Habib DialloCentre-Forward28€18.00mJun 27, 2023€18.00m
Kalidou KoulibalyCentre-Back32€75.00mJun 20, 2023€15.00m
TaliscaAttacking Midfield29€28.00mJun 12, 2023€15.00m
Cristiano RonaldoCentre-Forward38€120.00mJun 12, 2023€15.00m
N'Golo KantéDefensive Midfield32€100.00mJun 20, 2023€15.00m
JotaLeft Winger24€13.00mJun 26, 2023€13.00m
JuanmiLeft Winger30€15.00mJun 13, 2023€12.00m
Moussa DembéléCentre-Forward27€50.00mJun 27, 2023€12.00m
Edouard MendyGoalkeeper31€32.00mJun 20, 2023€12.00m
BonoGoalkeeper32€18.00mJun 13, 2023€12.00m
Jordan HendersonCentral Midfield33€35.00mJun 20, 2023€10.00m
Georginio WijnaldumCentral Midfield32€50.00mJun 15, 2023€8.00m
MichaelLeft Winger27€8.50mJun 12, 2023€8.00m
Karl Toko EkambiCentre-Forward30€18.00mJun 27, 2023€8.00m
Ghislain KonanLeft-Back27€8.00mJun 12, 2023€8.00m
Alex TellesLeft-Back30€40.00mJun 13, 2023€7.50m
Lucas ZelarayánAttacking Midfield31€10.00mNov 8, 2022€7.00m
Carlos JúniorRight Winger28€6.50mJun 12, 2023€6.50m
Igor CoronadoAttacking Midfield31€6.50mJun 12, 2023€6.00m
Mathias NormannDefensive Midfield27€13.00mJun 14, 2023€6.00m
Henry OnyekuruLeft Winger26€13.00mJun 8, 2023€5.50m
Fashion SakalaCentre-Forward26€5.50mJun 26, 2023€5.50m
Jason DenayerCentre-Back28€25.00mMay 31, 2023€5.00m
Gustavo CuéllarDefensive Midfield30€5.00mJun 12, 2023€5.00m
Grzegorz KrychowiakDefensive Midfield33€30.00mJun 12, 2023€5.00m
Robin QuaisonCentre-Forward29€13.00mJun 12, 2023€4.50m
Berat ÖzdemirDefensive Midfield25€7.00mJun 12, 2023€4.50m
TozéAttacking Midfield30€4.80mMay 31, 2023€4.50m
RomarinhoCentre-Forward32€6.00mJun 12, 2023€4.20m
Álvaro MedránCentral Midfield29€4.00mJun 12, 2023€4.00m
Andrei GirottoCentre-Back31€5.00mJun 27, 2023€4.00m
Ezgjan AlioskiLeft-Back31€7.50mJun 8, 2023€4.00m
Andrei GirottoCentre-Back31€5.00mJun 27, 2023€4.00m
François KamanoLeft Winger27€15.00mJun 14, 2023€4.00m
Andrei BurcaCentre-Back30€4.00mJun 15, 2023€3.70m
Florin TanaseAttacking Midfield28€5.50mMay 31, 2023€3.50m
Georges-Kevin N'KoudouLeft Winger28€8.00mJun 8, 2023€3.30m
Jack HendryCentre-Back28€6.00mJun 9, 2023€3.00m
Abderrazak HamdallahCentre-Forward32€6.50mJun 12, 2023€3.00m
Virgil MisidjanLeft Winger30€6.00mJun 23, 2023€3.00m
VitinhoLeft Winger29€8.00mJun 12, 2023€3.00m
Firas Al-BuraikanCentre-Forward23€3.00mJun 12, 2023€3.00m
David OspinaGoalkeeper35€8.00mJun 12, 2023€3.00m
Adam MaherDefensive Midfield30€9.00mJun 12, 2023€3.00m
Fábio MartinsLeft Winger30€9.00mJun 12, 2023€3.00m
Álex ColladoRight Winger24€5.00mJun 13, 2023€3.00m
MailsonGoalkeeper27€3.00mJun 12, 2023€3.00m
Khaled NareyRight Winger29€3.00mMay 22, 2023€3.00m
Saad BguirAttacking Midfield29€3.00mJun 12, 2023€3.00m
Marcel TisserandCentre-Back30€7.50mJun 12, 2023€2.80m
Saud AbdulhamidRight-Back24€2.80mJun 12, 2023€2.80m
Cristian TelloLeft Winger32€12.00mJun 12, 2023€2.70m
Mamadou LoumDefensive Midfield26€5.00mJun 1, 2023€2.50m
Assan CeesayCentre-Forward29€3.00mJun 15, 2023€2.50m
Abdulrahman GhareebLeft Winger26€3.00mJun 12, 2023€2.50m
Oumar GonzalezCentre-Back25€2.50mJun 27, 2023€2.50m
Jean-David BeauguelCentre-Forward31€3.00mJun 12, 2023€2.50m
Ahmed HegazyCentre-Back32€8.00mJun 12, 2023€2.50m
Faïz SelemaniLeft Winger29€3.50mJun 9, 2023€2.50m
Bernard MensahAttacking Midfield28€5.00mJun 8, 2023€2.40m
Andrei CordeaRight Winger24€2.50mJun 15, 2023€2.30m
Anthony NwakaemeLeft Winger34€5.50mJun 12, 2023€2.20m
Hassan TambaktiCentre-Back24€2.00mJun 12, 2023€2.00m
Jawad El YamiqCentre-Back31€2.00mJun 13, 2023€2.00m
Fabián NogueraCentre-Back30€2.00mJul 10, 2023€2.00m
Alfa SemedoDefensive Midfield26€4.00mJun 12, 2023€2.00m
Mohamed BadamosiCentre-Forward24€2.00mJun 22, 2023€2.00m
Sultan Al-GhannamRight-Back29€3.50mJun 12, 2023€2.00m
Éver BanegaCentral Midfield35€20.00mJun 12, 2023€1.80m
Odion IghaloCentre-Forward34€12.00mJun 12, 2023€1.80m
Mohamed SherifCentre-Forward27€2.50mJun 29, 2023€1.80m
Aschraf El MahdiouiDefensive Midfield27€1.80mJun 12, 2023€1.80m
Birama TouréDefensive Midfield31€2.00mJun 27, 2023€1.80m
Salem Al-DawsariLeft Winger32€3.20mJun 12, 2023€1.70m
Bruno VianaCentre-Back28€7.00mJul 25, 2023€1.60m
MateusRight Winger28€1.70mJun 28, 2023€1.60m
FlávioCentral Midfield27€2.00mJun 12, 2023€1.60m
Sofiane BendebkaCentral Midfield31€1.50mJun 12, 2023€1.50m
Enzo RocoCentre-Back31€3.00mJun 13, 2023€1.50m
Lisandro LópezCentre-Back34€7.00mJun 29, 2023€1.50m
Ivo RodriguesRight Winger28€2.00mJun 16, 2023€1.50m

Most Valuable 11 Players In Saudi League

Player NamePositionMain PositionSecondary PositionSecondary Position 2Agezentriert 5
Edouard MendyGoalkeeperGK31€12.00m
Roger IbañezCentre-BackCB24€30.00m
Aymeric LaporteCentre-BackCBLB29€25.00m
Ghislain KonanLeft-BackLBLM27€8.00m
Saud AbdulhamidRight-BackRBLBCB24€2.80m
Sergej Milinkovic-SavicCentral MidfieldCMAM28€50.00m
FabinhoDefensive MidfieldDMRBCB29€42.00m
TaliscaAttacking MidfieldAMCFRW29€15.00m
NeymarLeft WingerLWCFSS31€60.00m
OtávioRight WingerRWAMRM28€35.00m
Aleksandar MitrovicCentre-ForwardCF28€28.00m

Saudi Income and Expenditures

Al-Hilal SFC€353.10m16€1.38m13€-351.72m
Al-Ahli SFC€194.01m18-17€-194.01m
Al-Nassr FC€165.10m14-11€-165.10m
Al-Ittihad Club€85.68m18€750k10€-84.93m
Al-Shabab FC€34.38m8€19.20m13€-15.18m
Al-Ettifaq FC€27.00m11-10€-27.00m
Al-Taawoun FC€12.18m13€15.78m15
Al-Fayha FC€7.85m7-9€-7.85m
Khaleej FC€4.07m18-16€-4.07m
Al-Fateh SC€2.75m10€9.83m5
Damac FC€2.75m10-8€-2.75m
Al-Riyadh SC€1.80m18-14€-1.80m
Al-Hazem SC€1.50m18-11€-1.50m
Abha Club€1.50m13-9€-1.50m
Al-Tai FC€1.32m13-13€-1.32m
Al-Wehda FC€1.20m10-6€-1.20m
Al-Okhdood Club€1.09m17-22€-1.09m
Al-Raed SFC-12-7

Saudi Market Value per club

Club NameMarket Value on July 15th 2023Squad Size on July 15th 2023Current Value as on August 3rd 2023Squad Size as on August 15th 2023DifferenceSize
Al-Hilal SFC€90.65m34€163.40m32€72.75m80.3 %
Al-Nassr FC€89.08m29€152.98m31€63.90m71.7 %
Ittihad Club€78.18m34€119.88m33€41.70m53.3 %
Al-Ahli SFC€52.30m32€95.08m28€42.78m81.8 %
Al-Ettifaq FC€20.93m23€44.93m25€24.00m114.7 %
Al-Fateh SC€13.33m27€25.28m29€11.95m89.7 %
Al-Shabab FC€30.68m27€23.83m24€-6.85m-22.3 %
Al-Hazem SC€4.63m26€15.08m34€10.45m225.9 %
Al-Taawoun FC€14.10m25€13.63m25€-475k-3.4 %
Abha Club€9.33m25€13.60m28€4.28m45.8 %
Al-Tai FC€10.58m26€12.33m24€1.75m16.5 %
Khaleej FC€11.75m29€12.33m29€575k4.9 %
Damac FC€9.50m28€9.38m28€-125k-1.3 %
Al-Okhdood Club€1.65m27€9.30m31€7.65m463.6 %
Al-Fayha FC€7.93m24€8.90m22€975k12.3 %
Al-Wehda FC€9.08m33€8.35m30€-725k-8.0 %
Al-Raed SFC€5.70m25€5.45m23€-250k-4.4 %
Al-Riyadh SC€2.10m28€4.43m26€2.33m110.7 %

Some Data Bites:

  1. 74% Growth: The Saudi Pro League clubs have experienced an average growth rate of approximately 74% from July 15th to August 3rd, 2024, outpacing the average growth rate of around 5% observed in the English Premier League.
  2. Closing the Gap: Despite the current average market value of players in the Saudi Pro League standing at around €6.6 million, compared to the English Premier League’s €53.8 million, the gap is closing rapidly, underscoring the Saudi Pro League’s potential.
  3. Rapid Rise: The market values of clubs in the Saudi Pro League have seen substantial growth between July and August 2024, signaling a promising future for the league.
  4. Emerging Powerhouse: The Saudi Pro League’s rapid growth, burgeoning club values, and increasing player market values underscore its emerging status in global football.
  5. A League to Watch: With its impressive growth trajectory, the Saudi Pro League is challenging the established order in world football, making it a league to watch for all football enthusiasts.

These insights provide valuable information for football enthusiasts, analysts, clubs, and others interested in understanding the dynamics of player market values in the Premier League. Ibebet is also privileged to attach the statistics supporting this claim

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