The Card Game “Casino” and How to Play for Real Money

I love to write about casino games, and the card games that you can play at a casino. Today, I thought it would be fun and entertaining to write about “casino,” an old-fashioned card game. It is played with real money, but can also be played for fun.

This article explains how to play the casino card game for real money or for fun. It is easy to learn and a lot of fun.

These are the Rules of Playing Casino

There are three options for playing casino: 2 players, 3 or 4. You can play best with two players. If you have four players, it is played as a partnership game, like bridge or spades. This game requires a 52-card deck, with no jokers.

The fact that cards are not ranked in the traditional sense makes casino different from other card games. While the cards do have a value when it comes building, the face cards don’t have any. Other cards have values that are based on how many spots they have. (I’ll explain “building” later in this tutorial.

You want to score more points than your opponent. In casino, you score points by trying to get more cards than your opponent or by winning more spades.


These are the points values for different things in casino:

  • You get 3 points if you win more cards than half of the 52.
  • You get 1 point if you win more than half the 13 spades.
  • You get 2 points if you have 10 diamonds. The 10 of diamonds are also known as “big casino” and “The Good Ten.”
  • You get 1 point if you have 2 diamonds. The 2 of diamonds, also known as “little casino” (or “The Good Two”), is worth 1 point.
  • Each Ace counts as one point. 4 points in total

The total score of both players after a game is completed should equal 11. However, there is an exception. You get 3 points each if you have 26 cards. The total score would be 8 instead of 11.

How to play a hand of casino

You start by shuffling the dealer, as in many card games. Traditionally, the other player gets to cut the deck. The dealer position is alternated.

The dealer is not the player that has an advantage because he can play his cards first. However, the dealer has an advantage because the cards that are still on the table at play’s end will be returned to the player who played the last trick.

By keeping any face card (jack, queen, or key), the dealer can force last. You might be allowed to deal 2 cards per hand depending on the house rules. However, some players prefer only one card per turn. The action is described as if you were dealing one card at a given time.

These are the cards that are dealt:

  • The dealer’s opponent wins a card.
  • The dealer receives a card.
  • On the table, one card is dealt.

Continue this until each player has four cards. There are also four open cards on the table. The remaining cards must be put aside. The player who has used all four cards in his hand gets four new cards. After the initial 4 cards, no face-up cards are dealt.

You’ll have only 8 cards remaining in your deck before the last deal. When it occurs, the dealer will announce this as “last”. This is crucial because the player who takes the last trick receives the remaining cards.

The player who did not sign the first deal is eligible to play the 1st time. There are 3 options available to him:

  • Take in
  • Construct
  • Trail

Take In

The main goal of a casino player is to take in. It is also important to choose which cards you take in. Start by reviewing your cards and looking at the cards facing you. If you have a similar card in your hand, you can take any card from the table.

Here’s an example.

You have a 9 in the hand. Any 9 can be taken from any of the face-up cards at the table. While suits don’t really matter in most cases of the game, the 10 of diamonds as well as the 2 of diamonds have special meaning. There is a score for having more spades so it makes sense that you look for those cards first.

By the way, face cards in this game are not the same as in other games. You must have a King in your hand to take in a King. A jack or queen are not good enough. This is not the only way you can take in cards. You can also take in cards that have the same value as one of your cards.

Here’s an example.

You hold a 9 in the hand. You have a 6 and 3 on the face-up cards. You can play the 9 and get both of those cards, since 6+3=9. If you have the same card value, you can take in multiple cards. If you have a 9, and there are two face-up 9s on the table you can take both of them. This rule is not applicable to all situations. It does not count for face cards. One face card (jack or queen) can be taken at a given time.

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You can build an amount that will allow you to take in cards. This is done by declaring that you are building, and then putting a card on top of another.

Here’s an example.

You hold an 8 in your hands. You have a 3 on your table and a 5 in you hand. You can place a 5, on the 3, and announce that “building 8” is your intention. On your next turn you can use the 8, in your hand, to grab the 2 cards (the 5 or the 3). After you announce a build, the individual cards can no longer be taken in. The build must be picked up. Your opponent in the previous example wouldn’t be able to take in the 5 and the 3 if he didn’t have a 5 or 3 in his hand. If he has an 8, he can take the cards in before you next turn.

It is also forbidden to create a total you cannot pick up. You must have an 8 to build 8. This is not the only way you can build. Multiple cards can be built with the same value. Let’s say there is an 8 on the table and you have several 8s in your hands. You can place one of the 8s on the table and announce that you are building 8s.

Once you have built a play, you can either do the following:

  • Add another card
  • You can increase or duplicate your build

Let’s take a moment to talk about increasing. This is an example of how it works:

All the 8s are in your hands except 1. Place one of the 9s on an 8 and announce that 8s are being built. You place another 8. You take all 8s on your next turn.

This is not the only way to improve the build. Another way to increase the build is:

Imagine someone who has created 6s by placing a 5 on the 1 and revealing that he’s building 9. He could then place 3 on the 5 or 1 and announce that the 9 he has built. He must hold a 9 to do this. You can increase your opponents’ build. You can also increase a build if your opponent has already started one. To do this, play a card and bring the total up to match a card in you hand. Even if your opponent has increased the build, you can increase it. Keep in mind, however, that you need to remember the original build. Your opponent cannot play an ace if you are building 4s. He can still take in the 4s if he has a 4.

Let’s now talk about Duplicating the Build. This prevents others from increasing a build. Here’s how it works:

Let’s suppose you have a 5 on a 2, and you announce that you are building a 7. Your opponent can put a 5 on a 2 and announce that you’re building a 7. After this, neither build can ever be increased. This is the purpose of duplicate builds. Both you and your opponents may keep creating duplicate builds. You can also take in duplicate builds if you have one of the built.


There are three options available if you don’t want to or can’t take in or build.

Trailing. You place a card you have in your hand on the table to trail. The other open card becomes the trailing card. You can trail a card, even if it matches another on the table. This could be done for strategic reasons.

Playing in a Casino Game

Some people like to play where each deal is an entire game. The player who has more points wins.

It is more common to play multiple deals up until someone has 21 points. Deals are played through until the player reaches 21 points. The deal ends when the points have been tallied and the winner is the player with the most points.

Strategic Decision Making in the Game of Casino

It’s easy to play the card game casino, but difficult to master. With the limited space available, I can only give some general tips. If you are playing for money, skill is a huge asset.

You can keep track of each card if you are a savant. If you find it difficult to do so, which is common for many of us, then at least keep track of the following cards:

  • The aces
  • Big casino
  • Little casino

It is important to keep track of how many 9s or 10s were played. These are the most important cards in the game. The face cards are not important and cannot be used for building. They are not important and can be played by themselves so don’t fret about them. It is important to keep track of how many cards have been taken in. This is crucial because 3 points is quite a lot.

Take advantage of every opportunity you have. A point is earned if you have the most spades. If you don’t want to take in spades, it is a bad idea. It’s more important to have more cards than it is to earn more points.

You should take your big casino as soon as you can. It is not a good idea for your opponent to make a move that could prevent you from getting the 10s.

You can play for money

The easiest way to make money playing poker is to bet a flat amount of dollars on the outcome of each game. It doesn’t matter if you play one deal at a given time or play until the player reaches 21.


Casino isn’t a popular card game, but it’s still a lot fun. It is a refreshing change from the more popular card games, so it’s worth learning it so you can share it with your friends.

It’s also a game that mixes skill and chance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn more about casino.

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