Where Should You Play Blackjack in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has many opportunities to play blackjack. Sin City boasts hundreds of blackjack tables.

However, it is possible to be confused when choosing a table. You might also be tempted to take the first seat available. You can increase your chances of winning by giving thought to the matter.

This guide will explain what you need to know when choosing Vegas blackjack games. This guide also discusses which casinos have the best blackjack games, including the house edge, favorable rules and the lowest stakes.

What makes a Blackjack game worth playing?

Blackjack gives you the opportunity to change the house edge by skill, which is not possible with slot machines. Strategy can help you increase your chances of winning. The blackjack strategy is easy to master but takes some time.

Blackjack strategy is only one thing. You must also look for tables with favorable rules to increase your chances of winning.

When choosing a table, you should consider the stakes, especially if you are a low-roller. You can see how each of these factors affect the selection of a blackjack table.

Low House Edge

Your long-term winning chances are directly affected by the house edge. A lower house will give you more chances of winning.

You should choose Las Vegas blackjack games with low house advantage. These are the best Sin City casinos for this purpose:

  • M Resort – 0.199%
  • Aria – 0.2%
  • Bellagio – 0.26%
  • Mandalay Bay – 0.2%
  • MGM Grand- 0.26%
  • Mirage – 0.2%
  • Park MGM – 0.26
  • Treasure Island – 0.2%
  • Palace Station – 0.4%
  • Palms – 0.4%
  • Red Rock – 0.4%
  • Silverton – 0.4%

Favorable Rules

The rules are as important as strategy in determining the house’s advantage. If you have player-friendly rules, your chances of making money are better.

These are the most important rules to remember:

  • 3 to2 Blackjack Pays Lowers the House Advantage by 1.39% (compared to 6:5 payouts).
  • A single-deck version of blackjack reduces the house edge by 0.58 (compared to eight decks).
  • Doubling down on any total lowers your house advantage by 0.255% (instead of being limited to 9 through 11).
  • Dealer stands on soft 17, which lowers the house edge by 0.2% (versus hitting).
  • Doubling down following a split (DAS). Lowers the house advantage to 0.17% (versus zero DAS).

Other rules may also affect the house advantage. These rules are crucial, however.

Low Stakes

High stakes are a feature of any Vegas blackjack game with low house edge. If you are willing to risk $50 or $100 per hand, this is fine. It can be very costly if you don’t have enough money to play at high limits.

You should look for tables with low stakes and good rules if you are a low-roller. This combination is rare, but Sin City does have a number of tables.

These Las Vegas casinos offer low-stakes games and are player-friendly.

  • Lucky Club – $1 Minimum Bet; 0.64%
  • Poker Palace – $2 minimum bet; 0.41%
  • Joker’s Wild – $3 minimum bet; 0.788%
  • Sam’s Town – $3 minimum bet; 0.788%
  • Aliante Casino – $5 minimum bet; 0.46%
  • Arizona Charlie’s: Decatur – $5 minimum bet; 0.46%
  • California – $5 minimum bet; 0.60%
  • Cannery – $5 minimum wager; 0.46%
  • Club Fortune – $5 minimum wager; 0.46%
  • Eastside Cannery – $5 minimum bet; 0.4%
  • El Cortez – $5 minimum bet; 0.46%
  • Fiesta Henderson – $5 minimum bet; 0.46%

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Which Vegas Casinos Have the Best Blackjack Action?

When deciding which Las Vegas casinos have the best real-money blackjack action, your personal preferences will be taken into consideration.

You may, for example, value a lower house more than any other. You should look for games that have the lowest house advantage in this instance.

If you have a small bankroll, you should also consider the stakes. Although a low house edge is always a good thing, it can still lead to expensive games if the minimum stakes exceed $50 or $100.

This is a comparison of two games to illustrate the point.

$10 Minimum Bet, 0.8% House Edge

  • You play 100 hands.
  • Every time, you place the lowest bet.
  • The house advantage is 0.8%
  • 100 x 10x 0.008 = $8 theoretical losses

$50 Minimum Bet with 0.4% House Edge

  • You play 100 hands.
  • Each time, you place the lowest possible bet.
  • The house advantage is 0.4%
  • 100 x 50x 0.004 = $20 theoretical losses

The second game has a higher house edge, as can be seen. However, the $50 minimum bet can lead to greater theoretical losses.

You may be able to afford higher stakes and not feel restricted by a small bankroll. You may not care about the house advantage in this instance.

You should consider the minimum wager if you are like most players. This scenario aims to find casinos with a low house edge but reasonable stakes. For more information, you can refer to the previous section.

The majority of the best games offer 2-6 decks

If you are looking for tables with a low house edge and fair rules, you will find that most of these blackjack games include between two and six decks.

Many blackjack players are attracted to single-deck blackjack. You can’t get any better when it comes to decks.

The number of decks is just one aspect of the house edge. It is important to also consider other rules that contribute to a high-quality game.

Many of the games in Vegas have between two and six decks. Casinos offer the best blackjack rules at four-, six-, and two-deck tables.

You can still find good games with just one or two decks. They won’t be found as often, however.

Are You a Fan of Downtown or the Strip?

Las Vegas is made up of many sections including the Strip and North Vegas. The Strip is certainly the most glamorous section of Sin City.

It boasts some of the most luxurious casinos in the world and amazing amenities. These venues offer blackjack at a high-end level.

There are many blackjack tables on the Strip with low house edge. These games require that you bet between $25-200.

If you don’t mind taking a risk to have fun on the most expensive street in Vegas, you can go to North Vegas or downtown.

These tables have a house edge of less than 0.50% and $5-10 minimum bets. These sections are ideal for low-stakes players.

However, the tradeoff is that you have to sacrifice some amenities in exchange for better blackjack gaming. The Strip has the most impressive resorts, but Downtown and North Vegas aren’t as inspiring.

You can also stay elsewhere and still be able to play at off-Strip casino. All you need is transportation to get to these places.

You might also feel comfortable staying away from the Strip. If this is the case, you might find yourself enjoying excellent blackjack action near or at your hotel.


It won’t take long to find blackjack action in Sin City. However, it is important to not just go to the first table that you see.

The stakes and the house edge of Vegas blackjack games vary greatly. You should aim to find tables with the lowest house edge and the most affordable bets.

Certain tables have a lower house edge than 0.3% in some casinos. These tables can be played at any casino, and you don’t need to wager $50 to $100. Before you head out to play blackjack in Las Vegas, make sure you read this guide.

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