Lucky Numbers: How To Play and Ways To Win

Lucky Numbers are lottery betting games that are available at a number of South African online bookmakers, including Betway and Hollywoodbets. There are numerous ways to win with over 160 draws worldwide and a plethora of betting markets to choose from.

betway lucky numbers options

Lucky Numbers betting is similar to traditional lottery betting, except that you are compensated for each correct prediction and your winnings are not shared with other players who make the same predictions.

We’ve included answers to all of your frequently asked questions about Lucky Numbers below. You’ll discover how these games work, the various types of wagers available, where to play Lucky Numbers, and how to determine whether you’ve won.

What Is the Meaning of Lucky Numbers?

Lucky Numbers betting entails betting on fixed-odds lottery draws from around the world, which you can access through a variety of South African online betting sites. When you place a Lucky Numbers wager, you are not purchasing a lottery ticket but rather predicting one of the draw’s possible outcomes. Although the official results of these draws are used to determine whether your Lucky Numbers bets win or lose, you are paid by the bookmaker, not the lottery company.

How To Participate In Lucky Numbers

There are very few betting options in a standard lottery. You must correctly predict all of the numbers that appear in the draw and will be compensated based on the number of correct predictions. However, you can make numerous other predictions about the draw using Lucky Numbers. For instance, you can wager on just one number that you believe will come up rather than all six.

Additionally, you can wager on the colour of the balls, the high/low numbers, the odd/even numbers, and single-digit numbers, among other things. The amount you win is determined by the fixed odds you receive for your wager, which means that winning can be as simple or as difficult as you wish. The fewer numbers you select, the better your chances, and the more numbers you select, the larger your payout.

Why Should You Play Lucky Numbers?

There are three primary reasons why betting on Lucky Numbers with Betway or Hollywoodbets is superior to betting on the South African Lotto or Powerball.

Additional draws to be made

In South Africa, the Lotto and Powerball are only available four times a week. With Lucky Numbers, you can wager on almost any lottery worldwide, regardless of your location. There are over 160 national lotteries to choose from, withdraws occurring at various times throughout the day. It is entirely up to you to choose which national lottery and which day to play.

Numerous wagering options

In Lotto, your only wagering options are to choose six numbers or to choose a Quick Pick and have them randomly selected for you. With Lucky Numbers, you can select the amount of money you want to win based on your spending capacity.

Rather than attempting to correctly guess all the numbers in the draw, you can simplify the task by predicting just one number or whether the bonus ball will be odd or even. Additionally, you can mix and match bets in the same draw that include numbers, colours, sums, and so on, all of which have varying odds.

Certainty of payment

When you win the Lotto or Powerball, you must split your prize with anyone else who picked the same numbers. The more individuals who correctly predict the same numbers, the less money is available. With Lucky Numbers, you always know how much money you stand to win, and payouts remain constant regardless of the number of other winners. You do not have to correctly predict all the numbers to win.

How Are Lucky Numbers Odds Calculated?

National lotteries are typically parimutuel, which means that the amount of prize money varies according to the number of participants and winners. You could win R5 000 for three correct numbers one week and only R500 the next—you never know! However, Lucky Numbers betting is based on fixed odds, which means that all players’ bets and winnings are unrelated.

Your potential winnings are always disclosed at the time of betting, and the amount is guaranteed 100 percent. For instance, betting on the number 9 will always result in the same payout regardless of how many other people correctly guess the same number.

Which Betting Options Are Available For Lucky Numbers?

There are numerous Lucky Numbers wagers available at varying odds for each draw. Predicting one number that will appear in the draw is one of the simplest bets you can make, but there are many more options available if you want them.

As an illustration, consider the South African Lotto:

  • If you correctly predict one number, you will be paid out at a 5/1 odds.

  • If you correctly predict two numbers, you will be paid out at 52/1 odds if both of your numbers are drawn.

  • If you correctly predict three numbers, you will be paid out at 400/1 odds if all of your numbers are drawn.

  • If you correctly predict four numbers, you will be paid out at a 3000/1 odds if all of your numbers are drawn.

Additionally, but not exclusively, Lucky Numbers betting options include the following:

Numerous combinations with or without the bonus ball

  • Calculate Sum Over/Under (Total number when all balls are added)

  • Calculate the Odd/Even Sum

  • Calculate the Sum Range (Sum between specific number range)

  • The Color of the First Ball

  • Last Ball’s Color

Bonus Ball Betting

The majority of bookmakers offer markets on bonus balls, which may include the bonus ball’s number as well as a variety of other side markets.

As an illustration, consider the South African Lotto:

  • If you correctly predict the bonus ball’s number, you’ll win at odds of 47/1.

  • If you correctly predict that the bonus ball will be a single-digit number (1-9), you will receive a 3/1 payout.

  • If you correctly predict whether the bonus ball will be a low (1-24) or a high (26-49), you will receive 9/10 odds.

Additionally, you can place Bonus Ball bets on certain Lucky Numbers draws, which include the following:

  • High/Low Bonus Ball

  • Bonus Ball Total

  • Odd / Even Bonus Ball

The Bonus Ball will be identical to one of the regular balls drawn.

Where To Place Lucky Numbers Bets

With the growth in popularity of lottery betting, more South African bookmakers have added Lucky Numbers to their portfolio of betting products to complement their sports and casino game offerings.

Lucky Numbers at Betway

Betway was one of the first South African online betting sites to offer Lucky Numbers. With international draws from all over the world, they provide unmatched variety and the opportunity to win big! Along with Thunderball in the United Kingdom and Mega Millions in the United States, Betway offers Lucky Numbers betting on lotteries in Australia, Italy, Greece, Russia, and a number of other countries, starting at just R1.

Lucky Numbers at Hollywoodbets

hollywoodbets lucky numbers sa lotto

Every day, wager on the UK49s Afternoon and Evening draws. What if this isn’t your cup of tea? Why not try your luck at the South African Lotto or Powerball, or even the Powa Plus, with Hollywoodbets? From Monday to Sunday, there are hundreds of draws to participate in, and you can stake as little as R1 on multiple markets to get a piece of the action.

How To Make A Fortune Betting On Lucky Numbers

Visit your preferred betting site

Proceed to Betway, Hollywoodbets, or any other Lucky Numbers betting site of your choice. Locate the Lucky Numbers tab and click to view a list of available lotteries and the start times for each draw.

Choose a draw

Browse the list of upcoming Lucky Numbers draws or use the search bar to locate the lottery that interests you. The available draws are typically limited to those that begin within the next seven days. To choose a lottery, click the image or the button that says Bet Now or Play.

Choose your market

Following your selection of the draw, the various betting markets become available. The wagers are classified into categories such as ‘Regular Draw,’ ‘Draw Sum,’ and ‘Bonus Ball.’ By clicking the odds, you can add any selection to your betslip. You may place multiple wagers on the same draw but not on the same betslip.

Place a wager

Proceed to your betslip and enter the stake amount for each selection. If you’ve made multiple selections, your betslip may show your total possible winnings rather than the payout for each individual wager. Once you’ve verified the wager’s details, you can either add additional selections or click Submit or Place Bet to confirm.

Examine your wagers

To view a summary of all your betting transactions, go to My Account and enter the date, description, stake, odds, and bet settlement status.

Which Games With Lucky Numbers Should I Play?

With hundreds of draws occurring daily, it’s difficult to choose which games to play. Your selection will be determined by your individual preferences. Certain draws have fewer possible outcomes, making them easier to win. Others have a greater number of numbers but smaller prizes.

Additionally, you may wish to choose your draw based on available markets such as Ball Color and Bonus Balls. Finally, some Lucky Numbers draws occur more frequently than others, possibly on the same day you receive your paycheck, which may make them more appealing to you.

How Do I Enter to Win Lucky Numbers?

After deciding which draw to play and how much to wager, the next question is which numbers to choose. This can be a difficult decision, but the most critical point to remember is that in order to win, you’ll need some luck.

Always choose the same digits

Do you frequently play numbers one week and lose, only to have them come up the following week when you no longer have them? One solution is to maintain consistent weekly numbers. This may sound tedious, but it is also the quickest and easiest way to place your wager. Your numbers will eventually appear, even if they do not all appear simultaneously.

Choose at random

When you play Lucky Numbers, your odds of winning remain constant. This is also true in part for standard lotteries, but it is even more true for Lucky Numbers, as there are no other players in the draw with you who can influence the payout. You’re just as well off selecting random numbers as you are deliberating deeply. Utilize the Auto Pick or Quick Pick functions to allow the system to generate numbers for you and place your wager in a matter of seconds.

Utilize our Lucky Numbers dream dictionary.

If you’re superstitious, you can also use our Lucky Numbers Dream Guide to help you convert your most recent dreams into numbers for online gambling. Our popular guide contains hundreds of words that are accompanied by numbers. Simply browse the list for the objects that appeared in your dream and select all the numbers that appear.

How Do I Determine Whether I Have Won?

Your Lucky Numbers winnings will always be credited to your online betting account, from which they can be withdrawn immediately if your account has been FICA verified. The simplest way to determine whether or not your wagers have been successful is to log into your online betting account and check your balance.

If the amount has not changed, check your betting history to determine whether your Lucky Numbers wager was settled. If not, check the draw time to ensure you are not still too early. After the draw is complete, you can view the results of all popular national lotteries here to determine which numbers won.