SuperSport Zambia Review 2023 | Free Bonus & Login

SuperSport Zambia Review 2023 | Free Bonus & Login

Deposit $10 Get $30

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Supersport is a betting company registered in Croatia. It is headquartered in Zagreb (Croatia). Although the site is accessible in Bosnian and Croatian languages, Google Translate provides a decent translation into English. The Croatian Kuna, abbreviated HRK or KN, is the official currency.

✍Registration on SuperSport Zambia

SuperSport is simple to get started. It takes only a username, password, and some personal information. You will be asked for your personal information in accordance with the law. Please fill out:

Name, gender, address, and state.
Citizenship is a type of ID document that includes its number.
Your IBAN, its issuer, and telephone number
The site asks you about your political exposure. This is consistent with Croatia’s anti money laundering role. They want to know if;
1. You are a civil servant, or have close contact with one.

2. In what ways are you a civil servant?

3. Your source of wealth

These can be filled out and you will be notified of any bonuses, special offers, or prizes.
Then, you confirm that you are at minimum 18 years old and agree to the privacy policies and rules.
You have successfully registered and can now access your account.

🎁SuperSport Zambia Welcome Bonus

Sign up and receive a bonus up to 500KN for new players. No matter how much they deposit, new players receive a 100% bonus. You will receive 20 Kuna if you deposit 10 N. It is easy to see how much you’ll get in bonuses on the site.

🆓SuperSport Free Spins

💵SuperSport Payment methods – Deposits and withdrawals at the Bookmaker

After your registration is accepted, the site will be updated with a “Payment” button. Supersport accepts many payment methods, including credit and debit cards, skrill, paysafe and paysafe. Users in Croatia also have the advantage of being able to pay through.

In branches of banks
using a cladomat cash deposit certificate;
Supersport voucher purchased from a Tiska Kiosk
you can use your winnings to pay at a bank or betting machine
Aircash voucher purchased at an INA Petrol station or Tisak kiosk
All winnings are subject to income tax. It is calculated as an amount equal to the stake’s net profit. This is the sum won less the stake. It can be calculated as follows:

0-10,000 KN at 10%
10,000-30,000 KN @ 15%
30,000-500,000 KN at 20%
At 30%, above 500,000 KN
A handling fee (mt) is charged at 5% of stake. This fee is paid to the state budget.

👾SuperSport Games

Supersport offers markets in approximately 10 games, as well as additional markets for Special and E-sports. There are five sports that are available: Football, Handball (mini football), Handball, Tennis, Handball; Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Snooker, and Volleyball. There are many markets, events, and bets available for each of these sports.

Some of the most popular bets are:

You can only bet on one event with solo tickets
Combined ticket – This is a multi-match bet in which the goal is to predict the outcome of all the events. You can wager on up to 30 games.
System slip: Bets that can be placed on multiple events. If all of the pairs that you have placed a bet on win, then you win the bet. You have three options. You can choose from 1/4, 2/4, or 4/4.
You have the option to choose from:

Match results: How the match will end. This could be:
Home win, away win, or draw
These bets may be combined in any way you see fit. This could be home win, draw, home or away wins.
1. The first half: How the second half will end. The match result will be the same as the first half.
End/halftime: This is a factor in both the match result and the first half victory. It will be expressed in 1/0 for home wins at halftime and a draw at match ends.
Goal/no goal is expressed as a “yes/no” on whether the team scores goals;
Handicap (numbers of goals) – The bet on the outcome of the match is placed after the bettor subtracts or adds goals. It can be expressed as 1, X1, 1X, or X2
Handicap (result) is how the game will play after the final result has been added.
Goals: These could be: Who scores first, both team score, both teams score and 3+. Time of first goal, exact number of goals scored in match, and many other bets.
The markets are the same for all the other games.

🃏Live Betting

Supersport’s live betting section is just as lively as the pre-match section. They offer pretty much the same lines depending on the points of the game on which the live bet is made. Live betting is influenced by gameplay, so the odds are also different. The number of events you can bet on depends on how many games are being played at any given time. For soccer, for example, there are several lines you can bet on.

Next goal, first half.
Both teams score.
the rest of the game.
Total Points, First Half, Remaining Games, Home, Away
In basketball, you can choose to either:

no result;
Quarterly total, first half.
Total home or away points including products or sales.
handicap, quarter handicap;
X points from the beginning

📱SuperSport Mobile: Excellent when on the go

Supersport iOS app allows users to deposit funds quickly and safely with the option that best suits them. The app allows users to become true sports experts with detailed statistics and insight.

🛡️ Security and Regulations – Scams or not?

All forms of gambling and betting are regulated and licensed according to the Croatian Gambling Law. However, he does have four licensed gambling sites in the country, including one state-owned operator. This leaves local players with little choice. Foreign bookmakers have entered to expand the market. Supersport is therefore legal in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, the situation is different in other parts of the world. Most countries still have very strict gambling regulations. Therefore, it is only available to players in countries where gambling is not illegal. For example, supersports are banned in America.

🛎️ Customer Service

Unfortunately for SuperSport, the customer service section was not readily accessible when we searched the site. SuperSport’s contact information was not readily accessible, unlike most other bookies that will place it at the top of the screen.


Unfortunately for SuperSport, the customer service section was not readily accessible when we searched the site. SuperSport’s contact information was not readily accessible, unlike most other bookies that will place it at the top of the screen.

What happens to a wager if an event is cancelled?
The stake will be returned to you if an event with a particular time is not completed. The bet will still be valid at the new event date/time if the event time has been changed. The bet will only be valid if an event is canceled but a valid result has been posted.

What if I want to stop playing the game for a time?
You can use the self-exclusion feature to remove yourself from Supersport. You can choose how long you wish to be away from Supersport and you won’t be able participate in any Supersport games during that time.

What is the reason I have not received my activation link?
You may not have received your account activation email after registering. It could have been lost to spam. Register again if you have not received your account activation email within 10 minutes of registration. It could be that the spam folder has been opened. For assistance, you can also contact customer service.

How can I delete my account
You can request that your account be deleted by writing to customer service from your registered email if you don’t have any active bets, or money in your account.

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SuperSport Zambia Review 2023 | Free Bonus & Login