Betting sites in Kenya with cash out

Kenya is an African country with the highest number of young gamblers on the continent. The country’s gambling market is estimated to be $40 million as of 2020. Besides, gambling is growing rapidly in Kenya, where sports betting dominates.

If you are one of the bettors in Kenya, you have found yourself losing a bet severally. To make it worse, it might be the last goal that spoilt everything.

But guess what? You can avoid all this heartache with the cash-out feature. It is one of the innovative betting features that help you take control of your bets and boost your chances of making money.

Stay tuned to learn what cash out is, why it is important, how it works, and tips to help you cash out. Besides, we have a list of the betting sites in Kenya where you can cash out.

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The best betting sites with cash out feature

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Here are the top 8 cash out betting sites in Kenya;


It is one of the best betting sites in Kenya that offers early payouts to players. You can get cash out on multiple bets or single bets. Besides, the Betway cash-out betting feature allows you to cancel a bet when you realize you made a mistake or change your mind.


At BetWinner, players get a 100% welcome bonus and enjoy high odds. Besides, the site allows you to cash out your winning bet credits if in double the remaining matches. Lastly, live betting is also available.


It is one of the betting sites in Kenya that offers multi-bet cashout. If you stake on several games and some are completed earlier, and they turn out as you had predicted, you can request an early payout. Besides, you can get auto cash by creating a rule that allows you to do so without tracking the gaming.


Melbet is a Kenyan betting site with a huge welcome bonus for new customers. Besides, it provides convenient deposit methods that allow you to cash out on time. You will find special promotions like a free bet or free data when it comes to promotions.



22bet is an international betting site in Kenya that provides high betting odds. Although the site doesn’t allow you to cash out directly, you can cancel your bet if you make a mistake when placing a bet. Besides, you will get back your money after canceling the bet.


It is a betting site in Kenya with an amazing user experience because it loads fast. Besides, it provides esports live betting markets. Finally, players enjoy making profits with live betting and cash-out features.


Odibet online betting bookie has many sporting events covering football, among other games. If you are looking for a no deposit bonus in Kenya, Odibet is the place to be. Besides, you can cash out on live markets.


It is another online betting site in Kenya that allows you to request an early payout before an event is complete. You can know if a bet has a cash-out option if it has a golden icon, but there is no 100% guarantee that each bet will have it. Besides, cash out is mainly on multi-bets.

What is cash out?

Cashout is a betting feature that allows players to end their bets when some selections on their bet slips are still ongoing. As a result, your bet ends earlier to help you make money. Players can cash out different bets, such as accumulator bets and system bets. It is rare to find cash out on a free bet.

Online betting sites in Kenya determine your cash-out amount depending on how close or far you were to winning your bets.

Therefore, if you are close to winning bets, your amount will also be close to your potential winning. And if you were far, you would receive a lower amount and possibly less than your stake.

Why is it important to cash out on betting sites?

You could be wondering why you need to end your bet early instead of waiting for the event to come to an end.

First, a cash-out option like auto cash allows you to take control of your bets. As a result, you increase the chances of making profits.

Online betting can be very unpredictable at times. Your team could be leading with two goals in the last ten minutes, and you are so excited. However, the other team can overtake it and lose your bets within no time. Therefore, it would be good to take your money when you have the chance.

On the other hand, it allows you to get part of your stake amount, especially if it is your first bet. Sometimes, things may go south, and your bet seems to head to a loss. Don’t sit and wait for a losing bet; instead, cash out to cut down the losses. You can save some coins to place another bet in one of the betting sites in Kenya.

How cash-out feature works

Many betting sites in Kenya allow players to cash out early before the game’s end. If you have never used this feature before and you want to cash out in your first bet, this is how it works.

Let’s say you are betting on a Premier League game between Man United and Chelsea. Hence you place a bet at odds of 2.50 and stake Ksh. 500. Therefore, your potential winning amount will be Ksh.1,250.

At around 75 minutes of the game time, Man United leads with one goal while Chelsea is at nil. At this time, a sports betting site you are betting with may offer you a cash-out amount of Ksh.1000.

Therefore, it is your deciso0n to choose to pick the Ksh. 1000 or wait until the game ends and get Ksh. 1,250.

However, things may turn, and Chelsea bits Man United. You will lose your bet and your whole stake amount in such a scenario.

Therefore, you have to way the risk of losing a bet or winning it because the cash-out amount changes with how the game is happening.

And how is cash out calculated on betting sites? Betting sites in Kenya calculate the amount differently because sporting events are unpredictable. Besides, most sites do this automatically.

Cash-out options in betting sites

Betting sites in Kenya offer several forms of cashing out. They include;

Full cash out

Full cash-out betting is where you get the full amount you had staked. It allows you to end your bets early and take your cash amount.

Auto cash out

When you automatically cash out on a betting site, you have to set the amount you wish to get. Besides, you have to set your cash-out amount when placing bets.

Auto cash-out betting doesn’t require you to remain logged into your betting account. All you need to do is place your bet, set the auto cash feature, and go on with your activities.

When setting this feature, it is important to define whether you want to cash out when the offer is lower than the current offer or when it is higher.

Partial cash out

Some cash-out betting sites allow bettors to get part of their stake amount. This means you won’t get the full amount you staked.

However, partial cash out guarantees you to win some money whether you lose a bet or win it.

You can also make generous cash if your bets win at the end.

Multi bets cash out

Great betting sites in Kenya provides this option where you can place a bet and request a withdrawal earlier. As a result, you end your bets early when some matches are yet to be played.

Players can take advantage of this option when the results of some games they had predicted turn out well. This is to avoid losing a bet.

A guide to selecting betting sites with cash out betting

Betting sites in Kenya providing cash-out services make your gaming experience exciting. However, cash-out betting can be more thrilling when a betting site offers more.

Here are some betting features that give the best cash-out experience;

Live betting

Live betting goes hand in hand with cashing out. A betting company providing a live betting feature allows players to cash out as the matches happen. This makes your betting experience exciting.

However, you have to be keen when using these two features. You should follow the matches keenly because live matches can change in minutes; thus, losing bets is easy.

Therefore, you need to think very fast and weigh the situation of the match. Besides, live betting allows you to cash out a winning bet or a losing bet on some betting sites.

Cash-out in accumulator bets

Can you cash out on an accumulator bet? Yes, most betting sites in Kenyan allow players to cash out on accumulator bets.

For example, you have an 8-game accumulator, and 7 of your selection have turned out good. The remaining accumulator bet can separate you from celebrating. This is because if your prediction turns out wrong, you will lose your bet.

However, you can avoid all these by cashing out your correct 7 bets. As a result, you can make a good amount out of these multi-bets.

Cashing out on betting apps

Another feature that makes cashing out exciting is betting on mobile apps. Most betting companies in Kenya have managed to develop a betting app that allows players to access all the features on the website and place bets.

Therefore, you don’t have to sit in front of your desktop or a laptop to follow matches or monitor your bet. Instead, you can enjoy live betting and cash out without hassle with betting apps.

Sports markets to cash out in the best betting sites

Sports bettors in Kenya have the privilege to enjoy many sports markets. Even on new betting sites, they can bet on football, tennis, and much more.

However, not all markets are fit for cash out, but most are. Football is the best game to cash out on betting sites in Kenya because it provides various betting options. Besides, new customers on a betting site can cash out on American sports markets.

Depending on the game, you can cash out a single bet or multi-bet in sports betting.

The most used betting sites in Kenya offer the following sports markets for partial cash out or auto cash out;

Football: Football has the best cash-out options in Kenya. Whether it is your first bet or you are a regular bettor, you can find a cash-out option. This is because most bets in football are finalized when the matches end. Therefore, any winning bets in your betting account can be cashed out early before the game ends.

Tennis: It is another sport on betting sites in Kenya for cashing out. Since it is a game of numbers, it is perfect for cashing out. You can find the cash-out feature on bets such as total games, match winner, and overall match score.

Cricket: It is also a game of numbers, making it ideal for cashing out bets. Cash-out bets include top batmen, match winners, leading wicket-taker, or total runs scored in cricket matches.

Horse racing: Although horse races do not last long, betting sites provide cash-out options for them. The request will pop up very quickly; therefore, you have to be alert.

Snooker: Snooker is also a game of numbers on the online betting market. It provides options like overall match winner, correct score, highest break, and total frames played.

American sports: They are also good for cashing out because they last longer, and players know when they will start and end. Therefore, they can place live bets on options such as game lines, total points, and double results.

Betting tips to help you cash out

A cash-out feature is one of the innovative features you can find on a new betting site. Things are more thrilling when it has features such as live betting.

However, if it is your first bet that you want to cash out, you need to be keen.

Here are some tips to help when you want to cash out a particular bet on a betting site;

Have confidence

New betting sites in Kenya provide the cash-out option to hook players. They can even give cash out on your first deposit bonus. However, you can’t get the best out of this feature unless you are confident.

Therefore, if you aren’t sure if your bet will end well, you can take advantage of a cash-out casino bonus.

However, if you are sure that if you leave your bets to the end they will turn out to be winning bets, do not cash out.

Finally, understanding how the best betting sites in Kenya calculate their cash-out amount helps make wise decisions.

Read the available information

Every betting company provides information about their cash-out offers to inform players before claiming them.

Besides, keeping yourself informed about sporting events also helps in making decisions. Understand the behaviors of teams in a football match to know if it is the right time to cash out.

If you want to cash out in live betting activity, please have the correct information because such an event needs you to react very quickly.

Also, be aware of the risks that come with cashing out.

Be positive

Sometimes you may cash out a bet that turns out to win at the end. This can frustrate you because you got a lower amount than you could have if you waited for the game to end.

However, always remember that every cashed-out bet is a win. It allows you to get some money, and it is better than a losing bet. As a result, you can use the money with what you want, like claiming a generous sportsbook bonus.

When is the best time to cash out?

To this point, you have learned a lot about cashing out on betting sites with a welcome bonus. However, you may still be unsure when to cash out your first bet.

Cashing out on a betting site depends on the current state of your bet, the probability of the events on your bet slip happening, and the cash-out amount you will get.

This is because sports betting can be very unpredictable. All could be going well with the bets you have placed, but within seconds things go south. On the other hand, a losing bet can turn out to be a winning bet in the last minutes.

All in all, the best time to cash out your bet is when you have made a decent profit. Generally, if your cash amount is 70% of your potential winning, you can take the offer and run with it.


Most live betting sites in Kenya allow bettors to cash out their bets. Besides, you can cash out an accumulator bet and other bet types. However, you won’t be allowed to cash out a free bet.

This feature allows you to take control of your bets and make some money. You can cash out your full or partial amount on betting sites. You have to follow through with the matches to request your payout early or set it automatically.

Early payout is more interesting on mobile betting apps. You don’t have to look for your computer to cash out; instead, take your smartphone and cash out within minutes. Some sports markets to cash out in Kenya are football, cricket, golf, tennis, and American sports.

The best time to cash out is when you have made a good profit from your bet.


Most betting sites in Kenya don't allow players to cash out their free bets. They accept you to place a free bet on live markets most of the time.

Betting sites automatically calculate the cash-out amount for their players. The amount you get depends on how close or far you were to winning your bet.

Kenya host numerous betting sites that offer cash-out services. You can check out Betway, 22bet, Sportybet, and BetWinner for the best cash-out offers. Besides, live betting sites rarely lack cash-out offers.