In this massive bookmaker battle, Kenya’s main betting sites, betway, and 22Bet go head-to-head. What is the greatest betting site in Kenya? We’ll find out soon enough.

Betway and 22Bet are two of Kenya’s greatest betting sites, but which one should you choose? This is a frequently asked question among our readers.

To be honest, it’s a difficult question to answer. Both bookmakers are fantastic betting sites with incredible features and benefits.

We decided to set betway and 22Bet against each other in the ultimate Kenyan bookmaker battle to discover a solution.

You should have a better notion of which betting site you wish to join at the end of this essay.


  1. Welcome Bonus
  2. Deposit Methods
  3. Betting Odds
  4. Football Betting
  5. Live Betting
  6. Customer Support
  7. User Experience
  8. Mobile App
  9. Betting Promotions
  10. Online Casino


Betway Opening Arguments

Best betting site for beginners

What makes Betway such a superb sportsbook? Quite a bit!

Betway is a very simple, user-friendly betting platform, yet it nevertheless has a large number of betting options. Betway Kenya provides it all, from fast deposits to fantastic promos, cash out to live to stream.

Betway started operating in 2006, but the worldwide betting site didn’t enter the Kenyan market until 2015 when the Betting Control and Licensing Board granted them a license.

Since then, they’ve evolved to become one of Kenya’s most popular betting sites.

22Bet Opening Arguments

Fantastic football betting website.

Many Kenyans like football betting, and there is no better location to do it than 22Bet.

22Bet has quickly become a favorite in Kenya, thanks to its extensive selection of football betting options and extremely high odds.

22Bet is a relatively young betting site in Kenya, having just launched in the country in 2019, but they have made incredible progress since then, rocketing to the top of the finest betting sites in Kenya.

You can see why deciding between betway and 22Bet is a difficult undertaking based on the initial arguments.

However, there is no such thing as a problem without a solution. In this essay, we’ll show you how to find the best betting site.

Round 1: Bonus Round

The welcome bonus is where the betway versus 22Bet rivalry begins. What is the finest welcome bonus among these betting sites?

If you’re familiar with online sports betting, you’re definitely familiar with the term “welcome bonus,” but for those who aren’t, let us quickly explain what it means.

A welcome bonus is a bonus given by a betting site when you sign up for an account. It normally comes in the form of a cash bonus, although it can also come in the form of free bets on rare occasions. Free bets and cash bonuses can be taken out of the betting site, but free bets cannot. They can only be used to place free bets with the bookie.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these bonuses to see which one has the finest welcome bonus.


Betway welcomes new customers with a 50 percent free bets bonus up to Ksh 5000. This implies that when you sign up for betway Kenya and make your first deposit, you will be eligible for free bets worth 50% of your investment.

If you deposit Ksh 1000, for example, your Free bets welcome bonus will be Ksh 500. To receive this bonus, however, you must meet the wagering conditions.

Wagering criteria are a series of restrictions that must be satisfied before your welcome bonus may be redeemed.

Wagering Requirements for Betway Bonuses

The Betway welcome bonus has the following wagering requirements:

Bet three times the value of your bonus on sportsbook or jackpot events at Betway.

Bets must be put on 3.0 or higher odds.

The welcome bonus offered by Betway is available for 30 days. You will lose your welcome bonus if you do not meet the playthrough requirements within 30 days of creating your account.

22Bet Bonus

Unlike betway, 22Bet offers cash welcome bonus to new clients. New customers get a 100% first deposit bonus up to Ksh 18,000 on their first deposit.

So, if you make an initial deposit of Ksh 1000, you’ll get a Ksh 1000 welcome bonus. Your welcome bonus will be awarded to your account as soon as you make your first deposit.

To withdraw your 22Bet bonus, you must once again meet the company’s wagering requirements.

  • To be eligible for the bonus, players must make a minimum deposit of Ksh. 100.

  • Before the welcome bonus may be withdrawn, it must be wagered 5 times on accumulator bets.

  • At least three selections must be included in each accumulator bet.

  • Each accumulator must contain at least three picks with odds of 1.40 or higher.

  • The bonus must be wagered within 7 days after receiving it.




22Bet appears to provide the more appealing welcome bonus, with a better bonus percentage and a bigger maximum bonus sum. While 22Bet offers a 100% bonus, betway only offers half that.

On 22Bet, the maximum bonus sum is Ksh. 18,000, which is much more than on Betway. The minimum odds requirement for the 22Bet bonus is slightly lower.


The betway bonus has a clear advantage over the 22Bet bonus in terms of validity, which is 30 days for betway and only seven days for 22Bet.

This is important since it provides your consumers more time to meet the wagering requirements and redeem their welcome bonus at Betway.

Having said that, we believe the benefits of the 22Bet bonus outweigh the disadvantages. 22Bet has a 1-0 lead in the opening round of this competition.

Betway may feel a little cheated for losing that round, but the 100% bonus and Ksh. 18,000 on offer were too tempting to pass up! What will betway’s reaction be in the wake of this setback? We’ve progressed to the next round.

Round 2: Payment Options

Have you ever had problems depositing money into a betting site? Isn’t it annoying? That is why you require a betting site that allows you to make deposits quickly and easily.

When it comes to deposit methods, how do 22Bet and betway stack up against one other?


Conclusion on Betway vs. 22Bet Deposit Methods

As shown in the table above, 22Bet has more deposit options than Betway Kenya. Both betting sites accept MPesa and Airtel Money as deposit options, but 22Bet outshines Betway with the addition of e-Wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, as well as for cryptocurrencies.

Wow! Two victories in two rounds! In this match, 22Bet has gotten off to a fast start and is threatening to pull away. Is it possible for Betway to re-enter the competition in the following round?

Round 3: customer service

It’s not always easy to gamble on sports online. You will have troubles from time to time and will need to contact your betting site for assistance.

Maybe your deposit isn’t showing up or your withdrawal is taking too long?

This is when customer service comes into play. Customers should have access to a great betting site at all times. You should have no trouble contacting your betting site for assistance and clarity.

So, how do betway and 22Bet compare in terms of customer service?

Customer Support Comparison: 22Bet vs. Betway

22Bet suffers a major setback because of the lack of phone service, but Betway responds with super-responsive social media platforms.

With Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp compatibility, betway ticks all the boxes when it comes to social media.

That’s enough to get them over the finish line in the third round and earn them their first point in this tense contest.

With 22Bet winning the first two rounds, this much-anticipated bookmaker battle was threatening to become an anti-climax, but betway lands a major blow in the third round to get straight back into the fight.

Will they be able to tie the game in the fourth round, or will 22Bet reclaim their two-point lead?

Round 4: Football Betting

For many Kenyan bettors, internet sports betting is primarily about football. Many Kenyan gamblers just bet on football, whether it’s the Premier League or the UEFA Champions League, or our own Kenyan Premier League.

As a result, in order to win over Kenyan bettors, a betting site must include a robust football betting area.

We looked at three important elements while evaluating the quality of the football betting department on betway and 22Bet:

Coverage of Football

Football Coverage refers to the breadth of the site’s football market. What is the total number of nations covered? And how many football games are there to choose from? The finest betting sites offer a diverse selection of football events from across the world, providing bettors with a variety of possibilities to choose from.

Depth in Football

The quantity of football betting possibilities on a site is referred to as the depth of the football market on that site. Again, we prefer our football betting sites to have a wide range of possibilities, such as goals, corners, cards, substitutions, fouls, and shots. The more the merrier, as the saying goes!

Football Betting Odds

Higher odds imply larger payouts. As a result, we’re looking for a betting service with good football odds!


Betway’s football odds are somewhat higher than 22Bet’s, but 22Bet offers more coverage and depth.

It was a close call, but 22Bet’s superior football variety won them this round!

22Bet has had a highly productive first four rounds, but can they keep it up? In this battle, there is still time for Betway to make a comeback. We haven’t even reached the halfway point.

Round 5: Live Betting

Pre-match betting is excellent, but live betting in online sports betting ups the ante.

It’s the real-time option that allows you to bet on games that have already started. Live betting brings you closer to the action and gives you the feeling of being a part of it.

It’s a really immersive betting element that increases the amount of adrenaline and excitement.

There are several live betting sites in Kenya, and almost every site now has an in-play area, but the live betting coverage, live betting odds and live betting tools are what set the best apart from the others.



Both Betway and 22Bet provide in-game data and virtual feeds, which is quite usual for betting sites these days, but the first notable point of difference in this round is the cash-out offers on both sites.

Betway is, without a doubt, Kenya’s greatest cash out the betting platform. The majority of the time, their offers are available, and the cash-out amounts are usually extremely good.

Betway may not be on par with huge live streaming sites like bet365, but they have a better live streaming service than 22Bet.

Both sites feature fantastic live betting odds and good in-play markets.

The winner, on the other hand, is a foregone conclusion! Betway wins the round to close the gap!

Betway bites back and breathes new life into this contest just as 22Bet appears to be fading away. It’s still anyone’s game at the halfway point!

Round 6: Odds Betting

Some inexperienced gamblers believe that all betting sites offer the same odds, but this is not the case. Betting odds vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and event to event, however some betting firms are known for consistently providing high odds across all of their categories.

The importance of odds in sports betting cannot be overstated. You obtain greater value from your bets if you wager on a betting site with high odds. Your potential winnings are greater when the betting chances are high.

So, where do you find the best odds: betway or 22bet? Take a look at the table below for further information.

The Verdict on Betway vs. 22Bet Odds

This has been one of the more dominant rounds of the competition, with 22Bet comfortably winning the odds war.

22Bet is the place to go if you’re seeking some of Kenya’s best betting!

Round 7: User Experience

Is it simple and convenient to use your betting site? How satisfied are you with your betting site experience?

You should switch to another betting site if your current one is making your life unpleasant.

We want a betting site that is basic, yet appealing, and easy to navigate without sacrificing great betting options.


There aren’t many sites in Kenya that compare to Betway in terms of simplicity, efficiency, and functionality. In fact, one of the most noticeable qualities of betway is its ease of use.

As a result, we consistently rank Betway as the top betting site for beginners. It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll get lost on the Betway website.

22Bet, on the other hand, can appear packed and overcrowded at times. The interface isn’t as tidy as Betway’s, and the navigation leaves a lot to be desired.

Betway wins this round quite handily, and they’re within a point of 22Bet once more.

Round 8: App for Mobile

Let’s have a look at the mobile applications of betway and 22Bet now that we’ve covered the user experience on the major sites.

What qualities do we want in a mobile betting app? We want a fast load time, simple navigation, limitless functionality, and accessibility across all platforms and operating systems.

You should be able to download your mobile betting app without issue, whether you’re using iOS or Android, a smartphone, or a tablet.

When you download and run the app, it should start up almost instantly. It can take up to a minute for certain betting applications to load. For us, this is a no-no.

22Bet App vs. Betway App

What is the difference between the betway and the bet9ja apps? The following attributes were used to rank the two competing apps. (The winner is given a thumbs up, while the runner-up is given a question mark.)


Those people at betway have built a really basic and functional app, much like they did with the main site. The betway app loads faster than the 22Bet app, and the navigation on betway is smoother.

The availability and functionality tests are passed by both betting applications, although betway is more user-friendly.

As a result, betway wins this round to tie the game!

Betway has made a remarkable recovery. They were in danger of being overwhelmed in the early rounds, but for the first time since the beginning of the conflict, they made a tremendous assault on the 22Bet draw level.

Round 9: Betting Promotions

Let’s go on to the betway and 22Bet betting incentives. Which of these betting sites offers the best deals?

We are not only interested in the number of deals on the site, but also in the quality of such promotions.

Betting offers are another term for promotions. They are value-added features that entice customers to put wagers by promising cash, free bets, or other incentives if they do so.


Betway has definitely more promos than 22Bet, and they take this round 5-4. For the first time in this competition, betway is in front!

In this battle of the bookies, betway has a 5-4 lead thanks to a surprising three-round winning streak!

With a one-point advantage and one round remaining, betway has put themselves in a situation where they cannot lose. A draw is the worst that can happen to them. To win this heavyweight betting match, they only need to avoid defeat in the final round.

However, don’t expect 22Bet to go down without a fight…

  • Round ten: Internet Casino

You need to wake up if you think betting sites are only for sports betting. These websites have a lot more to offer. The majority of them now have access to new gambling venues, such as online casinos.

Sports betting has a wonderful option in the form of online casinos. So, if you need a break and want to try something new, head over to the online casinos and have some fun.

Both Betway and 22Bet feature excellent casinos with a diverse selection of games.

Both sites also offer a live casino, where you may interact with dealers and other players in the same way as you would in a real casino.


In terms of numbers, 22Bet outperforms Betway by a significant margin. They also provide a good mix of games in each category, with online slots, table games, and poker all well represented.

22Bet dominates this round based on the number and variety of games alone, but the special casino bonus for new clients is the last knockout punch.

You can choose the casino bonus instead of the sports bonus when you sign up. 22Bet is currently offering a 100% casino bonus up to Ksh. 35,000!

There was a fantastic round from 22Bet there, as they took the last round to guarantee that the spoils were divided between two of Kenya’s greatest betting companies.

The Final Word

Wasn’t that a fight to remember?

Despite having their backs against the ropes for the first six rounds, Betway mounted a spectacular assault on 22Bet to win the next three rounds and put themselves in a strong position to win the competition.

22Bet, on the other hand, fired one final volley with their online casino, winning that round and tying the game.

So, where should you place your bets?

Isn’t it ultimately a matter of personal preference? What are you looking for in a sports betting site?

They, too, have their own strong areas, as evidenced by the conflict. Although 22Bet offers greater betting odds, betway offers a better user experience.

It’s a good idea to create accounts on both sites and take advantage of the best of both worlds!

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