Which NFL team spent more money in 2021 than any other?

The Dallas Cowboys are the richest NFL franchise, spending $205 million. The New York Jets are second with $203 million.

With $195 million, the San Francisco 49ers are currently seventh in the playoffs. Their Super Bowl odds of winning are +450.

Which NFL team spent less money in 2021 than the others?

The Seattle Seahawks have the lowest salary team, spending $172 million this NFL season. Only two players have more than $10 million in base salaries this season, Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson. Their teammates are most likely to be below the $4 million mark.

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What will be the average NFL team payroll in 2021?

For the 2021 season, the average NFL payroll was $188,110,324.

The Kansas City Chiefs have a payroll of $184 million, making them the most likely NFL team to win the Super Bowl. The Los Angeles Rams (+200) and Cincinnati Bengals (+800) have respective payrolls of $184.2 million and $188.6 million.

NFL Teams with the highest payrolls in 2021

1Dallas Cowboys *$205,643,002
2New York Jets$203,671,640
3Cleveland Browns$202,441,273
4New England Patriots *$199,373,159
5Detroit Lions$196,258,795
6Miami Dolphins$195,163,942
7San Francisco 49ers *$195,034,662
8Washington Football Team$193,941,718
9Arizona Cardinals *$191,131,791
10Las Vegas Raiders *$189,930,974
11Philadelphia Eagles *$189,181,452
12Chicago Bears$188,749,384
13Cincinnati Bengals *$188,623,718
14Minnesota Vikings$188,454,009
15Denver Broncos$188,340,513
16Buffalo Bills *$187,711,864
17Indianapolis Colts$187,137,746
18Houston Texans$186,953,103
19Atlanta Falcons$185,463,125
20New Orleans Saints$185,212,258
21Kansas City Chiefs *$184,857,146
22Tennessee Titans *$184,365,623
23Los Angeles Rams *$184,237,454
24Baltimore Ravens$182,781,957
25New York Giants$182,500,485
26Los Angeles Chargers$181,992,647
27Carolina Panthers$181,771,931
28Jacksonville Jaguars$180,473,269
29Green Bay Packers *$180,389,513
30Tampa Bay Buccaneers *$177,631,945
31Pittsburgh Steelers *$177,407,130
32Seattle Seahawks$172,703,125

The teams marked with * made the playoffs during the 2021 NFL season.

How much is the San Francisco 49ers’ payroll for the upcoming season?

As the 2021 National Football League (NFL) season draws near, teams across the league are starting to reveal their payrolls for the upcoming campaign. With some teams reigned in due to budget constraints, and others splurging on high-profile signings, the salary cap for each team differs greatly this year. Which teams have the highest payrolls in 2021?

The San Francisco 49ers have the highest payroll in the league at just under $223 million for the upcoming season. This figure is buoyed by their high-profile additions this offseason, including defensive end Ziggy Ansah and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. The Niners also have one of the highest numbers of guarantee payments in the NFL, a figure which stands at $128 million.

Next up is the Las Vegas Raiders, who possess the second-highest payroll in the NFL this year. At just under $211 million, the Raiders spent big on their offseason additions. This included free agent quarterback Marcus Mariota, who signed a two-year deal with the team worth almost $19 million.

The Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the third-highest payroll in 2021. Not only resigned to bring back their star-studded roster from last season, the Bucs also added running back Giovani Bernard and wide receiver Will Fuller to the team. Their 2021 payroll stands at just under $190 million.

Rounding out the top five highest-paid teams in the NFL this year are the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. The Seahawks have spent heavily in recent years, and their 2021 payroll of $169 million reflects that. The Patriots, meanwhile, have one of the lowest payroll figures at $161 million, but due to the combination of savvy signings and frugal management, they are expected to be competitive this season.

These teams are some of the biggest spenders in the NFL in 2021, but it remains to be seen if their big investments will pay dividends in the 2021 season.
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