NFL Teams with the highest payrolls in 2021


Which NFL team spent more money in 2021 than any other?

The Dallas Cowboys are the richest NFL franchise with $205 Million. The New York Jets are second with $203 million.

With $195 million, the San Francisco 49ers are currently seventh in the playoffs. Their Super Bowl odds of winning are +450

Which NFL team spent less money in 2021 than the other?

The Seattle Seahawks have the lowest salary team, with more $172 millions this NFL Season. Only two players have more than $10 million in base salaries this season, Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson. Their teammates are most likely to be below the $4 million mark.

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What will be the average NFL team payroll in 2021?

For the 2021 season, the average NFL payroll was $188.110.324.

The Kansas City Chiefs have $184 million in payroll, making them the most likely NFL team to win the Super Bowl. The Los Angeles Rams (+200), and Cincinnati Bengals (+800) have respective $184.2 and $188.6 millions, respectively.

NFL Teams with the highest payrolls in 2021

1Dallas Cowboys *$205,643,002
2New York Jets$203,671,640
3Cleveland Browns$202,441,273
4New England Patriots *$199,373,159
5Detroit Lions$196,258,795
6Miami Dolphins$195,163,942
7San Francisco 49ers *$195,034,662
8Washington Football Team$193,941,718
9Arizona Cardinals *$191,131,791
10Las Vegas Raiders *$189,930,974
11Philadelphia Eagles *$189,181,452
12Chicago Bears$188,749,384
13Cincinnati Bengals *$188,623,718
14Minnesota Vikings$188,454,009
15Denver Broncos$188,340,513
16Buffalo Bills *$187,711,864
17Indianapolis Colts$187,137,746
18Houston Texans$186,953,103
19Atlanta Falcons$185,463,125
20New Orleans Saints$185,212,258
21Kansas City Chiefs *$184,857,146
22Tennessee Titans *$184,365,623
23Los Angeles Rams *$184,237,454
24Baltimore Ravens$182,781,957
25New York Giants$182,500,485
26Los Angeles Chargers$181,992,647
27Carolina Panthers$181,771,931
28Jacksonville Jaguars$180,473,269
29Green Bay Packers *$180,389,513
30Tampa Bay Buccaneers *$177,631,945
31Pittsburgh Steelers *$177,407,130
32Seattle Seahawks$172,703,125

The playoffs were made during the 2021 NFL Season by teams marked with *.

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