Tanzanian Betting Sites 2023

Betting has become a worldwide phenomenon. While many people consider betting to be a separate sport, it cannot be separated from traditional sports. That is why sports betting is linked to the finest betting sites. Many factors influence the betting industry in Tanzania. In the previous ten years, it has been thriving. Some people gamble for the money, while others do it for fun. Others relish the challenge and excitement. 

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TSh 10,000 welcome bonus
TSh 10,000 welcome bonus
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100% up to TZS 1 million
100% up to TZS 1 million
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Tanzania’s Best Betting Sites

The Lagos State Lotteries Board and the country’s gaming ministry granted Betway their licences. The company is owned by Digi Bay Limited, which has a physical presence in Lagos, Tanzania. Virtual sports, betgames, jackpots, live casinos, casino games, sports betting, and live betting are all available. 

The Osun State Lotteries Board, the Lagos State Lotteries Board, and the National Lottery Regulatory Commission were granted Bet9ja licences in 2013. On the site, there are more than 10,000 betting options. Their main concentration, though, is sports betting. 

A Welcome Bonus, Cash Out Bonus, and Cut-One Bonus are among their bonuses. The Win Points Loyalty Bonus and the 170 percent Multiple Booster are also available. Their website is one of Tanzania’s most popular sports betting sites. Mobile betting, live betting, and casino games are also available. 

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission has granted Beaufortbet Tanzania Limited a licence to operate. 1xBet provide sports betting, live betting in sports, casino games, live casino, esports, and other services. Their customer care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they accept payments by Webmoney, Qiwi, and other e-payments. 


22Bet Mobile casino

Arcadia Hospitality Ltd is the company that owns this betting platform. With a licence from the Oyo State Gaming Board and the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, it began selling gaming services. Since 2017, it has offered esports, jackpots, casino games, live gaming, and sports betting. 


Melbet was founded in 2012 and is a subsidiary of Otrada Hospitality Limited. They have licences from the Oyo State Gaming Board and the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, so they can offer games. 

Sports, esports, casino games, and live bets are all available here. Every day, they provide around 200 events with up to 1,000 options. 


The Lagos State Lotteries Board and the national regulatory agency both have responsibility over the Betbonanza betting platform. They provide virtual sports, casino games, live gaming, and many sorts of sports betting. They offer one of the most responsive customer service departments among sports betting sites in the country, and they frown on underage gaming. 

Tanzania’s Betting Sites Have a Long History

Before 2009, there were no betting sites in Tanzania. People engaged in rudimentary betting on their favourite sporting events, such as pool staking, which is very popular. However, until 2009, when Akin Alabi founded the first organised sports betting site, there was no official and organised internet sports bookmaking firm in Tanzania. 

In the following years, an avalanche of betting sites sprang up in Tanzania as a result of this statute. However, numerous other betting sites, such as 1960bet and bet9ja, quickly followed suit. Tanzania currently has around 50 registered and legal betting sites where gamblers may wager on a variety of games. 

The appeal and thrill of betting, as well as the country’s large population, ensured the betting industry’s prosperity. When you look at the stats, it’s clear that the betting industry in Tanzania is booming. Since September 2018, the National Lottery Regulatory Commission has granted more than 36 five-year licences to various betting companies. 

One notable feature of betting businesses in Tanzania is that they do not operate betting sites on their own. The majority of them also feature betting shops on the premises. Tanzania is still developing, and the internet presents certain obstacles. The scenario necessitates the establishment of these stores. Various stores are run by agents for these online betting companies throughout the country. They provide walk-in consumers with betting services. 

Bet9ja is one of the most famous online betting platforms in Nigeria. This well-known brand is managed by KC Gaming. BETKING by SV Gaming, Betway by Digi Bay, 1960bet, and Wazobet are also popular. Sportybet, iBet, Blackbet, Betbiga, Naijabet, Cloud Bet, BetLion, BETPAWA, 1Xbet, Msport, and Betwinner are among the others. 

BET24HRS, BETBONANZA, ZEBET, MSPORT, Interwetten, Betika, Melbet, and Bangbet are also available. Booster 99, 22BET, Merrybet, ILOT, FRAPAPA, N1, Star Bet, Betmojo, and many others are also available. 

The proper national organisation has issued licences to all of the country’s main betting sites. State lottery boards, such as the Lagos State Lotteries Board, require some betting sites to register. While the majority of them are local, others are international betting sites who have decided to enter the Tanzanian sports betting market. 

It’s also worth noting that, while the majority of betting sites in Tanzania are solely dedicated to sports betting, some do combine sports with casino games and other sorts of wagering. We’ll go over the most popular betting sites in Tanzania to give you a better idea of what they’re like. Read about the finest betting sites in Tanzania and how they function.

In Tanzania, how do you choose the best betting sites? 

If you are new to sports betting, wherever you are in the world, the best advice from those who have been doing it for a long time is to always bet with reputable betting companies. Many things are determined by it, including your performance in the betting industry. 

As a result, before you choose betting sites to pitch your tent in Tanzania, we’ll tell you what to think about, look out for, examine, and ascertain. These are the characteristics that distinguish the top betting sites in Tanzania. 

Security and Safety 

The internet is an extremely permeable space, and you can only make it safe by doing so on purpose. When it comes to sports betting, there are a lot of things on the line. When you sign up with a sportsbook, you are giving up your personal information as well as your financial information. 

You also deposit some funds on a betting site. It could be in the form of your gaming deposits, your game wins, or both. As a result, you must assess the level of security they provide. 

Ascertain that the betting company uses the greatest level of security protocol to protect its betting site. In Tanzania, the SSL encryption protocol is the most secure. It scrambles all online data and information in such a way that any third-party invader will be unable to read or comprehend it. Make certain that the betting site you choose in Tanzania provides this feature. Your data and finances will be protected with them in this way. 


Tanzanian sportsbooks and sports betting companies can operate under two distinct licences. The National Lottery Regulatory Commission issues licences to gaming activity providers in the country. The Osun State Lotteries Board is one of many lottery boards or commissions in the United States. These state boards can also grant gambling licences. 

You must guarantee that the betting sites in Tanzania that fall under your jurisdiction have federal licences. State licences are optional, although they serve to strengthen the betting company’s legitimacy. 

The reason for this is that these agencies oversee the activity of Tanzanian sites or businesses. They defend their clients against the firms’ deceptive activities. They also protect them from losses if the company fails. 

Markets for Sports Betting 

While some of the finest betting sites in Tanzania may feature slots, casino games, and other games, sports betting is the primary focus of many of them. So, if you’re looking for a betting site in Tanzania, make sure the one you choose has a diverse selection of sports betting events, markets, and possibilities. You can run out of possibilities if they only have a small catalogue or lobby. 

Boredom can be caused by a lack of options. It could also hurt your chances of winning at online sports betting. So, do some research and check if they cover a wide range of sporting activities, events, and marketplaces, particularly those that you enjoy. If you can’t locate everything you need in one place, that site is probably not right for you, and it certainly isn’t the top betting site in Tanzania. 

Bonuses and Promotions 

Many individuals will tell you that incentives are crucial when it comes to betting on sports online. They’re the salt you use to season your games. The more extra offers you have, the more fun it will be to play. As a result, you must examine their bonus policy to see how generous it is. If a company does not provide something as basic as a welcome bonus, it may jeopardise its reputation as one of Tanzania’s best betting sites. As a result, they’ll have to come up with a variety of extra perks to compensate.

Before staking your own money, you can utilise the bonuses to test out, study, and master new games and the workings of betting sites. The welcome bonus is crucial since the free bets assist you in getting started quickly. It’s normally a one-hundred percent bonus up to a certain amount. They allow you to research and learn about new betting sites. As a result, you must prioritise it. 

When evaluating a bonus or free bets offer, don’t just look at the number and size of the bets. You must also examine their circumstances. If the bonuses have stringent criteria, you might not be able to spend them in Tanzania. 

The Odds of Betting 

What you get from the finest Tanzanian betting site is determined by the odds. As a result, it is an important factor to consider while selecting the finest betting site in Tanzania. You must choose platforms with better odds if you want to maximise your prospective earnings. 

On a website, look up the market prices. Compare what you have in the other accounts to discover which one pays you more. Check according to games as well, as some may give superior odds in one sport but fail in another. Look for the Tanzanian betting site that offers the greatest odds in the sport you wish to bet on, and weigh it against other factors. 

Betting and streaming in real time 

These are two more important characteristics to consider when selecting a betting site in Tanzania. In the realm of sports betting, live streaming has grown very popular. These things are now more accessible because to technological advancements. They should be taken into account by any serious betting site. 

You can gain personal information about occurrences by streaming the games. It allows you to adjust your in-play wagers accordingly. On their perspective, in-play bets open up a whole new world of possibilities for betting and winning on live sporting events. Even if the top Tanzanian betting site does not offer live broadcasting, in-play wagering should be available. 

Betting on the go 

Of fact, any right-thinking betting company in Tanzania cannot afford not to provide this service. The world has gone entirely mobile, to the point where mobile devices are used for nearly everything. Betting’s nature makes it even more of a mobile activity. 

As a result, every betting site in Tanzania that wishes to compete with the best must have a mobile presence. They either have a mobile app that you can download and use to play games, or they have a mobile-optimized website where users of various mobile devices can play games as well. 


There will always be a need to contact the betting site with which you have an account and inquire about something. If there are only a few ways to contact them and file a complaint, the website isn’t good enough for you. 

Do not use them if they do not answer to your questions as soon as you send them. When you contact the platform, if they are unable to provide reasonable remedies, they are not good. 

As a result, ensure that you have a variety of ways to contact their agents and that your questions are promptly answered. Better if they work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and their agents must provide practical solutions. 

Tanzanian Betting Sites Have Their Own Characteristics 

Some characteristics distinguish Tanzanian betting sites from those found elsewhere in the world. When we mention this, we’re referring to local betting sites. These characteristics distinguish the greatest betting sites in the country and endear customers to them. 

It’s possible that not all of them are available on every betting site. The sites, on the other hand, select the best and make them available to the gamers. The features simplify gambling for bettors and bring them closer to their winnings. They are some of the elements to think about when selecting betting sites in Tanzania. Below is a list of them and an explanation of how they work. 

Betting establishments 

This is a one-of-a-kind feature among Tanzanian betting sites. It was started by one of the country’s first betting companies and has since become standard among Tanzania’s big-name betting sites. They deal with agents that open on-ground or physical betting shops in various areas across the country, in addition to selling betting on their websites. 

Many individuals believe that the 1960bet was the catalyst for it. Betting businesses such as bet9ja, Betking, Betway, and others, on the other hand, have them. Even the country’s newest betting sites have thousands of betting shops in various places. 

They cater to those who may not be able to place bets on their mobile devices or who are not yet internet-savvy. They can just stroll in, place their wagers with these agents, and collect their wagering slips as proof. This one-of-a-kind practise has fueled Tanzania’s sports betting boom over the previous two decades. 


Many individuals consider the Cash-Out feature to be the most advantageous in the best betting sites in Tanzania. No one considers you one of the greatest in the country if you don’t provide this as a betting site.

Cash-out allows you to win money on every wager you place. This function allows you to split your profit in half. You will receive a portion of your stake amount refunded as a result of this. You can also reduce the loss caused by a shaky ticket. 

What occurs is that you have the option to end the wager and take whatever is left at any time. It could happen before the events begin or in the middle of them. It is offered at all of Tanzania’s top betting sites and works for both single and accumulator bets. 

This option is available on betting sites that allow you to cash out as soon as you want. You have the option of getting your money back before the end of the events on your slip. You can never lose everything using this strategy. So, on any betting site, it’s a win-win situation for you. 

For example, if you wager 1,000 TZS on Manchester United defeating Arsenal on a single bet with three odds, you stand to gain 3,000 TZS. If Manchester United leads after 30 minutes, you may be given the chance to cash out for 1,800 TZS. You can either take your profit and leave, or you can watch the game to see if Manchester United wins. 

Multiple Accumulator Boosts 

Accumulator Boosts of up to 250 percent are available at the leading betting sites in Tanzania. In Tanzania, these betting firms struggle to offer the best accumulator bonuses. Some of them provide an extra boost of up to 150 percent. Some people get as high as 170 percent. The most generous, on the other hand, elected to up the ante to a 250 percent extra bump. 

When a website has such a large feature, there is no reason not to consider it one of the top betting platforms in Tanzania. Your accumulator bet must contain a certain number of selections and odds sizes in order to qualify for this bonus. 

You will receive a percentage bonus on each extra selection on the ticket once you have met the requirement. When you have up to 5 picks on your accumulator slip, you are eligible for this. After the fifth option, any other market with 1.3 odds or higher earns you a 5% bonus. Pick up to 40 of these at any Tanzanian betting site and win up to 250 percent of your total bet. 

Risk-Free Gambling 

Another aspect of the finest sports betting sites in Tanzania is the risk-free bet. A risk-free bet is an offer that some of these betting sites in Tanzania make to all new users. For all new players, it may be a bet of 10,000 TZS, 5,000 TZS, or even 1,000 TZS. We can think of it as a nice extra on top of everything else. 

If your first wager fails, you will receive a 100% refund of up to 10,000 TZS when you sign up, make your first deposit, and place your first bet. So, if you deposit 5,000 TZS and bet with it, and it loses, you will be refunded 5,000 TZS. 

It ensures that your initial wager on these Tanzanian betting sites is risk-free. With this offer, you can see how the best betting sites in Tanzania are attempting to provide players with the opportunity to win as well as incentives to stay with them. 

There’s nothing quite like offers that make players feel like they belong. This is one of the things these sites excel at. In Tanzanian sports betting, this feature has made betting sites household names. 

Cut-One or One-Game Cut 

The Cut 1 Bonus is a feature that pays out even if you lose one of your accumulator bet’s predictions. Another praiseworthy quality of the finest betting sites in Tanzania is that they extend a compassionate hand to their customers. 

Some betting companies need a ticket to have five or more options. When one game fails and another succeeds, your winnings will be recalculated using the winning selections’ odds and payouts will be issued accordingly. 

You will never again lose everything because of a single game. This saves you the anguish of playing up to ten games and losing everything due to a single pick failure in Tanzania. They will still pay you in this instance, minus the odds of the losing market. 

Taking a Chance 

Another option you’ll find in some of Tanzania’s greatest betting sites is Chance Bet. This usually goes to customers who choose 11 events with odds of up to 1.30 on their accumulator ticket. 

If one of your selections fails to win in this form of wager, the betting firm will not leave you empty-handed. As a result, rather of losing everything, they will give you 10% of the entire odds on the ticket, divided by the odds of the event that lost. 

The chance bet, on the other hand, has no cash-out option. When one market failed in the past, consumers would lose their entire accumulator bet. It crushed the hearts of many Tanzanian bettors and prompted betting sites to respond. 

Some of them have come with the goal of assisting players in getting something out of their efforts. It has certain features in common with the cut-one feature, however cut-one is more useful. 

Make a change to your wager 

Another attractive feature of Tanzanian betting sites is the Edit Your Bet option, which allows you to change your already placed bets. It’s feasible on these sites in any sport as long as your wager includes an aggregate of up to five picks. 

You can change your selections by adding or removing bets. You can also increase the size of your wager. However, there is one thing that the ‘change your bet’ tool available on Tanzanian betting sites does not allow you to do. You are unable to reduce the size of your wager. Only on Tanzanian betting sites can you enhance it. 

Transfer from one customer to another 

In some betting sites in Tanzania, this feature allows gamers or punters to send credits to their pals. You can use this tool to send money from your account to another account that has the same name and account number as yours. It’s a technique for people to assist their friends with betting when they don’t have any money in their account. 

The Feature of the Bet Builder 

One of the newest features of Tanzanian betting sites is the Bet Builder Promotion. They embrace innovation in order to be among Tanzania’s greatest betting sites. You can use the bet builder to mix numerous markets from a single sporting event or game. The goal is to provide you with a one-of-a-kind result. 

All you have to do is pick several markets from the same game and place an accumulator wager on them. For example, you may choose a football match between Arsenal and Chelsea and wager on different markets as independent selections in the same game. 

Blog that is active 

It’s also worth noting that several of Tanzania’s betting sites have quite useful blogs. They are aware that this is a relatively new industry in Tanzania, and that many bettors or punters lack appropriate knowledge of betting and how to go about it. 

These websites publish educational blogs. They use them to provide information to bettors. It allows them to enjoy the exercise’s entertainment value. These blogs focus on information about their new products and services, betting responsibly, sports news and information, the finest predictions and odds for the day or week, and so on. 

Oddly Enough 

This is a feature that you could see on several Tanzanian betting sites as well. Many individuals consider it to be a distinct aspect of sports betting. It provides a seamless betting experience for users or account holders. 

All you have to do is choose an odd margin as your preferred margin. The betting site will continue to deliver you pertinent events. Those are the events whose probabilities are inside your chosen odds range. 

For example, you can set the maximum odds for each event on the betting site at 1.30. Any event on the platform with odds of 1.30 or less will be notified to you. It makes betting on these sites simple because your preferences are communicated to you in a timely manner. You don’t have to go looking for them on the internet.

Bonuses on Tanzanian Betting Sites

It’s important to remember that betting is a local activity. There are numerous aspects of betting that are specific to each location. There are some differences between betting sites in Tanzania and the services they provide. 

Even the bonuses and promotions offered by most of these sites are exclusive to the country’s gambling market. That is why we must examine some of the promotional deals available on most Tanzanian betting sites. The ones we found in the country’s betting scene are mentioned below. They are as follows: 

Bonus for New Customers 

  • Welcome Bonuses: What They Are and How They Work 
  • Conditions of Use 
  • Bonus for Champions League bets 
  • Prizes in Cash 
  • Jackpots 
  • Big Game Odds Have Improved 
  • Bonus on Cashback 
  • Bonus on your birthday 
  • Bonus Data for Free 

Types of Betting Services Offered by Tanzanian Betting Sites 

In Tanzania, different betting sites are constructed in a similar way. While reviewing them, we noticed a recurring pattern. They seem to focus on sports betting, according on what we saw during the review. 

However, if you wish to play casino games and other online games on Tanzania’s top betting site, you’ll be able to do so. Virtual Sports, E-Sports, Betgames, live casinos, and more games are available. 

You can’t have as many of those games as you can sports betting events, markets, and options. Some even specialise in betting on athletic events. As a result, we’ll take a closer look at the many forms of betting services available on Tanzanian betting sites. 

Tanzanian Betting Sites for Sports Betting 

In Tanzania, sportsbetting has become the most popular form of wagering. As a result, it’s nearly difficult to desire to wager on any sporting event in Tanzania without knowing where to do so. Check the next bookmaker if you don’t discover it in the first. 

Popular Sports Competitions 

Soccer, tennis, basketball, cricket, football, golf, boxing, ice hockey, darts, volleyball, futsal, handball, and snooker are among the most popular sports for which you may place bets on the top betting site in Tanzania. Apart from these, there are a few less well-known sporting events on which you can wager on these sites. Australian rules football, rugby league, rugby union, floorball, water polo, alpine skiing, car racing, surfing, cycling, formula one, and biathlon are among them. 

Football Leagues That Are Popular 

Soccer is the most popular sporting event in Tanzanian betting sites, as it is in other countries. As a result, there are more soccer events on Tanzanian betting sites than other sporting events. 

The Tanzanian professional football league, the UEFA Champions League, and the Europa League are all popular football leagues to bet on on these sites. The FIFA World Cup, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, Spanish La Liga, English FA Cup, German Bundesliga, and English Premier League are among the others. 

Sports Betting in Real Time 

Live or in-play betting in the most prominent sports and leagues is also available on Tanzanian betting sites. One of the features of Tanzanian websites with sports betting sections is live betting. It allows players to place bets on currently running games. You can bet on any of the live games that are offered to you. They might even settle your wager before or after the games are finished. 

When it comes to live betting, you must choose an activity that you believe will occur during the game and place a wager on it. Once it happens, you’ve won. Live betting is available in the NBA, UEFA Champions League, and Europa League. Live betting is also offered for the five major European domestic leagues, their cup events, Olympic Games, and the Tanzanian Professional Football League. 


We also noticed that the majority of Tanzanian betting sites offer esports games. This choice demonstrated to us that betting sites in Tanzania have reached adulthood and maturity. So, whether you’re a fan of esports games like CS:GO, Dota, or League of Legends, you’ll find betting sites in this country where you may wager on esports games and events. 

Services for Extra Betting 

On each betting site, there are also certain unique betting services available. These are one-of-a-kind events and tournaments. The advantage is that they usually come with extremely high odds. 

You can bet on the outcomes of music, politics, and other areas where there is rivalry in life at various betting sites in Tanzania if you are a fan. They take wagers on political elections, music awards, and other sporting events. 

Tanzanian Betting Sites Banking 

Using local payment methods makes banking on betting sites in Tanzania easier, although there may still be some loopholes. Withdrawals are only possible through your bank account on most betting sites. 

Deposits can be made in a variety of methods, but withdrawals may not be as simple. You have a variety of choices for depositing into these sites. They include e-wallets, bank transfers, debit and credit cards, and other options. 

Paystack, Opay, WebPAY, Gtpay, GT Bank Mobile App, GTWorld App, and GT Bank Online are some of the most popular options. 

Deposits made at a betting shop, a Palmpay agent, or a Quickteller Paypoint Agent Quickteller Web, Quickteller Mobile App, Quickteller USSD, and ATM are also available. UBA emailMoni, FirstMOni, Flutterwave, Verve, Visa, MasterCard, Paycom Online Transfer, Pay-direct, Polaris Collect, and bank transfers are some of the other options. 

Tanzanian Betting Sites Accept Mobile Betting 

Almost every betting site in Tanzania supports mobile betting, as it should. Some of them have mobile-optimized websites where users of mobile devices may log in and play games using their device’s mobile browser. 

Others have specific apps for iOS, Android, and Windows that gamers can download and use to wager. Some apps may not be available for all operating systems. They may have done so for some, while others use their mobile-friendly website. 

Customer Service in Tanzanian Betting Sites 

Tanzanian betting sites take customer service very seriously. Because the internet in this country is still not very strong, people must complain when they have problems. They have the right to an answer to these problems. 

Support over the phone 

These sites frequently include phone numbers for punters to call if they have problems with their accounts or betting. Some have numbers for Whatsapp and Telegram as well. You can send them messages, and they will respond. 

Email Address 

They all offer email addresses where you can send your concerns or questions. In some cases, live chat help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These appear to be the most efficient of all of them. 

Support for Social Media 

Moving on, we discovered that the majority of betting sites in Tanzania are quite active on social media. They have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube. Through these accounts, they communicate with customers. 


Betting sites in Tanzania may differ from those in Europe and America, but they all cater to the general public. They are capable of providing necessary betting services. They make their components to fit the needs of the locals. So, after a comprehensive examination, we applaud them. They were able to acquire this level of perfection in a short amount of time. 

Betting Sites FAQ

In Tanzania, there are around 30 A-list betting sites. These platforms each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. As a result, you can make your selection based on your preferences.

Yes, there are mobile versions of all of these platforms. They are either downloadable software or web apps that allow users to play using their mobile devices.

Yes, betting sites in Tanzania are as safe as their international equivalents. To protect the payments and data on their site, they use high-end SSL encryption.

They deposit winnings into Tanzanian bank accounts. They will pay your winnings to the bank account listed on your profile when you apply.