What Does Double Chance Means In Betting?

Although Double Chance is a relatively recent word in the betting business, it is well-known among punters all over the world. It refers to a variety of sports betting markets offered by both online and brick-and-mortar bookmakers.

This bet is most commonly found in soccer matches and on rare occasions in NHL games. This tutorial will teach you all you need to know about Double Chance betting, including the optimal betting strategy and where to put your wager.

Double chances

As previously stated, bookies reduced the number of betting options from three to two in Double Chance betting. This allows bettors to place a single wager on two different outcomes. The following are the Double Chance betting options:

  • In this situation, you’re betting on the home team to win or draw the bet at full time.
  • Away Team Wins and Draws: You’re betting on the away team to win or draw the game at full time.
  • Home team or away team to win at full time: In this situation, you’re betting on either the home team or the away team to win at full time.

Because you earn a return on both outcomes in a match, Double Chance betting is quickly gaining popularity among punters. This market is flexible and simple to operate when compared to other traditional markets such as Draw no Bet.

When betting on the underdogs, double chance betting is the greatest option. It may be thrilling, especially when the underdog side triumphs.

It’s important to note, however, that not every football match is suitable for double chance betting. As a result, it’s a good idea to do some study before using this market in your bets.

Another important aspect of this market to remember is how to calculate the double chance odds of winning a wager. The following are the formulas for estimating the odds:

  • Odd on the Home team and Draw (1X): (Odds of Home team x odds of Draw) / (Odds of the Home team + odds of Draw).
  • Odds on Away team and Draw (X2): (Odds of Away team + Odds of Draw) / (Odds of Away team plus odds of Draw).
  • Odds on the Home team and Away (12): (Odds of Home team x Odds of Away team) / (Odds of Home team + odds of Away team).

It’s also important to recognise that there are two types of double betting options:

Low-Risk Profiteering: You can wager on your favourite team, the draw, or the home/away choice with this option. As long as the powerful team does not lose, you have a chance to win. However, it’s important to realise that in order to profit from this bet, you’ll need a lot of patience.

Hunting for Underdogs: Given the volatile nature of football, it’s difficult for a bettor to overlook underdogs in a game. We frequently observe the outcome of a game and declare that you were correct. Weather, jet fatigue, new playing surfaces, and other factors all contribute to the underdog team’s victory. The odds and prizes are usually higher for the weaker teams.

Betting Strategy with a Double Chance

One of the benefits of double-chance betting is that you can employ a strategy to improve your chances of winning larger sums of money. Beginners and experienced gamblers alike will find the double chance method simple to grasp. The rationale for this is that it has a minimal risk factor and large potential payouts. In this market, you can use the following strategies:

Favorites: You can place a double chance bet if you’ve done your homework and determined that there’s a good probability the match will end in a tie rather than your preferred team winning. Although this has lesser odds, it still ensures that you will receive all of your money if the favourite team does not lose. If your soccer research does not entirely emphasise the underdog to win, this technique makes double chance football betting an ideal way to bet. You can also choose this if you’ve seen that the draw isn’t an acceptable outcome for some reason.

Underdog: Another common technique to research, analyse, and bet on underdog teams is to use the term “underdog.” This strategy’s double chance is substantially larger, and in some situations, it outperforms the available odds for the favourites. It allows you to select the double chance market, which is particularly useful if you are comfortable with both outcomes and are unsure about the underdog team’s ability to win in an away tie.

Double Chance M-Bet

M-Bet is one of Tanzania’s most popular online sports betting platforms. This operator allows bettors to wager on several football events such as the Bundesliga, Cyber Champions League, Cyber World Cup, and more. Aside from several tournaments, M-Bet Tanzania offers a variety of sports bets, the most popular of which is the Double Chance bet. You are given two outcomes from 1X2 like you are with other bookmakers:

1X: a home win or draw

12: either home or away win

X2: away team wins or teams draw

Simply follow these simple steps to place a double chance bet at M-Bet:

Step 1: Open the M-Bet homepage and click on ‘Sports Betting.’

Step 2: Scroll down and click on “Games’

Step 3: Select ‘Double Chance’ from the drop-down list.

Step 4: Choose the Double Chance bet by clicking on the ‘Odds.’

Step 5: A bet slip will be activated to show all your selected bets

Step 6: Click on ‘Place a Bet’ to complete the process.


While Double Chance betting has lower odds than regular match-winner betting, it is still well worth your time and money. Both high rollers and casual sports gamblers will like this betting market. The bet is low-risk, and you have a chance to double your winnings. You can increase your odds of winning at any time by using the double chance tactics we’ve revealed. We also talked about How to bet on Football and win so make sure to have a look at it too. 

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