How to Buy Betting Vouchers Online with 1ForYou

Many punters use betting vouchers to fund their online sports betting accounts, as the majority of South African bookmakers accept voucher deposits from 1ForYou, Kazang, and various other providers. Typically, this requires a visit to a store or shop where you can purchase a voucher, but this is changing as voucher purchases become increasingly available online.

1ForYou, formerly known as 1Voucher, is one of the most widely accepted vouchers in South Africa, and until recently, the only way to purchase a 1ForYou voucher online was through the TymeBank App, for which a small fee was charged. Fortunately, punters can now purchase a 1ForYou voucher online, directly through the 1ForYou website, using a credit or debit card, and in this guide, we’ll walk you through the process.

How to Purchase a 1ForYou Gift Voucher Online

One of the major benefits of purchasing a 1ForYou voucher online is that you can do so from the comfort of your home or while on the go, with the option of emailing or texting the voucher pin to yourself or to someone else. To purchase a voucher online via the 1ForYou website, simply follow the simple steps outlined below;

Visit (The Official 1ForYou / 1Voucher Website) and click on the Buy a 1ForYou voucher button at the top of the page.

Continue by selecting 1ForYou as the voucher type.

Enter the voucher’s value or select a custom amount.

Choose how you’d like to receive the voucher; you can opt for SMS or email. Verify that you’ve entered all of your information correctly and click next.

Proceed to the final payment step, where you can use a VISA or Mastercard to complete the transaction. The 1ForYou voucher will be sent to you immediately via SMS or email.

It is truly that simple to purchase a voucher online! You can now use the voucher for yourself or share it with a friend or family member.

Acceptance of 1ForYou vouchers by betting sites

If you’re unsure about where to use your 1ForYou voucher, we’ve compiled a list of all South African betting sites that accept voucher deposits. As previously stated, the majority of major bookmakers, including the following popular betting sites, accept 1ForYou.

Additionally, there are numerous online sports betting and casino sites.

Voucher 1ForYou Is Not Working

If you encounter any problems or your voucher does not work, you can contact 1ForYou customer support for assistance. Their contact information is included below;

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