Best Zambian Online Betting Sites 2023

Zambia has a lot to offer; in addition to possessing one of Africa’s most industrialized, technologically sophisticated, and diverse economies, this southernmost country also boasts a vibrant sports betting culture. Sports betting, whether in person or online, has long been a significant source of money for Zambia’s economy.

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Deposit $10 Get $30
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50% UP TO 1000 ZMW
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Deposit $10 Get $30
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Intriguingly, Zambia boasts a diverse range of online betting sites, with new ones appearing on a regular basis, resulting in a diverse range of online betting options. These Zambian betting sites typically offer exciting features like the best betting odds, mobile betting, deposit-free bets, welcome bonuses, bonus codes, and more, providing Zambian punters with exciting sports betting experience.

However, with hundreds of betting sites to choose from, players are left with the difficult task of deciding which are the best to join. The best way to make an informed selection is to read multiple independent evaluations of different betting sites.

Fortunately, our Zambia betting site specialists are dedicated to assisting you in selecting the finest online betting sites while taking into account a number of important variables. So, if you’re wanting to join one of Zambia’s online betting sites, you’ve come to the correct spot. Continue reading!

Zambia’s Best Betting Sites

The finest sports betting sites in Zambia have been compiled by our team of review specialists. The appropriate investigation was taken out throughout these bookmaker reviews to guarantee that they were honest and unbiased.

This evaluation is intended to assist potential clients in their decision-making process, not to compel them to join any of the betting sites featured. The finest betting sites reviewed in this article are among the best betting sites in Zambia. The following are some of them:



Hollywoodbets is a sports betting firm based in Durban, Zambia, that has been in operation since 2000. This finest betting site in Zambia has expanded and now operates in Zambia, Mozambique, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

The mobile site is accessible as a mobile betting app that is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. Hollywoodbets is one of the top betting applications in the betting industry. A skilled client support team is also accessible to help gamers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may also choose from a variety of safe deposit and withdrawal options. A thrilling welcome bonus is also available at the betting site.


betway casino intro

Betway is a European-owned online casino that first opened its doors in 2006. In recent years, it has become one of Zambia’s most prominent bookies. This finest online betting site provides a diverse range of online gambling incentives, including a fantastic welcome bonus that includes an R25 deposit into users’ accounts. It necessitates the use of a bonus code.

Depending on their betting strategy, Betway offers a live betting option that allows customers to select between putting a bet before a game starts or placing bets during live games. Betway now offers a mobile app that is compatible with smartphone devices and allows you to wager online while on the go.


22bet online betting companies in the world 1

Supabets is a relatively young Zambian gambling site, having launched in 2008. It is, however, one of Zambia’s legal gambling sites, with a variety of intriguing free bet offers, including welcome bonuses, free bets, reload bonus offers, deposit bonus, deposit match bonus, and more.

Supabets also provides mobile betting platforms with excellent betting odds. Supabets offers a variety of online casino games. Players can get help from a client support staff.

BetWinner is one of Zambia’s most popular betting platforms. The Curacao Gaming Control Board granted the esports betting platform a licence in 2007. Players may wager on over 50 sports, including football, tennis, darts, NFL, MMA, Formula 1, horse racing, and ice hockey, and receive a substantial 130 percent welcome bonus.

Furthermore, their customers have a variety of payment options to make depositing and withdrawing monies to and from their online betting accounts as simple as possible.

Melbet is one of Zambia’s finest sports betting sites. Otrada Hospitality Limited owns and operates it. Players may also wager on a variety of major sports, including football, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, horse racing, tennis, and more. Melbet has a competent customer service team that is ready 24 hours a day to answer questions about betting. They also provide a variety of safe payment alternatives to their customers.

What criteria should we use to select the top betting sites in Zambia?

Zambia has a plethora of online betting sites, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As a result, selecting the best online sportsbook without consulting internet reviews might be difficult. Various important elements should be examined when seeking for the finest Zambian betting sites, according to our team of review specialists, including the following:


When betting online, especially with real money, players are often concerned about their overall security. Dealing with licenced betting sites is the greatest method to assure your safety. As a result, appropriate accreditation by a recognised licencing organisation is a key factor in determining the legitimacy of an online betting site. As a result, when trying to join up with any betting site in Zambia, licence is definitely one of the most critical elements to consider.

Online sports betting firms can operate lawfully in Zambia if they have the right licences in place. Licensing also assures that Zambian betting sites are safe. In Zambia, all licenced betting sites are held to the same high standards. They all follow fair and ethical practises like equitable game distribution, equal RTP for each player, and faster payouts.

As a result, we strongly advise users to sign up with a regulated sports betting service. It’s simple to check if a sports betting site is licenced: go to their website and look for all you need to know about them, including their licences and legal certificates from the National Gambling Board, Western Cape Gambling Commission, and others.

Library of Games

Sports betting fans have a penchant for testing out a wide range of casino games, so finding a sports betting site that provides a large selection of betting games with intriguing betting odds is always a plus.

As a result, a diverse assortment of betting games is an important consideration when selecting a sports betting site in the betting markets. Choosing an online sports betting service with a large game library will boost your chances of locating the games you want to play.

Horse racing and live betting, for example, are popular sports among Zambian sports lovers, so make sure your selected sports betting site provides live betting.

Variety of Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The availability of a broad range of safe online payment alternatives is one of the most important characteristics to look for when picking an online sports betting platform in Zambia. In general, you must fund your gambling account in order to play and win real money on any sports betting site in Zambia.

As a result, it’s critical to double-check that the sports betting site of your choosing offers a variety of safe payment choices. Credit cards, bank transfers, online payment processors, cryptocurrencies, and other payment methods are accessible at the finest betting sites. The best alternative, however, is to choose the payment method that best meets your needs.

Terms & Conditions that are reasonable

Another important thing to consider while picking an online betting site in Zambia is the terms and conditions document. The booklet explains how the casino works, what they have to offer, and the laws and regulations that apply. Before you join an online poker site, make sure you read these important papers thoroughly. Only click on the agreement clause after you have thoroughly read and comprehended the terms and conditions page.

Customer Service

Sports betting may be difficult to understand, especially for newcomers. Furthermore, betting sites sometimes include overpowering colours and overly complex user interfaces, making it difficult for Zambians to navigate the gambling platform.

As a result, many sports betting companies have a skilled customer service team to answer general, technical, and account-related questions. The significance of having a responsive customer service team cannot be overstated. When it comes to making important transactions like deposits and withdrawals, players frequently get stuck.

As a result, when picking a sports betting site, make sure it has a dependable customer service crew to ensure a smooth betting experience. The customer service staff is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and may be reached through phone, email, or live chat.

Easy User Interface

When choosing an online gambling site, make sure the website is designed with a user-friendly interface in mind. When dealing with an unresponsive online gambling site, players sometimes become disheartened. As a result, the finest online gambling site in Zambia should have an accessible user interface that allows players of various levels of expertise to easily navigate the site.

A simple approach to tell if a website is intuitive is to scroll around it to see how responsive it is and how easy it is to find different parts. Nobody wants to waste an entire day trying to figure out how to use a difficult and unresponsive sports betting service.

As a result, the finest online casinos in Zambia should feature an easy-to-use user interface that allows players of various levels of experience to explore the site with ease. The online interface should be visually appealing and well-organized, allowing gamers to quickly discover all of the site’s numerous components. You should also make sure that the mobile site is mobile-friendly.

Bonuses that are available

The sports betting market in Zambia is fiercely competitive, with hundreds of online casinos to select from. As a consequence, the finest sports betting companies are constantly seeking for simple methods to attract new customers in the face of fierce competition. One of the many strategies used by these sports betting apps to stay afloat and current is to provide a variety of incentives using bonus codes. The welcome bonus is the most popular free bet.

These incentives or free bets are intended to lure new customers and add value to their gaming experience. As a result, you should keep an eye out for the numerous incentives given by your preferred betting site. These free bets are important since they provide you additional playing time.

Free bets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, deposit match bonuses, deposit free bets, and more. However, these bonuses come with terms and restrictions that you should read and understand before taking the free bet. These terms and conditions include wagering requirements, bonus codes, withdrawal limitations, time constraints, and more.

Process of Registration is Simple

Some gambling sites have unnecessarily intricate betting techniques and signup procedures, which deter potential customers from joining the sports betting site. Dealing with lengthy procedures while opening an online gaming account might be aggravating. As a result, you should only join up for a sports betting site that has a simple signup process.

Gambling addiction assistance

While sports betting may be thrilling and lucrative, it can also become addicting. Gambling with an addiction is never a good approach to make online wagers. The necessity of responsible gambling cannot be overstated; it means playing in a way that keeps you out of financial trouble, such as just using money you can afford to lose.

Because many players are prone to gambling addiction, choosing a gambling site that provides comprehensive help for gambling addiction is the best option. They frequently achieve this by placing limits on the maximum amount of deposits, the maximum number of wagers or spins, and even time limits.

Account security and privacy

To prevent scammers from accessing your account when gambling online, make sure your security information are safe. To do so, only register with a gaming site that has advanced security measures like as SSL encryption.

When playing at real money online gambling sites, digital encryption technology such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is required. Client information and transaction data will be kept private and safe by the finest betting site.

This encryption method primarily protects internet connections by preventing attackers from accessing or altering data sent between two computers. Without SSL encryption, all data, including login credentials, personal information, and transaction information, would be transferred in plain text, accessible to everyone.

How to Begin Betting on Zambian Websites

In Zambia, signing up for an online gaming site is relatively simple. You may register for an account by following these simple steps:

1. Select the appropriate gaming site for you.

The first step in getting started with an online gambling site is to find one that meets your needs. You should evaluate a variety of important elements when choosing a gambling site, including game selection, security, bonus offers, payment alternatives, and licensure by reputable bodies such as the Western Cape Gambling Commission. You should also think about your preferred gambling site’s minimum deposit requirement.

2. Create an account.

The next step is to create an account, which takes only a few minutes. Most Zambian gambling sites require new customers to fill out an account registration form and upload basic personal and contact information, such as their name, surname, residential address, pincode, and date of birth, as well as supporting documentation, such as proof of ID, utility bills, and other documents.

A verification link will be emailed to the email address you supplied when you complete the account registration process. To verify your email address and activate your online betting account, you must click the verification link.

3. Add money to your account

To bet online, you must deposit actual money into your account. You can fund your account using the payment method that is most convenient for you. Bank transfers, credit cards, and some online payment processors, such as Neteller and Skrill, are among of the most prevalent payment methods used by numerous betting sites in Zambia.

4. In order to receive the incentive, you must first opt-in.

After you’ve signed up, make sure you accept the online casino’s free bets. Some online casinos also provide appealing no-deposit free bets in the shape of free spins or bonus money. You may use the promo code to get this free bet even if you haven’t made your first deposit yet. Welcome bonuses, deposit free bets, deposit match bonuses, and other free bets are provided on Zambian sports betting sites. These perks are meant to give gamers more time to play.

5. Place your bets

You may quickly begin betting on your favourite online casino games after you have filled your betting account. When placing bets, make sure to check out the incentives offered by the gambling site and accept them. Some gambling sites additionally provide attractive rewards to assist gamers improve their overall betting experience. You may also watch your favourite live sports from the comfort of your own home via live streaming.

Bonuses on the finest betting sites in Zambia are quite popular.

On Zambian gambling sites, there is a large assortment of free bet offers. Deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, match bonuses, free spins, free play bonuses, and the welcome free bet, which is an exciting free bet offer that is available to new clients upon account creation; it offers new players a free first bet, are some of the most common gambling site bonuses in Zambia. In general, online betting businesses employ a variety of free bet incentives to attract new customers (welcome bonus) and maintain existing customers.

Zambia’s Most Popular Gambling Site Games

Zambia’s online betting business offers a wide range of fascinating betting games. Players have the option of selecting their preferred betting game. The following are some of the more well-known games available on the best online betting sites in Zambia:


On the best sports betting sites in Zambia, this is one of the most popular games. It has a long and illustrious history that dates back to the 18th century in France. During the gambling site game of Roulette, a ball is put onto a wheel with numbered holes while the wheel is rotating around. When the wheel stops spinning, the participants wager on which hole the ball will be in. For gamers who want to try their hand at table games, the gambling site game is ideal.

When betting online, the leading sports betting sites frequently enable Zambia betting sites users to select from a variety of free bets that mix colours, numbers, or combinations of both to assess the likelihood of winning. It is important to remember, however, that Roulette is a game of chance, and as such, it is a fascinating game with several chances to win money.


Blackjack is a thrilling betting game with a variety of fascinating features. The availability of fantastic odds is one of the most fascinating aspects of the Blackjack game. Furthermore, the game of Blackjack may be played with one, two, four, six, or eight decks of cards. As a result, it is ideally suited for card counters who enjoy online gaming.

Furthermore, the Blackjack game is simple to play. It comes with a plethora of excellent bonuses and promotions, as well as robust security, quick payouts, and a three-to-one payout that lets a player to win the round everytime he receives a blackjack straight.

Blackjack, as a social game, encourages friendly interaction among all players. This gives it a more communist flavour, making it even more popular. However, because the game of Blackjack is not totally dependent on chance, it requires a high level of skill to succeed.


Poker is an internet game that has gained a lot of traction in Zambia’s online gambling market. This gambling site game is a card game in which participants must choose which hand is the best based on the game’s special rules. It comes in a variety of deck configurations, number of cards in play, number dealt face up or face down, and number shared by all players; nevertheless, all contain rules that include one or more betting rounds.

Video poker games are now available in a variety of formats and sizes. They can be found on almost every online betting site. Two, three, or five cards are used in some gambling site poker games. However, in order for a game to be classified as gambling site poker, it must at the very least apply the normal poker hand rating to select winners and losers.

Video poker is a terrific method to put your best ideas to work while also winning a lot of money. It is not totally a game of chance, though, because it demands a high level of ability to succeed.


Bingo, which was first introduced in 1929, is a popular online gambling game that can be found in the game libraries of most Zambian online betting companies. It’s a game of chance in which each participant matches numbers printed on cards in various combinations with numbers drawn at random by the game host.

When a player sees the desired numbers organised in a row on their card, they shout “Bingo!” to warn the other players that they have a winning card, prompting the game host to check the card to confirm the win.

Players strive to be the first to have a winning arrangement for the prize or jackpot in the Bingo game. The participants clean their number cards of the tiles once a winner is proclaimed, and the game host begins a fresh round of play.

Online bingo games, interestingly, come in a variety of styles, including progressive jackpots. Bingo is a simple game to play, and it’s similar to an online lottery in that you don’t have to wait days or even weeks for a draw to happen.


Baccarat is one of the most prominent games available on online betting sites in Zambia. Baccarat is said to have been brought to Italy from France in the 15th century by soldiers returning from the Franco-Italian War under the reign of Charles VIII.

Baccarat players seek to achieve a two or three-card hand with a total of cards that is closer to nine than the banker’s hand of cards. Except for the ace, which is worth one, and royal cards, which are valued zero, all cards in baccarat retain their face value.

Players bet on which two sides are closest to the number nine in Baccarat games. It’s a lot of fun to play and watch other people play this game.

Baccarat has become a popular online gambling game in recent years, with many Zambian online betting sites offering it.

The banker and the player play the Baccarat gambling site game, and each round of the game has three possible outcomes. As a result, baccarat is a pretty simple game to master, and despite its many variations, you can get started right away.


Craps is another game that has made its way onto our list of popular games in Zambian online betting sites. It’s a thrilling game that dates back to the Middle Ages. You can bet on the outcome of a single roll, or multiple rolls, of a pair of dice in this online betting sites game. It’s difficult to know how the dice will land. It’s no surprise that it’s the most popular game of chance among Zambian online casino players.

Everything in craps is purely a game of chance. It is much more thrilling because it does not require any ability or strategy to win. It’s as simple as picking up the dice, throwing them, and seeing what you roll determines whether you win or lose.

Craps’ low chances are another reason why it is becoming increasingly popular in Zambian online gaming. Craps has one of the lowest odds of any game of chance, with odds as low as 0.6 percent. With such odds, it’s even simpler to win just by playing.

Craps has a lot of options, and there are a lot of different results. This enhances your odds of winning and decreases your chances of losing.

Lottery on the internet

This is one of Zambia’s greatest betting site games. A traditional lottery, before the advent of the online lottery, entailed purchasing tickets from a store and waiting in an endless line to claim your winnings, confirm lotto numbers, and be at the mercy of lottery sales outlet agents who are notorious for defrauding winners.

While playing the lottery online does not guarantee your safety in every way, it does allow you to keep track of all the games you’ve played, check your winnings, claim your winnings, and, of course, get paid out quickly.

They also have a mobile gambling site, which allows you to gamble online from the comfort of your internet-enabled mobile device while on the go. You can choose your lucky numbers at any time, from anywhere, and for any world lottery game you want with an online lottery.

Games on a Live Betting Site

Live betting site games are a relatively new type of online gambling that simulates the action at a physical betting location. It recreates the brick-and-mortar experience of gamers to give them a true sense of human engagement. In addition, when compared to other sorts of gambling site games, this type of online betting site gaming provides a higher return percentage to participants.

Live betting site games are streamed in real time from a gambling site table via a video link. It may also be seen online from a land-based gambling establishment. Zambian gamers may also use their laptops to wager on live gambling site games and speak with the dealer using the chat button.

Games played on a live gambling site are also distinct from those played on a regular basis, in which you interact with applications and software. You may wager on actual games from anywhere you are on live gambling site games since you are linked to genuine games that are now taking place in real time through your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Racing board, horse racing, and other live games are available for live streaming by Zambian bookmakers.

Zambian online betting providers accept a variety of deposit and withdrawal options

Players can use a variety of secure payment methods at online betting sites in Zambia. Every online gambling site player desires a reputable online gambling site where they can deposit and withdraw funds quickly, safely, efficiently, and consistently. While Zambian online betting companies have a variety of banking methods, it is crucial to select the one that best meets your needs.

Fortunately, many Zambian online betting companies are committed to offering a diverse range of payment and banking alternatives to their customers. The faster and more efficient a payment method is, the more likely it is that Zambian players will return to the gaming site and make additional deposits.

The following are some of the most popular payment methods used by online betting sites in Zambia:

  • Visa and Mastercard credit cards
  • Easy EFT, SID, Instant EFT, and Wire Transfer are some of the transfer options available.
  • Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz are examples of electronic wallets.
  • Cryptocurrency options include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, and others.

Zambian Betting Advice

Betting, in general, has a high amount of risk, putting your money at danger. As a result, our expert betting enthusiasts have shared some motivating betting tips to help you gain an advantage in the Zambian online betting market. The following are some of Zambia’s best betting tips:

Compare the odds offered by different gambling sites

With so many online betting sites in Zambia, there is frequently fierce rivalry among them as each strives to attract more players and stay relevant by offering intriguing features. This is frequently reflected in betting odds: some gambling sites give unfavorable odds, while others have competitive odds that benefit players. As a result, the first betting tip is to analyze the betting odds of several gambling sites in order to select the most advantageous one. You may make more money with higher odds on your bet slip if you compare odds. When assessing these changes, we recommend that players utilize specialist betting calculators.

Play only the games you enjoy

To enhance your chances of winning at online betting games, you should only play games that you enjoy and are proficient at. When you play unfamiliar betting games, you run the danger of always losing.

Betting Sites FAQ

The most reliable online betting sites in Zambia are those that have been properly regulated by the relevant regulatory authorities.

Yes. Zambia has a thriving online gambling culture because to the numerous online betting sites available.

Yes. It is safe to bet online in Zambia if the online gaming site is regulated by a respectable financial body.